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Into the Acacia

Time: 2015-09-04Source : Original Editor: Forever Love Reading: Times

When I first met Mengfei, it was the season when pear blossoms were lush, and the white stamens rippled across the mountains and mountains, as if a layer of pure silk was covered between heaven and earth.

Bathing in this clinging white elf, all sins in the world can be purified-including slaughter.

There is blood, slowly rolling down my Liuyun Sword, into the fertile land.

Squinting his eyes, he looked at the defeated corpses all around, looking at the purple-black ground that was stained with dirty blood, and the gorgeous smile climbed up to the corner of his eyebrows. I think the pear blossoms in this forest will bloom more brilliant next year.

Turning his head, I saw him rescued by me. He was obviously a teenager, but he wanted to pretend to be a mature man, make a humble and indifferent gesture, and tightly protect the already fainting boy in his arms.

But the body shuddered instinctively.

I smiled faintly, wielding my wrist fiercely, and wielding the sword energy across the young man's forehead, deftly cutting his messy bangs, I hope to see his panic eyes.

What kind of eyes are those, long and narrow Phoenix eyes, the end of the eyes is tilted obliquely, the mercury-like eyes are basking in the western sunshine, in this piece of pear forest stained red with blood, glittering Light.

Many, many years later, I thought, that glance may be the beginning of all mistakes. I got too deep in those bright eyes. But when I understand, things have changed over time.

His eyes fluttered, and his strength was like a gossamer, and he grabbed the corner of my skirt with his last strength, begging me to save his brother.

Blood, slipping from the corner of his lips, the dazzling color, like the burning red glow of Xitian, made my heart hurt.

I took them back to Zhonghuagu to heal.

Mengfei didn't talk much. The gentle and silent boy always looked at me quietly with the eyes of water. The mercury-like pupils seemed to shed the light of the stars.

In the cold night, he would warm up a pot of wine for me, and wait for me to collect the medicine quietly; in the rainy night, he would hold me tightly and help me dispel the nightmare. With his handsome side, his jade-like streamer is drawn under a bean-like lamp, so light as if he could not eat the fireworks on earth.

I think it was the first time in 17 years of my life that I tasted happiness.

Such as mellow sweet glutinous rice, just tried it once.

If you know that the years in Zhonghua Valley have exhausted the happiness of my life, then maybe I should cherish it even more.

Life is like flowing water, so live like this, simple and happy.

Star-moving, brother Mengfei's injury is already good. This lively Zhaoer always likes to hide behind the tree and watch my practice, my calligraphy and my medicine. Ewha fluttered down and fell on his face. The boy raised his childish face and told me that sister Sister Li is so beautiful. When I grow up, I must let you marry me-although his personality is very different from his brother, but he has With similar eyes, the look of bending my eyes always made me helpless, so I had to let him go.

On that day, Mengfei rescued an injured homing pigeon, and after reading the letters tied to his feet, his beautiful eyebrow peak never loosened.

He said to me, "Lier, something happened at home, Zhaoer and I had to go-not because I deliberately concealed it, because of my special status, it is not the time to reveal it, otherwise it will cause you to be killed. "

I smiled coldly: "Dream dream, you are so worried. With my sword skills, how many people can approach me ?!"

The wind rushed past, rolled up the pear core pieces, the gentle caress, like the intimate soft words of a lover, in the wind, I raised a smile, proud like a camphor tree not afraid of snow and ice.

Mengfei embraced me lightly, but it was just a shallow movement that made me overwhelmed.

He whispered in my ear: "Lier, of course I believe in you, but it's easy to hide with a gun, and difficult to prevent with an arrow. I don't want you to be in trouble ..."

His delicate kiss was gently printed on my horn: "Lier Lier, I promise you, I will pick you up next spring."

At that time, the chords of chorus, the sound of drums, Lier, I will let you be my bride, live forever, and never be separated, is it good?


I looked up and saw his starry eyes, and seeing the full of love in his eyes, and closed his eyes contentedly.

Mengfei, I wait for you ...

Li Ruiyu, the entire forest was misty in the air, only when the spring came to an end, I knew that I didn't wait for the person in my heart.

As if he had never appeared before, he came quietly and wrinkled a stream of spring water inadvertently, but he just left again and left the leaves untouched.

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