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After daylight

Time: 2015-05-27 Source: Original Editor: Zhang Xiaocai Read: Times

"Well, then do you know how she is? I just care about her two words, but she ..."

The bitter wine fell into the sadness one by one, the hour hand passed the origin, the night was getting deeper, and the distressed, and did not want to go home at all, seemed to let go of his guard and began to complain.

"As a result, she jumped up and pointed at my nose and yelled! What are you guys doing? How bad are you and how do you feel? They only care about whether the stocks are falling or not. It seems that you only see money in your eyes. It ’s good to have money, but no democracy does not matter…"

When a girl's family goes to that messy place, which mother won't worry?

So it's rare that the daughter who returned home and R had a quarrel over a student campaign for which R didn't know exactly why. This was the first time that her daughter had such a fierce reaction to herself. In this way, the rigid atmosphere will ruin the good holiday.

After entering high school, the sons who have become wider in life seem to be rebellious. They do n’t like talking to R. In addition, they have not worked well recently. In the past two months, the performance has been so simple that they are in danger. Then the group did n’t study hard. Student had nothing to go to occupy the Legislative Yuan, and her stock was miserable. The cost of living in the next few months is about to fall ...

The so-called family life is so hard and so realistic.

Tired, angry, helpless, entangled with all kinds of troubles, surrounded her in circles and couldn't escape.

She envied the children's world for being simple and straightforward, but at some moments, she couldn't help but be impatient with their self-centeredness, making others' efforts improper.

Sometimes, some people will make less bright behaviors. Those who motivated the children who grew up in the greenhouse ca n’t understand, but they did n’t think about it. Such misunderstanding is not out of integrity or simplicity. Sometimes it ’s just, okay. By the way.

If possible, R hopes that his child can never understand those dirty and dark, always pure and light, safe and worry-free ...

R's premature mother didn't say these things to her. R has always been a very calm and introverted child. Finally, it is her turn to become a mother. She goes around for a few turns and often says that the exit is nothing more than That one thousand and one sentences, the children just study hard.

"What does it mean to have money to fish ... I have a woman who has two children. My monthly salary is not much, and my performance bonus is unstable. I have to pay a car loan and home loan. When she goes to college, I do n’t have to sell the stock to pay. Is this a huge expense? Like this, the economy is in a recession, and I don't get results like those younger sisters accompany dinner ... I have my distress. "

An instability, R halo leaned against the crowded crowd and still kept refreshing, with a fragrant shoulder and neck, muttering, not remembering whether the tears ran out of his eyes last time.

"I didn't expect that the child would be so big. Looking back, I'm an adult who sees money ... Is it too much for me to fail as a mother?"

After racking his brains, R really couldn't remember what he said after drinking too much, and how the other party responded (but with S's personality, probably just listening quietly).

Even, how did they get back to R's house, and how did they ...

She only remembered that when she woke up early in the morning, she had only been in contact for less than half a year, and she had maintained good friends. S, who was a woman like herself, was lying next to her ... She had a quilt on her white shoulders, and she dared not think that the quilt was below What kind of situation.

Beautiful and capable, always smiling gently, too perfect to be nearly unreal S, like the one who read the book under the big tree near the playground in his youth, let R dare to look away, dreamlike First love ...

That dream-like first love was lying next to himself at this moment. After decades of passing, R was still living in the dream.

S Shu's eyebrows are clear and beautiful. The knife and chisels of her years have become gentle and supple on her face. The slightly opened lips are soft and cute. The faint red marks on the collarbone suggest yesterday's tenderness ...

Maybe it was hesitant to see through her, S who woke up was holding her, and her slender and good-looking fingertips gently touched the wrinkles between her eyebrows. Z said with her usual, calm and gentle smile.

"Don't think too much and don't take any responsibility."

Then quietly got up and changed clothes, leaving calmly.

If nothing else, generous ... generous makes R very troubled.

Maybe the phrase "don't take any responsibility" means that you don't need R to do anything on your own.

Feeling passionate, why didn't R think that he could meet an object like S in his life, and with a smile, I don't know how much spring thoughts can evoke, how can he not be passionate?

"Ah ~~~ Uh ..." The elder man next to him sighed with exclamation and pulled R's mind back to reality, only to see that the white sphere flew all the way, but gave the fielder's gloves well. "Ah, hell, headwind today."

R turned around and looked a little at a loss as he watched the next hitter on the field stand up in the attack zone. He couldn't figure out what happened for a while.

On a beautiful Saturday night, it seems that it should be a fun event for the whole family, but it is a misfortune. Only the son is devoted to the game.

The daughter sat quietly, her head full of pain and impatience, apparently still in the sport, disappointed with her family's insensitivity, and just said, "The country is going to perish, and you are still "Look at baseball here."

R usually doesn't know much about baseball or what her daughter is doing. The recent pile of events has made her more distraught and kept distracted.

On the contrary, S, who is a plug-in, has a good talk with his son, from which pitcher's ball speed, hit rate and posture ... Occasionally, he turned his head slightly, and looked at her thoughtfully.

She didn't know that S knew even baseball. Fortunately, there was S, otherwise R didn't have the strength to deal with his son.

So annoying.

R and her daughter sighed at the same time, and they turned their heads at the same time, facing each other's eyes.

The court was windy, blowing off her daughter's fringe and hair, and the whole face was exposed to the incandescent light, dazzling brightly. At this moment, R was surprised. The expression was no longer as simple and worry-free as previously thought .

Still restrained and quiet, the biting jaw line is stronger than imagined, and a slightly frowning brow seems to have a slight melancholy and anger, and the shadow under the eye sockets has some tired, refined style, eyes It's so deep, I already know how to look into suffering and greed, but I still look straight.

Then the daughter held her back and laughed, quietly, tenderly, with a little apology, making R slightly dizzy.

At that moment, R felt like he didn't need any explanation.

Really grown up, she looked at the smile and couldn't help thinking about it.

The daughter rolled her eyes, her head tilted, and she was the coquettish girl, falling down on R's shoulders to catch her hand.

R couldn't help but laughed.

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