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She likes her down

Time: 2015-08-17 Source: Original Editor: Xiaoyun Reading: Times

7 business as usual

The sky is overcast, it is rare to see the sun. She was obscured by the clouds. A trace of cold air shrouded.

A girl from Xia Dizhu honestly, did not know how to offend the headmaster's daughter ...

It was a one-year-old girl who was full of Dixia Dianthus. If anything, in the eyes of Xia Shizhu, this school sister is the image of a martial artist in a fighting game ...

It was such a powerful person that he wanted to associate with himself. After listening to it, Xia Dizhu instantly petrified.

Xia Dizhu is such a humble girl that she has no advantage at all.

Usually two small braids were erected, and the thick bangs covered the excessively pale face. Another rot girl plus A Zhai, who has been wearing a high number of myopia before, now changed to RGP. But still look dumb. Everything is half-slow, although it is not stuttering, but stutters when nervous. Singing always keeps running. I study very hard, but the score is not high, and I am always so awkward in the middle and lower reaches. In this way, sports performance is not good. It's like a shadow student in the class, but now the principal of the school says he wants to associate with himself.

While the summer carnations were petrified, the headmaster Qian Jinhua tried to melt her and ran out of school.

He was grasping his small hand, and felt a strange temperature from his hand, and Xia Dizhu returned the taste.

——What's wrong with me? This is a class skip?

Xia Shizhu watched as he was dragged past the school gatekeeper by the headmaster Qian Jin and ran across the stationery store next to the school. And then continue to run.

At this moment, a small whirlwind came subtly from the sky. A school uniform skirt blowing up summer dianthus from bottom to top. Hidden in the skirt was the fat of Xia Dizhu ... this is the time! Hua Xiangrong looked back and stored this rare killer photo in the hard disk in his head ...

"Dead metamorphosis!" Xia Shizhu covered her underwear with her hands angrily.

Hua Xiangrong reveled with a smile and turned around. In these actions, both of them were running.

While intoxicated, Hua Wanting whispered something: "Little rabbit ..."

Looking at the surrounding scenery again, I have passed a Yixi Bookstore, it seems that it is getting farther and farther from the school ...

Xia Shizhu ran helplessly, but for her who often failed her sports performance, it was already the limit.

"I'm about to die ~~~~ I don't want to skip class ~~~~~" Her voice was crying slightly.

Hua Xiangrong looked back at Xia Dizhu's face that was about to cry. Xia Dizhu didn't cry anymore. Why was she sadder than herself? Couldn't she run anymore? It didn't look like anything at all ~

Hua wanted to get close to Xia Dizhu, and did not hold Xia Dizhu's hand from behind holding her head, her face frightened ... Xia Dizhu was the first time in her life that a completely stranger was so close, face to face. This is totally a kiss!

"Closing your eyes will revive you once ..."

-Recovery? What does that mean ~~~~

Xia Dizhu closed his eyes stiffly. I felt that the light in front of my face was blocked by the giant, and there was no light. She pricked her mouth subconsciously.

Hua Xiangrong laughed and put her lips up. It looks just right from all angles, and it's very Q ~

Summer Dianthus suddenly fainted. In her mind, as in a movie, there are many comics in which the male lead grabs the female lead and kisses strongly, or the seniors force the younger brother to kiss, or the female senior asks the younger girl for different kisses. Filled with a small head of summer dianthus.

The saliva flowed down the corner of her mouth, and Hua Xiangrong saw it, and licked back without blinking. Xia Dizhu is stunned!

Suddenly she repelled this way, she pushed and wanted to melt.

"No ~~~~~"

Speaking of which, Xia Dizhu just managed to break the shackles of Hua Rong. She ran in the opposite direction. In this way she still couldn't help looking back at the dazzling desire to melt, seeing an expression of infinite sadness.

Xia Dizhu ran and found that the front end turned out to be a dead end. Soon the flower wanted to melt and found her, so she approached ... Xia Dizhu touched the skirt pocket and pulled out the white mobile phone to call the teacher ...

But the opposite teacher dialed many times and did not answer. Xia Shizhu was about to cry. She saw Hua Hua's happy smile.

"Don't leave me, Xia Dizhu." The incredibly nice voice can be said to be a beautiful soprano. Her voice must be singing so sweetly, her thick black hair spreading down could not block her queen-like light. The good looks are unmatched by myself, so why would a beautiful person want such a vulgar self?

No one answered the phone, and Xia Dizhu was scared to death. She shook her head desperately, unwilling, just unwilling.

The flower wanted to melt forward and held Xia Dizhu's hand again. From the gap of her bangs, Xia Dizhu saw Hua's hands that wanted to melt white and clear.

——It's so beautiful ...

In a flash ... Xia Dizhu thought of someone ...

Rose's face was really ugly. Her tiny shell teeth were biting her pale lips. Li Baihe looked at him and wanted to kiss and warm his pale lips, and let it restore its rose color.

"What the hell is it, Rose?"

Afraid that Li Baihe was too worried, Rosey smiled at her immediately: "It doesn't matter, but my friend is in danger. I'm going to find her."

"What! Your friend is in danger? How can it have nothing to do with me? What danger is your friend?"

"My friend just called and said that she would be in danger of life. Let me rescue her ..." As she spoke, Rose's voice trembled. It was strange to Li Li how this person was so sacred that she made Rose. So worried, it seems that this friend has a close relationship with her ... Li Baihe just secretly thought that he was still indifferent.

"I'll do my best if I can help!"

"Thank you, Baihe. The problem is that I can't help her. She didn't give me clues about her exact location. I'm really at a loss ..."

"Don't worry, if we can't solve the problem, don't solve it and let the person who can solve it solve it ~"

"I see what you mean! Baihe, we tell the teacher about this!"

Without further ado, Li Baihe took Rose's hand from her seat and ran out of the classroom. Rushing through the campus corridors intertwined with cyan and white, from time to time to avoid the enlarged body of an eye mother at the bottom of a beer bottle; Rosette interspersed with a couple holding hands side by side, and then their holding hands passed over the girl's head ...

Rose's heart was beating fast. Although Li Baihe had nothing to do with her, she also had a fine sweat on her forehead. Students in each class in the corridor quickly stood on both sides of the aisle, and sometimes yelled at each other, and those who did not respond were stepped on by Li Baihe's toes.

All the way to the teacher's office.

They quickly flattened their panties, and Rose immediately put on a natural and modest smile, and knocked on the office's concealed door.

With the loose voice of "Please come in", the moment the door opened was closely related to the campus, but there was another space. That place is where teachers can show their colors different from those of young students. Among them, female teachers are divided into two groups: one is the unproduced young age group, because the unborn child still has the final say, the younger ones are not even in winter, they need to wear beautiful skirts and catch fashionable clothes Have fun with WeChat, pretend to be a student, go through fashion magazines, fix nails and make up; and the other is parenting. After the production, we talk about children growing up, short cucumbers, eating bananas and so on. Male teachers are all smokers.

And Rosely's class teacher was the lady who ate bananas. She is also the director of this grade. Her name is Roland.

Xia Dizhu dialed Rose's phone number. She knew that Rose was so smart that she could help her.

This place is completely a warehouse. Painted and peeled iron doors are painted with various texts and graffiti representing sex or exaggeration. After the iron door was hurriedly opened by Hua Xiangrong, dust like cotton wool drifted along with the door gap, and there was an unpleasant smell of garbage.

The warehouse was black and whirling, and it was completely unclear what it looked like. Hua wanted to melt behind Xia Dizhu and pushed her back forcibly. The power of Xia Dizhu's hands from behind Hua Xiangrong understands how urgent she is.

In the brain of Xia Dianthus, various bridges of various A-level films are depicted, and the screams of girls such as Yadi butterfly are filled with Xia Dizhu's brain ...

After walking for a while in this delicate posture, Xia Dizhu felt her hands stopped behind her and heard a pop, she was dazzled by the dazzling light that suddenly appeared, and Xia Dizhu narrowed her eyes subconsciously. Then she was pushed to a soft spot ...

Gradually she could see what was in the entire warehouse.

There are large corrugated boxes everywhere, I don't know what's inside. The walls of the warehouse were dark green. And she herself was on a big orange sofa bed ...

She took out her cell phone and quickly dialed Rose's phone number while Hua Hua wanted to turn around to close the door. She knew that Rose was so smart that she could help her.

Xia Shizhu simply thought of solving it. She had never been kidnapped like this. She did n’t know how to ask for help on the phone, but Hua Xiangrong had quickly turned around at this time and gradually approached herself. ...

Hua Xiangrong walked seriously to Xia Dizhu and took off his coat ...

Through the thin lining, you can clearly see the outline of Hua Xiangrong's breasts.

Suddenly oppressed Xia Dizhu mobile phones did not stabilize!

On the other end of the phone, Rose asked anxiously what Xia Shizhu couldn't take care of.

Hua Xiangrong's body was already approaching, her hands were propped up on the huge orange sofa, and the dark chestnut hair had a delicate itching on the cheeks of summer dianthus.

Because the flower's chest wants to melt against the face of summer dianthus, so the flower can clearly see the outline of the bra ...

Xia Dizhu swallowed the hot saliva, and she was eager to ask for help in the direction of the phone ...

Hua Xiangrong's expression was very serious, and he tore the front of Xia Dizhu's clothes angrily ...

Impatiently hang up the phone.

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