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The complaint of a divorced woman

Time: 2013-10-28 Source: Original Editor: Borage Girl Reading: Times

My college classmate Xiaoya returned to China with a full story. The first sentence at the meeting: "Dear, I'm divorced! Surprise, can you give me a tight hug?"

"Uh ... it's normal. This should be the case this year! Isn't it? Hahaha ... Welcome back!" This is usually my quick response after being frightened.

Then, the two of us hugged each other tightly for this long-awaited reunion ...

Don't know what it was like at the time? After the joy, I still felt a little secretly sad.

It was a quiet afternoon, Xiaoya and I strolled to Starbucks. Here, there is a strong aroma of coffee, and all singles or couples are busy with various ways of dating and loving each other; the waiters are also busy waiting to welcome guests. Everything is so leisurely, it feels warm, sweet, and hazy, as if any relationship and connection with the outside world has been disconnected, and people have become so lazy and calm. .

We both found a window seat and sat down. Outside the window, the sun shines through the seams of the leaves, refracting a trace of soft light on the tabletop. Inside the window, there were two college-dead parties, and now, one has become a divorced woman abandoned by love, and the other is a woman who is afraid of marriage and scared by real marriage.

The divorced woman in front of her face lost a lot of weight, sadness all over her face, tired eyes piled up, and an obvious wrinkle appeared in the corner of her eyes.

Three minutes, five minutes, ten minutes passed, and she stopped talking. This was the third long silence after the two of us met today.

I don't want to disturb her.

This was not the case before. Even if her unforgettable first love brutally abandoned her, she would grit her teeth firmly. However, today she judged two people. Apparently, this time the divorce frustrated her in every way.

I still sink my heart and wait for her first words in the cafe.

This divorced woman looks extremely Chinese, but she has a bumpy body, she is gorgeous, and the model looks like a woman. She is very sexy and attractive at first glance. In contrast to her, I was still in a state of development. Therefore, she is often teased by her as a typical "airport". Since the school days, she has worked hard to marry into a French company after graduation, and then find an opportunity to marry a French duke with a rich and romantic path of money. Not bad! She finally got her wish in a few years. First of all, a large French family business that has stepped into the thousands of people. Next, she stepped in front of the general manager's door step by step through her peer assistance in all aspects and her own efforts, and she became a noble, elegant, and highly anticipated female secretary. In the following year and a half, she defeated and annihilated all the followers around the general manager, and logically won the "queen" throne.

It seems that her career and love are especially easy for her.

What is ability? Look at people!

Twenty minutes have passed ...

"Do you know why I divorced?" She finally broke the silence.

"I want to know!" I immediately sobered from the memories.

"Actually, I'm a deserted woman--a deserted woman who only saw money in her eyes and only had money in her eyes and ignored the huge differences between me and him. Hum! Now I'll spit this bitter water on you It must be ridiculous, isn't it? "Such a summary is the same as when her first love was betrayed. But this time it was different that her entire face was filled with despair.

"Like--" I asked.

"For example, his entire family initially bombarded me strongly and remained deadlocked for a year and three months."

"So what happened?" I continued.

"The result is that under the condition of extreme exhaustion on both sides, his 75-year-old grandmother stood up and said that the wedding would be held as usual, but it is not necessary to register for the time being. During this period, the shares of the family business held by my husband Both powers were recovered, including credit cards, and all were frozen. Furthermore, after the marriage, the two could only move to an apartment, and the family could pay two to three thousand francs each month. "

After speaking, she took a deep breath and widened her eyes staring desperately at the ceiling.

At this moment she was controlling the emotions and tears extremely.

After a few seconds.

"Why aren't you surprised?" She asked.

"This is normal." I replied slightly.

"After marriage, he has asked his parents countless times to ask them for forgiveness and ask him to return to the company for reinstatement. But they were refused. After half a year, he went out every day to drink and gamble, and often took different women back for the night. It's like I don't exist. Hum! What's even more ridiculous is that he wants me to stay calm and tells me that you can also bring another man to spend the night. "She remarked with a smile.

"This is also normal. Because he is a man, not to mention a French man. This is the price you have to pay. Otherwise, you should think about remarrying him before."

She choked, her eyes filled with tears, her voice trembling and continued, "I've had enough of every night two women and a man sleep together in the same bed! They screamed like crazy People almost collapse. At the beginning, I was desperately drinking myself, and wanted to make myself less painful and sad after being anesthetized. However, after awake, I hurt even more. I also tried to commit suicide, but I lacked enough Courage. Later, I can only ask for a divorce. "

"So. Have you been compensated without your registration?" I asked with no hope.

"The hair on an elephant is as big as an ant's booger. Hum! What is it?" Her eyes were filled with murderous anger.

Looking at the woman in front of me, I feel really heartbroken! I hardly know what comfort words to say to her to calm her scarred and scarred heart! If it weren't for this, then I would never You'll see her look like this. At that moment, she and I were both at the edge of a desperate life.

There was another five minutes of silence.

"After the divorce, I came to Paris alone and soaked in the bar every day. I occasionally go to church to pray. Later, I once met a street portrait in the Place de la Concorde. Then we soon dated and ate together We went shopping together, went to the bar together, carnivaled together, and we lived together a week later. But less than half a year, we kept arguing every day because we were tired of each other. And, the quarrel was very fierce. When quarreling, he used his mother tongue I used my mother tongue to curse each other in the most despicable, vicious, and shameless language. On the day I moved out of his house, I went to church again to pray. Hum! But what's the use of this? Where the hell is God? "Then, two tears finally burst out.

Looking at her extremely sad look, I couldn't help getting up and stroking her head. At this moment, my tears dripped from the corner of my tearful eyes unknowingly ...

I can hardly describe the sadness and loneliness in my heart. I can only say that perhaps France itself is a country that is easy to divorce and break up. Unfortunately, such misfortunes have just found you again.

What is love? It's addictive, but it can't be stopped. But it is more cruel and ruthless. In this world, how many people who love each other have to pay the price for this, and endure the pain of separation indefinitely. Is heaven jealous? Or is it a fool? Or should our lives be like this?

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