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Step by step

Time: 2015-05-16 Source: Original Editor: Zhang Xiaocai Read: Times

Maybe when will we meet?

On the first day of school, I kicked the opening ceremony and found a corner in the school to shrink into a ball. It hurts. There is no mood to listen to the leader nonsense.

I hate taking medicine. Although everyone told me that taking medicine would make me more comfortable, I just hate it. As a result, I did die with half pain.

"Are you OK?"

Ah? Would n’t it be so unlucky to even meet a teacher in such a corner?

look up. Uniforms. Are students. It doesn't matter. I lowered my head again.

The uninvited woman sat down beside me without permission.

"……what's up."

"I just don't want to go back and waste time listening to the principal's same shout every semester."

"That has nothing to do with you here."

"It's boring to hang out at school alone. It's easy to get caught by a teacher accidentally."

Does this person have no nerves? Or is his face cast steel? I'm so daring to catch people, I can still sit here so leisurely.

Ah ah-I was so sad that I didn't feel like arguing with her-I buried my face in my knees and saw nothing.

The reassuring silence did not last long.

"Do you want to eat?"

There is no patience, no more patience.

"You, noisy ...!" The mouth opened, something was jammed, and one ate it without paying attention.

"Date of jujube ...?" Something so sweet was barely able to taste the jujube. ... wait, the problem is not here! "What are you doing ..."

"Brown sugar jujube slices." She smiled without feeling guilty of forcing others. "Delicious, isn't it because of my anemia, there are so many snacks at home that are said to be good for blood, and I carry several of them with me."

"Who's asking you this! I don't know what you're doing! I want to find someone to pass the time and go find someone else. I'm not free to accompany it ... wow!" The pain was even more painful ... I had to shrink back.

When the back warmed up, it took me a few seconds before I felt that I was being held.

"You wear too little. Although it's not windy, it's still cold at the end of February. Even if it's south, don't take care of it."

"... Isn't it usually recommended to go to the school doctor's office at this time?"

"If you want to go, you will naturally go, just look at your eyes and you will know that you are only acting at your own pace."

Quite harsh, but very persuasive.

I hugged me from behind, "My name is Qin Zhizi."

"I don't need to tell you my name." I gave up my resistance, and my tone changed back to normal speaking, anyway, I was out of breath.

"I knew you would say that, so I didn't ask. It doesn't matter, you just hear what I say."

It's a conversation that's so broken that you can't even reach it. This is just a way of describing, it does not mean that I want to take her word.

Maybe when people are uncomfortable, they just want to depend on others ... I just hugged me this morning and didn't know this strange person. When it feels better, at exactly half past eleven, the opening ceremony is long over ...

Shake the apparently asleep person behind me, "Hey, it's over eleven."

"Um ..." She rubbed her eyes. "Ah ... early."

"It's early, half past eleven."

"It's half past eleven ... half past eleven?" She shook her head and shook her head. She repeated my words, looked at her watch, and then shook her head, her eyes finally cleared up. "Let's go to dinner. "

"Who and who is that 'us'?"

"Are you and me, is there a third person here? I am an unbeliever."

"You and I are not cooked enough to go to lunch with Le Rong?"

"As a thank you gift that I accompany you all morning, shouldn't it be with me to eat?"

... very straightforward. It's as if I refused to be a bad person.

"I go home for dinner."

"Whether you walk or ride a bicycle, it will be very uncomfortable to return home in this state?" Before I spoke, she concluded without permission, "I know, because you don't have a meal card, right, it doesn't matter, I ask you."

"No trouble, I don't attend in the afternoon, it doesn't matter if it takes two hours to get home." On the afternoon of the opening ceremony, it was the cleaning and meetings of various societies. There was no loss if I didn't come to the school.

She took the meal card out of her jacket pocket, biting a little bit, and started staring at me.

It's not the kind of threatening stare in which the glittering eyes can cry at any time, just staring, without attaching other facial expressions, just staring at the food card.

I was tied up by that sight, and I had no choice but to raise a white flag.

Somehow was pulled into the cafeteria, not that I said, this is the first time I have been in the cafeteria in two years.

There are not many people, maybe because the class has not officially started today-the opening ceremony usually ends at more than ten o'clock, and of course those who are fine will choose to go home. I obviously also went home to the party ...

"Well ... it's better to be light ... this, this and a bowl of rice."

I did n’t say anything and I was stuffed with a food dish, cabbage fried meat slices, potato stew, a bowl of rice based on a household porcelain bowl ... ah?

Her risotto with diced beans, the weight is quite disproportionate to her figure ... she was pulled down to sit down and watch her relax and eat leisurely about three or four times my food, I bear I ca n’t help sighing where are the foods eaten by such a petite body.

As she would like to accompany her after eating--it seems to be less painful after eating, and the resistance is restored?-I had no place except the key wallet to attend the opening ceremony, and I did n’t even have to return to the classroom. She took me directly to the gate of the school. After I got on the bus, I was told to go home and drink warm water and clothes, as well as keep lying down.

As she smiled as she smiled and waved goodbye, I was still getting younger, and I still didn't figure out why she was so good to me. It's definitely a lie to get the care of others, but I'm not the kind to say thank you so I can accept it with peace of mind.

She said her name was ... Qin came here? It was a very special name in the impression, and I asked if anyone knew it ...

By the way, I really lay all afternoon, and it didn't hurt at all when I woke up for dinner.


After the first class, I took the sandwich and sweet milk out of the classroom. The air in the classroom was too turbid, and eating cold or cold in the corridor, I would never feel choking.

"Find the target!" Accompanying the voice came the sudden weight on the arm-"early ~ ~"

……is her. There was a jump of joy in my heart.

She was still holding my arm in one hand and took out a gum-like thing from her pocket with one hand. "I asked home yesterday, this seems not suitable for eating during the period, it is better to eat before or after, I'm afraid I forgot , So I decided to meet you today and say it right away. "

It was the sweet jujube slice yesterday.

"The things are delivered, so I will go back first, and I have not finished my homework-" She trot into the nearby classroom, which could explain why she came to me. On the same floor, I usually ran into it. Not surprisingly, I was a negative teaching material when I was absent-minded and not good at remembering people. In the words of my friends, I could not open a shop or do outreach ... In short, I couldn't do the work with too many people.

Look back at what you have. After thinking about it for a while, I understand that during this period of time, blood is still being replenished. But I took one out.

...... It was so sweet. Forget it, I don't hate sweets.

... Hmm? A nearby classroom? Only our class is a senior in this class. ... is that person actually a school sister?

This cognition made me feel that I was declining before aging.

Postscript: The children of the even family seem to have only three attributes ... dumb, rogue and hardworking ... 囧 TZ. The hard work is usually accepted here (laughs) This article looks like a year-up attack, in fact, it is indeed a year-up attack, but think about that pair of pictures that always feel like a year-down attack = = ||| , Rogue in the year กม hard work in the year, very happy and bad. Toil you are destined to be bullied. nod. Speaking of pain ... I'm fine, but I really have people who can't get out of bed, and there are a lot of pains to skip school ... So I have this article (Wangtian) As for the jujube, it is my personal interest, even my Those who hate dried jujube pickled jujube think that it is quite delicious ... Jujube and brown sugar are both blood supplements. Children with anemia can try it ... But the most wanting to vomit is that you really think the child is on the same floor Friendship can make someone so close to you? = _, = Not aware of prevention = _, =

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