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Only love you

Time: 2015-05-15 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times

We are always together and inseparable, which is our best portrayal.

We've been together since we were young, and once said that forever, can you do it? In this life, I just want to stay by your side.

I love you, till death do us forever ...

The light of the morning light shines through the curtains, and I slowly open my eyes, it's morning.

I got up and habitually walked to the bathroom.

I have the habit of taking a morning bath. I wash at least twice a day. If I go out, I wash it a third time. In short, I do n’t like dirty people.

Five minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom naked, sitting on the bed, looking at the calendar. Today is 2010/09/10, my 23rd birthday.

It has been seven years. I have lived alone for the past seven years. Should I say I am used to it, or am I just ignoring loneliness? I am used to sleeping alone, eating alone, and even shopping alone. There was only one person in the room, maybe it was really lonely, I smiled bitterly.

I casually picked up a red vest, put on a small black coat, black shorts underneath, and Roman boots under my shoes, and my hair was a large golden wave, by the way, I'm a mixed race, middle French mixed.

Tan Yaozhen is my name, and my job is to cover Mott.

When I arrived at the work place, I saw a man wearing a black shirt, dark blue jeans underneath, marine blue hair, and a stylish side, a slender figure and a fairly wide shoulder. He was a handsome man in the eyes of a woman, but it was a pity This person is a woman, and also my childhood friend, Tang Ying. She is a professional photographer.

"You're here. Hey." Tang Ying joked towards me with a smile.

"Well. I'm here, Ying. Isn't there two hours before work?" I laughed.

Ying didn't answer, she just smiled and scratched her head. Although she is a T, she is very cute and handsome. She treats others kindly, so she makes many good friends.

"Well, um ... do you want to go out for dinner with me tonight? I have a restaurant, a French restaurant," she said shyly.

"Okay." I laughed.

Ying smiled and touched my head to prepare for things to work, and I turned around and walked into the locker room. I found that my face was smiling.

After two hours, everyone appeared one by one at the photography site. I heard Ying said that it would be too far to go to Sun Moon Lake to shoot today.

"Well, guys, quickly pack up your stuff, we are going to go!" When Ying Ying finished, everyone jumped up and cheered.

After catching Ying's SUV, everyone was chatting in the back seat, and I leaned my chin with one hand and looked out the window.

Seven years ago, I came to Taiwan with Ying. At that time, she was already a little famous photographer. She told me that she liked the scenery in Taiwan very beautifully, so she longed to come from a young age. Taiwan works and lives long.

Of course, I didn't want to live with her, because I was afraid that it would affect her future. So we decided to live separately, and we can learn to be strong and independent when we live alone.

When I first came to Taiwan, I went to apply for a job with a plane motel. The salary started at 22 thousand. Later, the number of cases increased. Also slowly moving towards professional photographers.

"What are you thinking?" Ying reached out and touched my head.

"Thinking about us who came to Taiwan seven years ago, it was so hard." I said with a smile.

"Efforts in return are good achievements, so it's worth it." Ying Xiao.

"Oh. By the way, you said this morning that you weren't taking me to a French restaurant? Why go to Sun Moon Lake again?" I asked puzzledly. I saw Ying didn't answer, just smiled, and then touched my head, she was always like this, mysterious and gentle.

Five hours later, he finally reached Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake is a very beautiful place. The green trees and the beautiful water surface are like a fairyland on earth. This is the reflection after I see Sun Moon Lake.

"Beautiful, right? Put on your jacket! Not working today, everyone seems to be tired from the seat. Okay, everyone, let's go to the cabin to rest first!" Ying put her jacket on me, so warm .

She smiled and reached out to me, and I reached out, so the two of us went back to the cabin holding hands.

"Hi! Sister Xingying, I have been waiting for you for a long time." A woman wearing a white T-shirt and a black jacket with black skinny jeans underneath. She also has blue hair, but it grows to the back and looks quite neutral. Very cheerful and lively.

"Oh. Sorry. By the way, Qingye, she's Tan Yaoyi: Well, she's my godmother, and now I'll tell you, sorry!" Ying said apologetically with both hands.

"It doesn't matter. Please enlighten me a lot, Qingyun." I held out my hand and smiled at her slightly. Her face seemed to have a blush. Was it something I read wrong?

"Hello, my name is Li Qingying. I met Sister Ying Ying four years ago. I am an amateur photographer, but I am now running this cabin." Qingying said with a smile.

"Oh." I smiled.

Qingye entertained us very warmly. I heard Ying said that she was from Kaohsiung. She knew her because of going to work in Taipei four years ago. Since Qingye is two years younger than me and Ying, she also recognized me as her. Step sister.

"Ah! This is delicious." My exclusive makeup artist, Mixi Ya, is French. She has studied Chinese for almost six years, but she still has a French accent.

Mixi Ya, she has a pretty sweet roll, she can't tell that she is thirty-two years old, she is cute and enthusiastic.

I clipped an oval shape and it was golden yellow in appearance. I bit it down and it turned out to be shrimp rolls.

"It's really delicious, Haruka. Your craftsmanship is very good." I said as I ate.

"Thank you, Sister Yao Yao. Come and eat as much as you can! And my special-roast chicken with red wine!"

So we all spent an afternoon happily under Chinese food with good food and good wine.

At about four o'clock in the afternoon, I was wearing a coat with Ying, and there was a hint of fruit on the coat. This was her perfume and her taste.

"What's wrong? Well." Ying's voice came from behind me, and I shook my head.

"Well, do you remember your seventh birthday? At that time, I was holding a necklace with love and glitter on it. You like it very much. I also said that I will always be by your side, you at that time I was moved to cry, remember? "Ying grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to her arms.

I bowed my head shyly, and looked closer at her more charming.

"Of course I remember. I still hugged you and told you that I will marry you later." I said with a smile, my face was still hot.

"Tonight's candlelight dinner, I asked Haruhi to help. I hope I can give you the best and most memorable birthday. And tonight, Haruhi's cabin belongs to us, the French restaurant." Ying Yang Raise my chin and cover my lips. Tonight, it will definitely be my most memorable birthday I thought.

Qingying hiding in the corner, she saw Ying and Yaoying hug together, a smile on her neutral face with a beautiful smile, then turned and walked into the cabin.

At six o'clock in the evening, I was wearing a dress just given by Ying.

This black dress has a bold V-shaped design that can see the cleavage, a dark blue belt on the waist, and a crystal inlaid on the belt.

I put down my hair, painted it with light makeup, and hung my necklace from my birthday when I was seven years old.

"Sister Yao Yao, you're so beautiful!" Qing Yun said in a chef's suit, smiling.

"Thank you." I laughed.

Haruko stretched out her hand, I put my hand on her palm, and she took me to her elaborate candlelight dinner place.

When I arrived at the location, I looked at the beautiful scenery in front of me, and I was stunned. Qingyun placed a round wooden table in the middle of the courtyard of the cabin, and the courtyard was full of flowers. Then there was a maple tree next to the round wooden table. She is handsome in a black suit that fits her figure.

"My princess, you are so beautiful tonight." Ying slowly walked towards me and took my left hand, burning a deep kiss on my palm.

I laughed and flushed.

"Sister Xingying, Yao Yao, sit down! Please." Qing Qing made a gesture of please, then bowed 90 degrees.

Ying smiled and held my hand, her fingers clasped tightly, I smiled, then looked up at the night sky, many stars tonight.

"Come here, this is Bordeaux from France, wait for me to serve my special potato salad first." After speaking, Qing Ye went into the cabin. Three minutes later, Qing Ye brought out two delicate plates. The plate with flowers engraved on the edges is transparent and quite delicate.

"Come here, this is a French potato salad, but I have sprinkled some red wine on it. In addition, you can see that there are little blue dots on the potatoes. That's blueberries." Qing Yan said with a smile.

I smiled with Ying Xiang, then took the spoon very tacitly, dug a small mouth and put it in my mouth.

The potatoes are quite soft, the aroma of red wine and the sweet and sour taste of blueberries spread out in the mouth, which is very delicious.

Then Qing Qing brought two bowls of very rich onion soup and a plate from the kitchen. There were two authentic French chants on the plate, and a plate of snails, oysters, foie gras, and assorted seafood dishes.

"Well, will you follow me to Sun Moon Lake after dinner? Some things, I want to tell you face to face." Ying took a bite of onion soup and said with a smile.

"Okay." I laughed.

By the time we finished the appetizers, it was eight o'clock. About five minutes later, Qingyi brought out two plates of French basil fried lamb chops.

"This lamb chop was marinated with red wine. I marinated it for about half an hour. The sweetness of the red wine was already in the lamb chop. Go to the oven and bake for about three hours. After it's finished, I drizzle some red wine-based sauce on it, and of course I sprinkled with basil leaves. "Qing Ling said, and turned into the kitchen. .

After about nine o'clock, we ate up all the seafood and the main course. We sat in chairs and looked up at the stars, and said nothing to each other.

"Come, this is Tiramisu, and the blue plum smoothie." Qing Qing sent the dessert, cleaned up the dishes on the table, and went into the kitchen again.

"Well, do you like to eat tiramisu?" Ying Xiao said.

I nodded, tiramisu, sprinkled with chocolate powder on top, and cheesecake on the bottom, bitter and sweet, I quite like it.

After eating dessert, it was already half past nine. After wiping her mouth, Ying reached out her hand and took my hand, moving in the direction of Sun Moon Lake.

When I came to Sun Moon Lake, I stood by the lake. The power of nature really can't be underestimated. The stars dotted the night sky. The quiet lake surface is a lullaby where the stars can sleep peacefully.

"Well, we've been together since we were little, and they are our portraits." Ying still held my hand, I looked at her, and Jun Mei's side face bewildered me.

"I have always regarded you as my most important person. From an early age, my eyes have been chasing after your figure. Your beautiful figure, beautiful and natural smile has been deeply imprinted in my heart for a long time Lingering. "Ying Yang smiled slightly, I still looked at her.

"So, oh, I like you. Are you willing to be my woman? Will I stay with you forever and let me take care of you and love you forever?" Ying let go of my hand, and then let me turn to her, Her charming and tender eyes revealed affection beyond words.

Ying took out a small box from her pocket and opened it. I looked at her in surprise. There were two silver diamond rings in the box.

Ying took out the ring and took my right hand, and put it on my ring finger: Then Ying gave me another ring, and I took her right hand and put it on the ring finger.

"Ying, I'm willing to be your woman. I'm so happy." I shed tears and hugged her.

Ying didn't hug me, she would push away slightly, lift my chin, then her lips covered my lips, her tongue stuck into my mouth, her tongues tangled up, tonight ’s birthday present, I will cherish forever.

After kissing for almost three minutes, Ying seemed to be blushing and gasping with a smile, but I was blushing like a tomato and very gasped.

"Let's go! Mine, wife." Ying held my hand, and we didn't talk along the way. The temperature in her palms made me feel safe and warm.

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