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So-called life and death

Time: 2015-08-14 Source: Original Editor: Forever Love Reading: Times

Chapter One Begins

Da! Da! Da! ... the rapid footsteps from the corridor

The girl's face was full of panic, as if a ghost was chasing her, she kept looking back and speeding up her pace.

"Ah!" A girl accidentally fell to the ground accidentally, with red blood on her knees.

Click! Click! Click! The sound unique to high heels sounds behind the girl, getting closer and closer

"Don't ... go ... go away ... don't come over!" The girl wanted to stand up again, but the impact just made her unable to climb, she could only crawl on the ground

"Hee ~ You know how to ask for help ~" In the dark, a beautiful girl appeared, and the smile on her face was in sharp contrast with another girl. "It's just ~ your proud tone is still unpleasant!"

The bright moonlight brings light to the dark campus. Long shadows are like devouring people.

"What the hell are you doing ...

"" The girl kept backing, her body trembling slightly with fear.

"What do you say?" Another girl shone with silvery white light in the moonlight, a dagger indicating her intentions "but ... you won't speak after waiting"

A stride, the girl rushed out, the blade of light flashed, the red blood on the white uniform pieces formed a beautiful arc

"Ah!" A scream, but the girl on the ground didn't feel the pain

Is it ... I am dead?

"Yao ... you ... why are you" opening her eyes, she saw a boy standing in front of herself

"Qian ... are you okay?" A pale face, a stern smile appeared on Yao's face

"Why? Why did you help her stop this knife? Is she worth it?" The girl looked at the boy in front of her, and the dagger on her hand fell to the ground because of confusion, tears in her eyes, and she couldn't bear the tone. This choked

"Worth it?" Yao's bloodless face showed the dying life. "I love Akane, this is the only answer ..."

With firm eyes, the boy does not allow anyone to hurt the one he loves, even if he gives his life.

"Yao ... don't ... you ..." Qian was full of horror, looking at the boy in front of her, besides being reluctant ...

The next second, the boy lost his consciousness and gradually fell to the side. Seeing this, Akane hurried forward to support him to prevent him from being hit again.

"In the end, even if you are scarred, even if she betrays you, even if I have done so much effort ..." Hollow and indifferent, sounds like a drained vitality echoed in the corridor

"Single ... are you satisfied? Are you happy?" Akane raised her head, her eyes no longer full of fear ... but anger! An anger that wanted to kill someone. Hold Yao tightly, this is what she can give him now-warm

"No ... no ... not like this ..." Shan hugged her head, her body trembling violently. Suddenly, she turned and ran away, rushed to the open window, and jumped without hesitation.

"Shan!" With Akane's exclaiming, Shan disappeared into the night like this, swallowed by endless darkness.

May 7, 20xx


Cause of death: Sudden death by jumping from a building

Age of death: 17 years old

Time of death: 11:22 am

<To be continued>


I appear again (Bafei

Haven't finished writing

唉 ~ The thing is I'm a bit slow (?)

SO ~ limited progress for one day

Chapter Truth

"Woo ..." Opening my eyes, I looked at me, everything was still familiar, but it was a little different ... As if it was foggy, everything in front of me was faintly gray.

I sat up and didn't expect a burst of weakness to emerge

"Hey ~ new here, are you okay? Although it doesn't seem to make sense to ask ..." A strange voice sounded behind me, and the nerves that had been relaxed suddenly tightened.

"Who are you?" I glared at him and stepped back, only to find a strange phenomenon

I'm lying on the ground ... Yes! I'm lying on the ground, but, I ... I'm standing here ... I ...?

"Ah ~ did you find it ?! I didn't expect you to wake up so fast, originally I thought you would wake up the next day ..." The weird boy laughed with mercy but mockingly, but helplessly He shook his head. "You're dead ... what? See your own death ... regret?"

I ... I'm dead!

"Woohoo ~" The harsh alarm bell cut through the cold air. The white box car was particularly noticeable in the black case. There were 4 or 5 people coming off the car, facing me lying in a hurry. Pressed and pressed, yelled after a while

"Useless ~ Everyone is dead, what's the point of doing those things?" In a light tone, the boy said nothing about himself.

"I'm dead ... I'm really dead ... haha!" Unsmiling laughter filled the campus, watching me covered with blood on the ground, hands and feet twisting me in a strange way, I laughed

Sure enough, in this world, I have no space left, no meaning to survive, and in the end, this is still the result ...

"Yao!" Cried, a familiar name came to my ears

A gentle smile, clear and deep eyes, wide shoulders, a slightly hoarse, low voice ... how important is everything to me, everything is given to him by that damn man-my once-important friend- Broken into pieces

Suddenly, I felt nauseous, and the surrounding things gradually blurred.

Strange ... Aren't I dead? Why do I feel this way?

"I love you, this is the only answer ..." The vague consciousness gradually became clear, but I saw the glare falling in the pool of blood, and ... my bloody hands

It's me ... who killed Yao ... it was me who killed Yao ...

Then, I felt my ribs stabbed into the lungs, and all the internal organs were torn under a strong impact. It was not oxygen that entered the trachea. It was filled with blood, and the bones of hands and feet penetrated the muscle , Tearing the skin, even the eyes can only see a piece of bright red

Pain ... that is an indescribable pain in the vertebral heart, which is obviously dying, but it can't die, and it can only bear this pain

I want to yell, but there is a grunt in my throat

"Hmm ~ has it started?" The mysterious boy's voice came from his ear. "Suicide--reincarnation"

<To be continued>

I appeared again (Ba Fei ~ ★

Mysterious boy ~ (Bash ...

Who will he be in the next episode?

Please support more 喽 =)

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