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Boys like boys

Time: 2015-09-06 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times
"Master, you haven't been here for a long time. Big sisters will love you very much ..."
Two women who wore the same clothes as they did not.
"Wait! It's not me who volunteers! It's dad. He came here to find someone ..."
Before they finished speaking, one of them kissed.
I am currently in a place like a whore ...
Quickly pushed away the man.
Wipe the drool from your mouth with the back of your hand.
God, it's terrible! !! What happened to these women!
"I'm a woman! You don't need to serve me anymore, and I won't feel ..."
I, eldest brother's heir, was raised as a boy.
"Master, you are wrong, and women can bring pleasure to women."
She reached out and took off my tie and opened the shirt button ...
"No, no!" The first kiss was snatched away by these women.
At least keep virginity!
"My first time is dedicated to someone I like!"
After yelling at this sentence, let him rush out to the door of the house.
But quickly turned back.
"These are for you ..." Put down a stack of money and run away.
It didn't take long for them to laugh.
When I got home, my dad's brothers asked me if I was happy ...
"Really! Don't always talk about vulgar words, it will ruin the master!"
The maid captain scolded them a bit.

I am still regarded as a boy in the summer of my sophomore year.
In school, many girls give me gifts.
Alas, I really hope they don't spend their money in such a place.
I don't like girls ...
Some looked at the table full of gifts without tears.
The hair is cut like the boys, dressed in boys' uniforms ...
None of this is voluntary.
I really envy those girls in uniform skirts.
Girls' uniforms are so cute ...
Alas ... that simply impossible wish ...
Who told me to be the only daughter of my father.
Dad said heir must be like a man, so he wo n’t be bullied ...

In the new semester, girls still give me the same things.
Hope to date with me ...
"Seat me all, there are transfer students today."
A middle-aged man with a beard walked in.
In fact, I feel pretty handsome, a little lazy and a bit bad.
He is our mentor.
The person behind is probably a transfer student ...
He had short hair and a bruised face, and wore a hooded jacket and school shorts.
Did you just finish the fight?
"Oh! So handsome! It's handsome!"
A voice came from behind.
"No, it's a beauty! My name is Bai Youran, because my parents want me to be alive and well, so I named you Youran!" She opened the smile on her face and compared us with a gesture of victory.
"His—it hurts, it hurts ..."
The wound in the corner of his mouth showed some blood because of the smile.
It turns out she's a girl ...
But this way also claims to be a beauty ...
What a strange person.
"Okay, don't talk about ghosts, you little kid from the countryside, go sit down, Xiaowu raises your hand, go sit next to him."
The teacher beat her head with a roll of books.
That little mist refers to me, because the teacher's father is old.
My dad called me like that, and he called like that.
"Hello!" She smirked at me.
The other girls were a little envious of her, but they felt pretty good.
After all, she didn't look like she would come and rob me.
"Now, are you a girl?" She whispered this in my ear after sitting down.
"Huh ?! How ..."
How did you know?
"Look and see ..." she answered me for granted.
This is the beginning of our encounter.

She's weird. She wears sportswear to class every day.
Beginning the next day, there were gifts on her table.
"Youran classmates! What do you like?"
"What do I like? Little mist! What do you like?"
She suddenly got the subject on me.
"Girl's uniform ..." I buried my head in the book.
Always feel a little shy ...
I said such a thing, like a pervert.
"Xiaowu, are you a uniform? You look obedient, but you didn't expect it to be pretty ~"
She hooked my neck and shoulders.
and many more! Where did she want to go! !!
"I, I don't, don't mean that!"
I was eating the screws several times because I was too nervous.
Female classmates showed shy expressions.
God! I really don't mean that!
"I just think girls' uniforms are cute ..."
"Oh ~" She showed her face so.

She showed a very boring expression during most of the lessons.
"Sports class !!!"
"Youran classmates like sports!" The female classmates gathered around.
"Little mist! Let's compare it!"
Because of her words, I am now standing on the football field.
She took off her hooded jacket and it seemed that she was wearing our school sportswear well.
I thought she was wearing casual clothes.
Imperceptibly, the onlookers increased.
"The underworld boss and transfer student competition ... who will win ..."
I mean, I ’m not the underworld boss ...
I'm just the heir.
The female classmates either shouted my name or shouted her name.
"The boss doesn't need to let her! Although she is a woman!
My teammates called me directly as the boss.
I said I'm not the boss ...
And I'm also a woman ...
But I can only keep shouting in my heart.

In the end, he won by three to two ...
The dangerous teammate finally intercepted her shot, otherwise it would be necessary to play a playoff ...
I continued without that physical strength.
I sat on the floor panting.
very tired…
Football is not played by people.
She looked dissatisfied.
"Xiaowu will play again after school!"
forgive me…
This is not the case for physical strength!

The man carrying a schoolbag stood before me after school.
"Xiaowu, let's go to the electric field!"
She smiled at me.
Before I responded, she was dragged to the electric field.
God! I don't want to come here at all! !!
Many hooligans will come here.
If you don't handle it well, you will be beaten.
"Come on!"
Still self-paced, she didn't even have a chance to answer me, so she took me to the shooting machine.
God, God, God! !! !!
Hope no one finds me here ...
"Well! Isn't that the boss! Why are you here when you are free? Why not go find a woman!"
A little bully hooked me ...
Be found be found be found be found ...
"I, I, I ..."
I do n’t know how to fight!
I just want to be an ordinary high school girl ...
Set his sight on the man aside.
No! She didn't notice me ...
She only focuses on shooting ...
help! !! !! !!
"Let's go and talk next!"
He bluntly pulled me to the stairwell.
There was a group of people smoking there.

So terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible ...
I was overwhelmed.
Your feet are shaking ...
God, God, God ...
Bai Youran quickly found that I was missing ...
Stop being addicted to the shooting machine!
A terrible fist hit me in the face.
Tears rushed up, and I almost cried when it hurt.
"That guy is going to cry! Hahahaha! Is this guy really the boss!"
That said, I'm just the heir ...
"It's cute to look at it ..."
"Hahahaha, don't you want to do him!"
God! Oh my god!
I will never be raped again! !! My virginity!
I closed my eyes and didn't dare to see what happened next.
But after a long time nothing happened ...
When I opened my eyes, I saw the enlarged white leisurely face.
Everyone else was gone. Did she save me?

"Little mist you bleed ..." She wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth with her fingers.
"Woo, wow ..." Tears flow like a flood.
Hold her tightly ...
"So terrible, terrible ..."
"It's scary, you just have your eyes closed to make someone rape. Do you really think you are a man? Don't forget you are a woman!
Not as comforting as in the comics.
Instead, I grabbed my shoulder hard and looked at me with a serious expression.
She treats me like a girl ...
"Wow, wow ... yes, sorry ... woo ... sorry, sorry ..."
I cried again.
Instead of saying a word, she watched me cry quietly.
When I calm down, it's too late.
"Okay? I'm bored waiting, I'll take you home."
Still waiting for me to answer, holding my hand to leave the electric field.
She had blood on her hand, but she just didn't find it ...
"You are hurt…"
"It doesn't matter, it will be fine soon, right where is your house?"
She turned to look at me.
There are obvious marks on the cheek ...
Seems to hurt.

It was all because of me that she was hurt ...
"Okay, I'll send this to Luo! Hey!"
When she turned to leave, I took her hand.
"Sorry ... all because of me ..."
No, you can't cry ...
It'll bother her again ...
"Really troublesome ..."
To be hated ...
When I think so ...
There was a softness on the lips.
"Okay! Don't blame yourself! This injury will be all right soon! I'm going home! It's dangerous for me to walk on the road so late! Hey!"
The heart beats so fast ...
Obviously not the first time being kissed ...
Why is this feeling?

"Why is young master returning so late today ..."
"Master, you are hurt ..."
"What happened to the young master? How did he show that expression?"
"Master is sick !!! Call the master !!!"
Ignore the group and walk back to the room.
Lying in bed…
My heartbeat is so loud, my heart is warm ...
Pick up a comic, and the heroine above feels the same when he meets the male hero ...
Did I like her?
That way, she said she was a beauty ...
"Oh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ..."


Just suddenly wanted to write

Story of two girls who look like boys together
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