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She likes her

Time: 2015-08-17 Source: Original Editor: Xiaoyun Reading: Times

She likes her

The beginning of autumn. It's hot like summer. It can even be said that it is more severe than the summer heat. This kind of weather can even make people crazy, want to tear newspapers, books, and even tear themselves. This kind of weather can make people who have been in a state of depression break through this condition. In the evening, Rosewood resisted her irritability and forced herself to sit in the classroom. She really wants to go to school now. Then she can use her time to do what she wants. As a student, there is nothing more than the word order. I really want to break the rules ~ Rosely is thinking about it. Holding her forehead with one hand, Rose was thinking about her own affairs, but she didn't get the teacher's attention. This is common. Any student in the class has his or her own way to deal with the teacher, removing the self-righteous good students and idiots.

Autumn is nothing like autumn. Inserting the white earphones into the ears in the long hair gap, Rose thought. The track currently playing in the phone at this time is Yamashita Tomohisa's "loveless". The melody is very good. Rosewood resists the restlessness and looks still from the outside.

It has been a single cycle. Loveless ~ Loveless ~ Loveless ... Rosewood didn't wait for someone after school, hopped away from someone's video coil, circled the road from the back door, and squeezed into the crowd at the front door. Disappeared. "I'm sorry ..." I'm sorry for someone. She has no mood to walk with that person today and doesn't want to go home immediately to see that person. She hid not because she didn't love her. In short ... Rosely didn't know what to say to herself. Sometimes Rose's heart always yearns for being alone. Your own kingdom, your own space. Especially when she works. Yes, she spends her spare time writing novels. Some taboo novels. So I don't want to be known. Even though she knew that her best classmate was chasing after her novel, she couldn't resist telling her. This is two different things to her classmates. be quiet. At least no noise. Don't have to see people you hate. The light is suitable and not very dazzling. Very comfortable place to meditate. So far, everything has been temporary, and Rose has yet to find a place to satisfy her. That's where she feels completely physically and mentally comfortable.

Hop by hop. Already far from campus. In muggy weather, Rose's back, underarms, and some parts of her thighs were too sweaty. She took a few leaflets from the leaflet issuers and printed a leaflet with a very high school entrance rate.

After "Kobayashi Coffee" went in and sat down, the waiter brought a glass of mineral water and then retreated. Rose did not touch the glass of water, but went to the bathroom. The big mirror in the bathroom is really clean. Rose took a cotton handkerchief from her schoolbag and dipped it in tap water to wipe her body. She unbuttoned it and wiped it, then opened her skirt and wiped her thighs ... "It's really comfortable ..."

Back in her seat, Rose found that only one third of the glass of mineral water was left. (Who is it?) Rose pushes the cup aside. (It's really uncomfortable, really dirty ~) Rosey pours the remaining water in the cup into a potted plant on the side windowsill. Then poured the cup on the table. Ring the bell at the corner of the table. After a short wait, the waiter came, just the same one. Girl with bare forehead and ponytail. Exhausted look. Clean face, clean work clothes, clean hands, clean black leather upper. (It should be understaffed ~) Can't help but think so. "So, a cappuccino." The waiter nodded without a smile, remembering in the order book. Turn around and walk away.

While Rose opened her notebook and wrote on the third line, the waiter brought coffee. Of course, the same one as before. "Thank you." The waiter nodded again without a smile and turned away.

The black pen was held between the petite fingers, and small red blood-like flowers opened from the tip of the pen. The shiny black pen seemed to give birth to red flowers, and the gorgeous roses were wrapped in thorn-like black vines. The red juice dripped from the tip ... It was Rose that was feeding her text-like fairy roses with her inspirational blood. The magic moment is when the red pen water word jumps on the paper. When you concentrate on writing, the black pen looks like a steady stream of red pen water. When the inspiration dries up, the tip of the black pen becomes dry. When inspiration springs, it seems that the surrounding landscape has turned gray. Only ... in my heart is color.

Standing at the school gate for about an hour, Moon sighed and turned away. Moon has been waiting in front of Rose's school like this several times. At first it was not in a hurry. However, she will come back at the end, so now there is no need to rush to find her anyway. The phone vibrated and Moon pulled out the black phone from his pocket. "Is it Miss Moon? I thought about the second house you introduced to me today. Can I bring my wife again tomorrow?" "Mr. God, Of course you can, then you have time tomorrow at 10 am ... "It is a work phone. Almost six o'clock. Back home. She and her home. And Rosewood. That home is the most precious place in moon. It is also the best thing she can give to Rose. At six o'clock, Rosewood must be at home. Use the key to open the door and instantly feel relaxed. The position of the kitchen close to the door is full of food. The kitchen table is filled with delicate dishes and sweet rice. At this time, her princess will sit in a fixed position on the sofa in front of the TV, and watch the autumn new fan animation intently ~ full of small two-dimensional element er ~ watching her with envy and coquettishness. Ah, you're back! Is it time to eat, bathe, or ... eat me first? "Rosely naughtily put her index finger on her lips. Moon knows that Rose is just kidding, because she only does it after turning off the lights. "Of course ... (gasping) Eating! ~" "Ah! You're really cold! Whatever it is, I'm more delicious and seductive!" (Yeah ~ I finally stirred her anger ... Moon thought) Very happy to have dinner. Moon also decided not to ask where Rose went after school. I have tolerated it many times without asking, this time I will still tolerate it without asking. It is also because of too many factors to consider, and then endure. Afraid that Rose felt that she had interfered too much with her private life. There is no way for her relationship with her to restrain her normally. In addition, she is reluctant to do so. And then I was afraid she felt that she didn't trust her. In short ... Isn't it Rosewood that she finds another person? It should be ... impossible. She is also confident that Rose is in love with herself. Well, it's best not to ask. Moon twisted his eyes between the two with a little tiredness. Immediately after taking a bath, Rose, a "little alien" with wet hair sticking to her face, slammed onto Moon's body. "Ah! You're so light! Do you want to do it on the sofa?" Rosely giggled. "It's heavy! Yes, it's on the sofa, but the lights are turned off!" "What fun is there?" Moon was pulling Rose's vest. "I want to see your body ~"

Black juice, red ink, and shocking melody flow from the white headphones. So much so that Rosen didn't notice what the teacher was talking about before self-study. Rose watched as the funny teacher neither stupidly wrote anything on the blackboard, nor did she take a handout of the book. Instead, let a female student enter her own classroom. (Oh, it's a transfer student ~) That's right. Looking at the freshmen still wearing the original school uniform, Rosewood still did not take off the headphones. Because it is not necessary.

rain. Soft rain. Gentle rain. Soft songs like men humming. The rain makes people sober, as clear as a cricket infusion. The land became mud. Sinking deep inside. The drizzle drizzled like a la la song. Baby, don't you want to be in the rain? Do you want to enjoy it early? Why did you start to sleep early? It was already raining on your way to school in the morning. There are no lightning flashes or thunders, only cool body surfaces and a moist mood. At that time, did you think you would welcome new members (transfer students)? Or put it another way. Did you think you would see a transfer student today? And it's still a girl! I'm a little excited! Because she's really beautiful. The school that can be reached by walking seems a little longer because of the rain. It may be a little longer.

The song jumped to Zhang Genxi's "Love Rain", what "love, love, love ..." suddenly didn't want to listen, maybe he wanted to hear that person's voice more than "Love Rain". "My name is Li Baihe." The girl's soft voice. With both feelings of longing and uneasiness for the new environment and new life that will start next. There is another kind of rendering power that everyone pays attention to, and I want to be friends with all of you. A transfer student who can't be underestimated. The position of the teacher for transfer students is not close to Rose. But the girl was in the front row, but it made Rosely start to look at her from behind. Well, what song is next, Rosewood puts on black headphones again.

Li Bai was working because of one of his parents (which one?), Moved with him, and then transferred to this school. Although the house for the time being is much smaller than before, and my room is not very bright, after all, it is a new environment and it is full of freshness. There are wooden windows, bolts with brass locks, Japanese bookcases, and soft beds. It's really comfortable! Li Baihe can't wait to play at home all day and doesn't want to go to school or work! But parents give themselves such superior conditions If you don't do what they expect, it will make people feel ingratitude. From the new mobile phone configured by his parents, Li Baihe saw the message that it will rain tomorrow, so he wants to don't forget to bring an umbrella tomorrow! Otherwise, it will be very unlucky to turn into a chicken in the first day of the new school. Laughed all the way to graduation.

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