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Time: 2015-07-11 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times

People say that in the moment of life and death, the past will come to mind, like a horse-drawn lantern running quickly in just a few seconds. After the run, everyone also reported to heaven.

In front of the eyes, as the whole person was planted backwards, what appeared in his mind was not the shadow of this life, but how to be framed by his peers to take over the chore, and then repeat at the request of the staff. I ran until I couldn't breathe, and before I fell to the ground, it turned out to be ----


Raising the sour and heavy eyelids, a large piece of white came directly into the eyes. While wondering whether he had already bid farewell to the world, he touched the needle of his left hand to find himself in the hospital.

I was sent to the hospital. I didn't see half of the people I knew. I was lying on the hospital bed on both sides. There were foreigners. None of the staff accompanying me appeared. Maybe it's time to continue working. !

Thinking of this, a heart of sadness all came to my heart. Before the departure, the excitement for going abroad was all polished by the inhuman encounters these days, and my eyes were so hot that I couldn't care about the other person's side eyes and burst into tears. Up.

The tears became more and more violent, and he cried louder and louder. Even the old foreign uncle in the bed next to him got up to comfort him. He couldn't understand half a word. He just felt so lonely, only that he was the only one left in the world.

Later, the nurse came, and she babbled and said what he didn't understand. Maybe he should be quiet and don't make noise to others!

But how can a sad person say stop and stop?

Then he was held down by three or four paramedics, and then seemed to have been shot, and then his consciousness moved away again and fell into complete silence.


There was a familiar Chinese conversation in his ear. He recognized that it was the producer, photographer, and fellow artist who traveled with the same location. If he could, he really didn't want to be called a brother with him because the video was recorded all the way, or more At least he was aware of his hostility towards himself.

I still remember the morning of the accident, that is, he suggested to the producer that he lacked professionalism, and he must grind himself well, so the difficult climb slope was repeatedly called by the producer to climb back and forth several times. .

Listening to what they are talking about now, it seems that it is because of this that it causes heart and lung failure, so he faints, and even once the heartbeat stops, he is given a strong needle.

It turned out that I really almost greeted death, but these unsympathetic people actually complained that they had dragged down the video schedule and increased unnecessary cost burdens.

I want to cry again, is it because he is vulnerable due to life and death?

I've never been crying after being bullied or mocked. I've never been so sad because of being abandoned by my parents or studying without money. Why is it just such a degree of malice that makes me so sad?

Maybe it was because I was lying in this exotic bed and realized that there weren't half of my friends who identified with me, and I didn't feel the slightest concern to make myself particularly sad!

I didn't want to open my eyes to face these people. After faintly hearing that they had notified his emergency contacts, a weary attack came. Grandma was so old and she had no money. How could she fly to Australia to see him? ?

So tired, more tired than those who look down on him, maybe take a break!


There was a warm and heavy force on his forehead. He didn't believe any staff would treat him so well. After opening his eyes, he stumbled after a while.

"Are you dreaming? I seem to see someone who is unlikely to appear."

"It's not dreaming." The tone was cold, and it was indeed the person's unique style of speech.

"Then how could you be so vague, can't see clearly ..." When he spoke, he became choked.

"Because you're crying." The big warm hand, the opposite of the tone, gently covered his eyes. He clasped his arm with his hand without any drops, and began to cry.

It's totally different from yesterday's sadness, this time the tears carry the dependence and peace of mind to find driftwood.

After crying for a while, I was still thinking about how the next patient and nurse didn't show up and stopped crying, asking with sobs:

"The ward is different, why?" There was only his bed in the room.

"Will I let you live in an ordinary ward?" The tone is still so cold, but with a sense of pride, "Can you explain why you can almost kill yourself by going out?"

His aggrieved flat-bodied mouth, "Maybe it's my physical fitness! I just fainted after a few runs, how about you? Why did you come?" I didn't want him to know that he was not doing well in the location team.

There were tears in the corners of his eyes, but his eyes glowed with excitement. If he was not lying weak on the bed and needed to rest, he would have embraced such a cute man in his arms.

"You producer notified me."

I bite my lip. I remembered that because I was going abroad, I changed the emergency contact person I filled out from my grandmother to him for the sake of prudence, although he was richer than a grandmother who could not go abroad. You can go abroad anytime you want, but this intention that came for him still makes him feel sweet.

"Before I fainted, you were the last sight that came to my mind!"

As if to say in a showy tone, the lover lying in the hospital bed may not know how sweet love he said!

"Am I laughing at your face so excited when you go abroad?"

"This is the first time I've been abroad, and I've always felt very excited, unlike you often fly around."

"So how do you feel about going abroad for the first time?" It seemed like he had forgotten that he was still lying in the hospital bed, and habitually taunted him with cold words, as usual, a little regretful.

"The past is unbearable! But the back is not bad. I can stay abroad with you and go abroad together!" He has long been used to the cold words of his lover, because he can distinguish the malicious or unintentional tone.

His heart was slightly warm, and he wanted to hug the man in front of him tightly.

"Can you hug?" He asked sloppily, looking a little shyly at the lover sitting next to the bed.

He leaned down and caught the lover who wanted to hold him tightly from the moment he met. During the long flight, the nervousness for the safety of the lover was finally gone at this moment.

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