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Prison city

Time: 2015-05-10 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times


Is a prison

Anyone caught in it

Don't be delusional

Easily escape ...

The man in the photo looks very gentle and pale. His bony hands gently rested on the shoulder of the child who was short in front of him and had no expression even when facing the camera. The young woman standing beside her was holding the man's arm in one hand and the other hand overlapped with the man and was resting on the child's shoulder. The corner of the mouth rises into a beautiful arc, and the light overflowing from those black and gentle eyes is more eye-catching than the precious diamond on the ring finger ...

Nan Sheng knocked the door twice as usual and then pushed the door directly into the room, so the person sitting behind the desk panicked but quickly smashed the frame that was fascinating in his hand to the desktop. She saw it clearly.

Actually, she didn't have to do this at all.

"Little god."

Nan Sheng respectfully refers to the person in front of him, using a formal title that is not usually used-the current family of the literary man who has been in the black and white for several generations, has been strictly cultivated as an heir from an early age, and is still a young adult. Young girl, but subject to the rules laid down by the father during his lifetime, Miss Wen Jiaer, known as the "Master", except for her current position of power, there is no need to avoid others, not to say, almost everyone in the Wen family knows this, The photo that has been on the desk of the "Secondary Young" study in the text for many years is a photo of her with her elder brother who has been weak and sick since she was a child, and died six years ago.

There is also a woman in the photo, with pure eyes and a gentle smile.

"She still insisted on not eating until she saw you."

After finishing this sentence in a bland, unemotional voice, Nan Sheng noticed that the person's hand signing the document was rarely out of control. She felt as if she had tightened somewhere in her body.

Suddenly, I wanted to see how masochistic thoughts this person would care about in front of me. Nan Sheng silently stared at the person behind the desk and said:

"It's the fourth day."

Sure enough, the man paused for a while and stood up. When I walked to Nan Sheng, I didn't look up at her, but a calm voice that didn't match her age came:

"What happened to Brother?"

"You have already made arrangements for returning to the gods. The guest roster is kept in Nan's safe. You can check it at any time. You know the password."

Nan Sheng bowed his head very respectfully, and answered with his eyes down.

After all, Wen Qian tilted his head and glanced at her. When the action was retracted, his slender eyes swept over the black filial piety of Nan Sheng's right arm sleeve, and stopped.

"Is Uncle Nan reporting the first seven money?"

Nan Sheng couldn't help raising his eyes, facing the pair of eyes staring straight at himself, deep and bright eyes.

"Everything is simple and self-reliant. It is the last will of my father."

Wen Qian looked at her, took a deep breath, and did not insist any more.

"Let's call my name."

Leaving this sentence, Wen Qian went straight out of the door without looking back.

Nan Sheng slowly stepped out of the door and followed his back in the corridor.

Not very tall figure, shapely straight back, soft black hair, short white neck between the tail of the hair and the collar of the shirt-gradually covered by the black bodyguard behind him The gap between them was reflected in her eyes.

Call my name ...

For the time being, the awkward apology unique to that person.

Nan Sheng smiled bitterly, and immediately followed.

When Nan Sheng followed Wen Qian to the main south-south house on the third floor of the Wenjia Mansion Villa, he was rushing out of the room's dedicated doctors and nurses to come out of the room, and was examined by several men in black at the door.

More than a dozen people responsible for guarding at the door and under the windows of the room were all hired by Nan Sheng from the outside, and none of them was the Wen family. Except for Wen Qian and Nan Sheng, anyone who enters or leaves the room must go through these people's inspections--this is a rule that Wen Qian himself has set.

The man in the room is a very high status for the Wen family. Sending someone to take care of it will inevitably lead to some omissions due to familiarity.

"Young god, Miss Nan."

Well-dressed and well-mannered, the family doctor who has been in the Wen family for nearly ten years respectfully salutes the two.

Wen Qian nodded slightly and thought of a response. Nan Sheng asked on her behalf:

"Dr. Xu, is there something wrong with her?"

Dr. Xu quickly shook his head:

"I just listened to the servant saying she still refused to eat, so I gave her a nutritional injection as instructed by Miss Nan."

Immediately after Dr. Xu's words fell, Wen Qian had already opened the door like he could not wait. However, I put my hand on my hand and stopped, turning my head to look at Nan Sheng:

"You don't have to force yourself in."

Nan Sheng heard the words for a while, then immediately smiled:

"I don't hate her."

If you want revenge, there are opportunities to do it these days.

I just thought that Wen Qian had protected the man so far, that even when he grew up together, he was in the calculation. Nan Sheng felt that his body was painful again.

When the door finally opened, the dark and dreary atmosphere inside the room made Wen Qian and Nan Sheng frowned. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows that were originally built to the south and have excellent lighting are obscured by thick curtains. The bright and warm sunlight in the afternoon is completely blocked.

Looking at Wen Qian's eyebrows becoming more and more frowning, Nan Sheng called the maid who was sitting by the bed to serve:

"Go open the curtains, open the windows and let in the air."

The maid was obviously hesitant. Nan Sheng just wanted to urge again. The weak pure white European-style leather bed in the room had a weak female voice:

"Don't ... don't pull away ..."

Nan Sheng could clearly feel that the body of the person standing beside him shook obviously.

As Wen Qian walked to the bed with rare hesitation, Nan Sheng opened the light brocade brocade veil for her, revealing the woman who was trapped in the high-grade cotton satin jacquard quilt.

The soft, thin, tall, thin figure was placed on the edge of the bed with dripping arms that had many cyan marks, pale shoulders outside the corners, and thin and prominent clavicle. Neck and chin, dry and discolored lips.


Wen Qian's claim not only made Nan Sheng look at her with some doubt, but also opened the eyes of the frowning woman with her eyes closed on the bed.

It was a pair of bright eyes that once made people forget everything, clear as the bottom of a clear lake. Now when looking up to Wenqian, it is full of surprise and panic.

"Ah ... Aqi."

The woman's voice was dry and hoarse, and I didn't know when it had entered the water. However, the woman was still struggling, desperately squeezing out a sentence from her throat:

"Aqi ... please ... let go ... let him go ..."

"My sister,"

Nan Sheng's untimely interruption turned the woman's begging face to her.

"A Qian heard that you haven't had any appetite for several days and came to see you specially."

She deliberately misinterpreted the reason why the woman did not eat, Nan Sheng leaned down to get closer to the woman, as if looking at her looks.

"what do you want to eat?"

Ignoring the woman's pillow on the brocade pillow, her head swaying slightly weakly, Nan Sheng continued with a smile:

"Ah, by the way, you used to like Zhou's cooked rice porridge. I'll ask her to make a bowl for you?"

The woman began to mutter the word "no" repeatedly, ignoring Nansheng's goodwill and caring for the topic, and even stretched out her hanging arm to grab the cuff of Nansheng's right hand:

"Asheng, you ... no ... you let him go! It was ... I encouraged him ... It was my idea to go to the surname Shen, and I knew you would track us down, so I had no idea for a while. Go to him, I ... I know he has always been opposed to the Wen family ... It is me ... I told the surname of the secret place of the Wen family to the surnamed Shen ... I did it, it is not his business! "

The short passage seemed to have exhausted all the woman's remaining strength, making her eyes red, and her mouth was slumped in the quilt, panting hard, her hands still clinging to Nan Sheng, as if it were Her last glimmer of hope.

However, this last glimmer of hope was also ruthlessly cut off by Wen Qian, who had been silent.

Wenqian's movements were not gentle to pull Nan Sheng's cuffs from the woman's clenched hands, lowered her head to arrange for her, and did not look at the woman on the bed:

"Ma'am, let's eat something first."

The extremely cold voice made Nan Sheng's trace of ecstasy caused by this rare intimacy disappear. Even if she had grown up so many years, she knew the godliness, and at this moment, she could not imagine staring down at her clothes. How dark and terrible that sleeve face will be.

"The day after tomorrow is the elder brother's death, ma'am."

The unfamiliar title did not calm down the woman on the bed. She shook her head in excitement and fluttered her messy long hair on her pale cheek. She looked even more embarrassed. This time her stretched hand reached out to Wen Qian .

"No ... no! I don't want to eat! Ah Qian, please, over the years ... he has also done a lot for the Wen family ..."

Wen Qian snorted coldly:

"Because he is my Wen family, but he betrayed me, and running away with another's wife is even more sinful, and more so,"

Wen Qian followed Nan Sheng's arm and stroked her filial piety on her sleeve:

"I was raised and watched by Uncle Nan from an early age. His old man followed his father vigorously all his life, but in the end he died under his own hands."

Wenqian vowed to hold on to the filial piety tightly:

"Without a thousand swords, I'm a Wen family!"

Nan Sheng turned her head in surprise, looking at the hand that was holding her tightly, shaking slightly. Since the day her father was attacked and killed, the dissatisfaction and anger at Wen Qiang's cold and indifferent attitude seemed suddenly They are gone, and their deliberate alienation and indifference these days have become meaningless.

In fact, Nan Sheng knows that she has been waiting, but only one word of her, even if the subject is her own father, even if this is not the main reason for her not letting go of the man, she has one, and she was taken care of a feeling of.

Having been with Wenqian for twenty years, she understood that in Wenqian's heart, she could not compare with the slightest of the woman in front of her.

Nan Sheng smiled bitterly.

How can there be comparability when the feelings are different?

"So Ma'am,"

Wen Qian continued:

"You can still cultivate here with peace of mind, don't think about it anymore. In the past, I can think of you as being confused,"

She finally looked at the woman, and her calm voice finally softened because she could not bear it:

"Forget that person!"

However, the woman's reaction was extremely painful. She lifted her body in the quilt, almost hoarsely crying as she cried out:

"No ... don't! I don't want to be here ... don't kill him!"

Wen Qian finally managed to become a little soft and somber.

"That man, is that important? What's so good about him!"

"Even if he is bad ... but we are sincere ..."

"What about brother?"

After the woman was interrupted, she stopped writhing painfully in the quilt, but just lay on her side with her body trembling quietly, shaking slightly. Some empty eyes slowly moved to Wen Qian's face, staring at him for a long time and then laughing.

"Wen Qian ... You don't use Wen Fei as an excuse ... You ask yourself, do you want to keep me trapped in the Wen family just because I am your sister-in-law?"

The woman's eyes burst into tears, staring straight at Wenqian's pale face instantly, and staring at those eyes that could not hide.

"You forgot that you never called me uncle before?"


"You really only think I'm your aunt"

Wen Qian's never-stunned look made the woman laugh even more wildly, grabbing the sheets with both hands and being twitched with laughter. The fixed needle on the arm penetrated the flesh during the twisting, and the blood-red liquid flowed back to the drip bottle along the transparent infusion tube, and fainted in the half of the transparent liquid hanging upside down. It was scary and beautiful.

In the end, the maid who had been standing silently by the bed spotted the strangeness of the woman on the bed, but Wen Ersha, who was exuding a terrible breath, made her afraid to look directly at her. Nansheng:

"Miss Nan, Miss Yun she ... doesn't seem to be right ..."

Nan Sheng glanced coldly at her and said:

"Go and call Dr. Xu."

The maid got out of the room and got Dr. Xu and a few nurses in just a few moments.

The gentle man just now saw the person on the bed and immediately changed his face.

"Miss Nan, this ... this is ..."

Nan Sheng slowly withdrew from the bed and gave the vacated place to the man.

"She should just be too emotional, so there is a twitch for a while, just give her a shot to calm her down."

I don't know if this sentence was explained to anyone, so that Wen Qian finally took action. Like Nan Sheng, leave from the bedside, don't overdo it and stop looking at the woman.

However, Dr. Xu pulled out the drops in a panic and nervous manner, and after checking up and down, the woman who was being pushed by the injection again made a sound:

"Wen Qian, you can't trap me ..."

The voice was weak, but Wen Qian, who walked towards the door, stopped for a moment, turned his head, and stared at the bed, unable to hide his breath. Although the woman was still lying there, her eyes were no longer weak and empty, and she looked straight back:

"I will not die in the Wen family."

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