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Pass by

Time: 2015-05-15 Source: Original Editor: Understand Reading: Times
With a love letter in her hand, Xiaoxi confessed to the school ’s widely recognized school flower. The school flower is cool and beautiful, and the figure is perfect.
"Sorry, I have no feeling for you!" Qiaofeng looked at the carefully designed card in the opponent's hand, raised a smile that made everyone intoxicated, and walked away without looking back.
Xiao Xi stood flush with flushed face. She made a great deal of determination before confessing to Qiaofeng. Now it is the most sweeping time for people. She is really embarrassed. After the sweeping time has passed, Xiao Xi runs back quickly. classroom
"It's so cute" Qiaofeng stood on the second floor and looked at Xiaoxi with amusement. In fact, under her cold and gorgeous appearance, she had a jerk.
But what she never expected this time was that someone actually confessed to her in front of so many people. When she first chose sweeping work, she chose the outer sweeping area specifically, so that those who wanted to confess to her would not dare to confess. Now, the confession of this school girl has aroused her interest
"School Girl" was on her way to school. Qiaofeng saw Xiaoxi. It turned out that she lived in the same community with herself. Why hadn't she noticed it before? !!
"Uh ... Qiaofeng Xuesister" Xiaoxi turned her head and shook her head shyly.
"Oh, Xuemei, you all know my name, but I don't know yours, it's not fair!" Qiaofeng smiled again, and she seemed to love to laugh in front of her.
"I ... I ... My name ... Ji Xiaoxi"
"Ji Xiaoxi, okay, I remember"
Two people kept chatting along the way, but most of them asked Qiaofeng and Xiaoxi answered, but despite their enthusiasm for chatting, Xiaoxi's head was still staring at the ground until ...
"Be careful!" Qiaofeng pulled the red light but walked forward Xiaoxi, and this pull also pulled Xiaoxi into the arms of Qiaofeng
"Do n’t walk with your head down, and there is no gold on the ground." Qiao Feng touched the hair of the person in her arms, and it looked like a man and woman in the eyes of others.
"It's late for school, I'm leaving now" Xiaoxi pushed away Qiaofeng's arms and rushed to school
"It's still early, bad reason for fools" Qiaofeng looks at the watch before 7 o'clock, while the school is not far away
"Xiaoxi Xuemei, see you rush so fast, you can breathe like this, come and drink water for you" Qiaofeng catches up with Xiaoxi, but she has no use to run, after all, the school will not open before 7 o'clock
"Uh ... Thank ... Thank" Xiaoxi reached out nervously for the bottle of water, but let Qiaofeng touch her hand intentionally, making her face more rosy.
"Remember to drink it, I've had it." Qiaofeng looked at Xiaoxi's blushing and felt very funny, and then said this sentence to see how she reacted. Sure enough, Xiaoxi's head was getting lower and lower. Let Qiaofeng see that she is about to laugh, but after all, she ca n’t laugh here, she quickly walks back to work and laughs.
In the next few months, Qiaofeng played this kind of ambiguous drama with Xiaoxi every time, always making Xiaoxi's blush all over, but their relationship was also undoubtedly a bonus, and Xiaoxi was no longer just Blushing and bowing her head, sometimes even playing with Qiaofeng, but sometimes she is shy because of Qiaofeng's actions
"Qiaofeng, how have you been so close to the schoolgirl who confessed to you last time, together ?!" Qiaofeng's chick from Qiaofeng's classmates asked in ambiguous expression, and this sentence also let in Outside the door, Xiaoxi, who was about to come to Qiaofeng, heard
"How could it be, just because she was so funny, she's been so boring recently, find something new to do, haha" After Qiao Feng said this sentence, she felt a sense of uneasiness, is it an illusion? Qiaofeng habitually looked at the door without seeing anyone
Until school, Qiaofeng had not seen Xiaoxi's figure, and she usually came to see her, but today she did not even see her personal picture, which made Qiaofeng feel strange, she did not even see it on the way to school. Let Qiaofeng's anxiety again in the morning,
"Excuse me ... Is Ji Xiaoxi in?" I didn't see Xiaoxi after a week. Qiaofeng couldn't help but asked her in the class.
"Uh ... she ... she transferred." The students in the class were really surprised to see the school flowers in the rumor, and they came to Xiaoxi?
"What! Why" turned away? ? !! !!
"I ... I don't know"
"Okay! Thank you." Qiaofeng smiled slightly at the student and returned to his class, and that smile made the student stay for half an hour.
Three years later, Qiaofeng was studying at a well-known university in Taipei. Today is the entrance ceremony for freshmen. Many people are looking for objects in the auditorium, regardless of men and women, and Qiaofeng is dragged by chickens. Watching, but I saw a familiar figure
"Hey, chick, I'm leaving now" Qiao Feng patted a friend's shoulder beside him, and rushed out to chase the familiar figure
"Xiao Xi" Qiao Feng looked at the familiar figure in front of him and called tentatively.
"Sister Sister?" Sure enough, Xiaoxi, but now she is a bit childish.
"Hey, you're here, I've been looking for you for a long time." Just when Qiao Feng wanted to say something, a familiar voice came from deep behind
"Hey, my sister, are you here too?" Yes, the master of the voice is his older brother Bai Weizhe, one year older than Qiaofeng.
"You two know each other ?!"
"Zhe, you didn't mean to take me to dinner, let's go!" Just as Bai Weizhe was confused, Xiaoxi wrapped his hands around his hands, which made Qiaofeng's heart beat a beat
"Well, yes, then ... sister, I'll go with her first." Qiaofeng looked at their back, always felt like something was missing.
"Brother, how do you know her?" Qiaofeng couldn't help curiosity at night
"I should ask you, right ?!"
"She was my school girl. I transferred to our school in my senior year. I heard that it was not suitable for Taipei." Bai Weizhe ran to Kaohsiung to study because of his vomiting at home. Before returning to Taipei
"You ... with her ?!" This is the point of everything
"On the day I graduated, I confessed to her, she agreed, and we promised each other that she would wait for her to come to Taipei to find me, but she was actually admitted." Bai Weizhe's face became more and more happy with a smile on her face, He continued to tell Qiaofeng a lot about Xiaoxi
But Qiaofeng wasn't listening at all, and he kept echoing that sentence
She promised?
how come? Qiaofeng knew at this time that she had fallen in love with Xiaoxi.
The next day, Qiaofeng immediately went to find Xiaoxi in the class and dragged her to a nearby coffee shop.
"Sister, please tell me anything. The first lesson after entering school is very bad." Xiaoxi took the cappuccino in her hand and took a sip, her tone was unprecedentedly cold.
"Why did you just leave like this, and ... and ..."
"Whether Weizhe is your brother or not, I will fall in love with him, because he truly loves me"
"As for why I turned away, it was because I didn't want to be treated as a toy." Xiaoxi kept staring at Qiaofeng, less the shyness at the time, and more unfamiliar.
"I didn't, I didn't treat you as a toy"
"I heard it myself, you don't have to quibble"
"Sister Xue, I'm late, I'm leaving now" Xiaoxi left without waiting for Qiaofeng to finish
"Why don't you listen to me, I like you" Qiaofeng looked at Xiaoxi's back, leaving only sadness
After this time, Xiaoxi was hiding from Qiaofeng intentionally, which also made Qiaofeng more sad.
"Little girl, I am going to marry Xiaoxi" Just after Bai Weizhe announced the end of her reading career, the most unforgettable passage of Qiaofeng left her for an hour
Two years later
"Ma'am, brother will be back tomorrow." In the evening, Qiaofeng opened the door and went into her room and ... her room.
"Yes," Xiaoxi looked at the calendar, a faint red circle, came out of the gap in the previous piece of paper
"Actually ... I fell in love with you at the beginning" Qiaofeng is lying in bed now, their bed
"Oh? Really?" Xiaoxi's hair combing hands paused, but her tone didn't change.
"Boiled, haha" Qiaofeng's answer also made Xiaoxi smile.
"Well, it would be nice if I told you earlier." Qiaofeng looked disappointed.
"Is it going to be different earlier?" Xiaoxi was also lying in bed with Qiaofeng, looking at the ceiling
"Maybe Luo, it's just a pity ..."
"It's a pity we can only pass by."
At this moment, both people laughed
It's a pity that we can only pass by and not stay for each other
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