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Time: 2015-07-20 Source: Original Editor: Borage Girl Reading: Times

He was still in my body, panting, and suddenly asked me, "What do you want to eat today, barbecue or stew?"

I thought about it. I ate the chili meat in the wok yesterday. If I had barbecued meat today, it would be too angry.

"Stew the meat ... preferably with radishes."

"Okay ... now that you asked for it ..." He pulled out of my body with a smile, apparently already shot three times, and his words were still standing.

The beginning of me and him ... or could not be called the beginning at all, it should be said that it was a nightmare.

My duty is a police officer, and he is a major suspect in a serial killing.

In an alarm, we came to a small courtyard where he had lived in the past and dug out a large number of bone fragments that later proved to be human bones from the backyard. From these bone pieces, several kinds of spices and cooking processed traces were checked. This directly refers to the conclusion that makes everyone creepy.

The house was rented out by the owner privately, and the evidence left by that person was all fake.

In the description of the homeowner, we mapped out the approximate appearance of the man. But because the homeowner had no contact with him when collecting rent, he knew nothing about his usual habits. The man was obviously very cautious. In this room, there were hardly any clues related to him, except the pile of bones.

We don't know the identity of the piles of bones.

The profile of a psychologist shows that this person is about thirty years old, has a wealth of life, is extremely rigorous, is a bit cynical, may have some medical knowledge, and is quite experienced in cooking.

We have issued a wanted warrant widely, but the identity of this person has always been awesome. Of course, the main reason is because there are too few things in our hands. However, such a habitual murderer cannot be silent forever. If he commits the crime again, he will one day stay behind.

Just thinking about how many people will be hit by his poisonous hands, we all feel a little heavy.

I met him in a dim little bar. The weather was fine that day. Li Sheng and a senior official blind date were introduced by the director. I was about to go crazy with this headless case, and wanted to try it. Borrow sadness.

He walked slowly from the darkness and settled the bill for me.

Even with three-point drunkenness, how can I not know the character I face every day?

Although facing only wanted portraits.

"Would you like to come to my house?" He probably thought I was drunk and offered me an invitation. Even when I was acting, the smell of "the kind of person" on me was really so strong? I couldn't help laughing.

Without a tiger's hole, I got a tiger. I used his carelessness to send a text message to Li Sheng, and then ventured home with him.

I have to admit that I lost this gamble.

Despite the precautions, he was stunned by his shot at the moment he got on the bus. When I woke up, I was lying in bed with weak limbs. It seemed that he had been injected with muscle relaxants and he was just in Desire is vented in the body.

"Baby ... I knew who you were from the beginning, I wanted to kill you like that, but ... I think I was hooked on you, so I changed my mind." His thin, sexy lips were Open and close before my eyes. At this moment, I, like the fish on the chopping board, can only let him slaughter.

His cold, slender fingers slipped over my naked body, cutting my skin like a knife, arousing a string of goose bumps.

"I won't kill you, I'll let you share my favorites with me ..." His eyes flashed wildly, making me shudder.

The main course of the first day was my feet stewed with lotus root. It is said that the casserole was used as a casserole. The soup was cooked for four hours. The soup was rich and white.

I saw the bowl he placed in front of me. The unspeakable fear and nausea made me vomit everything left in my stomach, and even vomited bile.

He squeezed my nose and filled me with a bowl of soup, and he didn't care that I would spit them out all at once.

After packing, he injected me with a muscle relaxant, and then was close to crazy sex.

The main course of the next day was my hand made with marinated, red and tempting, which is said to be his unique way of making.

If it is the claws or hoofs of some kind of animal, absolutely no matter the color, fragrance or taste, it can definitely make your index finger move.

But that was my hand, and they even kept the original appearance of my hand, not separated by him.

I had nothing in my stomach-except for his semen, so this time there was much less vomiting than the first day.

Then the third day ... the fourth day ...

My body was getting weaker and weaker, and he didn't care. He put me opposite him every day during meals, and let me watch him eat up my body a little bit.

For a long time, I have maintained my life by intravenous nutrition.

Madness, like cancer cells, gradually eroded my brain and made me numb-or it was caused by the anesthetic that he injected for me every day.

I started to try to eat and share my flesh with him. Intravenous nutrition alone can no longer maintain my body's needs, and now only instinct in my consciousness-the instinct to live.

My tasks and responsibilities, my original intention to come here ... and Li Sheng, have been buried in my mind.

I started talking to him about the dishes every day, choosing the food he liked, and then he would feed me in one bite.

Our life is all about eating and sex.

My arm and right leg have been eaten by us, and now my left leg has only about four or five days' share.

He took his set of tools again, injected anesthesia into the root of my left thigh, and after a few minutes, skillfully cut the skin, clamped the blood vessels, and quickly separated a muscle. It doesn't hurt, but watching one part of your body become ingredients is really a delicate thing.

He leaned down and licked my fresh wound with his tongue, his face obsessed.

I sighed: "It's so dirty, you should sterilize it quickly."

The last day……

In fact, everything is still the same as usual, but when he ate halfway, he suddenly fell down and stared.

I don't know if he usually takes too much anesthetic or what kind of illness he has.

But this has nothing to do with me.

I only know one thing.

If he died, wouldn't I have to starve alive?

In order to fix my body, he kept me tied to the back of the chair with a soft rope during the meal.

It took me a day to break this restraint, and it took another half a day to squirm in front of his body.

He still had a weak breath, but he was dying.

This is fresh flesh ... how tempting he is to me, tired and hungry!

I bit his carotid artery, and slowly, blood sprayed into my mouth.

It was salty and sweet, which nourished my thirsty throat.

After four days ... or five days?

His flesh was a bit stiff, and his taste became worse.

An urgent knock came, and someone shouted outside, "Mr. Wang, are you inside? What's so stinky in your house?"


"There are dead people ..." I called as hard as I could, and my hoarse voice felt surprised.

It was quiet outside. About an hour later, I heard a familiar voice: "Who is inside? I'm a policeman."

It's Li Sheng ... his voice is just that I can recognize him without seeing him, but today seems to show deep fatigue?

I laughed. If he saw me like a beast, lying in the corpse and blood stains, lingering on the carrion of others, I don't know what he would think.

Sometimes living is actually more difficult than death ...


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