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Time: 2015-09-06 Source: Original Editor: Long time no see Reading: Times
Pure blood is trouble. Either don't drink, drink the best. TOEFL, I have n’t sucked blood since I was born, but anyway, I ’m less than 400 years old. You have to know that some pure blood has survived for thousands of years and I have n’t found any blood I want to suck. Fortunately, the difference between pure blood and the day after tomorrow is not necessary. It can become a little weaker and can be largely ignored.
But today, I am still looking for the blood that I like. The so-called vampire instinct.
I usually only look for it during the day, and only take a walk at night. Health and vitality are my minimum requirements, and the blood of people who stay up late must not taste good.
I have lived for more than 300 years and felt the changes in the human world deeply. In such a late night, there was almost no one on the street. I took a leisurely walk and started to fly. No one cares. Now it ’s different. It's two o'clock in the morning, and the street is still brightly lit. I can only helplessly choose to walk with my feet. Obviously the vampire is the ruler of the night ... Forget it, this is also a kind of arrogance. If the world is changing, we who live on this earth must become not.
After stepping on a few bitches, I yawned at six in the morning and went back to my apartment to sleep. Leave for school.
School is a good place. You can learn a lot of common sense to survive in the human world. Schools have also changed over the centuries. It is my personal interest to observe the changes in the human world. Therefore, there seem to be many people in my family who look down on me, shrugging, and I may be really strange to people.
There is another very important reason for me to go to school. You see, a place where you can gather a lot of young, cute and healthy teenagers, besides school? Based on past experience, I am not interested in children or very mature ones, or they look more appetite like me. Incidentally, I don't think it's about sixteen or seven years old. So I am in high school.
I fell asleep at one o'clock in the morning, took care of me and went out looking for food. If you don't suck blood, you have to find some human food to provide calories and appetite. Some taste good.
money? In my time, I was able to eat well. Only in the school did I make a little effort to reduce the trouble, and made a hint of "I am very ordinary", otherwise I would have spent hours with the Academic Director when I was found to be having trouble with night travel. Speaking of it before, it happened in another school that one day forgot to hint that it was mistaken for a transfer student. I do n’t like the suggestion that I have a strong pride in my own beauty ... so the surgery will only be performed on the morning of the day when I decide to go to school, and then lifted within one hour after school. This hour is to return to the apartment to change clothes.
After eating curry and fried rice in an ordinary fast food restaurant, I was in a surprisingly good mood, so I went to the park-built against a small hill, and few people at night-and shook it. The highest point of the mountain can overlook the city. Part of it.
The artificial light is actually pretty beautiful-at least when sitting down on the gazebo of the mountaintop and looking down, it doesn't feel bad. Today is exactly what I like, the moonless night.
... So, change to another city before I get bored here.
Intermediate note: Opening. Nothing to explain (feeding the vampire girl (grandma?) And the other half who is about to meet. Does anyone have to guess what kind of person her half is? Although there is no prize (beat) in short, it will definitely It ’s a child with black hair.
The identity information for transfer is compiled. Only the name is true. If even the name is false, it will gradually be forgotten. Even if it is true, the meaning is different.
When I applied for this certificate, it made me "wink" a little. Using hypnosis and suggestion can make my human life easier. At least 300 years ago, I haven't lost my hand.
I left the city I was staying in before I changed my country. The draw was ... Japan. It's a little sigh of relief. It seems that I'm used to it too. If I get it to Southeast Asian countries, I will get it again.
After I decided to be in Japan, I started looking for schools.
I really miss ... I stayed in Japan for almost 60 years ago ... I hope the Japanese hasn't changed much ... I will be okay when necessary, I am, a foreigner.
The last school selected was the famous Miss College, I don't hate men, but the blood of cute girls looks much sweeter.
This kind of deliberately nurturing "lady" girls' school, the most in Japan, looks like a tribute to the old times. Well, this is my personal prejudice. In fact, no matter what era, ladies are more fragrant than rude wild girls. Is not it?
It is easy to obtain an admission permit. Although the transfer exam is a bit cumbersome, I have been studying hard in these years. Whenever I change countries, I will immerse myself in it. Public high schools in various countries can take at least as many courses as I can. Top 10 in grades, how could it be defeated in a private school. This school's academic ability is better than I expected. In addition, according to the test questions, except for a considerable amount of vocabulary, Japanese itself has not changed much.
It took a bit of effort to win a single room, and I wouldn't object if I lied to it.
I was led to the room by the rigorous orthodox young lady in the dormitory style, and I dug out the bottom of the box to thank the young lady for manners. As soon as the door was closed, I rushed to the bed without an image.
If everyone is so serious, it ’s not fun at all, and it ’s a lodging house. Does n’t it mean that I have to keep suggestive all the time ... tired is not tired, but it ’s very unpleasant to keep the title of “no sense of existence” ... No, the right should reduce the possibility of attracting people who don't like it.
Tomorrow's itinerary ... first meet the student president, and then the president will take me to the class, introduce myself to class, and the first day will be so confused. In the following days, try to find the blood you are interested in. Anyway, there are not many people in this school, and it won't take much time to watch it.
Compared to tomorrow, how to spend tonight is more worrying.
Twelve o'clock. For vampires, it ’s almost like seven or eight in the morning for ordinary people. It ’s a waste to sleep like this on the first night here ... Climbing up, in order to prove that someone in the room was locked and replaced with a fresh one Arrive the uniform with black as the main color, arrange it and open the window.
It is indeed a school of big girls with lots of rules. There are many trees and few lights. Ordinary girls are determined not to swim at night in such ghost places. No one did what I wanted, floating in the air to close the window, and walked away happily, just to observe the pattern of this school.
First fly a bit higher to see the overall terrain. The dormitory building should be a teaching building, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a playground ... It is no different from an ordinary school. It must be said that there are not many buildings, presumably because there are few students. There are a lot of plants, patches of groves, flower beds, and I like parks. The larger the trees are, the better ...
It will be hard to come and go in the school, at least the dormitory and the building that should be the teaching building are not too close ... Slowly lower the height, I leisurely tour around the height of the treetop.
The plants look good and I want someone to take care of them, after all, it is a noble school. Facilities also look perfect.
After a turn, I suddenly felt very bored. No one was hanging around on the road ... I hated a lot of people on the road, but seeing no one at all meant that I couldn't find something interesting ... Going back to sleep, big night If you ca n’t sleep, you have to sleep. Most residential schools have an early rise rule.
Slowly flying back, I heard strange noises near the stadium, suspected of ... fighting. I swept away the boringness just now and hurried to the other side with great interest. Fly over is basically the same as self-report "I am not an ordinary person". At this time, it was still called "bad" at most.
In other words, there is a wonderful scent ... sweet, like ripe fruit, and a bit like wine ... the more you go to the place where the sound is made, the stronger the scent--is someone having a late night cocktail party? ? Still everyone is grabbing the only one.
If possible, let me join in too-the fragrance is so irritating that it makes the whole body irritate and thirst in the throat-
Normally, I would never rush into the scene like this. Now my body doesn't listen to the commands of the brain at all. The only reason left in my mind is eliminated by instinct after three seconds. I directly walked out of the forest and came to the open space in front of the stadium.
A girl who is holding a period sword prop-like Japanese sword and talking about something humanoid.
what? what is this? I couldn't figure out the situation so that my footsteps beat the turbulence in the body. I stopped first, just rushed over my head and couldn't stop. Seeing that some of the sticky things moved towards me, I threw it without thinking. Got a fireball in the past-eh? and many more? Fireball?
Woo. That's too great. I have to run all the way ...
The girl waving the sword also found me, kicked and flew in front of me and ran towards me.
The area gradually brightened when it hit me.
That is a very beautiful girl. The shoulder-length straight hair is black and smooth, the pure face of the melon seeds and the exquisite facial features, especially the amber-colored black pupils-after a moment of stun, I can only react that the surroundings are brightened because the moon has come out.
A few seconds was enough for a disgusting monster to work around. By the time I got back, I was already in the air--when I was surrounded, I could n’t escape up or down--wait, wait, I flew up? !!
"Great, saved."
When the elegant voice came in my arms, I lowered my head stiffly, letting me see the stunned girl holding her neck tightly, and seeing that she seemed to be struggling hard. I reflexively hugged her waist gently, and she loosened I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed my arms.
This is the end, there is nothing to install, I flew a little higher, if those muddy things can pull the body down and throw it, it will ruin my new uniform.
"good evening."
"It's not a time to say hello." The turbulence in the body, frightened by the mud on the ground, suppressed it a bit, and when I calmed down, I understood the source of the fragrance. That's right, it comes from the girl in front of me. perfume?
"Thank you for saving me. The things below are not strong, they just can't be chopped for a long time ... Would you mind throwing a few more fireballs?"
I couldn't see at all that Youran, who had been in the downwind, had no ash on his body.
Fortunately, the place was empty, and "they" were all huddled again. I just made a circle of fire. It seems that they are made of clay dolls. When the fire burns, they are burnt and cracked. After confirming that there are no new dolls, I re- Landing.
"It's amazing ... much faster than me fighting hand-to-hand."
"You can solve things of this level yourself."
"It's troublesome ..." She didn't deny what I said.
"So, is this young lady, shouldn't you explain it?"
"Huh? Explain what?"
"I haven't heard of monsters in this school."
"Of course there is no such thing."
"Then what are you fighting?"
"As you can see, I don't know who made the toy."
"That counts my nosy interrupting your game."
"I'm obviously being played .... Thank you for your help." After that, she bowed, and her posture was very beautiful to my layman.
"So, goodbye."
Seeing her smile, her body started to stir somehow, and it wasn't until she disappeared in the forest that I barely suppressed it.
Ah, I forgot to erase her memory. ... Forget it, she's not an ordinary person. It seems to be a witch ... without using any spells, then it may be a guard level ...
The thought of her wearing a uniform made her body tremble with excitement, and people with such a scent must have good blood, right? Fair-skinned but not pale, not a person who often stays up late ... Well, I didn't expect that I would try to persuade myself one day ... If I didn't find the goal late at night, I would ruin this time.
Happily imagining the smell of her blood, she had to force herself to sleep until she returned to the room and lay on the bed.
Intermediate note: It ’s getting more and more banging (beating) towards the strange powers and chaos (It was originally? Do n’t think about it, this black (?) Is another protagonist, smile and belly is scheduled, do not rule out writing The possibility of bleaching (the name of the academy and the names of the two protagonists finally appeared next time. TT has recently written something that everyone has no name ... although it saves the time to check the Chinese-Japanese-English dictionary ... but Feeling so lonely (?) ... Once written sentences are as broken as ever ...
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