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Sad on the left, smiling on the right

Time: 2015-05-06 Source: Reprinted Edit: Read on the road : Times

In 1996, Yu Yan was born in a farmhouse in Dongtang Township, Nanling County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. When she was young, she had white skin and lovely lively waves. ,

Nine-year-old Yu Yangang was in her third year of elementary school. One day she noticed a brown spot on her left neck. At first she thought it was a spot of mud splashing when feeding pigs during the day, but she rubbed it hard in the mirror, but she couldn't wipe it off. She found her mother: "Mom, I have a dark spot here." Mom didn't care too much: "It's the summer sun, it's okay, maybe it won't be after a winter."

The dark spots did not disappear after winter as the mother said, but the longer the bigger, the longer the more. One year later, Yu Yan's left face was almost completely covered with dark spots, and these dark spots were particularly hard to touch, like a piece of kraft paper stuck on her face. Everyone who had seen Yu Yan's eyes widened and did not dare to look at her again. Yu Yan's strange disease spread in the village. As soon as the people in the village saw her, she hid far away. With all kinds of strange eyes and humiliation, Yu Yan stopped going to school, and did not dare to go out during the day. Her heart was gradually closed, and her former vibe was gone. Seeing her daughter like this, her mother felt so guilty that she didn't find her daughter's condition for the first time, which caused such a consequence. "Child, even a mother who sells iron will make you change back to the original."

In the summer of 2006, mom and dad decided to sell the house to his daughter for treatment, leaving only a small partial house, and the house was sold for 20,000 yuan. This is too little money. The frowning father finally made up his mind to go out to work to earn money for his daughter. At this time, her older brother, who was eight years old, had just entered high school, and he stood up and said, "In order to treat my sister, I would rather not go to college and go out with my dad to earn money. One more person."

In this way, my father and elder brother working at a construction site in Shanghai remitted the money they earned each month to their homes. In order to save money, they lived in the construction sheds and ate the cheapest steamed buns and pickles.

At the same time, her mother took Yu Yandu to transfer between major hospitals in Wuhu City. In a blink of an eye, half a year later, the god of fate did not care for Yu Yan, and her condition did not improve at all.

Yu Yan's mood became worse and worse, her mother kept guilty tears. Seeing her mother's suffering, Yu Yan felt more uncomfortable, and felt that she was a drag on the family.

Later, my mother heard that Peking Union Medical College Hospital was more professional in treating intractable diseases, and she brought her daughter to Beijing. There was a full line in the registration hall, and finally registered. When the mother with red eyes pulled her daughter into the clinic, she knelt in front of the doctor: "Doctor, it ’s been the third day that I took my daughter to see a doctor from Wuhu. The toll is gone. "The doctor was touched by the scene in front of her and gave her an exception. After careful diagnosis by the doctor, Yu Yan was diagnosed with scleroderma. Due to long-term incorrect treatment, Yu Yan's subcutaneous tissue atrophy and bone atrophy, the entire left face completely collapsed as if the bone was swallowed by the disease. The doctor also told them that the treatment of this disease takes a long time, and it is necessary to adhere to medication control ...

Watching the family's efforts and hard work to treat their own illness, especially the brother with excellent grades to make money for her dropping out of school to work, her heart was shaken by strong shocks again and again! The doctor said that the treatment of this disease is a The lengthy process, how long, no one knows, why can't I save myself? Yu Yan thought silently, she is a daughter of such a poor family, without any background, only reading! Only reading desperately, only this one A veritable ugly duckling has a chance to change his destiny!

Since then, textbooks and test papers have become the only confidant of the little girl. Wake up at 6 in the morning, read English, go to school at 7:00, after dinner, organize notes, and continue to fall asleep until midnight.

In 2009, Yu Yan successfully entered junior high school. As soon as she was in the first day, she seriously developed a study plan for herself. English was her weakness. She got up at five in the morning, memorized English words, and copied the words she did n’t know in a small book to help her mother do farm work. Also take out your back. She matches her strong subjects with weak subjects, and allocates time reasonably so that all subjects can develop in a balanced manner. Every time she learns new knowledge, she also reviews the previous learning, so that the period of coverage will be longer, and the phenomenon of forgetting the former after learning will not occur. In the classroom, Yu Yan listened attentively and tried to listen to every word of the teacher ...

Just as Yu Yan was desperately studying, the illness followed. On the eve of the entrance exam, her condition began to deteriorate, and she and her mother ran again and again on the train to Beijing. Every time she went to Beijing, she brought textbooks or extra-curricular books. She definitely couldn't waste a minute and a second. She fell asleep on the train and was holding the textbooks.

Working hard in return, she won the first place in the middle school entrance examination and entered Nanling Middle School for high school. She studies harder and has consistently ranked among the best in her grade. Since then, she has become a pride in the eyes of teachers and classmates. She has forgotten her illness and is full of confidence.

On May 10, 2013, Professor Zhao Xiaojun from Peking University came to Nanling Middle School to give a lecture. Yu Yan, who has read her sophomore year, asks boldly: "Professor Zhao, does Peking University enrollment care about the appearance of students?

Yu Yan's frankness attracted the attention of Professor Zhao. He said, "No, the appearance will change with time, and the human spirit and soul will precipitate with time. Girl, take a good exam. I hope to be in Beijing next year. The university sees you. You must believe that knowledge changes destiny. This is an eternal truth. "

At this time Yu Yan left tears of excitement. She certainly believed in this sentence, and she had already given it to her youth without regrets.

On June 7, 2014, Yu Yan entered the examination room ...

On June 22, the results of the college entrance examination were announced, and Yu Yan became the top scholar of liberal arts in the college entrance examination in Anhui Province! Tsinghua University and Peking University "contended" her, and she finally chose Peking University.

One year later, when she saw Professor Zhao Xiaojun again, thinking that Professor Zhao had forgotten the promise of that year, she did not expect that Professor Zhao had initiated a fundraising for her within Peking University, and soon raised 50,000 yuan. Professor Zhao also contacted the Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Medical College and personally wrote a letter to apply for medical assistance ... The hospital finally promised to perform plastic surgery for Yu Yan.

On August 20, 18-year-old Yu Yan was pushed into the operating room and received her first facial surgery. The operation was very successful! After she was discharged, her left face was still covered with medicine, but she presented her right face with confidence and pride The world.

In the future, Weiming Lake will become the sky where this white swan continues to fly ...

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