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Just no courage (2)

Time: 2015-05-15 Source: Original Editor: Love Reading: Times

"First, you said" only me in a suitcase "when you left school, and no one mentioned your other family members. Second, there should be no one who would make your daughter go to someone else's house so late?" I looked at her. And analyze to her

"Well ... they all went to the mainland. I said I didn't want to go and would rather live on my own. As a result, they only sent me enough money to pay the rent, so I had to transfer to school and turn into classes at night, earning money in the morning." She said Watching TV, my eyes look a bit lonely

"What about you? Why live alone?" After a while, she seemed to have adjusted her mood and returned to the way she was before

"I live with my mother! But she doesn't go home often, she's very busy" Yeah! My mother is so busy that she will probably give me 10,000 a month and ask me to take care of myself

"Then can I come to you often?"

"It can be, but it's better if my mother goes home because my mother doesn't like other people to come to our house. Old people are like this."

After saying "摁 摁", she continued to watch TV. After watching it, it was almost two o'clock, so I drove her home. Seriously, I didn't like spending too much time with beautiful women in the same place. Phobia!

The next day, when I got up to go to work, I suddenly heard the doorbell rang. I thought it was her, so I went to open the door happily. I did n’t expect to be the administrator, and I was a little lost. Maybe she just came here to watch TV in the place she was looking for at night, smiled bitterly, picked up the bag and went out

When I got home after work, just after taking a shower, the doorbell rang. I thought I was an administrator, so I hurriedly put on clothes and opened the door.

"Have you just taken a shower?"

"Well, what's wrong?" I wiped my wet hair with a small towel

"Can I stay at your house? My house is boring. Let's go to class together later."

"Oh, good!" I let her go, and I closed the door.

"Does your home have a computer?"

"Yes!" I pointed at the TV, and she said excitedly.

"Wow! Cool ~ Can I borrow a computer for me?" I switched the TV channel to the computer, and she turned it on immediately, and I found that there were some handsome Ts on it, and it was better than me. The thoughts in my heart fell to the abyss

In the evening, as usual, she still came to my house to watch TV, and I never cared whether her TV was repaired or not, maybe I was used to it.

"What are you doing?" I suddenly thought of this problem, I have known each other for so long, I don't seem to know what she does

"Then what do you do?" She paused and asked me this question suddenly

"The first thing I ask, you say first"

"Be sure to say your own before asking others" Fuck! She was defeated like this

"I'm a convenience store, how about you?"

"You make a convenience store? What do you think of your leisure time every day?" Wuyan .. Who said that convenience stores are busy ?!

"I do part-time work! I only work a few days a week, anyway, it's enough."

"that's nice"

"What's so good? You haven't said what you do"

"Don't tell you" Damn! Stick your tongue out

"Fuck! I said it, don't you say, who is this?"

"Slightly ~ I didn't say you said it, I'll say it" After that, she ran to my room, and of course I was catching up

As soon as I entered the room, I saw that she was tripped over by an unknown item. I rushed directly to hug her and turned, and of course I fell to the ground fiercely. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw her. Staring at me stupidly, and the distance between me and her was less than five centimeters, and I was a little stupid, but then I opened the distance, put her aside, and sat up a little helplessly and said:

"Do n’t run around unfamiliar with terrain next time, my mom will turn on the lights when I come in." I touched my back, lean! Super pain

"Sorry" I felt her hand on my back, and suddenly there was a feeling of electric shock, and I quickly stood up and said

"Hurry up! Your series is not finished yet" I walked quickly to the living room, and she came out slowly, I do n’t know what happened, no one between me and her during the end of the series Speak, only when she walks to my door

"Good night! Go to bed early"

"Wait for me!" She suddenly turned around and said this to me, then ran back and ran back again, pushing me into the room

"I bought this before, which is very helpful for sprains or muscles." I have a bad feeling about this bottle of water.

"You take off your clothes, I'll wipe them for you"

"No, you wipe it for me."

"No, how do you wipe your back?"

"No, you give it to me, I will wipe it myself"

"Li Tinghuan! You take my clothes off and lie down, otherwise I will ignore you in my life" Shit! I was defeated by her again, I had to take off my clothes obediently, but fortunately I have a corset , Less embarrassing, but when she put her hand under the corset, I could feel that my heart was almost jumping out

I do n’t know how long it took, I fell into a state of wanting to sleep, but I know she stood up and left, and I turned around subconsciously and said

"Good night! Go to bed early" confused, I seem to hear the word "dumb", but I have entered the dreamland

Today is Saturday. According to the convention, I must wake up until noon, but today it was more than 10 o'clock, and I was awakened by a ringing bell and a knock on the door, which made me think that someone came to collect debts. ... I remember I didn't owe others money ?! Dragging a tired body and slowly walking to the door

"Li Tingyun! You will never open the door! I rang the doorbell for at least half an hour"

"Plus knocking on the door" I looked at the heavily injured door and secretly prayed that he wouldn't happen

"Don't you dare say that you're dry inside?" She said as she walked into my house, only she could enter my house "at will".

"Miss Bai Qiqi, today is Saturday" After I said, I went straight back to the room and lay on the bed

"Ah ~ I'm so boring ~ You stay with me" she also followed recently and sat directly on me

"Remote control outside"

"I want you to accompany me, not TV to accompany me"

"No! I want to sleep"

"Get up and pull ~" As she pulled the clothes behind me, as she moved around, I seemed to feel that the whole bed was about to be divided, and it was not enough for her to poison my door. Now I still have five cents. " bed"?!

"My young lady, do you want to numb ?!" I turned and pressed her directly, probably because I just woke up. I didn't feel such ambiguous posture.

"I .. I want .. I want you to watch TV with me." After seeing her whole face blushing, I realized the current position. Looking down, our lower bodies were stuck together, and the upper body was worn by her. A loose shirt made the chest a little dim because of the movement just now, and because of the hot weather, I only wore a corset to sleep, so our posture is very ...

"If you want to watch TV, go" I got up and picked up a T-shirt and went to the living room.

She turned to the TV station aimlessly, and I was watching TV in a hurry. I did n’t know how long it was, I suddenly thought about something

"You haven't told me what you do." I looked at her and saw her hand stop.

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yeah! I told you all about me"

"I'm a PR in a nightclub" she seemed to say it with courage.


"I know what you're thinking, everyone hears this industry ..."

"You're not me. How do you know what I think? I have no opinion on your industry. Everyone has everybody's choice. Maybe you have difficulties. Maybe you have a reason. But aren't they your choice? "

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