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Time: 2015-05-10 Source: Original Editor: Understand Reading: Times

Shen Ying raised her hand and rubbed her sore shoulder, of course, when no one noticed. Her identity, especially today, does not allow her to be rude.

At this time, the mobile phone in the trouser pocket shook.

The "humming" voice was extraordinarily abrupt in the quiet hall, and she quickly covered her hands tightly, moving carefully outside the hall.

Shen Ying found a remote corner in the corridor and took out her mobile phone. The name that was flashing on it was not any of her expectations.

The word "Xiao Ci" came to the bottom of her eyes, which first surprised her, and then began to feel a slight tingling in her chest.


After taking a deep breath, connecting the phone is still the calm and indifferent voice that I should have.

"Shen Ying, let your people go!"

Knowing that it was no longer possible to hear the soft, gentle voice that was always soft, but still lost in my heart.

"How did you get her phone?"

Shen Ying asked, ignoring the demands made on the phone by himself in a harsh tone.

"Shen Ying, let me see her again."

"I gave it to you before she transferred to the ward ..."

"Shen Ying!"

The person on the other end of the phone suddenly interrupted her loudly, her voice trembling, and her breath was completely disturbed.

"Nurse Fang,"

Shen Ying still has a calm and calm tone:

"You know this is impossible."


The other end of the phone was silent for a long time, and Shen Ying could hear the slight choking sound of desperation. Thinking of the gentle and capable appearance of this person, he could not help softening his heart.

"Even if I let you out, it's too late," she paused,

"Xiao Ci is about to be cremated.

In fact, this is not the case. The devout Christian parents of the Shen family are carrying out an impeccable prayer ceremony in the auditorium with those who came to the funeral, and then bid farewell to the deceased until the cremation. In fact, there is enough time, at least For people, enough.

She said this just to make that person dead.

I remember when my mother stayed up late yesterday to organize the funeral, her mother made a phone call:

"Xiaoci's life is terrible. Fortunately, your sister is in control. Otherwise, there will be some ugly things that will not only ruin yourself, but also defeat the facade of the Shen family ..."

The words of the mother could not be more obvious, just to let her find a way to cover up these two things. It is just one of the means to stop the person from appearing in front of the Shen family.

Even the funeral of her daughter must be decent.

I just don't know how many of those decent visitors are familiar with Xiaoci.

What those people knew was just the youngest daughter of the Shen Group, who was unfortunately young at the age of leukemia.

And those who really struggled for her death were being trapped at home by their own bodyguards.

Funeral that even the closest ones can't attend ... Xiao Ci is indeed a bitter person.

"Shen Ying ..."

The person on the other end of the phone apparently couldn't say the full sentence, just calling her name and begging hard.

"Nursing Fang ... Fang Qing," thinking of this person being suspended by the hospital for inexplicable reasons, Shen Ying called her name.

"I'm sorry, I can not help you."

Before she could speak again, she had hung up. But she knew that person would call again.

Sure enough, after a while, the phone trembled again, but the names shown were those of the bodyguard contacts she hired.

"Miss Shen ..."

The man's voice seemed a little panicked,

"She just rushed out and was restrained, but ..."


"But when she was struggling, one of us accidentally started ..."

Shen Ying took a deep breath, her tone involuntarily lowered.

"How is she now?"

"Dr. Xu has shown it, it's no big deal, people are quiet. Our people still follow your instructions, but just stay outside and downstairs."

Shen Ying thought for a while and exclaimed with a steady voice:

"Don't let her run out again, if necessary ... don't go too far."

What she said was very clear, coupled with the anger and prestige that the Shen family had taken over in the past few years, the man on the phone rushed to accept the line.

With two phones connected, Shen Ying held a hot phone in her hand, leaned against the wall of the corridor, and sighed deeply.

Fang Qing, why are you doing this?

The injury made by the mother sent last time is not ok, so another injury was added so soon.

Doing such a stupid thing just to meet someone who is no longer there?

Shen Ying didn't understand that she was a smart person, but she couldn't figure it out.

She knew that these things she did were extremely cruel and ruthless, but that was what she had to do.

She doesn't regret it.

Since she accidentally bumped into the two people who met each other, she kissed softly. The thick, inseparable stuff overflowing from her lips made her resolve instantly. Even if Xiao Ci cried and begged her until she passed out, she couldn't change her.

She is a smart and capable young lady of the Shen family. The things she decides cannot be easily changed.

What's more, if she doesn't do it, others will do it harder and more absolutely.

Shen Ying felt that the shoulder was starting to hurt again. Haven't taken a good rest for a few days? There are too many things to be busy, so busy that she almost forgets the sadness, forgets to cry, almost forgets the funeral she arranged, not only for the second lady of the Shen family, Still her sister.

Forget it, those things are not what she should have.

Only now, she wanted to stay alone for a while.

Even for a while, she didn't want to return to that auditorium.

There were her closest and beloved sister, and there were a lot of indifferent people.

She just wants to smoke a cigarette now.

The hand stretched naturally into the coat, but felt nothing. With a bitter smile, I even forgot to change a black coat today.

Finally have to go back.

She has no younger sister, but she is still the eldest daughter of the Shen family, and she is the family member.

She still had to wear a strong and capable skin, hiding sadness and pain inside.

Suddenly, some envy Xiaoci.

Maybe death is a relief.

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