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Lovers of history

Time: 2015-04-18 Source: Unknown Editor: Xiaoyun Read: Times
Premise-prehistoric times
"Are you all nervous?"
"Tense!" The crowd shouted unanimously, the tense atmosphere condensed around. Today is the annual dance competition, and the first place will be released.
"The first place is ..." At this moment, time seemed to stop, everyone's heart fluttered ~ ~ fluttered, and the other contestants repeatedly shouted their team names.
"Black Rhapsody." I knew it must not be me. This is the fourth year that our dance club has participated in the competition.
I was disappointed in the position. About ten minutes later, everyone left and left me. Anyway, this was not the first time, there was no teammate who stayed with me, and I did n’t want to think who worked hardest. Forget it! The more I want to be more disappointed, the more I want to be more lonely. Who calls me the president?
Just as I was carrying my backpack and leaving, a strange tall figure appeared in front of me.
"Hey ~~ You seem to be disappointed because you don't have a name?" A boy stood in front of me, and he smiled at me. I have to say that he is good and tall, but I and he are not Meet, what is he laughing at me? What ’s funny?
"Don't be sad, our team didn't get a name! There's still a chance next time, just cheer up." He held up my hand. Suddenly I found ...
The flowers on the roadside are so beautiful,
The children playing next to each other laughed so brightly,
Old couple walking on the road is so happy,
How beautiful the world is.
It ’s strange that I have n’t owned it before.
He stuffed a piece of sugar in my hand and said: "I heard that eating chocolate can make people happy, this one is for you, don't be sad anymore." After that, he took another pen and put it in my hand. Leave his mobile number and nickname, so warm!
"This is ..." I looked up at him. Why did he leave his nickname and mobile phone number in my hands? Why did a stranger give me such a warm feeling? He smiled again, everything Did not say, did not seem to hear.
"I still have something, let's go first, bye!" Xiao Yi. He is called winglet.
When I went back to God, he had gone far, only to find that every few steps he took, he dropped one or two chocolates. It was really careless!
I crouched down and picked up the chocolate one by one and followed him, keeping a distance, always hoping to follow his family, and I hope to have a romantic and vigorous love story with him, so I followed With chocolate, slowly ... slowly ... follow him ...
01 century-bitter
My name is Xiaoguang, I am studying at Fabu College, and I am the president of the dance club. Today, I led the whole club to participate in dance competitions.
It was just when I was sad, a guy suddenly comforted me and gave me a piece of chocolate, but I lost all the way when I walked, and did not find it.
To be honest, following him, I was panting like a cow, but I followed a house with a bag of chocolates in my hand and I didn't know what to do.
"Oh my god ~~ This house is so beautiful!" I noticed that when I saw this house, I found that the house was really big and had European style.
But then again, what should I do now? Ring the doorbell? Still waiting here? Let's go!
Just when I was about to turn away, suddenly ...
"Wang! Wang!" A dog barked, and I picked up a branch and teased the puppy.
"Shhhhh ~ don't call it, be good!" What a miserable! What if someone thinks of me as a thief? Puppy, please, stop calling, I'll be finished!
"Oh ~~ why are you here?" Xiao Yi suddenly appeared in front of me. What should I say?
"Your chocolate ..." I picked up the last three chocolates, took out the bag of chocolates in my hand, and handed them to Wings.
"Oh ~~ I lost my chocolate all the way, ha! Ha! Thank you for helping me pick it up! Would you like to come in and sit down?" Therefore, I followed Xiao Yi's steps into his house. Wow! Not only the exterior of the house looks good, but the interior is also very clean. It's not like a boy's home.
Then I found out that my mother asked me to buy vegetables after the game, and I haven't bought them yet.
"May I call you ..."
"Ah ~~" I called suddenly, seeming to scare him.
Then, I rushed out desperately. If I did n’t buy any food today, I would be killed by my mother.
"It was a shame yesterday! It was so embarrassing at the first meeting. However, he is really handsome! I really hope I can meet him, hee! Hee!"
"Who did you say is so handsome?" Mei Zhen suddenly appeared in front of me, startling me.
"When did you show up? It made me startled and shouted ~~"
"Don't try to change the subject. Who are you handsome just now? How is it? Tell me about it."
Meizhen has always been my good sister and classmate, so how can I not understand his personality. He has always been a handsome guy, so long as he hears the relevant nouns, he looks very positive.
"Um ... well ... I didn't say who was handsome ... ha! Ha!" I smiled at him bitterly, but the ghost also knew that I was stingy and talked about him.
"Forget it! I see you clearly, you are a person who forgets friends." Just as I raised my mouth, consciously opposed to beauty, and wanted to pick up cookies from my table and eat, I saw the winglets out of the window. through.
"Wow ~~ So handsome! He turned out to be from our school, too." I began to mumble to myself, and Mei Zhen was curious and moved from my eyes to Xiaoyi.
"Is he?" Meizhen seemed surprised, and asked as she drank water.
"Yeah ~~ It's him." I continued to look at Xiaoyi with the eyes of desire.
Meizhen sprayed the water from her mouth and coughed a few times.
"Dry it? It made my clothes wet." I picked up a piece of toilet paper in the drawer and wiped my clothes, but I heard a word that surprised me.
"He ... he is my cousin, he is my cousin four years older."
"Cousin? Why don't I know you have a cousin."
"You're telling a joke? He doesn't live with me ... hey! Hey!" Meizhen said again and then laughed, and there seemed to be some conspiracy, strange, I suddenly thought, I don't know him.
"What's laughing? Funny?"
"Are you free this Saturday? Let's go shopping, should we?" He smiled at me again.
"Yes ... Saturday? Okay ... Okay! Ha! Ha!" I smirked at him. Who knows what's going on in him? So insidious ~~
Bell ~~ bell ~~
My alarm clock suddenly rang and I held it.
Oh my god, it's nine o'clock, I'm going to be late ~~ I quickly took my clothes out of the closet, rushed into the bathroom to take a shower, brushed my teeth and washed my face.
My cell phone called ... What should I do? I'm taking a shower! Leave him alone and continue washing.
I washed the bath with the speed of the super invincible universe and rushed out to answer the phone many times.
"Fuck! Are you numbing? You haven't answered the phone so many times." Meizhen shouted at me with a huge voice, so I couldn't stand it!
"I was just taking a shower!" I quickly sprayed perfume on me.
"Is it okay? Very slow ~~" While wearing a skirt, I picked up lipstick and wiped my lips, holding my cellphone on my shoulder, and shouted at the beauty.
"Ah, I overslept ~~ Wow ~~ My lipstick is crooked, I'll hang up first, and I'll see you at the convenience store!" I took out a piece of toilet paper and wiped off the lipstick I just painted crooked. , And draw again. Then I picked up my bag, put on my high heels, and ran to the convenience store at an incredible speed, which almost choked me.
"Are you going to the marathon? You're so tired of running." He didn't know, I overslept this morning, not to mention I usually get up late, but today I want to get up so early, I overslept, it should be reasonable Right?
"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You will only lose me." I turned my eyes to Mei.
"Hey ~~ I didn't expect you to come!" Xiao Yi suddenly came out from behind Mei Zhen, causing my blushing and shortness of breath, and the little deer in my heart ramming, so good ~~
"Heh ... hehhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh since I'm stumbling, I'm so embarrassed, all this is really beautiful! I started staring Meizhen, Meizhen deliberately avoided his face, as if afraid of me.
"Hi! You should have waited for us for a long time, right?" Suddenly a man ran over from afar, but if you look closely, he is running over a girl.
Seeing that everyone was silent, Xiaoyi started to introduce the man.
"His name is Xiao Lan. My sister forced me out for shopping today. I couldn't find anyone else to accompany me, so I asked Xiao Lan to accompany me. He is my good brother. We often go out together, and we have a band. They will also practice dance together. As for the one next to him is Xiao Lan's girlfriend, his name is Cai Xiang. "
"This is my sister's classmate. I went to the dance competition last time! He also helped me pick up the chocolate that I dropped!" Xiao Yi introduced to me. Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang smiled at me.
"Please advise me in the future!" They smiled at me and shook hands, and I smiled back to them.
After being silent for a while, Meizhen gave Xiaolan and Caixiang an elbow, and blinked again. He did have something to do with me.
"Oh ~~ I'm so hungry! Lan ~~ You take me to eat." Cai Xiang suddenly darted to Xiao Lan.
"Let's go ... I'll take you to eat ... Then we go first. Bye!"
"Wow! That dress is so pretty ~~ I'll go over there and don't bother you." Mei Zhen also suddenly yelled and ran to the window of the clothing store, leaving me and Xiaoyi here .
"You speak first!" I said first.
"What are you going to eat? I treat you!" He smiled at me. Although he smiled at me often, he didn't hate it at all, but felt splendid.
"Any ... any ... anything!" Why am I still stuttering?
"Follow me!" He took my hand and walked into a nearby coffee shop.
"What would you like to order?" The waiter brought two glasses of lemonade and ordered for us.
"What do you want to eat?"
"I ... I don't ... know ... know ... Doya ~~" Although I didn't know, I really wanted to eat tiramisu and cappuccino. just……
"Then ... one tiramisu and two cappuccinos." What's going on? How did he know that I was thinking of eating tiramisu and cappuccino? Is it ... this is the so-called heart Electric induction?
"that's all?"
"Huh!" Xiao Yi nodded slightly.
"Please ..." The waiter left again, leaving us both.
"Then ... that day, how did you ... how did you get a ... a big bag of chocolate?" I finally squeezed out a word and broke our atmosphere.
"Because my friend likes to eat, he wants me to buy it for him."
"That's right! It's been so long, I don't know what to call you." He smiled at me bitterly, and seemed embarrassed.
"Oh? My name is ... called Xiaoguang." After that, I picked up the water in front of me and hurriedly lowered my head. This atmosphere should be embarrassing only to me?
Suddenly, I saw Mei Zhen, Xiao Lan, and Cai Xiang peeking out of the window, and I wished to break the glass in my hand.
It's my opinion. The glass slipped from my hand, shattered on the ground, and my clothes, skirt, and heels were soaked.
"What's the matter with you?" Xiaoyi was putting the phone in his pocket and took a few sheets of toilet paper to me. After I got the toilet paper, I pointed in the direction of Meizhen, Xiaolan and Caixiang with my hand, and Xiaoyi's sight also changed from My finger hits all three of them.
"Sister, Xiao Lan, and Cai Xiang, why are you here?" Xiao Yi sighed.
"Forget it! I'll call the waiter to mop the floor first, and you'll wait for me here." He walked to the counter, the phone dropped from his pocket to the ground, but he didn't find it, and kept walking.
I picked up his phone and thought of the picture just now, I felt even more ashamed. I really wanted to run away immediately, I started staring at Meizhen, consciously asking him to pay attention, if it were not for him, the atmosphere between me and Xiaoyi would not have been so embarrassing, and if this happened, who would I dare to guarantee , Xiaoyi and I will have a romantic and vigorous love story?
"Don't stare at me?" Meizhen asked me innocently.
"Don't do that! I'm helping you, how could it be like this?"
"I didn't say that I like your brother. Second, even if I like your brother, I don't need your help. Third, the atmosphere between you and us is awkward."
"Don't you do that!" Meizhen took my hand.
"Trouble!" I whispered.
Suddenly, my feet rushed to the door without listening.
"Hey, Xiaoguang, where are you going? Do you want to stay?" Xiaoyi just came over and asked, I really want to stay and get along with you for a long time, but who knows if it will happen again later What makes me even more ashamed?
I ran towards the house, tears were soaked in my eyes, what should I use to see Xiaoyi in the future? Shame home. However, when I stood still and let go of my hand, I found that Xiaoyi's phone was still in my hand ...
Therefore, I cried at home for three days and three nights, and did not go to school. Of course, Xiaoyi ’s mobile phone was still with me!
I haven't answered any phone calls for three days. Maybe I became an invisible person in front of my friends, but I was actually self-closed and I didn't eat for three days.
叩! 叩! 叩!
He must be knocking on the door again. He knocked hundreds of times in three days, and even his melody was knocked down. However, I still ignored him, anyway, the door opened, and he just lost me recently.
"Don't let my brother go into your room in a bad mood?" He started kicking the door with his feet.
"Huh!" I didn't want to ignore him.
"Hurry up and open the door!" He began to kick harder, feeling that the people in my room would be kicked by him at any time. Anyway, if he kicks it bad, he has to pay!
In fear of kicking my door, I slowly held my pillow and moved towards my door. When the door opened, he saw my brother and he looked at me, and couldn't help laughing.
"Stimid!" What are you laughing about when you don't come in? You know he just laughs, forget it! I don't want him to come in. I closed the door again, and now he panicked.
"Okay ~~ Okay ~~ I don't laugh at you anymore, just open the door!" He began to soothe me.
Alright! Look at him poor ... So I opened the door again and walked back to my bed.
"Crybaby! Treat yourself as an autistic. It ’s not enough for three days in the room? Cry! Cry! Cry! All you know is crying. Zhang Chenguang, can't you tell me something?" I muttered and said Turning his face in another direction, the abominable brother would only scold me, and I didn't want to ignore him at all.
"Huh!" I still ignored my brother.
"You really don't tell me what happened?" My brother started to get a little angry.
I made a face at my brother and turned my head back to my brother.
"Okay! You dead elder sister." Brother should start thinking of tricks against me ...
"Oh, whose phone is this? With so many pictures of boys, why don't I know when my sister has such an interest. I should just go talk to my mother." I turned my eyes to my brother. In his hands, he was holding ... Xiaoyi's mobile phone, and he really had a bunch of strategies.
"Zhang Chenhao! You are too much." I shouted.
"Oh! Oh! You finally called." He began to smile at me, I really wanted to take a knife and choked him! His smile and winglet's smile is too much, winglet's smile is bright, My brother's smile is called owe, plus narcissism ...
"But ... you don't have to praise me too much! I'm ashamed." He started to show his hair, and sure enough I guessed, narcissistic!
"Scared!" I continued to mutter my mouth, who was praising him?
"Can you say it?"
"Huh!" I still don't want to ignore my brother, anyway, isn't he a lot of tricks? Why not deal with me? Conscience found out? Impossible!
"ignore me?!"
"Ha ~~ ha ~~ ha ~~" My brother tickled my feet and he had to force me to say it.
"Do you say so?"
"Okay! Okay! Okay! I said! I said!" I had to say it for my "health", because only then would my brother stop itching. Forget it! I served him.
"Come on!" Sure enough, he stopped tickling.
Therefore, I will tell you something about the past few days. However, my brother listened with great interest. He didn't know how pathetic his sister was.
"Ha ~~ ha ~~ ha ~~" My brother started to laugh ...
"Do you have a conscience? Laugh at me, and I wouldn't tell you if I knew it." I muttered at him again. I didn't want to say it unless he tickled me.
"Perhaps you should tell him clearly and return his cell phone by the way."
"But how do I meet him? Very embarrassing!"
Brother tapped my shoulder and moved my body towards him.
"What's your relationship with him?"
"He and I ... should be ordinary friends ..."
"That's right! He doesn't know how you feel about him. He might really treat you as an ordinary friend. It is your own affection and pretending to be embarrassing. It doesn't affect him at all. So, go and return the phone tomorrow. Give him and make it clear to him, so that you won't be embarrassed, rest assured ~~ go back to class! "
"Well! Go back to class!" I finally returned to my original confidence, and I nodded. However, while I nodded, I found that what my brother just said was wrong.
"Wait! You just said," He doesn't know how I feel about him, maybe he really treats me like an ordinary friend. "What does it mean?"
"You are really stupid." My brother is losing me again ...
"Who told you that you are not clear? I certainly don't understand!"
"According to what you just said, the moment he took your hand, you suddenly found ...
The flowers on the roadside are so beautiful,
The children playing next to each other laughed so brightly,
Old couple walking on the road is so happy,
How beautiful the world is.
It's weird that you've never owned it before!
I can tell you, you are in love! "
I slowly walked into the classroom. It seems that I haven't seen you for a long time, and you haven't seen me for a long time. It feels incredible that I come back to class.
"you're back!"
"How did you disappear?"
"I miss you so much ~" These are just old sayings.
However, those who speak these old sayings also include Meizhen ...
"Why haven't you been here for so long?" Meizhen took my hand.
"Not all of you." I pretended I was still angry.
"Sorry! I don't know the atmosphere will be so awkward." Meizhen looked at me with innocent eyes.
"Do you think I'm still angry?" I snickered.
"Hmm!" Mei Zhen nodded sharply at me.
"Forget it!" I picked up Xiaoyi's phone and was about to return it to him.
"In other words, my brother hasn't been to school for a long time, and he seems to be in a bad mood." Why is Xiaoyi in a bad mood?
"Yes! Why is he in a bad mood?" I quickly perfunctory.
"I don't know!" Mei Zhen shook her head at me.
"I'll take your mobile phone to your brother first." I rushed out of the classroom and rushed to Xiaoyi's classroom.
When I reached outside of Xiaoyi's classroom, he just stepped out and looked closely. There was a strange girl next to him.
"Who is he?" I mumbled to myself, then subconsciously hid next to the wall, and began overhearing their conversation. It seemed that the girl was comforting him.
"What's wrong with you?" The girl asked.
"What's wrong? I'm fine again." Xiao Yi seemed impatient.
"You're in a bad mood, and you haven't been to school for a few days ... Look! You're frowning again! Then you say it's okay."
"That's my business. You don't need to be in charge." Xiao Yi shook the girl's hand away.
"You are clearly in a bad mood, why don't you talk to me?"
"You don't think you know me well. I say nothing is fine."
"Why don't you think you know you well? Anyway, I'm your girlfriend too ~" Xiaoyi has a girlfriend? Isn't everything just my wishful thinking? Am I not the third person? My mood is so bad , I had the self-confidence, but I did n’t know where I went.
I hid behind the tree, holding my wing's cellphone tightly in my hand, but what about my eye sockets? My eye sockets got wet indiscriminately, crying, what's the use?
"Forget it! It's no use talking to you too much."
"Then ... you feel better! Come on!" The girl said gently next to the wings of the wing, and slowly stroking the wing's head with her hands, as if comforting the puppy.
At the same time, what about my mood? I hid behind the tree and wept, and compared with that girl, would Xiaoyi's mood be the same as mine? Sad mood, so uncomfortable!
After sinking a bit, I saw a picture that made me sadder. The girl put herself in front of the winglet, moved her face in front of the winglet, and gently kissed the winglet's lips, but what about the winglet? He kissed him without resistance ...
02 Century-Rain Over Azure
"He kissed him, he kissed him ..." I was like a ghost hitting a wall, as if using the phrase "he kissed him" as a mantra, and kept saying it, it was an incredible thing for me .
Since he has a girlfriend, why didn't he tell me? Ganma smiled at me every day. Ganma is so good to me?
At this moment I remembered that my brother and I said a word ...
"He doesn't know how you feel about him. He might really treat you as an ordinary friend. It's your own affection and pretending to be awkward!"
"I was nothing, I was nothing ..." I repeated the same sentence, and Douda's eyes popped out of my eyes.
"Wow ~~" I started crying and ran from the classroom.
"During this period, my mind was like a DVD, playing a scratched disc, repeating the bright smile of Xiao Yi, and the picture of the strange girl and Xiao Yi kissing ...
The more I think about it, the more I am unwilling, why? Everything is my own affection? Since Xiaoyi has a girlfriend, why does Meizhen still help me? I'm more and more confused whether Meizhen and me are sisters? He is like this It just makes me more embarrassed.
I ran into the classroom quickly, scaring everyone? As soon as I came in, everyone saw my eyes turned red. It was strange not to be scared. But what should I say to Meizhen?
"What's wrong with you? Crying ~~" Meizhen pumped a few toilet papers for me.
"Huh!" I drew the toilet paper and lost my temper at Mei Zhen.
Why is my response so big? Am I not willing? What should I do next? Grab the winglet? No! Then I really become a third party!
"What's wrong with you? I don't even care about your good sister. Am I doing something wrong? Before and after you go out, your attitude is too bad."
"You know what you are thinking!" My God! This is not what I want to say, my brother also said it, it is my own passion, this is not really a question of beauty!
Meizhen seemed to be scared by this very favorable sentence, he lowered his head and thought.
Today ’s class atmosphere is really bad! Without Meizhen to chat with me, it ’s boring, and more importantly, compared to the past, this time is more complicated and more complex.
"Okay! Dear students, we will be here today, we have finished the class." The teacher sorted out the things and went out of the classroom.
This is exactly the time I am looking forward to, Meizhen, Xiaoyi, and the strange girl ... Oh yeah ~~ The more I think, the more annoying! God, what do you feed me so upsetting?
I walked into the convenience store opposite the school and just wanted to see what distracted me.
Walking, walking, I don't know why, I slowly walked to the refrigerator, took out a bunch of wine from the refrigerator, and walked to the counter again. What was my move?
"A total of 350 yuan, thank you!" After checkout, I carried the bag and walked towards the park. I sat in a public chair and looked at the jar in the bag.
Should I drink it? Is this the first time? Is it necessary for me to become degenerate because of this? Will I become someone I hate?
I hate people ... I hate people ...
Thinking of this name, and thinking of Mei Zhen, Xiao Yi, and that strange girl, I cried even more.
"Woo ~~"
You may ask me, why do I cry more loudly when I think of the term "I hate people"? I have to talk about it ten years ago ...
"Are you Ms. Lin?" Ten years ago, our entire family lived in the United States. At that time, my dad drank all day long and often called the police to tell us to go to the police station to pick up dad home.
On this day, my mother is still in the living room, sitting on the sofa, waiting for my dad to come back, and it's not unusual! And me? It was already an hour ago that my mom was coaxed to sleep, because I was worried that my dad would get drunk again So I hid behind the wall and peeked.
Sure enough, more than twelve o'clock at midnight, the phone call that made me afraid rang again ...
"What wrong?"
"Your husband is over here, He is drunk, Can you come here, And pick him go home?"
This fluent English, like a spell, made me tremble as usual. This is something that happens every two or three days.
I saw my mother put on her trench coat and walked out of the door in anger.
"Bang!" Mom's closing door was so loud that it scared me, but it wasn't scary enough.
After about forty minutes, the door was opened again, and there would be no peace when I came home again.
"You're going to drink so much again?" Mom yelled at Dad loudly.
"Oh ... I want you to care!" Dad shook his hand and tried to fall Dad.
"When will you quit?"
"This is the last time!"
"Every time you say this is the last time. When will you be true?"
"This time, okay? Vomit ..." Dad began to spit out a bunch of vomit on Mom's clothes.
Mom hurried to his room.
Strange, my mother didn't swell? Why didn't my mother swell today? It seemed so quiet, and I started to be more afraid. This is different from the usual mother, usually my mother will scream at my dad.
Mom suddenly took out a piece of paper from the room. What was that piece of paper?
"Take it!" Mom passed the paper to Dad, and tears fell slowly at the same time.
"Divorce ... marriage ... certificate ... book! Huh!" Dad Hao didn't care. It seemed that he had been waiting for this moment for a long time, but I was thundering and feeling mixed.
"To drink after we divorce, you will drink to death, no one cares about you ..." Mom went back to the room again, I guess, he should cry in the room!
After my dad left, I slowly walked into the sofa, picked up the piece of paper, the divorce certificate, and the four characters appeared in front of me. For the first time, I felt the Chinese characters were dazzling ...
Sure enough, my father and mother were divorced. However, occasionally Dad would come back to see me and my brother.
On my birthday, Dad came to our house to see me as usual.
"Xiaoguang, this gift is for you." Dad gave me a box with wrapping paper.
"what is this?"
"You know when you open it!" I ripped the wrapping paper one by one, wow ~~ It was my dad who promised to send me my mobile phone.
"Dad! You're the best to me!" I hugged Dad happily.
"I want to thank you, forgive me!"
"Then ... have you stopped drinking?" I looked at Dad's face and looked forward to his answer.
I didn't expect Dad to bow his head, I know, and I know it is the answer that I hate. I was holding my dad's back, I hate him! Because he drank the whole family.
"Dad, I hate you, I hate you!" I threw the gift box at Dad and went to my room. However, I regret it! Because this is the last time I saw my dad.
In the evening, my mother received a call. In other words, Dad had a car accident due to drunk driving. At this moment, I can understand what guilt is. Perhaps Dad can't think of it because of my phrase "I hate you", but I don't really hate him, anyway, he is also my Dad, I have no reason to hate him.
Just two days later, the doctor gave up his dad who was unconscious and officially announced that his dad was dead. I never thought that this phone would be my last gift from my dad. Until now, although the phone was broken But, I still have it with me!
I took out the phone, looked at it, and looked at the wine next to it.
I opened the first bottle of wine and poured it into my mouth. It turned out to be the taste of drinking! So bitter! This is the first time I drink, and maybe the last time, even though I still hate this kind of me, What a wolf ...
I really can't figure it out, why would even cook and sisters betray me? Who else can trust in this world? The embarrassing feeling is really uncomfortable.
Thinking of this, I drank wine more and more, until the end, my eyes were blurred and fainted. I think the alcohol should be filling my wound, let me fall asleep, and ask me later? I do n’t know, but when After I woke up, I was carried home by others.
I opened my eyes, blinked for a few moments, and was at home? Who was my back to home?
"Will it be Xiaoyi who came back from me?" I began to chuckled in bed, playing tricks again, dreaming of anything that could happen ...
"Isn't this my little light princess?" In my daydream, I'm a princess, and Xiaoyi jumped down from the white horse.
"You're drunk!" He was surprised to smell the wine from me.
"Come! I hug you home." He hugged me tenderly.
"Oh ~~ I'm not drunk!" I flung the winglet away.
"No! You're drunk! I must take you home." Thinking of this, I couldn't help laughing.
Soon, the picture of the dream moved from the park to my room.
"Oh my princess, I beg you not to drink."
"Hey! Hey!" I answered him with the idiot's laughter.
"If you drink again, I'll kiss you!" Suddenly, Xiaoyi brought her face close to me and kissed my mouth down, unfortunately! This is only a dream. If it is true, I don't know how good it should be ...
I touched my lips and missed the kiss in my daydream.
"Why do you drink?" I continued daydreaming, and Xiao Yi continued to ask me.
"It's not all you, kissing someone, obviously having a girlfriend, and not telling me, I'm waiting for you for a long time!"
"That's not my girlfriend. I lied to you."
"Say! How do you prove?"
"Big deal, I'll kiss you again ~" Just as I was excited again, my ears tingled ...
"Why did you drunk?" It turned out that my mother was next to me, holding my ears.
"Dead boy! Give me a drink." The mother held my ears and read, he pulled me to the table of the gods.
"Knelt down. I won't kill you today, I'll follow your surname." Mom picked up the stick and hit me.
"Okay! I know I'm wrong!" I asked my mother for help.
"You know that I hate people drinking the most. You still drink it. Do you want to be a dad?" Mom continued to mumble.
Ding Dong! Ding Dong!
My mother read it halfway, and the doorbell rang suddenly. Who was it? It was my savior.
"Ah! You guys! Thank you very much yesterday for sending me back home." Who is it? He sent me back yesterday and is now my savior. I really want to thank them.
"Nothing! We are here to find him something." Looking for me?
"Come in! Come in!" My mother glared at me, and seemed to tell me, let me escape, and Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang came in, and they smiled at me ...
"How did you drink? You didn't go to school today. Xiao Lan rushed to speak.
Therefore, I told Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang what happened yesterday. For a long time, Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang did not speak. It seemed to be thinking about something.
"Don't tell Xiaoyi that I have a drink!"
"You're so stupid, you don't have to drink for him, he doesn't even tell me if he has a girlfriend!" Xiao Lan said to me angrily.
"Will it be him?" Cai Xiang whispered to Xiao Lan.
"You mean Fengzi?" Xiao Lan also said quietly.
They are really stupid people. They deliberately whispered and made me hear them. But, who is Fengzi? Why do these names sound familiar regardless of Xiaoyi or Fengzi?
Xiao Lan sorted her clothes again and talked to me seriously.
"In short, tomorrow you go and tell him clearly! Maybe, this is a misunderstanding."
"This is Xiaoyi knows that you didn't go to class. He is worried about you and sent you chocolates." Cai Xiang took out a bag of chocolates and Xiaoyi was worried about me? Suddenly I was in full bloom.
"Thank me for helping me, hehe!"
"Um." Then he remained silent for a while.
"You know, a while ago, because I was in a bad mood, didn't I go to school?"
"Well, know!" Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang nodded.
"Do you know why Little Wing didn't go?"
Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang looked at each other, they seemed to know something, but they looked like they could not speak.
"I don't know ..." Look, I really can't say.
I stood outside the door of their classroom, waiting for the wing to appear.
"Who are you looking for?" Someone patted his shoulders from behind me, and I turned my head. It was the girl last time, the strange girl who kissed the winglet.
"I'm looking for Little Wings!"
"Oh! He's not here!" He replied casually.
"What should I call you?"
"My name is Fengzi." Sure enough, he is the phoenix that Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang said.
"I am……"
"Your name is Xiaoguang, I know!" Fengzi inserted the words before I finished speaking.
"How do you know?" I jumped happily.
"Because Xiaoyi often mentions you with me." At the beginning of this sentence, my heart also followed my body, bouncing like a lunatic.
"Ka! Ka! So I hope you don't approach him anymore." Fengzi asked me not to approach him? Why? Why is he?
"Why can't I approach him?"
"As his childhood friend and girlfriend, he only cares about other people. When Xiaoguang comes and goes there, he is annoyed when he hears it. As a result, he doesn't care about his girlfriend. What am I?" Feng Zi began to say a series of satires to me, I had no chance to reply, but of course I would not be outdone!
"Do you know? If you follow him like this, he will only feel annoyed." I spoke louder.
"You know he's annoying again. I'm his girlfriend. He doesn't feel annoying, okay?"
"He might not love you at all. The day before yesterday, when you were comforting him, his face told me that he didn't want to ignore you and you kissed him strong. You are not even a girlfriend at all." Actually I'm not sure Xiaoyi doesn't like him, this is just a moment of anger.
"You peeped at us?" Fengzi asked angrily.
"Otherwise?" I looked up coquettishly.
"You ..." Feng Zi's face was flushed.
"How about me?"
"Zhang Chenguang, you are too much." Fengzi raised his hand and was about to slap me. I will turn around, close my eyes, and I am afraid he will come.
The closer I get, the tighter I guess, now there should be a bunch of people next to me!
After a few seconds, I found out that he hadn't called. What happened?
I slowly opened my eyes ...
"Don't make trouble!" Xiao Yi pulled the hand of this phoenix, great! Fortunately, Xiao Yi appeared.
"Wings come to save me ~~ Wings come to save me ~~ Wings come to save me ..." I was not only happy in my heart, but I kept repeating this sentence as the ghost hit the wall.
Suddenly, Wingy took my hand and ran to the playground.
"Who told you to come to our class?" On the turf, Xiao Yi stopped and he took a breath.
"Why can't I come to your class?" I said in a coquettish tone.
"Our class is dangerous, don't come!"
"Where is your class dangerous? Your class is very good, just see Xiaolan and Caixiang! I have to go often, once a day, so you have no reason to stop me?"
"You ..." Xiaoyi clenched his fists, seeming angry.
"Why don't you want to change your relationship if you think so?"
"What?" I pretended not to hear, and asked again.
"Don't come anyway!"
"Then you say! Why can't I go to your classroom?"
Very surprised, he suddenly held me in his arms, I felt his heartbeat, so warm, but so nervous, maybe I've blushed long ago!
"Because I will worry about you!" I only care about blushing, but ignore his words, he is worried about me? He is worried about me? I am so happy.
"The two of us ... aren't male and female friends yet ..." I said shyly, if I didn't say it, I really didn't know when he would hold him. Although, I really want to suspend time, but until Feng Zi and Xiaoyi's relationship is clear, I will not be a boyfriend and girlfriend with Xiaoyi, because I don't want to be a third party, it's not good.
"I'm sorry." He pushed me away, and we all blushed and got into a deadlock, but in order to break the deadlock, I spoke first!
"Can I ask you a question?"
"Hey! Excuse me."
"Can you tell me why you were in a bad mood a few days ago, why didn't you come to class?"
"I ..." Xiaoyi couldn't seem to tell me the reason. Is there anything I couldn't say?
It's very annoying. The bell rang and Xiaoyi rushed me back to the classroom. It seems that this question will always be on my mind forever. When can it be taken down?
"What happened to you and Xiaoyi? Has the matter been resolved? How's the development, first base, second base, third base, or ... ah ~~ home base?" The old man said timidly.
"Battle your pig!"
"Okay! Okay! I'm serious ~~" Brother's collar.
"This is secret!" I said rightly.
"Miss Xiaoguang, tell me ~~" Disgusting brother!
"Hee! Hey! I won't tell you." I grinned at my brother.
"Don't tell me, okay!" Brother started looking at me with helpless eyes, and sure enough ...
"Ha! Ha! Ha! I said! I said!"
"That's right." Every time, except for the tickle trick, is there no other trick? Forget it! I'll explain things one by one.
After listening, my brother frowned ...
"What's wrong?" I asked nervously.
"Xiaoyi, Xiaolan, Caixiang, Meizhen and Fengzi, don't you feel familiar?"
"Why are you familiar?" I asked Brother.
"A long, long time ago ..." I shook my head.
"Speak clearly!"
"About when you were five ..."
That light finally turned on, understand, I understand, I finally know why they helped me and winglet, why winglet suddenly hugged me, why Fengzi regarded me as an enemy and all this!
That was a battle that had been fought, that was a piece of history, and now history is about to repeat itself. Do you want to announce that the battle that was fought has officially started? Well! Now, I officially declare that this battle has been fought ,Restart……
03 century-war begins
Tomorrow is Christmas, but everyone is excited! Why?
In other words, there is a tradition in our school, that is, everyone will give someone a secret gift on Christmas Day. Of course, I already have a plan!
"1tand 2 and 3 and 4 ..." Everyone worked hard to dance.
"Okay! That's all for today's club dance practice. Go home and practice a lot, especially you, Ayu. You can't jump if you want to jump." I looked at my watch and yelled to everyone.
Everyone started to look at their time, and looked at me with skeptical eyes. I smirked at everyone, and my feet slowly backed away. Unfortunately, everyone came towards me.
"Strange! The president always let us rest so late. Would you like to go to hemp today?"
"I heard that it's Christmas tomorrow!"
"What about Christmas?"
"Idiot! New classmates, don't understand the tradition of our school, don't destroy the atmosphere." Their conversation made me a little embarrassed, I really want to sneak away.
"What is there? You think too much." I wouldn't tell them my plans when I died.
"Xiaoguang, you admit it."
"Admit it? Should I admit it?" I started pretending to be stupid.
"You and the sports department's Chen Xiaoyi are not talking about ... this is not like the personality of the president." Meng Ting took out a photo from the schoolbag and handed it to me, and I deliberately opened my eyes wide.
"Oh my god!" I started screaming, because this photo is exactly the picture that Xiaoyi held me in his arms. How could they have this photo?
"How do you have this picture?" I looked at everyone with innocent eyes.
"Did you forget it? President. There is a community in our school. There is nothing. The famous one is a bunch of paparazzi, which are dedicated to filming classmates' gossip." Meng Ting sneered.
"Photo agency ?!"
"Huh!" Meng Ting nodded proudly.
Bell ~~ bell ~~ bell ~~
My phone rang when everyone sank, and it was particularly noticeable.
"Xiaoguang! What the hell are you doing? Didn't you say you're going to buy tomorrow's gifts together at night? Are you a man? You shouldn't drag it." As soon as I answered the phone, I heard Mei really scolded.
"Wow, it's really a gift to buy ~" People around are starting to get upset. If I can, I really want to yell now and break the CD player in front.
"I ... now ... hehe!" I'm only smirking now.
"Rely on it! Are you owed?" Strangely, Mei Zhen's words did not appear on the phone, but ... at the door of the classroom.
Suddenly, the members had no sound at all, and their eyes were closed on Meizhen.
"Tomorrow Christmas, people want to give something to others, you have to control it, what? You live by the sea? The tube is wide! Would you like to be wider?" Meizhen took my hand and went to the door I rushed out and almost couldn't buy a gift.
"Oh my God, why do people in your community gossip so much?" Mei Zhen gasped to me.
"Sometimes it ’s just fine!" Of course, I can only admit it!
"But why are they so informed?"
I flipped a photo out of my bag and handed it to Mei Zhen, sighing.
"Abominable! Who shot this? I knew I would definitely break his leg, cut his hand, cut off his tongue and choke him ..." After listening, I couldn't help but swallow Once drooling, oh my god! So scary, although I hate that paparazzi, this treatment is too scary.
Finally, on Christmas Day, I got up an hour earlier to get to school earlier.
"I like you ..." It is normal for this sentence to appear around the campus. I carried my gift bag and tried to find the winglet, but I couldn't find it. I heard the words I love you all the way. Makes me nervous, I hate it!
Unexpectedly, suddenly ...
"Hi! Are you Zhang Chenguang?" A hand patted my shoulder.
I turned my head and a Sven boy stood in front of me.
"Hmm!" I nodded in response.
"Hello, my name is Lin Youzhong, just call me Youzhong." He extended his hand and tried to shake hands with me. Of course, I also extended my hand to shake hands with him, but ...
"I've liked you for a long time, please associate with me!" Gee! He's not afraid of shame? I'm not familiar with him, and what he said seems a little ... loud.
I pushed the chocolate out of his hand.
"Sorry I don't eat sweets!" I quickly turned around and left here in a brisk way. It's embarrassing ~~ I'll go to Xiaoyi's classroom as soon as possible.
Just a few steps but found ...
"Can I trouble you to go away? I'm very uncomfortable like this!" I turned to You Zhong and he followed me like this, how can I give a gift to Xiaoyi.
"Then please use comfortable sanitary pads! It's super wide, long, and it's not exposed at midnight ..." Mine ~~ I really admire myself, I'm in trouble, and I can talk to OS like an idiot .
"Don't! I have to follow you all the time." He started to send a smile that made me chill, so scary, is it troublesome?
"Then how do you want to leave me?"
"Until you promise to associate with me." Misfortune! I'm really in trouble.
I started trying to ignore him, and walked on my own. I walked quickly outside the classroom of Xiaoyi. I turned my head again to see if the person from Youzhong had gone. I did not expect him. But smiling at me, I can't help but goosebumps again.
When I turned my head and looked into the classroom, something that disappointed me happened. Fengzi was one step ahead of me and gave Xiaoyi a gift first.
Xiaoyi took out a box of presents from his drawer, he was not surprised at all, and the students around him started to come around and cheer together.
"Wow! Chen Xiaoyi, you are so happy! Your girlfriend also gave you a box of chocolates, I really want it." The boy next to Xiao Yi said this in a disgusting tone. Vomiting, and thinking of a more disgusting person behind, even more headache.
Chen Xiaoyi walked forward with the box of chocolates.
"If you want this box of chocolates, you can eat them!" Xiao Yi stuffed the chocolates to the only person who didn't cheat and sat in a position to watch suspense novels. It was Xiao Lan.
"Hmm! Thank you." The brothers smiled at each other, and Xiao Yi exhaled and went outside.
Perhaps this is the best time, he is heading in my direction!
"Winglet, this is for you!" I handed the gift in my hand to Winglet.
"Really? Thank you!" He smiled at me, took the gift, and walked to the other side. I watched him leave, and I took a breath, at least my task was fulfilled.
But this guy next to me ...
"Let's go to the amusement park this weekend and live in a cabin at night. How about two days and one night?" Mei Zhen suggested to me.
"Okay! I've always wanted to go, by the way, relax and let me be free." I sighed, in Meizhen's view, my heart is heavy!
"What's wrong with you? You don't seem well."
"You know it by the door!" Sure enough, Lin Youzhong was still standing next to our classroom. When Meizhen and I looked at it, they smirked at us and really wanted to vomit!
"What's going on?" Meizhen frowned and asked.
"It's not this morning ..." Therefore, I carefully explained the ins and outs of the matter to Meizhen, who shook her head after listening.
"Wow! You really have a huge trouble."
"Meichen! Help me."
"Hmm!" Meizhen frowned even more, and it seemed that I asked him to do something that was impossible to succeed.
Meizhen walked quickly to the classroom door and started asking.
"Sir, who are you looking for?" Meizhen asked Yuzhong.
"I'm not looking for someone. I'm here to see people."
"Is that okay? Please leave if you're fine."
"I said I was watching someone!" You Zhong began to curse Meizhen in a very fierce tone.
"But you will disturb us in class like this!"
Youzhong stepped back three steps, three steps ?! What's the use of three steps?
"Is this okay?" He winked at Mei Zhen.
Meizhen seemed to have no choice but to wink at Yu Zhong and spit at me again.
"Sorry! I can't help it."
"It's okay!" I smiled at Mei Zhen.
"But Xiaoguang, you have to be careful when you go home, that person should be very dangerous ..."
After school, the street lights on the road are not lit at all, and they are almost the same as they are. The street lights are only decorative, and it is scary to walk.
As I walked and looked behind me, a figure always followed me, and it was even more terrifying. I don't know what he would do at any time.
At this time, Yuzhong is simply a big metamorphosis!
I just didn't expect that something I was afraid of would happen.
Youzhong ran over to me suddenly, holding me tightly, making me a bit unable to breathe.
"Ha! Ha! Ha! There are only two of us here, and we can finally be alone! I'm looking forward to this moment, how exciting it is! Rest assured, as long as you settle down, I promise you won't What, but if you're not good, hey! Hey! Hey! "You Zhong started laughing at me like a lunatic, and his sad laughter was terrifying.
"What do you want to do?" I started screaming, but I was running out of energy.
"I want to hemp?" After speaking, Youzhong laughed again.
"I want to numb, you know very well ... girls like you ... Of course, you have to be in it! It's a pity not to be in it." You Zhong stroked my face, making me feel like never before Fear, what should I do, call the police? Yell? Run? Ask for help? Fight against Yu Zhong? No! No! I'm so helpless now, who will help me?
Youzhong started to put my hand on my collar automatically and untied the first button of my uniform.
"Ah ~~ pervert ~~"
"Shh! It's noisy." General You Zhong covered his mouth with his hand.
What to do, he has more and more buttons, just as he pulls down the zip of his pants ...
"Ah ~~~~" Yuzhong started yelling because of the pain.
I glanced at one of the legs and kicked you to the center of Yuzhong. Who was it?
"Are you okay?" A tall figure held me in his arms, and it felt so familiar, as if I once had ...
On the turf, he suddenly held me in his arms, and I felt his heartbeat, so warm, but so nervous, maybe, I blushed long ago!
"Because I will worry about you!" I only care about blushing, but ignore his words, he is worried about me? He is worried about me? I am so happy.
Yes! This familiar feeling is what I have, this person is winglet.
Now in my heart, the fear slowly disappeared, and instead of knowing the warmth, security and trust, my tears fell.
"So scary!" I hugged Xiaoyi tightly.
"Let's go! It's too dangerous for you to go home alone. I'll take you to my house." I looked at Yu Zhong, who was lying on the ground. He might have just collapsed to the ground with his head in the stone K of Wing.
I exhaled, stepped on the winged bicycle, and stopped his hand around his waist. At this time, I was so safe and relieved! The fear seemed to disappear ...
Bell ~~ bell ~~ bell ~~
I got up from the bed and wanted to pick up my cell phone.
In order to fear that I will encounter the same situation again, Xiaoyi has lived in Xiaoyi's home these days. Of course, this kind of thing has been reported to my family. I don't want to be punished by my mother like I did last time.
The few days I lived in Xiaoyi's house, my sense of security also recovered automatically.
Having said that, I have n’t picked up the phone yet ~~
"Hello." I picked up the phone.
"Ha! Ha! Ha!" There was a sad laugh across the phone, and the familiar fear came up again.
"Who are you?" I asked in fear.
"..." The other party didn't speak at first.
"Who are you there?"
"It doesn't matter who I am. What matters ..."
"What's important?" I became impatient.
"Importantly, you shouldn't guess that I will get your mobile phone number? Ha! Ha! Ha!" It seemed exhausting, and rumbling.
"Xiaoguang, let your fate go! You will be with me."
"You are ... Lin Youzhong!"
"Hee! Hey! Hey! Looks like you're quite impressed with me!"
"You're less beautiful, I can't associate with you!"
叩! 叩! 叩!
"Who are you talking to? Xiaoguang?" Hearing Xiaoyi shouting, I quickly hung up the phone.
The winglet opened the door and he walked in slowly.
"What's wrong with you? Why do you look so scared?" Xiaoyi comforted me.
"Lin Youzhong just called."
"How could he have your phone?"
"I don't know!"
"Oh my God, he's really haunted ..." Xiao Yi muttered to himself.
"What should I do?" I began to look at Xiaoyi in horror. Then I found out that this is the first time I trust him so, no! It should be said that this is how I trust him from beginning to end, how does it feel? I can't help but think of my first meeting ... ...
Suddenly I found ...
The flowers on the roadside are so beautiful,
The children playing next to each other laughed so brightly,
Old couple walking on the road is so happy,
How beautiful the world is.
It ’s strange that I have n’t owned it before.
What does it feel like? Is that what my brother said? Feeling in love ?! It ’s so strange.
Xiao Yi took my phone from me and started pressing the button.
After a few minutes ...
"Yes! That's great!" Xiao Yi shouted excitedly.
"What's so good?"
"Your phone has a blacklist function, so even if he hits multiple passes, it will be blocked in the same way, and you can be much quieter." Xiao Yi smiled at me.
Suddenly, I look at you both; you look at me, I do n’t know what to say, I just stand still, maybe I think of what happened in the past few days, it seems that I and Xiaoyi have become male and female friends, especially Intimacy, but in fact, we are not, we are only once.
"Xiaoguang!" Xiao Yi suddenly called me, and I turned my head.
He put his forehead against my forehead, so it looks more intimate, I blushed, this ... it seems like it has been a while ago, but now the blush is more red ...
No ... he shouldn't ... kiss me?
I started to laugh in my heart, hehe! Hehe! Ha! Ha!
"Are you numb? Really!" I started to be coquettish again.
"No hemp!"
Only then did I return to God, and it turned out that I had been photographed secretly.
"Chen Xiaoyi, you're overwhelmed!" I started chasing Xiaoyi and started chasing him ...
"Xiaoguang, how have you been? Have you got rid of that guy?" Today is a day to hang out, obviously a happy day, and Mei really wants to use this topic to set out.
"Today is obviously a happy day. Does Gan Ma use this topic to destroy the atmosphere?"
"This is a concern and friendship, OK?"
"Yeah ~ That's right ~~" Xiao Yi, Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang all agreed.
There was only Fengzi sitting aside, watching the scenery outside, without any sound.
I heard Feng Zi came because of Xiaoyi, otherwise he wouldn't come! I just didn't expect that Xiaoyi would chat with others and didn't talk to himself.
"Do you guys know that Lin Youzhong is really scary enough? Fortunately, there are winglets to rescue me. I should thank you for it. Without you, I might be Lin Youzhong ... oh! Come on, don't say it! "
"That's right! Why did winglet appear there that day?" I asked.
"I asked him to take care of you," Meizhen said pretentiously.
"Thank you so much ~~ However, when I come out to play in the past two days, I will not meet Lin Youzhong, and I can finally live in peace and quiet. Meizhen and Caixiang, it ’s better to wait for the cabin, and the three of us will go nearby Walking, as for boys ... "
"The boys are going to prepare dinner!" Cai Xiang said happily.
"Ok! Ok!" Xiao Yi and Xiao Lan yelled ...
In this way, a few of us came to the cabin with noisiness, but we didn't find out that our travel agency has been followed by a car. Is it so coincident that they also came to live in the cabin?
"I'm so thirsty, I'll go and buy drinks for everyone." Just as soon as I got out of the car, they started shouting for thirst, Meizhen went to help buy drinks.
However, I'm not thirsty, so I didn't want to drink, but my stomach hurts a bit and I want to go to the toilet.
"I have a stomachache, go to the toilet first!" I reported with everyone.
"I'm going to take a walk after the meeting. Don't go too long, so we will have a lot of time for walks." Meizhen often bites me like this, so I am used to it.
I opened the toilet door. Although the toilet was made of wood, it was still very clean and not dirty at all. It seems that the staff here should also be hardworking.
I hurried out of the toilet, fearing that I would not be able to take a walk, but an unbelievable thing happened, Xiaoyi, Meizhen, Fengzi, Xiaolan, and Caixiang all passed out on the ground.
I crouched down, picked up everyone's bottle and looked at it, but found that there were no abnormalities, so I tried to wipe it with my hand.
"These drinks have been poisoned." I am alone, what should I do? The previous thing about You Zhong was also spent by Xiaoyi with me. No one now. And, who put these poisons? How should I deal with this now?
Suddenly, I felt someone behind me. Just as I was about to turn my head back, my neck felt pain. At this time, I started to feel weak and my body slowly fell down.
No! I must see who stunned my friends and who knocked me out.
When I closed my eyes and turned to see who was the murderer, I was scared! How could it be him and how did he come? Did he follow me all the way?
That's right! It's him ... Lin Youzhong!
04th Century-Results?
Cai Xiang opened her eyes. What is this place?
"Lan ~~ Lan, wake up soon!" When Cai Xiang was about to shake Lan's body, she found that her hands were tied and she couldn't do anything at all.
"Woo ... wow ... what's the matter? Wow ~~ How come my hands are tied?" Xiao Lan, who was originally unconscious, found her hands tied, and she was sober.
"Hello! Everyone hurry up, we have been kidnapped!" Xiao Lan started yelling at everyone, but forgot the existence of the killer, so that the killer would find out.
Everyone blinked and looked around.
"Hey? How were we kidnapped?" Everyone, you and me, you haven't figured out the situation at all, maybe only me.
"Yes ... he!" I whispered.
"Who is it?" Everyone looked at me.
"Yes ..." Before I finished speaking, another voice came out.
"Dare to reveal my identity and you will be dead! Find out what your current situation is. The floor you are making now has a mechanism. I just press the mechanism and be careful with my butt on fire! I use too much gasoline and burn I do n’t know what will happen? I should be able to imagine it! Ha! Ha! Ha! ”It ’s Lin Youzhong. He used a voice changer to talk to us. Naturally, he could n’t hear his voice. Not only that, he even installed a monitor to monitor us.
"Abominable! Who the hell are you? Someone will show up!" Fengzi exclaimed excitedly.
"Come out? You fool! It's not fun to show up now!"
"What do you want us to do?" Xiao Lan shouted.
"I want you to stay here and wait for me. I'll go buy lunch for you?" Oh my god! There is lunch service? Maybe while he is going to buy lunch, there is a better chance to escape.
"Wow! There is also a lunch function? Good!" Cai Xiangzhuang said silly.
"Idiots are kidnapped. Who wants to have lunch?" Xiao Lan narrowed his eyes at him.
"You haven't seen the atmosphere is so bad now, so funny!"
"Is not funny……"
"Don't make a noise, it's time to escape!" Xiao Yi said impatiently.
But I know better than anyone else. If it weren't for me, no one would be wrong.
My tears began to fall unheeded, and what would happen next, I didn't know at all, should I tell the true identity of the murderer honestly?
"Actually the killer ..."
"Don't forget that there is a mechanism below you!" Before waiting for me to finish, Lin Youzhong rushed to say, or he would bring me into the fact.
"Who is he? Don't be afraid of him, just say it!" Fengzi asked me in a panic.
"Yeah! Just say it, we will cover you."
"Dare you ..." Lin Youzhong suddenly rushed in. This time, he came in with a mask and black clothes, and was equipped with impervious identity.
"He is ... Lin Youzhong ..."
"I know it really is you, you dead pervert. Alas, shameless, dirty, and indecent!" Mei really cursed.
"Are you scolding enough?" Lin Youzhong suddenly became angry.
"Since you said everything, there's nothing to talk about." Lin Youzhong took a watermelon knife from his pocket and walked towards me, ready to wave at me.
"Too much, destroy him if you don't get it."
Meizhen and other friends rushed to me and helped me block Lin Youzhong's watermelon knife, but I don't know if we are too weak or Lin Youzhong is too strong, he still leaned into me with a watermelon knife.
Little Wing tried to protect me, he held me in his arms.
That gentle feeling ...
That feeling of security ...
That feeling of trust ...
That sweet and sour feeling ...
That feeling ... so familiar, it seems like I had it before.
I cried!
Yes, I cried! And the reason is I don't know.
Lin Youzhong still stabbed into the winglet with a knife. Is there anything about the winglet?
There was a warm liquid flowing on my arm ...
Is it tears?
Still ... winglet's blood ...
and many more!
Little Wing's Blood ?!
"Xiaoyi, you bleed! What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do ~~" I started to get nervous, this time ... I really cried.
I push the little wings away, oh my god! Don't protect me anymore! I beg you don't protect me anymore!
The winglet fell to the ground, unconscious ...
"Ah ~~ Xiaoyi is unconscious!" I began to yell.
"Light! Hurry up and leave Xiaoyi, call the ambulance and hurry up!" Xiao Lan said urgently, and then added it.
"Just leave it to us!"
"Huh!" I nodded, and rushed out while Xiao Lan held Lin Youzhong's head down.
Oh my god ~ what kind of ghost place is this? It ’s a tropical forest ~~
Forget it! When I took out my mobile phone and asked for help, I realized that ...
It's not fun this time ...
"Anyone?" I shouted around holding Wing.
No way ... no one else ...
No! I'm almost out of power.
Looking at the wing's blood flowing more and more, I was more reluctant.
"Winglet ... you have to hold on! You have to wait for me ... really! I ..." Should I say?
"I love you ..." I finally said it.
The winglet seemed a bit conscious, and his hand came slowly behind my neck, close to my face.
Two lips are overlapping ...
I cried again ... What's the situation? There is still time to kiss me.
I don't want to lose you ...
I don't want you to wait for me ...
I don't get stuck in this forest ...
I have a lot of do n’t, only one wants to ...
I want you to return safely to a place we know, a place where we are warm.
Time seems to stop, his lips are still on my lips ...
No! I'm almost out of energy!
I can't stand it anymore ...
Suddenly, I fell down and fell down holding the wing.
Our lips still overlap ...
We still hug ...
His temperature is still warm ...
The only difference is that both of us are unconscious ...
"Chen Xiaoyi ... Chen Xiaoyi ... don't leave ~~~~~~~~~"
My yelling pulled me back to reality.
I opened my eyes and didn't quite adapt to such bright light.
"Hey ~~ Where is this?"
"Your kennel!" My brother came in through the door.
"How could I be here? Shouldn't I be in the forest?"
"Yeah! When I was unconscious, I hugged with Wing, and ..." My brother looked at me with a treacherous expression, which was absolutely fine. Wait ... how does my brother know.
"Kiss, hey! Hey! Lustful ~~ Steal others tofu."
"You you you you ... how do you know ~~ said!" I started screaming, okay ~~ how can this picture be known to my brother?
"You don't even have to thank me, and you yell like this. Hey! It's getting harder and harder for my brother this year ..." Damn it! What do you want me to do?
"It's not that I went to collect wild flowers on the mountain. I want to take it back to the company for research. At first I saw you and Xiaoyi hug together. I thought you were ... hehe!"
You and he are XX better ... Where is the idea? Do you think that I and he are really ... Hey hey ~~ Do I look like someone who eats tofu?
"Later, I found something wrong. Who would bleed to the back? I only knew that the winglet was bleeding, so I took you two down the mountain."
"Why don't you know that when you took Xiaoyi to the hospital, the two of you were still holding it so tightly, it was really difficult to hold Xiaoyi to the ward.
"It's salty pig hands ..." I murmured.
"Seriously, old girl! When are you going to be hey with others? I really want to be an elder earlier!" Oh my god ~~ Which country is this?
I blushed. Bro, see how I repair you ...
"Do you have a wide roar? You live by the sea?" The dead brother nodded to me, too?
"Ah ~~" Why do I think now ...
"What's the matter?"
"Xiao Lan, Cai Xiang, Mei Zhen and Feng Zi ... are they all right? Where are they?"
"They called me when I took Xiaoyi to the hospital!"
"How are they?"
"They are all fine ..."
"It's okay!" Because I know better than anyone, it didn't happen.
"What about Lin Youzhong?"
"By the way, they were taken away by the police."
"That's great! It's a happy ending!"
"Miss! You can be more indecent."
Only then did I find that I was standing with one foot under the bed and one foot on the bed, just like a hooligan. So indecent ~~
I slowly lowered my feet.
"Sorry! Sorry!"
I started smirking all the time ...
"Miss! How ruthless you should go to the hospital to see him!"
"Ah! Shout ~~" I smirked.
I will dress myself beautifully.
Of course, taking a bath is no exception, after all, to visit the wing.
During this time, I have been thinking about a picture.
Thinking of his hand slowly moving behind my neck, close to my face. Picture of two lips overlapping. Wow ~~ so shy! I smiled.
"Miss, what are you laughing at?" Look! Even the taxi drivers are coaxing.
"No ... No ... Yes, hey! Hey!" Oh my god! What idiot am I playing? Lady image! Lady image!
After a long awkward time, he finally arrived at the hospital.
Walked into the ward and found everyone inside.
"Xiaoguang! Are you okay?" Mei really hurried over to comfort me.
"I? I ... It's okay! Hehe!"
"All right!"
"Xiaoguang, I'm sorry! I worry you." Everyone is very surprised, Xiaoyi will say this sentence, in their eyes a very sweet sentence, but the phoenix on the side is not the same, he His eyes are different, full of vinegar.
"No way! You take good care of your body!" Huh! I want to be jealous and see how I sore you ~~
I don't know until now, I was so cheap, ha! Ha!
"Thank you for worrying about me!" He smiled weakly at me.
"No way! Who called you my star, flickering in the sky, blinking and blinking, taking care of me all the time, like a convenience store that is not closed for 24 hours, or like ... nanny ... ha! "Yes! I said so.
Of course, I ’m saying this in my heart, the audience can do it, and I still have to face it ~~ I ’m just crossing the wings with a smile, OK?
At this moment, Fengzi seemed to be out of sight. He took me to the corridor and had something to tell me.
"You show me sour less there." Fengzi said rightly.
"What are you talking about? How can I not understand?" I pretended to be silly to him!
"Do you think so, is Winglet your boyfriend?"
"Isn't it?" He must be right, I won't?
"You shameless, self-righteous, ignorant and humiliating dead woman, you are so good! I just give you a warning today!"
"What warning?"
"Don't get closer to Wings!"
"Why can't I approach him? Why do you say that?"
"Just because I am his daughter, friend, and friend!" Is it true?
"You lie! You lie!" I started yelling.
"Huh! You don't believe me? I'll ask you to show it!" Then, Feng Zi went into the ward, walked to the side of the wing, hooked the wing's hand, and began to pinch the wing.
"Xiaoyi, you talk about it, we are male and female friends, right?" Xiaoyi, who was still laughing, stopped, his expression started to be weird and silent! He started to be silent!
Xiaoyi, hurry up and deny it! Did you forget the picture of two lips overlapping? Let this person who is not a phoenix, but a lunatic, wake up quickly.
However, unfortunately, Xiaoyi nodded slightly. And Fengzi laughed. No! It is impossible to change the history of more than ten years ago? Is this not true? Is this a dream? Wake up soon! It ’s a pity not! Because my eyes are already wet.
"I'm sorry, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't lie here today. Seriously, it is me who is the least qualified to come today. I caused all this! Ah--" I ran out of the door, I'm so stupid! I knew I shouldn't be here today, I'm so stupid! Hey? Why didn't Xiaoyi chase him? Yeah! He's a patient, how can he chase him? Howl ~~ Xiaoguang, a big fool
In the next few days, I shut down my cell phone and didn't contact anyone. I was locked in the room. It's time for Xiaoyi to be discharged from hospital!
However, I could not meet him because I asked for leave from school.
No way, my heart is sore, how to go to class?
Not only my heart is sour, the sky is sour, the apples are sour, the stars are sour, the rainbow is sour, the raindrops are sour, the tears are sour, even the boiling water is sour ...
I started to watch this glass of boiling water with a few slices of lemon in it. No wonder it was sour.
"Dead brother, smelly brother! Dried hemp gave me lemonade? Why did I think the water would become sour. Haw ~~ My heart is sour enough, but also give me lemonade, are you free?" Of course I didn't call it that way, because I didn't have that strength.
My phone rang, but I still have to answer it because everyone is not at home.
"Hey, who?" I picked up the phone
"It's me ~~ Meizhen."
"Hello ~~ You're terrific! I can't get through my cell phone, just call home."
"Well--don't say that! Hey! I'm not telling you this now."
"Oh! Tell me something."
"Don't you take that long vacation?" Meizhen was so noisy! What's wrong?
"No? You leave me alone."
"Because you take too many long vacations, people in the dance club are beginning to complain! They say that the president is often absent and is not responsible at all. They want to fire the president!"
Ah ~~ Yes! There are societies, how can I forget? How can I solve this?
"Then what should I do? Damn ~~ I have forgotten this, you help me think of a way!"
"How do I know?" Meizhen answered relentlessly and indifferently.
"This is more serious than a comet hitting the earth ~~ I beg you to help me find a way!"
"Are there no better analogies?"
"This is worse than the Martian attack on the earth! Hurry up ~~"
"Isn't it all the same ... don't say it! Someone is looking for me. Anyway, you won't be okay if you come back to class earlier ... Yes! Xiaoyi explained that in the afternoon, the sushi restaurant opposite the school, he will wait for you So far, go, he has something to tell you. Bye? "
"Hey ... hey! I ... I ..." Damn, just hang up before I finish talking, oh ~~
What's more damn is that the next day I went to the appointment and the atmosphere was too embarrassing.
From the beginning, when I arrived at the Rotary Sushi Restaurant, I started to lower my head, and I didn't dare to see Xiaoyi. Needless to say, I walked into the shop with my head down like this.
And I deliberately sat in a chair with 5 seats across the winglet.
They were silent for ten or twenty minutes.
Forget it! I'll eat sushi anyway, but I'm here anyway.
When I was about to pick up a plate of sushi from the track, I found that one of the plates on the track was not sushi, but a note.
The note read "Give Little Light."
I picked up the note and said ...
"My relationship with Fengzi is not what you think." I looked at him, and he put a note on the track again. Of course, I picked up the slip of paper again.
"You should remember what happened more than ten years ago!" I pointed at him, and he smiled at me.
Sure enough, there are two for one and three for two.
Here comes the third note.
"Actually, Fengzi is just my ex-girlfriend. I have no feeling for him anymore! Just considering his feelings, I haven't broken up with him yet." Ex-girlfriend? I smiled at him and picked up the fourth note . Every time I pick up a note, there is a little hope, because there is an answer at any time; but it may also be disappointed, because it may also be a rejection. But this note is definitely more expensive than sushi.
"Do you want to believe me?" I nodded to him, meaning "willing."
He turned over another note, and I picked it up.
Immediately, I felt my heart beat very fast. It seems that this note will have a moving answer ... I opened this note, and time passed slowly ~~ I slowly read the words of this note .
"Great! You want to hear me explain, but before I explain, I have to say a word to you, maybe answer ... that is ... I love you too!" He loves me too ...?!
05th Century-History
The story happened more than a decade ago ... everyone was only four or five years old.
"How many months will plum blossoms bloom?" Everyone will circle around the bubble dragon and play the so-called "plum blossoms bloom in months", which is a must-play for everyone when they are young.
Bubble stature is "bloated" and loves to play games with us. Every time I just play games such as traffic lights, hide-and-seek, plum blossoms, flowers, ghosts, eagles, chicks, etc. He is a ghost and has no fun at all.
"How many months?" Ahua asked.
Ahua is the third-to-eightest of our childhood playmates. She has a watermelon head and a hair clip in the middle. She often wears a T-shirt and shorts. The body is covered with mud and she often wipes her nose with her hands. It's unbearable that he often says very few things.
"January, January, it will not open. How many months will plum blossoms bloom?"
"NO!" We shook our heads at him.
"Ah ~~ three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve ..." he called impatiently.
"Who guessed this?" Fengzi began to complain.
"Roar! I'm a ghost every time, it's not fun!" Bubble Dragon started to complain.
"Otherwise change the game!" Cai Xiang suggested.
"Why don't you come and play with house wine?"
"Okay! OK!" Fengzi said excitedly. Who doesn't know what he's thinking? He already looked at me with a murderous look, and he really wanted to use this opportunity to snatch my character.
"That ... Wing Yi is the groom, then ... who wants the bride?" Cai Xiang had already used Wing Yi as the heroine. Looking at Feng Zi, she was even more happy.
It seems that he has long wanted to fight for this role ...
"I'm new ..."
"Xiao Guang is a bride!" Suddenly Mei Zhen jumped out of this sentence.
Xiaoyi and I looked at each other, he smiled at me shyly. We all blushed.
The flowers on the roadside are so beautiful,
The children playing next to each other laughed so brightly,
Old couple walking on the road is so happy,
How beautiful the world is.
This feeling……
This feeling seems to have been here, the sweet and sour taste, he and I are shining so that everyone can't stand it ... but ...
Look at Fengzi again, he hated to death, he wanted me to disappear quickly.
Xiaoyi and I have always been regarded as a pair, and Fengzi has been regarded as a third party.
If his eyes could kill someone, his eyes would be enough to cut me tens of millions of knives, and even kill me.
"Okay! I'll assign our role." In fact, each time the role is Xiao Lan.
"Xiaoyi is the groom; Xiaoguang is the groom, I am the younger brother; Caixiang is the younger brother, Meizhen is the grandma, Xiaohao is the grandfather, Ahua is the matchmaker, and the bubble dragon is our dog. The rest ... Feng Zi is ... um ... the lawyer is good! "
Oh my god, Fengzi's eyes are even more killing now, it's almost possible to kill a group of people.
"Okay, let's go!" Ah Hua called with interest.
"Dangdang dangdang! Dangdang dangdang! Dangdang dangdang dangdang dangdang!" Everyone began to sing the wedding march, and I and Xiaoyi walked across the carpet.
"Woo ... wow ~~~~ I want to be a bride ~~~~ wow ~~~~" Feng Zi started crying because he couldn't get the role of bride.
"Roar! Monkey dying baby! Even dare to bully our family Fengzi, I will catch you next time you bully him. Come ~ ~ Fengzi, obedient!" Fengzi's mother coaxed Fengzi into the house.
"Xiaoguang, you can prepare for dinner!" Mom came out and asked me to eat. She saw Xiaoyi and smiled at Xiaoyi. At this time Dad also came.
"Come on, Xiaoyi, let's take a picture with Xiaoguang!" My dad was also a photographer at the time and liked to take pictures.
Xiaoyi and I are tangible childhood plums, even my parents agreed.
"One ... two ... three ... YEAH ~~" In this way, Xiaoyi and I often live together, and because his parents often go abroad, drag and drop Xiaoyi to my house.
So we often go hand in hand and go to kindergarten together.
I couldn't sleep this night because I always heard my father and mother talking.
So attracted me to listen, I walked to the door of the room.
"So you said you were transferred to the United States?" Mom said in surprise.
"Well! I am the last resort."
"Have you thought about where we moved to the United States before?"
"I have thought about it! But I can make more money ~~"
"It is to make more money, but do you feel like Chen Guang and Chen Hao? They are good here, but they want to go to an unfamiliar place. Can they get used to it?"
"..." Dad was already speechless.
"You'll go and discuss it with your boss tomorrow."
Why does dad want our family to move to the United States?
Why was Dad transferred to the United States?
What kind of place is the United States?
How do I meet with you in the future?
Will Xiaoyi and I still be childhood friends?
Suddenly, many question marks popped up.
Finally, I couldn't hold back and started crying ...
"Pull, shall we not move to the United States?" I rushed out of the door, scared my father and mother, and I lay on my father.
"You heard it all ... it is a last resort to be transferred to the United States!"
"Woo ... wow ~~ I don't want to go to America!"
"Okay! Xiaoguang, good! Don't cry! I'll talk to the boss tomorrow, maybe it won't be necessary. Good! Go to sleep!"
"You said, don't lie to me!"
"Hmm! Tick!" My dad ticked and went to bed.
Still the same venue, same time ...
"How many months will plum blossoms bloom?" Everyone will circle around Ahua, playing the so-called "months of plum blossom" ...
"Thirteen months, ha ha ha ha!" Ahua said jokingly.
"Hello! You guys are just kidding, it's not fun at all!" Meizhen started to complain.
"Otherwise change the game!" Cai Xiang suggested.
"Why don't you come and play with house wine?"
"Okay! OK!" And this sentence was no longer answered by Fengzi, he already showed disappointment.
"Fengzi said yesterday that he was going to be a bride, so let him be!" Xiao Lan began to distribute.
"Then ... who will be the groom?"
"Let winglet be new ..."
"I'll be the groom!" Before the phoenix finished speaking, Bubble Dragon inserted the words.
"Okay! Bubble Boss has never been a groom, let him be!" This sentence earned the call of Bubble, but it was even more frustrated for Fengzi.
"Bubble dragon is the groom; Fengzi is the groom, I am the younger brother; Caixiang is the younger brother, Xiaoguang is the grandma, Xiaoyi is the grandpa, Meizhen is the matchmaker, Xiaohao is our dog, and Ahua is the lawyer ! "
"Okay, let's get started!" Bubble Dragon cried with interest.
"Dangdang dangdang! Dangdang dangdang! Dangdang dangdang dangdang dangdang!" Everyone began to sing the marching march, and the bubble dragon and the phoenix walked across the carpet.
"Woo ... wow ~~~~ I don't want to be such a bride ~~~~ wow ~~~~" Fengzi started crying and we all choked, would his mother come out again?
"Roar! Monkey dying baby! How dare to bully our phoenix, I said I would catch you up, and you would go to the wall to punish me."
I guess, Fengzi's mother should also make a small report with everyone's parents.
"Fengzi, obedient! Let's go into the house!" Fengzi's mother has always taken care of Fengzi. As long as he gets a little blow, his mother will come out immediately.
Because of their arrogant relationship, all of us hated him.
It was almost time for dinner, but my mother didn't come to tell me and my brother to go back for dinner. I suggested that my brother go home for dinner.
We took it easy, fearing that our parents would find us. Perhaps Fengzi's mother had already made a small report, and she must have been scolded when she went back.
My brother and I slowly approached the door, and we slowly opened the door.
叽 ── 叽 ──
What noise is coming from this damn door?
I think it was discovered long ago, so I went straight in with my brother.
But my brother and I were both frightened by the scene in the house. Mom and dad faced each other and made the left and right sofas. Both of them looked particularly serious.
Especially Dad, with one foot still on the sofa, he felt more fierce.
I had expected this to happen long ago, it must have been the report of Fengzi and his mother making a small report. It seems that today, I will be scolded and do not stop.
Dad's mouth opened, ready to speak ...
"Sorry! We still have to move to the United States next week. Sorry!" Dad seemed guilty.
"Don't you say you can't go?"
"The boss said ..." I rushed into the room and started crying before my dad finished talking.
And cried for days ...
However, in the end I still obediently moved to the United States with my family.
Deeply remember the day of the flight ...
"Xiao Guang, when you come to the United States, remember to write back a lot!" And my best beauty, reluctantly screamed at me.
"Well! Yes ~~ But ... I don't know how to write Chinese characters yet ~"
"You wouldn't ask your mother to write for you?"
"Will you come back to see us?"
"How do we know?"
"Send more US photos to us!"
"Think of us!"
Everyone you say to me, the sentimental atmosphere is noisy.
I secretly turned to look at the corner, only knowing to do it in the corner.
Is it reluctant?
Is it sentimental?
Is it silent?
Still looking forward to it?
"Will you wait for me?" I always only say one sentence Will you wait for me ...
"Well! I will." He said three words briefly.
Yes, yes or not?
Yes, yes or no?
Yes! Can I trust it?
I had a lot of question marks and I had more question marks.
It's too mature! Five-year-olds will say this. But what can the green plum bamboo horse say?
What's more, people who live in our cities don't know why, they are precocious.
"Xiaoguang and Xiaohao, we are going to board the plane! Let's say goodbye to everyone." Mom's words interrupted my thoughts and brought me back to reality.
"Bye!" We said goodbye to each other, and instantly my eyes were wet.
Did I order the eye drops? Otherwise why is it wet?
"Woo ~~ wow ~~ wow ~~" Although I strode towards the plane, I still cried.
Everyone looked reluctantly, but only Fengzi laughed secretly.
However, Fengzi is the only one I don't trust ...
In the United States, I have been thinking about everyone.
With pictures of everyone, when can we meet again?
A few days later I received a letter from Xiaoyi:
Are you okay? I haven't seen you for a few days and I miss you so much. Do you live there? I do n’t know how to write Chinese characters, so I asked my mother to write them for me. Sorry! Remember to come back and see us!
And Meizhen and I have been using international telephone contact.
Gradually, I didn't contact Xiaoyi. Xiaolan, Caixiang, Fengzi, Bubble Dragon and Huazi never contacted.
Only Meizheng, who was in touch with me by international call, contacted me.
He and Fengzi became the squad when Xiao Yi was promoted to the first grade of elementary school.
I remember his last letter was written like this:
Don't play any more games with boys and girls, we are all in the first grade, it's too early to play these games. Even so, I wish you every peace.
This letter pulled me back to reality. This is predictable, right! We are only in the first grade, and we are too early to play these, and we ca n’t know them anymore.
Maybe he doesn't feel like me anymore, he doesn't feel like friends anymore.
In the end, I didn't contact them either, and because Meizhen never talked about them on the phone, I also forgot the others.
Even during the middle school period, Meizhen's phone was just a decoration, and she didn't contact at all. It's no wonder that after ten years, he didn't recognize anyone when he came back. .
In other words, Xiaoyi was with Fengzi during elementary, middle and high school.
On the elementary school graduation ceremony ...
"Wait for me?" Fengzi said with tears in her eyes, and there was a little wetness in her eyes.
"I promise you."
"Tick!" Xiaoyi and Fengzi ticked.
"Three years in the junior high school, I will not talk about any more love. Wait for me! I will definitely go back to you in high school. By then our love will be stronger."
"Well, yes, I won't meet for three years!" Fengzi still choked.
"Fool, don't cry!" Xiaoyi touched Fengzi's head and wiped off her tears
Later, between three years of junior high school, Xiaoyi really did not fall in love anymore.
In other words, a lot of classmates brought him behind closed doors.
Female classmate A: "We are going to the movies on Saturday. Would you like to go?"
Winglet: "Whatever!"
Little Wing didn't lift his head, returned two words, and continued to write his exercises.
Female classmate A: "What does it mean casually?"
Winglet: "Say!"
Little Wing still answered without looking up.
Female classmate A: "Is it referring to Hao Luo? YA HOO ~~"
As a result, female classmate A waited for 2 hours outside the cinema, but still could not wait for the figure of Xiao Yi.
Female classmate B: "Xiaoyi, I like you, this chocolate is for you!"
Other idlers: "Wow ~~ Well! Xiaoyi received Valentine's Day chocolate!"
Winglet: "Oh!" Winglet answered him with a more concise word and took down chocolate.
As a result, some people reported that Little Wings gave chocolate to stray dogs after school.
One more time ...
Just after doing physical fitness, Xiao Yi walked from the female classmate C direction.
Female classmate C: "Is it tiring to be fit after running? Drink water!"
Little Wing said nothing and took the water.
Female classmate C: "Are you sweating a lot? Well, towel!"
Winglet: "..."
Xiao Yi and female classmate C passed by, took the towel, and gave it to the other boys to wipe.
Male student A: "Do you know why you won't succeed?"
Female classmates A, B, and C: "Why?"
Male student A: "Because you are very ugly, and you are just north of it, are you a dinosaur girl!"
According to legend, the male student A was also unloaded by female students A, B, and C, and was given to the stray dog for dinner.
Closer to home, I do n’t know why. Coincidentally, everyone was in the same school in high school and college, but not Bubble Dragon and Ahua.
As soon as he was rising, Xiaoyi knew that he and Fengzi were in the same school, so he ran to find him.
"long time no see!"
"Yeah! It's been a long time!"
The two haven't seen each other for a long time, hugging for a long time.
Their agreement was indeed very firm, saying that they would not meet for three years, precipitate their love, and make themselves more mature.
If you do n’t talk about other love, do n’t talk about it.
Therefore, let Fengzi trust Xiaoyi more.
It was just that I didn't expect Xiaoyi to be very firm. He wouldn't talk about other love without talking about other loves. In addition to waiting for him, in fact, he was waiting for Xiaoguang.
Even their love is not as strong as Xiao Guang's love ...
Ten years, although ten years, but Xiaoyi is still waiting, he never gives up.
He was waiting every day, like a sentence Xiaoguang had asked.
"You'll wait for me?"
And this sentence will! It means yes.
Fortunately, Xiaoyi returned to Taiwan when he was in college, which he waited for a long time.
But instead of meeting Fengzi, he seemed to hug forever, but intended to start from scratch, so in the four years of college, Xiaoyi kept paying attention to Xiaoguang.
Of course Fengzi found out, he "declared war" to Xiaoguang.
It was just unexpected that Xiaoyi would announce that Xiaoguang would "win" ...
06th century-victory or defeat
After Xiaoyi invited me to eat sushi, Fengzi disappeared. No one knew where he was going.
And I went back to school to study hard!
"OH ~~ President, you are too mixed up! Everyone is waiting for you to get moldy. Now you finally show up. You did n’t show up before, everyone is so noisy."
"Will you practice by yourself? Why do you want the president to be here? What kind of system do you want? Everyone wants autonomy! Quickly! Line up your team and start ..."
"President ..."
"1 …… 2 …… 3 and 4 ……"
"President ..." The member yelled louder and caught my attention.
I glanced outside and looked at the members.
"President, let's go! We don't care. We will dance well."
Looking at the chocolate outside, it's chocolate again ...
I started approaching these chocolates, picking them up one by one, the same chocolate along the way, the same is full of expectations.
I walked along the chocolate. Oh, how many of these chocolates?
I started to count the chocolate on my hand, Mmm ... there were 29, and continued to pick.
"30 ... 31 ... 32 ... 33 ..."
"132 ... 133 ... 134 ... 135 ..." I stepped out of this building.
"396 ... 397 ... 398 ... 399 ... 400 ..." I walked out of the school gate.
"517 ... 518 ... 519 ... 520 ..." I passed by a group of children who were playing house drinks, just like we did when we were kids.
"Dangdang dangdang! Dangdang dangdang! Dangdang dangdang dangdang dangdang!" Everyone sang the marching march, and the bride and groom walked across the carpet.
"663 ... 664 ... 665 ... 666 ..." I passed by an old couple.
"Brother! How delicious is this red bean cake?" Said the old woman.
"Come, let me give you a bite to try ..." The husband took a red bean cake and put it in his mother's mouth, looking so happy!
"Wow ~~ chocolate flavor ~~ so delicious!"
"797 ... 798 ... 799 ... 800 ..." I embarked on the embankment and saw the beautiful wild flowers on the roadside. Several flowers were facing me, swaying by the wind, and seemed to be cheering for me.
"996 ... 997 ... 998 ... 999, 999 gone?" Ended, no chocolate? Why not? I raised my head.
Suddenly, I froze!
Eyes suddenly lighted.
"I Like U, Forever!" Xiao Yi shouted at me excitedly.
Below the embankment is a pattern arranged with candles, which says I Love You, shouldn't it also be arranged with 999 candles?
"Clam? You're only to me again to Like? Forget it, oh-" I deliberately sighed at him and sighed.
"NO, NO, NO, NO!" He shook his head at me.
"What else?"
"I LOVE YOU, for a long time." He suddenly changed his mind to me again.
I started pretending to be cricket again, and gently pacing around his body.
"Hee! Hey!" I couldn't help but grin a few times.
"What's wrong? How can you laugh so treacherous?"
"I ..." What should I do? I am stuttering!
"I what?" He asked me deliberately to finish.
"I LOVE YOU, TOO!" After that, I immediately put my mouth on his cheek and kissed him.
"I said that, I will wait for you! It will be the same regardless of years."
"Well! Thank you for waiting for me."
"Ten years! I finally waited for you." He smiled at me a few times.
"It's you, my Chen Xiaoyi, and no more girlfriends."
This sentence……
This picture ...
This tenderness ...
This couple ...
It ’s so familiar! It seems to have happened to me when I was young, but that's just history, all past tense with ED added. And we are ING ...
"It's late, I'll drive you home." Little Wing took my hand to his bike.
"But ... my stuff is still in our community ~~"
"Go, I will take you back to get it."
Along the way, his generous back gave me a thick sense of security,
His body temperature gave me warmth.
At this moment, it seems happier than a dozen years ago, and everything has been added to the comparative level.
Even added the highest level, added EST ...
I rubbed my eyes and lay on my back yesterday and fell asleep.
Now I'm lying on the bed, should it be the winglet that carried me in?
I looked around.
Wait! Why is winglet next to me? This is my bed. Yeah, why is he on my bed?
Meaning, I slept with him all night yesterday? Shouldn't it happen?
Watching his sleeping picture carefully, seriously, he looks so cute ...
Hey! No! This is not the time for idiots.
"Chen Xiaoyi ... Chen Xiaoyi ..." I shook him and woke him up.
"What's wrong?" His consciousness hadn't turned around, still rubbing his eyes.
"How did you sleep in my bed yesterday?"
"Back last night, your brother asked me to sleep here!"
"Ah-" I started screaming, even if it was going to sleep, wasn't it so fast? I'm not ready yet! This dead brother, smelly brother.
"Grumbling ..." The only thing I can't lie to is my stomach. I was so hungry that I screamed by accident, so awkward.
"Are you ... hungry?" Chen Xiaoyi smiled at me.
"Well! My stomach is so hungry." I also spit out my tongue, so what a trance happened in front of Xiaoyi. I touched my belly.
"Come, I will take you to breakfast."
"Well! Thank you!" I quickly brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and put on my makeup.
Haha! We are so sweet like this, I hope it will always be like this!
At night, because Xiaoyi still has something to do, I went home alone.
Chen Xiaoyi had insisted not to ...
"Xiao Guang, listen to me. I'll find someone to take you home." Xiao Yi insisted.
"No need to trouble others ~~ I can do it alone!"
"Don't! It's dangerous at night!"
"Oh—it's dangerous, I'm all grown up."
"I don't care! I won't allow you to go home alone."
"I can! I will take care of myself."
"Is this okay ..." he said uncertainly.
"Okay ..." Xiao Yi was still uneasy.
I held a small wing in my hand and used it to clip my toy bear.
"You talk about it, Xiao Yi really cares about me, right?" I started talking to Bear, but unfortunately, Bear couldn't speak.
He raised the corner of his mouth and smiled at me happily.
After watching for a long time, it seems that she is answering "Yes!" To me
Recently, Xiaoyi and I are really so sweet ~~
I slowly stroked the bear, and I must accompany him, because he belongs to me and Chen Xiaoyi.
He's going to rush out a lot of homework like this, shouldn't he be tired?
"It seems you're impatient!" A familiar voice came from me.
I look towards him ... is he?
Wasn't he sent to the police station?
"Dare to reveal my identity, don't die!" That's right! He is the real Lin Youzhong, and he is back in front of me.
I took a breath, but am I in any trouble?
"What are you talking about? I don't understand why?" I was pretending to be stupid again.
"Pretend to be stupid? This is useless!" Damn! I was spotted.
"So what are you going to do?"
"What the hell ... you know!"
Shouldn't something go wrong again this time?
"Everyone, come on!" Lin Youzhong ordered, and four people rushed out, one pulling my right hand, one pulling my left hand, one pulling my left foot and the other pulling my right foot.
"Go away!" I started shaking my limbs, but ... useless!
After almost a few minutes, I ran out of energy and I ... surrendered!
"Na! Fate! Come!" Another strange voice came from beside me. I couldn't see his face, only he was tall. But my gut tells me that there is a salvation ...
"Where is this?" I blinked, adjusting to the brightness around me.
Unfamiliar beds, unfamiliar taste, unfamiliar taste, unfamiliar tenderness, unfamiliar security ...
When I opened my eyes, I found a figure beside me.
"Isn't it better?" A strange figure ... Recall what happened.
Yesterday Lin Youzhong appeared again. I thought it was over. I didn't expect a life-saving benefactor to appear, and then ... I have no memory.
"Hmm!" I nodded slightly.
Looking closely at his figure, he is so tall and thin, and his figure is also good. Looking at it, in fact ... he looks good too!
"I didn't expect we could meet again. It's been a long time!" The man smiled at me.
"Yeah! We!"
"do we know each other?"
"Xiaoguang ~~ You forgot me to roar!"
"You are ..." I exhausted my thoughts and thought.
"I'm a bubble dragon!" He laughed at me again.
"X fucking XX miles! You have changed a lot ~~ Look at you, the bloated ones were no different from pigs, now miles? Wow ~~ handsome guy miles ~~" SORRY! I couldn't help but say a bad word, Haha!
"Look at you, your words have become rude!"
"No way ... haha!"
"Be careful, Xiaoyi will hate you ~~" I smiled a little ...
"Ah!" I yelled and scared the bubble dragon.
"What's wrong?" Bubble Dragon said flattered.
"Where is Lin Youzhong?" I still asked loudly.
"He! I've been arrested at the police station. But don't worry! He has been handcuffed by the police, saying that this is not the first time he has been arrested at the police station, has he?"
"Hmm!" I nodded slightly.
It ’s not just the first time! The first time I met him, I fled, and the second time I met him, the person who was hit by the winglet was not like a person. The third time he appeared, it was during our vacation that he hurt us On holiday, he hurt Xiaoyi for such a big injury. He really stayed away! The fourth time he appeared, he was picked up by Xiao Lan. This time he was caught by the police station for the second time. I think there should be no problem Right?
"Well! I'll drive you home!" Bubble Bubble picked up KEY from the table.
"No more! I called Xiaoyi and asked him to pick me up." After that, I called Xiaoyi and he would come over immediately, but he was surprised, how could I be strange People's home.
"Are you okay these past few years?" First of all, Bubble Dragon broke the silence.
"Not bad. Except for Lin Youzhong."
"When did you come back?" Puffball poured a glass of boiling water and placed it beside me.
"Almost when I was in college."
"You didn't even look for me when you came back."
"How do I know you're back?" I said for granted.
Ding Dong! Ding Dong!
Someone rang the doorbell.
"Wait for me!" Bubble Bubble rushed to the door and opened it.
"Sorry! Is Zhang Chenguang here?" Was Xiaoyi's voice.
"Hmm! Here!"
"Thank you for taking care of him."
"Where? It's an old friend ..." Bubble Dragon smiled.
"We know?" Xiao Yi said calmly.
"Little Wings ~~ You forgot me to roar!"
"You are ..." Xiaoyi thought of it longer than me.
"I'm a bubble dragon!"
"Bubble dragon ..." Xiaoyi didn't seem to turn around for a moment.
"X, why have you changed so much? You are so handsome! Why didn't you come to see me and Xiao Lan when they came back?" Xiao Yi couldn't help but say a swear word, so funny!
"Look at you! You and Xiaoguang both spoke or became rude ~~"
"Haha! It's nothing!"
"Let's go! Xiaoguang is waiting for you in the room." Bubble Bubble brings the wing to the room.
"Are you okay?" Xiao Yi rushed over when he saw me in the room.
"Okay, but Lin Youzhong appears again."
"Hou ~~ I shouldn't let you go home alone!" Xiao Yi said regretfully.
"No!" I smiled politely.
"No! Next time I will never let you go home alone."
I looked at each other with a bubble dragon and laughed a few times, feeling something about what Xiao Yi said ... hehe!
"It's been a long time since my old friends met, let's talk!" Bubble Dragon entertained Xiaoyi, went to make a few cups of coffee, and sat in a chair, planning to chat with Xiaoyi.
"Right! Which school are you studying now?" Xiao Yi asked.
"Benevolent College."
"Yeah! It's close to our school! Then come to us often!"
"Huh!" Bubble Dragon nodded.
"Hahaha!" The three of us laughed for a sudden silence this time.
The annual school celebration and market will be held.
Every society is about to come up with everything and win the attention of the audience.
Of course it also includes us, the dance club.
However, as soon as I heard that Xiao Yi was going to sing on stage, it softened me again.
It doesn't matter! Come on.
"Will you feel a little guilty?" The beauty who was eating ice really sips ice.
"What palpitations?"
"Just while winglet is singing!"
"Then ... you are not the same!"
"I'm not Xiaoyi's girlfriend, I don't have the power to worry!"
"There are fewer idiots over there!"
"Why don't you say that Xiao Lan is palpitated when he plays the drums?"
"I don't have power either, I'm alone, how lonely!"
"When it comes to one person, it's better to look at it!" I started to have ideas again.
"Who?" Mei asked curiously.
"Bubble Dragon!"
Mei really touched my forehead and said ...
"Xiao Guang, do you have a fever?"
"What fever?"
"Bubble Dragon is not here, you tell me to try dried hemp?"
"You probably don't know? I met Lin Youzhong again a few days ago!"
"That dead pervert has appeared again?" Mei Zhen asked curiously.
"Yeah, the chickens that have been troubled by him recently are restless."
"What's the last?" Mei Zhen asked curiously.
"Someone saved me later!"
"Who is it? Winglet?"
"No! It's bubble dragon."
"Really?" Meizhen looked surprised.
"Really! But I'm also surprised. And he's enrolled at the benevolent college opposite our school!"
"But even if he appears, I can't be with him, he's so ..." Then Meizhen smiled at me a few times, I already knew what he was going to say.
"Hey! You are wrong!" I smiled treacherously.
"I'm wrong? Is he fat and stylish too? Sportsman?"
"NO, NO, NO! He has become more and more, he has become taller and thinner. Super handsome ~~ You must have felt palpitations when you saw it."
"Really? It's hard to believe!"
"Right! I can hardly believe it, but that's the truth."
"Is it more handsome than your winglet?"
"Crap, of course, my winglet is more handsome!"
"Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm asking the wrong person. Xiaoyi is your boyfriend. What should I ask, shouldn't I ask you, this is a really wrong choice ~~"
"Hee hee! It's good to know." Look! Mei Zhen's expression defeated by me, how speechless, he shouldn't ask me, it's a fact. He rolled his eyes and glared at me.
On the day of the school celebration, everyone was very excited, especially this was one of the few remaining activities of everyone. If you want to remember, you must take advantage of this school celebration.
However, everyone is busy this school day.
I'm busy taking everyone to dance and prepare for CD music.
Mei is really busy rehearsing his drama, not to mention that he is still the heroine and has too many lines.
Xiaoyi is busy practicing singing and his guitar, and is preparing to take the stage to electrocut everyone with his eyes.
Xiao Lan was busy practicing his drums and went on stage with Xiao Yi.
Cai Xiang was busy with his costumes. Their society planned to take the costume show on this school celebration. Everyone painted colorfully, and they could not recognize Cai Xiang at all.
Feng Zi, who has not appeared in a long time, also rehearsed the drama.
Yes! Everyone is busy, but also very happy. On the day of the celebration, Bubble Dragon will also come to our school to join us ~~ Everyone is looking forward to it.
The school celebration fell for dozens of seconds, 10 …… 9 …… 8 …… 7 …… 6 …… 5 …… 4 …… 3 …… 2 …… 1 …… The school celebration started ... but no one thought that something happened. Let Xiaoyi and Xiaolan's brothers break down ...
07th Century-Misunderstanding
"Ten ... nine ... eight ... seven ... six ... five ... four ... three ... two ... one ... one ... the forty-ninth faculty celebration ceremony, the ceremony began ..." Shouted that everyone couldn't hide the excitement.
But all of us performers are still preparing for the stage.
First of all, I, my group is working hard to perform dances waiting to be performed, loose pants, exposed clothes and horrible makeup.
Why are the bags under the eyes so dark? I didn't have enough sleep last night, nor did I want to be a koala! I feel terrible.
However, the situation happened. Because the weather is too hot today, everyone finishes makeup and then continues to dance. All of them are sweating. Unfortunately, all the makeup is almost spent, and the entire face is black.
"What? My makeup is gone."
"Do you want to repaint?"
"Ah ~~ My face is black and ugly ~~"
"I don't want to redraw it!" I started to issue orders, but I had to complain.
But I was worried. Our opening got a lot of booes. We were very optimistic because we spent all the costumes and it was hard to hear criticism.
But this is what is called "a bad start is half the failure."
"The next performance is the" Clothing Show "brought by the Art Institute. Applause encourages."
Just after I was busy, I rushed to the stage and watched the performance brought by Cai Xiang.
But there are too many people, it's so hard for me ~~ 躜 ~~ It's so good, I can see a little bit.
The first were a few men, dressed in Indian outfits, but their expressions were very serious. They all came to the front of the stage, put together a few poses, and went back again.
Later, a few boys in bullfighter costumes came out, wow ~~ so handsome! He waved the red flag and stopped for a while.
Then he came out for a new fragrance. He was wearing flamenco-style clothes, but ... the problem came.
When the boy in the matador's costume walked backwards, he accidentally fell, and he was thrown down along with Ayaka, and the boy pressed on Ayaka.
"Roar ~~" Everyone started yelling.
What happened?
Wow—Xiao Lan saw this scene. The boy would surely be killed by Xiao Lan, and Xiao Lan would definitely eat super vinegar.
The boy's hand was pressed on Cai Xiang's chest, not even letting his mouth go, kissing Cai Xiang.
Cai Xiang quickly pushed the boy away, but based on the factors of the performance, she didn't react much.
"Woo ..." The audience below was still coaxing.
"It's not like chasing after others like this!" Some people even said more abominable words.
But Cai Xiang ignored those people and continued his journey.
Sure enough, something went wrong at the beginning, and everything went wrong later.
The same is true of the drama club where Fengzi and Meizhen are.
"Ah, are you going to take a seat?" Fengzi played the bad mother-in-law. This drama called "The Maid's Suffering" was really lively and made many audiences laugh.
Especially the phrase "Ah, where have you been?" Although Feng Zi is my love rival, I must honestly say that his acting skills are really good.
"No, ah, I'm going to buy eggs ─" Meizhen poses pitifully ...
At this moment, someone patted my shoulder behind my back.
"Who?" I yelled.
I looked back and realized that it was a bubble dragon, and I immediately closed my mouth.
Oh my god ~ just got down to bubble dragon like that?
"Sorry ..." I whispered.
"No!" He still smiled.
"Is that a phoenix on the stage?" He continued.
"Yeah! That's Fengzi and Meizhen."
"Wow! Fengzi has changed a lot, he has changed ... so beautiful!"
"Yeah! In fact, other people also change a lot ..." Wait! The expression of that bubble is ... His eyes are full of worship, no! That is one level higher than worship, and he has never heard Talk to me, looking at Fengzi, shouldn't he like Fengzi?
Good yeah ~~ so I have one less love rival.
"Hee hee ..." Thinking of this, I laughed secretly.
"Is it so funny?" The bubble bubble woke me up, and he told me, remember not to laugh too loudly or play tricks next time.
But after a while, the situation came again.
"What party to join? Don't go!" Fengzi's disgusting mother-in-law took the stick.
"Don't! Don't!" Meizhen was crying. At this moment, Fengzi was holding the stick, and when he was about to step on a chair with his foot, his pants cracked right behind.
Mom ~~ Did anyone find it?
"Did you not find out?" I approached the bubble dragon.
"What did you find?"
"Phoenix's pants are cracked."
"Yes!" Wow--is it too obvious?
Fengzi and Meizhen are finally finished.
I took the bubble dragon to visit them in their lounge.
"Wow-you are acting so realistic!" At the beginning, I left a few words of praise.
"Yeah! It's just that my trousers are cracked." Fengzi still mentioned the matter.
"Oh ~~ Xiaoguang, who's next to you?" Meizhen looked puzzled.
I first looked at Bubble Shooter and smiled.
"He's a bubble dragon." I snickered a few times.
"Wow! Really fucking XX, why do you change so much? Look, they are all handsome." Meizhen pinched Bubble's shoulder a few times.
"Hey! Hey! Hey! I find that you all talk rudely!"
"It's just fine!"
Only then did I think that a few more shows will be performed by Xiao Yi and Xiao Lan. I will see how well they prepare.
Walking outside their community classroom, they saw Xiao Lan and Xiao Yi busy.
"Need help?" I walked to the side of Wing. +
"No need! You go to the garden tour." Xiao Yi said politely.
"Well, I'll help you a little bit."
"Then you can help us make clothes and other outfits."
"Yes, Sir!" I shouted as if she were the sheriff.
Xiaoyi stared at me with two eyes, as if defeated by me.
I hurried back to their community classroom and took all the clothes and makeup.
I help them put on their clothes and make up.
"Xiao Lan, I have a hat in my cupboard. You can help me get it." Xiao Yi ordered Xiao Lan.
Xiao Lan rushed back to the classroom. About three minutes later, Xiao Lan hadn't returned yet.
"Well, why isn't Xiao Lan back yet?"
"We're all out, maybe we should go back to him, maybe he can't find it." I suggested.
"Hmm, okay!"
The whole problem lies here. How can this happen ...
Xiao Yi and I hurried back to the classroom and saw Xiao Lan still looking for it.
"Can't find it?" Xiao Yi asked.
"Well, I can't find it."
This time I changed the winglet and went to the cabinet to find it. He couldn't find it for a long time, so he also looked around the cabinet. Suddenly he caught it.
His face was not very good-looking. It seemed that what he found was worse than he thought.
"What's wrong?" Xiao Lan and I asked.
"Who's this?" Xiao Yi asked angrily.
Xiao Lan and I got together, oh my God-no wonder Xiao Yi was so angry.
That ’s a winged guitar. The guitar next to the cabinet is broken. The guitar is broken in two halves. They will be on stage in ten minutes. What should I do?
"Who is it?" Xiao Yi asked angrily.
Things have been in front of them like this, it has become a reality, Xiaoyi thought for a while.
"Xiao Lan, did you use it?" Xiao Yi asked Xiao Lan.
"Isn't there anyone else for you? It's only been more than ten minutes since I just went out to make up and come back now. In the middle, the club door is locked again, and no one will come in."
"Isn't it me?" Xiao Lan growled loudly.
"You can't be honest, is it necessary to lie?"
"It's not me!"
"Just admit it, didn't you break my PSP last time, did I scold you?"
"But there is no, I admit dryness?"
"Otherwise, who are you talking about?"
"Who knows?" Xiao Lan looked innocent.
"Yeah, it's really impossible for anyone to come in during this period."
"But it's not me! How many times do you want me to understand?"
"Xiao Lan, be honest and not lie ..."
"I didn't lie, and you broke my MP3 last time!" It was miserable. They started to roll it up and settled the account. What would happen?
"You haven't broken my remote control yet." Little Wing also rolled up the old account.
"What about teddy bears?" Xiao Lan's turn.
"What about the Walkman?" Switched to Little Wings.
"Where's the horn ..."
"What about slippers ..."
"What about panties ..."
"Where's the TV ..."
"Where is the washing machine ..."
"What about my T-shirt ..."
"Where's my underwear?"
"What are you doing now?" Little Wing began to get impatient.
"What now? You slander me, can't I look at you upset?"
"What are you talking about? You ..." Xiao Yi couldn't help but walked towards Xiao Lan's face and punched him.
"You hit me ..." As expected, Xiao Lan also stepped forward and punched.
"Hey! You stop ..." Before I finished speaking, they were scrambling on the ground.
I quickly picked up my cell phone, called Cai Xiang, and asked Cai Xiang to help persuade.
"Don't fight!" Cai Xiang also came to persuade.
"Now you should think about how to get on stage!"
"Ah! Shout, what should I do?"
"Ah! What are you going to do?" The two men said the same sentence at the same time
"How do I know?" I replied indifferently, not a member of a rock club, how do I know what to do?
"Ah! I know that the guitar club has two or three more guitars. I'll borrow them." Lan thought of a good way at a critical moment.
"Okay! Okay! Okay! Let's borrow it soon!" Cai Xiang also hurriedly said.
"Hmm! Hurry!" Xiao Lan strode out the door.
"You don't need to do this, maybe you really misunderstand him!" I whispered to Xiaoyi.
"Hmm!" Xiaoyi remained silent.
"Don't say him unsure, okay?"
"Hmm ..." This time, Xiaoyi answered more uncertainly.
I decided to give up and persuade him, anyway he said he would not listen.
"Welcome the songs brought by the rock club." The host was sweating and hurriedly stepped down to let the rock club come to power.
"Hello everyone! We are" A Gabiby ", we are going to bring a few original songs today ..." Xiaoyi, Xiaolan and the other three members came on stage, and also brought more cheers than other performances .
Although after the incident just now, Xiaoyi did not forget to continuously discharge and discharge, and squeaked my electricity. As for Xiao Lan, don't look at it so that Caixiang won't be jealous.
Paying attention to Fengzi, he and Bubble Dragon seem to have not seen each other for a long time. They talked a lot, and they ate ice. The two sweet ones should be good friends, right?
Soon, the performance was over, and the interaction between Xiaoyi and Xiaolan seemed to be reduced because of the recent dispute. Even with interaction, it adds uncomfortableness.
When they were done, I blinked at Cai Xiang, hinting at him.
"Cough! Cough! How about the four of us taking a picture?"
"Yeah! Yeah! Have a memory?" Cai Xiang echoed.
"It doesn't matter."
"I'm not bad." What a terrible answer?
I took the camera out of my bag and asked other students to help us take pictures, but things were not as simple as I thought. I and Cai Xiang placed Xiaoyi and Xiaolan in the middle. They squeezed in, and they moved out by themselves.
"Wingy, can you go in a little bit?"
"I don't want to." It's a terse three words.
"Then Xiaolan, go in a little bit."
"I don't want to." It's really a brother, and it's still very simple.
"You better get me closer!" I and Cai Xiang were very fierce, and they said coincidentally.
"Hello ~~ I don't want to take photos with him." Xiao Lan complained first.
"Do you think I want to take pictures with you?"
"I just want to shoot with my little Hong Xiang." Xiao Lan held Cai Xiang.
"I just want to shoot with my little light." Xiao Yi hugged me and kissed my mouth.
It doesn't matter if I look at the classmates who helped us take pictures. He wants to tell us to hurry up, but he doesn't dare to say anything because he is angry.
Where would Fengzi and Bubble Dragon just pass by, they were even more frightened, because Xiaoyi and Xiaolan behaved too much ... naive!
"You two can be a little more naive." I pulled Xiao Yi's ears, Cai Xiang pulled Xiao Lan's ears, and especially pulled them among us.
The two of them looked like subdued puppies and had to do it for Luo.
"Sweet watermelon is sweet?" Asked the classmate who helped us with the photo. He seemed relieved that he didn't have to be in a war.
"Sweet ~~" seemed to be the only thing I called out with Cai Xiang.
As soon as the photo was taken, Phoenix and Bubble Dragon also ran.
We walked together and went to this garden party together. Suddenly Xiaoyi ran to hold my hand.
"Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? I'll buy it for you." Xiao Yi said near my ears.
"I want to eat you!" I pretended to be angry, who told him he had just lost my face.
"Really? Hee! Hee!" He snickered? No! He shouldn't be mistaken, right? Forget it, don't want to say too much.
Soon! School preparations are about to end. I was planning to find Xiaoyi to go shopping at night, but he told me he was in trouble.
Yeah! Today he quarrels with Xiao Lan, he will be in a bad mood, don't bother him.
Distressed, I slowly walked into the well-known convenience store opposite the school.
I walked to the refrigerator and moved my hand up the beverage can. What kind of drink should I buy?
In fact, it's not just about what drinks to drink. Only 70% of them are thinking about how to make Xiaoyi and Xiaolan the brothers get together.
What about orange soda ...
Chocolate milk ...
Bubble green tea ...
Yes! Latte!
Maybe it's a habit. Every time Xiao Yi goes to the convenience store, he likes latte coffee. I should get used to the same drink as him.
When I was walking to checkout, I found out that something went wrong ...
"Take out all your money." It's a gangster, it's a gangster ...
But looking at the clerk, I was not scared as I expected.
The clerk walked out of the counter along the wall and cabinet. The next picture was dumbfounded. This is a female clerk. He even fought so hard. He seemed to have practiced Taekwondo and had a war with the gangsters:
"The clerk took out a woman's necessary drill and broke through the gangster's horizon.
The gangster summoned the huge summoning beast Bahamut, and Bahamut spit out a beam of light at the clerk, grilling the clerk into a burger.
The clerk exerted super powers and cracked the gangster's ass into four pieces.
The gangster took out the man's necessary drill bit, breaking through the clerk's horizon.
The clerk hit the gangster softly with his family's children's chest punches. The gangster shouted, "Yo yo ~ the one you hit is so painful ~", Jiao panted a few times and fell down.
The gangster said to the clerk, "Come after me ~ little fool ~", the clerk rushed to catch up and stepped on the anti-tank mine on the ground.
The clerk was hungry and cleaned up the gangsters, not even a drop of juice left ... "
Too exaggerated! In short, the clerk finally won. I stood in front of the counter and looked at the female clerk, head, face, chest, waist and feet. Wow! Not only is self-defense awesome, but the figure is ... awesome ... the gangsters are no longer on the ground.
This female clerk could not help reminding me of his employee brand name, Liang Dehua ... isn't it our playmate when I was a kid, Ahua ...
"You are ..." I pointed at him.
"Yeah! I'm Ah Hua you know, a playmate and an old friend after hours. I know I want to sit down and have a good chat. You are also surprised that I am back. But I have to deal with the alarm first. Let ’s talk next time! I ’m in the class from 3pm to 7pm. Remember to get together with old friends! OK? Xiaoguang! “Oh my God! He even knows what I ’m thinking! Great.
"Oh ..." I paused.
"Well, remember. Old friend ..." When did he come back? Why did he happen to meet here so long? He worked here for a long time? Forget it! See you next time, see if he's busy, he helps After I checked out, I had to leave as soon as possible.
I walked slowly and walked into the alley next to me. That was the way home ...
But unfortunately, I saw a picture that made me angry.
Why did Wings betray me?
What was it like being sentenced? Feeling burned by fireworks? Feeling cut by marbles? It turned out that I was crying as an underage. I do n’t know when the tears fell down and my clothes were all wet.
How much I want to destroy this picture, what kind of picture is this that makes me so hot?
All I saw was the puppet who was as pitiful as a kitten, and hugged Caixiang ...
08th century-low tide
Why can winglet betray me?
I ran fast, ran to a place other people didn't know, ran to one of the corners, ran to a place where I didn't know how to get out, ran to the ends of the earth ...
Bell ~~ bell ~~
"Hey! Hemp? Annoying!" I said impatiently.
"Are you so fierce?" Meizhen said in a coquettish tone. Who called you? Annoy me when my wife is upset. What do you want? Gloat?
"Your cousin!" I realized that my crying was really obvious!
"You cry ..." Mei really didn't know how to comfort me.
"You don't care about me ... you don't care about me ..." I hung up my phone, and tears were like rain, and I quickly ran to the side alley.
I crouched down and couldn't help crying louder. There was a picture of Xiaoyi holding Caixiang in my head. So what am I? Did he ever hold me like that?
Yell! This is another big question mark ...
Bell ~~ bell ~~
It's Meizhen again ...
I turned off my phone, is it my bad habit again, I have to turn myself off again ...
I walked home embarrassed, and I put my heavy bag on the bed and locked the door of the room.
Betrayal? What is betrayal?
Didn't he say he loved me? Why did he hold on to Cai Xiang?
Can't figure it out, can't figure it out ...
Is it just as long as I disappear? Probably!
I picked up a utility knife from my dresser and put it on my wrist artery.
"I'm dead, everything will be fine ... hahahaha ~~~~ hahahaha ~~" Like a lunatic, I started waving a utility knife.
"Woo ha ha ha ha ~~~~ Dead rabbit, let's die!" I held a rabbit doll, and he let me shake, holding this rabbit, some pictures appeared in my head.
The first time I met Xiaoyi, chocolate strung me and him. At that time, I loved chocolate. Mei really wanted to make up for us!
At that time, I was naive to think that I would be happy with Xiaoyi. Why did I have this shit idea?
As long as he has one or two sweet words, my mood will fly from the bottom of the valley to the clouds and back to him. Is this useless to me?
If I didn't show up, maybe Fengzi would be very happy with him, maybe everything would change. This is not a fact, not a fact, is it a dream? Dream? Hahaha!
And this rabbit was bought to me by the garden party yesterday.
"I bought this rabbit for you, and he will represent me in the future. You will be with me if you want me, lonely, and bored, and he is me." Then, a warm kiss came.
This was a seemingly perfect but flawless kiss. He was like honey, sweet and overly sweet, making everyone very happy, but he did not expect the sting of the bee hidden inside.
But I kissed him stupidly. At that time, I thought innocently that I was the happiest person in the world. I looked at Xiaolan, Caixiang, Fengzi, Bubble Dragon, Meizhen in front of me. Their eyes are very envious, do they think? I would rather give them, why? Why?
I'm arrogant!
Come back and look at the rabbit.
"Do you think you are cute? Do you think you are flattering? Hahahaha!" I have all collapsed, letting myself continue to wave with a utility knife.
This rabbit doesn't belong to me, either? No! Not at all ...
I should not have you at all, I should not have you, from the beginning to the present.
I transferred the utility knife from the air to the rabbit.
The first wound ... the second wound ... the third wound ... the fourth wound ... the fifth wound ... This picture is familiar.
Yes! That's the picture ...
That time when you went out to play, Lin Youzhong wielded a knife at me. He was also crazy. To protect me, Xiaoyi was cut out of several wounds.
Is that the secret sign of betrayal?
I finally learned that sweet words are not credible!
I started to disassemble the rabbit's hand. The clearer and clearer the picture was ...
I started to break down the rabbit's feet. The more obvious the picture, the bigger the wound ...
I started to break down rabbit ears, the clearer and more unreasonable the picture ...
I slowly decomposed the rabbit and found that the cotton had been soaked in my tears ... Is it acid? Is it really acid? Is it?
Is cotton and my tears sour?
Is it sour than the last lemonade? Is it sour than the heart now?
What if my tears and winglet's blood?
Sweet and bitter, which one? Or salty?
Alright! Enough!
The rabbit is broken down, and the rabbit is gone.
Only me left ...
Is it time to decompose myself?
I took the utility knife again and moved it on my wrist. I took a breath and forced my hand. The bright red blood immediately flowed out, mixed with my tears just now. This is a symbol of betrayal. After mixing, it becomes Light red, is this representative of deep love?
It turned out that what I loved in the end was just betrayal.
I'm still alive? It must be too little.
I raised the utility knife, and cut it again ...
My hand is fixed in mid air, can't move? Wait! Can't move?
"You don't have to do this if you don't want it!" Brother and Xiao Lan.
Let me look over the door ...
On, am I locked?
"How did you come in? I'm locked yeah ~~"
"Don't forget that I have the keys! Hey!" Hey what? What's so funny?
I quickly wiped my tears, Xiao Lan handed a toilet paper, let me stop the blood on my hand ...
"Stupid old lady, you disappeared, and no one made me bully?" So I was born to kill my brother Luo? And, why did Xiao Lan come?
I stared at Xiao Lan, Xiao Lan began to feel uncomfortable, and knew that I was going to ask him how he came.
"I sent you because Meizhen called you and you didn't answer." He still pointed at me with a sloppy smile.
"You still haven't finished the matter of winglet ~~ Go back and deal with him!"
"No! Caixiang wants me to understand what happened to you."
"Yeah! You see! Everyone cares about you so much. Don't be in the blessing and be blessed! Let's talk, we will listen." What did Brother agree?
But if you think about it, everyone treats me well. I really am in a blessing!
Thinking of this, I collapsed and I cried completely.
"Yes ... it's winglet." Simple three words, but stammer, it's hard to say!
"He? What's wrong with him?" The brother asked further.
"Yeah! He was weird recently. He said yesterday that I broke his guitar for no reason, but I do n’t know where he put it. How could I break it? Maybe you and he just misunderstood. Let's see! We will listen. "
"He betrayed me."
After saying a word, I looked at what they had to say, and continued talking.
"Yesterday, my school was celebrated. I went to the convenience store opposite the school to buy a drink and prepared to go home. In the alley next to me, I saw Xiaoyi hugging with other girls ..."
"So? You just harm yourself?" Brother interrupted me.
"You let him finish!" Xiao Lan reminded my brother when I saw that I hadn't finished.
"But the feeling that he was holding that girl was never there. It was a kind of affection. He never held me so affectionately, and they held them tightly and passionately.
"Impossible! That's not like Xiaoyi's personality." Xiao Lan shook her head.
"Who said that, didn't you say that weird recently?" Brother said.
"Do you know who that girl is?"
Should Xiao Lan ask this question? Should I answer it?
That woman is Cai Xiangye ~~ Can I answer this easily? Will it destroy the relationship between Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang?
I kept my head down and said nothing, and remained silent for a long time.
But if that's the case, that's fine.
"Can't you say?" Xiao Lan broke the silence.
"That woman ..." I started to pause.
But my heart hasn't stopped, I keep repeating a sentence: It is Caixiang! It is Caixiang! It is Caixiang! It is Caixiang! It is Caixiang! It is Caixiang! It is Caixiang ~~~~ It is Caixiang ...
I wish I could tell Xiao Lan and let Xiao Lan take revenge on Cai Hong.
But would it be too much?
"Who is it?" Xiao Lan could not wait.
"It's Caixiang!" Sunny thunder ~~ Of course I can't say that. And I said ...
"Actually, I don't know that person ~~" I'm really a kind!
Hey, I can only blame myself for not saying anything.
"Rest assured, this should just be a misunderstanding." Xiao Lan smiled at me.
"If it were you, you wouldn't think it was a misunderstanding." I said unhappy.
"Why?" Xiao Lan asked again.
"Because that woman is Caixiang!" I said in my heart.
Oh my god, this is my second chance. I did n’t expect me to try again ...
"Just nothing!"
Why? Why? I just cut my wrist with just one swipe.
"Remember the next time you have a bad mood, don't hurt yourself like this, I will be distressed." Brother said affectionately, telling the truth, did not the brother say I was born to kill him?
I just do n’t know if this time the brother is serious, the brother held me in his arms.
"No matter what happened to you, we're still one family, okay?"
"Yeah! Let me tell you something next time! We are all good friends from an early age." Xiao Lan also said to his brother.
Yes! It's so nice. If they were, they wouldn't think so.
Alright! That's the only way ...
It's time to practice the club again. Seriously, by the last year, I'm leaving soon ...
"It's this again ... this is the gift for every performance."
The members were disappointed with the bamboo pencil and an eraser issued by the school.
"Yeah! And what age are they? Who is using such a bad pen now? If you want to send it, you also need a mechanical pencil!"
"Yeah!" All the members said together.
"You told me it was useless, and it wasn't from me." I said impatiently.
"Roar-wasting space ~~" They started awkward again.
Suddenly found someone standing outside the classroom window, Xiao Lan? Why did he come?
He beckoned to me in order to lend me.
I walked out of the door in doubt, catching a glimpse of Xiaoyi hiding at the corner, hum! He is more foolish than me, and he didn't dare to show up because he was wrong, right?
"Actually, he wants to ..." Xiao Lan stopped halfway. because……
Now I hug him ...
"Don't listen to him! I saw him and the woman's hug again this morning." Wow ~~ I am so vengeful now ... even I was scared ...
"I only knew he couldn't be trusted!" I said angrily.
"Ok ... good ... don't cry!" Xiao Lan calmed me.
"Are you still mad at him?" About Xiao Yi and Xiao Lan, are you done with it? Otherwise, how did Xiao Lan tell Xiao Xiao.
"Actually, I haven't made up with him yet, I have to write on paper even when I just communicated." At this moment I still held him and looked at Xiaoyi secretly.
Xiao Yi saw me and Xiao Lan hug, and it seemed not to be a taste, so she turned away.
Yes! Do you finally know the taste? You should also know how sad and jealous I was when you hugged with Cai Xiang?
"He's too much ... he bullies you like this ..." Xiao Lan also seemed a little angry.
"Are you free after school?"
"I'm in a bad mood. I'll go to the cafe next door. Can you stay with me?"
"Huh! OK!" Xiao Lan smiled at me.
"See Luo after school! Bye!" That's it, we said goodbye.
I walked into the classroom ... everyone was still confused.
"President, what about your boyfriend?"
"Have you changed your boyfriend again?"
"What about the previous one?"
"You look so sweet!" Was another group of gossip members.
"You think too much." I winked at everyone.
"President, what do you say ~~" Everyone began to coquettish me.
"Want to listen?" I smiled intentionally.
"Think ..." Everyone came together.
"Go practice now, what are you listening to? Hurry!" I yelled.
Sure enough, no one objected, everyone went back to practice dancing ...
I walked into the coffee shop and Xiao Lan seemed to be waiting in it for a long time.
Go to the most corner place, this is the most inconspicuous place ...
"If you have a mind, you really have to say it!" Xiao Lan said humbly.
"Hmm!" I nodded slightly.
"Excuse me, what do you want?" The clerk came to order.
I flipped through the catalog ... blueberry cake ... chocolate cakes are so delicious!
"I want blueberry cake!" Xiao Lan and I mentioned.
"So point it!"
"But ... I want chocolate cake too!"
"Otherwise you order blueberry cake, I order chocolate cake, and we will eat together."
"Okay!" I can't wait for Luo!
"A blueberry cake, a chocolate cake."
"Well! Coming soon."
Bell ~~ bell ~~
Just after ordering, Xiao Lan's cell phone rang, it was Xiao Yi ...
I secretly heard some talking ...
First there was silence, almost after a while:
"Sorry." Xiaoyi broke the deadlock.
"How do you say I'm sorry?" Xiao Lan was still a little bad.
"Because a schoolboy just came to me."
"what happened?"
"That schoolboy is the murderer who broke my guitar ..."
"It's good to know."
"That's why I said sorry to you."
"Oh! What then?"
"where are you?"
"Is it important?"
"Oh! Okay!" Xiaoyi seemed to give up. Hang up the phone.
"This is your blueberry cake and chocolate cake." Just after talking on the phone, the clerk brought the cake.
I took a bite of blueberry cake.
"Wow ~~ This is so delicious!"
"Yeah! I want to eat too!" Xiao Lan said, and before he dug a bite, I dug a corner and brought it to his mouth, he choked.
"All old friends, it's okay!" He took a sip of relief.
"Is it delicious?" I asked.
"Huh!" He nodded sharply.
"Then you have a bite of chocolate cake, too." He dug a corner of the chocolate cake and brought it to my mouth.
I did not hesitate to eat, suddenly ...
"When did you become so close?" The familiar voice, figure, was ...
Wings! Why is he here?
What hurts me more is Cai Xiang standing next to him. They are together?
"Huh! You just talked and laughed with Cai Xiang!"
"All good friends, is it necessary to care about it?"
"Then Xiaoguang and I don't have to care about this, do you?"
"I ..." Little Wing stammered ...
"I haven't mentioned that you betrayed Xiaoguang!"
"I betray him? Where am I betraying him?"
"Okay! It's not embarrassing to make mistakes, the most embarrassing thing is not to know how to admit it!"
"I didn't do anything. What do I apologize for?"
"Everything was seen by Xiaoguang, and he argued!"
"Have you and him looked so sweet and sweet yet?"
"Huh! I didn't expect you and Cai Xiang to betray me."
"Me?" Originally it was just a war between brothers. I didn't expect Cai Xiang to speak ...
"I don't have it ~" Cai Xiang said innocently.
"Even you lie to me."
"No! Nothing happened at all." Xiaoyi still did not admit it.
"So you just don't know how to admit it!"
"What the hell are you talking about, Lan?" Cai Xiang said innocently.
"Forget it! It's okay to argue with you." Xiao Yi gave up arguing with us, deliberately overturned the boiling water on our table, and turned away.
He walked out of the cafe door ...
"Well ..." Cai Xiang shook her head at Xiao Lan.
"When did they get better?" Xiao Lan said to me, but I didn't know anything, I just shook my head to deny it.
Xiao Lan also pulled me out of the cafe, and then I put the money on the counter and went out with him.
"Winglet!" Cai Xiang stopped winglet, and winglet stood in the middle of the road.
"Bat ──" The car honked at a long distance.
"Come on." How did you know Xiao Lan suddenly ran out of my side and pushed out the winglet standing by the side of the road, and the car crashed into Xiao Lan ...
09th Century-The End?
The atmosphere was so weird. Three people stood in the ward, not only worried, but also full of embarrassment. Looking at Cai Xiang holding toilet paper and wiping tears, he knew that he still cared about Xiao Lan.
Xiao Lan blinked for a few moments and finally woke up. We put down the worry in our heart and it was all right.
"Xiao Lan, you finally woke up." Cai Xiang saw this and jumped to Xiao Lan's bed.
"Are you okay?" Cai Xiang continued.
At this time, two people rushed in together. They were Fengzi and Bubble Dragon. They seemed very happy.
I looked at me and Xiaoyi again, why was there so much difference?
"We ..." Xiao Yi broke the silence between us.
I don't want to say anything, I don't want to face anything ...
Not sure why, I walked into the convenience store opposite the school.
As usual, I walked into the convenience store and took the latte ... wait! I'm mad at him, and I'm dry with his interests.
I put the latte down and switched to chocolate milk.
After checkout, I took the chocolate milk, walked to the table aside, and drunk chocolate milk.
"Huh! He thought I would let him go." I started mumbling.
"Don't think I'll let him go like this."
"Does he think betrayal is good?"
"Has he been betrayed?"
"Huh!" I began to realize that this was a meaningless self-talk to me, and I stopped and continued drinking chocolate milk quietly.
"What's wrong?" Suddenly a kind voice appeared beside me.
It's Ahua! He sat beside me and smiled slightly at me.
"Just Wing, he betrayed me." I muttered.
"Are you still together?" A Hua looked at me in surprise.
I nodded ...
"Okay, tell me everything!"
So I told Ahua everything, seriously, it was so good!
"NO! NO! NO! Maybe it's a misunderstanding." Ah Hua seemed very much.
"Yeah, go and talk to him, maybe you are all mistaken with each other."
Bell ~~ bell ~~
"Hey! I'm winglet, shall we make it clear?"
"Convenience store across the school!" I still looked mad and hung up my phone.
"What's wrong?" Ahua asked with great concern.
"He doesn't have to ask him," I said to Ah Hua, defeated.
"That's fine!"
"That's good! What if I'm really wrong?" I began to feel that I also had a mistake, and I felt a little embarrassed.
Is there a secret passage in this convenience store for me to drill? I don't think it's as bad as I thought ...
He has a lot of reasons to hug Cai Xiang, am I really wrong?
"What to do ..." I was anxious.
"how could I know?"
"Come on! He's coming."
"So Le?"
"What to do? What to do ... both old friends ... think about it ..." I glanced out the window and a familiar figure appeared.
It's winglet ...
"Wow ~~ What should I do?" I jumped from my chair
"Hide it!" Good Idea!
"Then I'll hide it first!" I rushed to the counter, held one hand, jumped over the counter, and narrowed my whole body under the counter.
"Where is Xiaoguang?" I heard Xiaoyi walk into the convenience store and start talking to himself.
"Do you see a girl in a pink T-shirt?"
"Oh! Wait a minute!" No! Ah Hua, is this dry hemp?
I saw a figure walk into the counter ... it was Ahua ...
He squatted down, then grabbed my clothes and pulled me up.
"He's here ..." He smiled at Xiao Yi.
"Hee! Hey!" I just smirked at him.
"After all, you still have to face the facts!" Damn it! Death arrogant, arrogant arrogant, want to hurt me?
"I didn't want you to be a prostitute, but it's a fact, you should have faced it!" Oh my God! He heard me even thinking about it, horrible!
"No way! I just heard it, but I don't know why? It's not scary to say horror." Forget it! Still don't think about anything.
"Don't think it's best." ... I have nothing to say.
In the end I was arrested to face the facts.
"Xiao Lan said, I betray you ..."
"Yes! You betrayed me!" Before he could finish, I would retreat.
"No, actually that day, I would hold Caixiang because of this ..."
That evening:
"Caixiang, are you free now?" Xiao Yi said, and he was in a bad mood.
"Well! Let's go!"
"Actually, I knew it wasn't for Xiao Lan today, but I don't know why. I can't stop. I have to blame. The more I look at me, the more distressed, after all, he is my brother ..."
"Actually I can see it."
"I just don't understand how to express ..."
"I understand, I understand, you and Xiao Lan will have these problems in the future, you can talk to me."
"How can I say sorry to him?"
"You settle your mood first, and then you apologize to him after a while."
"I'm so stressed, it's really ..."
"I know you are under a lot of pressure ..." Before Xiao Xiang finished, Xiao Yi said again.
"Can you comfort me like a comforting dog? I think I'm so depraved ..." Xiao Yi lay slowly in Cai Xiang's arms, letting Cai Xiang comfort.
Actually winglet has seen me for a long time, but winglet thinks I will believe him, so I didn't explain much to me.
But there was still a little anxiety in Xiaoyi's heart.
He climbed from Cai Xiang's arms and looked at Cai Xiang.
"How can Xiaoguang explain to him?"
"What to explain to him?" Cai Xiang hadn't figured it out yet.
"He just saw us hugging."
"Anyway, we didn't do anything, we are justified, don't be afraid!"
"Also! Haha!" Xiaoyi wiped the tears in the corner of her eyes with her hands.
It's just that no one expected that this would happen ...
"So you understand?" Xiao Yi asked me again.
"So it ’s all a misunderstanding?"
"Yeah!" Xiao Yi sighed, as if another thing was done.
"Look! I might just be a misunderstanding!" Is this a firearm? Is Hua really aware of it? Wait, will Ah Hua know what I'm thinking?
"Are you doubting me? Don't doubt, I'm not a firearm, I really know, I'm sorry! I know what you're thinking."
"Oh my God! You are amazing. Do you know what Wing is thinking?"
"How could I know!" Ah Hua smiled at me again.
"Aren't you great?"
"I don't know ~~" Ah Hua poses to me without knowing anything.
"Excuse me, this is ..." Ah Duo Huo ~~ I haven't discussed Ah Hua with Xiaoyi.
"Hello, we were playmates when we were young! It's the one you know ~" He acted really fast, and before I even spoke about him, he started selling himself.
"That's because you're too slow, don't blame me for taking the initiative!"
"Hello! I haven't seen you for a long time." Damn it, how could it be so coincidental? After the bubble dragon came back, Ah Hua also came back. Is it so coincidental?
"It's just such a coincidence, isn't it?" I was really helpless.
"Well, we should go back and see Xiao Lan!" Xiao Yi grabbed my hand.
"Okay!" Yeah, lest Ahua have any moves, it's scary!
"That's it for today! Bye!" Finally broke away ...
"Xiao Guang, are you okay? Are you still angry?" Mei Zhen was also in the ward.
"Well! This is a misunderstanding ~~ Nothing!" I smiled at them.
"That's good." Everyone was relieved at the same time. How did it look like the little wings just now?
"Sorry! I misunderstood you, too." Xiao Lan frowned embarrassedly.
"Did I care so much about you?" Xiao Yi smiled bitterly.
"Ah ~~ I know my brother is the best for me!" Xiao Lan propped herself up with her hands, sitting on the hospital bed, hugging the wing next to him.
"Oh! I'm so uncomfortable ~" Xiao Yi said uncomfortably, after all, how could he be so affectionate in front of everyone.
"Okay ... okay ..." Xiao Lan looked innocent.
"And me!" Cai Xiang came over by herself.
"Yes! I misunderstood you too."
"It's okay ~~" Cai Xiang shouted her tongue shyly.
"I'm sorry ~~ Bibi!" Lan tried to raise her body a little higher with her hands, but her body hadn't fully recovered and she didn't succeed, so she continued.
"Before I kissed you, I was taller than you, and I had to squat down to kiss, now I am in bed, shorter than you, and you squatted down and kissed me ~~" Xiao Lan began to be cute to Cai Xiang!
"No! It was always you who kissed me before, and I kiss you today." Cai Xiang squatted down, kissed Xiao Lan, and roared-I was not willing to see this kind of picture ...
"Winglet!" Instead I turned to look at winglet.
"What's wrong?" Xiao Yi asked me.
"I want you to kiss me too." I began to play coquettishly.
"Again ..."
I did n’t wait for him to finish, and I put my toes on my own. I thought he was close to him, but I did n’t expect that after I put my toes on, I was still not tall enough.
"You are so tall to die?"
"That's you too short!" Xiao Yi pressed my head with his hand, showing my shortness.
Because I was joking, I rolled my eyes at Little Wing and showed some discomfort. He saw and squatted down, his face slowly approached me, and kissed ...
Kissing this time is much happier than before.
"Wow ~~ so happy!" Mei Zhen raised the tone by half, prompting the word happiness.
"Four people are kissing, endlessly? This is a hospital, not a kiss meeting ~~" This time, I was joking about changing bubblers.
"Oh! Are you jealous of bubble dragon?" Meizhen squinted.
"I dare not!" Bubble Bubble shook his head.
"Where are you and Fengzi? Don't you kiss them?" Xiao Lan, who was lying on the bed, was also joking.
"Kiss ... Kiss ... Kiss ... Kiss ..." Then everyone cheered.
"No! I haven't officially dated him yet." Bubble Dragon waved his hand.
"Roar--" Everyone started to feel suffocated because they didn't see the kiss of Fengzi and Bubble Dragon.
"Everyone please spare us this time!"
"Okay ... okay ... this time ... this time ..." Everyone was unconscious!
Time passed so fast. After a month, today is the day when Xiao Lan is discharged from the hospital. I bought a few sandwiches for breakfast in the morning and went to the hospital with Xiaoyi.
"That's great! Xiao Lan is going to be discharged today ~" I jumped beside Xiao Yi.
"Well! Wait for everyone to party!"
"Yell-everyone hasn't been together for a long time. I'll call my brother by the way."
"Huh! Okay."
"Woo ~~ Don't die! Don't die!" Cai Xiang called from Xiao Lan's room door.
Why don't you die? Who is it? I started to panic, I rushed into the ward.
"Who? What's wrong?"
"What's wrong?" Cai Xiang made an expression that seemed to have happened.
"Don't you just say you don't die! Don't you die?"
"Oh! You say this."
"Which one?" Cai Xiang picked up the mouse beside him.
"I caught a mouse in the hospital a few days ago, so I secretly raised him. I just put him on a chair to play with, and Xiao Lan just came out of the toilet. He didn't notice and sat down."
"Roar ~~ Xiao Lan maimed the animal ~~"
"I didn't mean it!" Xiao Lan began to make an innocent expression.
"Okay! Don't joke, let's have breakfast!" I picked up the sandwich on my hand.
"Yes, let's go to the party this afternoon!"
"Where to gather?"
"Go to the convenience store opposite the school ..."
"What's so great about convenience stores?"
"Luo Yan! Take you to meet someone."
"Okay! Partying at a convenience store ... it should be fun!"
"Hmm!" That's it, we reached a consensus.
In the afternoon, everyone walked into the convenience store opposite the school together.
Everyone started picking up what they wanted to eat and drink.
I moved my hand over the latte coffee pot, and finally one hand grabbed my hand and moved it aside, it was the winglet, the winglet's hand, and he put my hand on the chocolate milk.
"Let's drink chocolate milk later!" Xiao Yi said to me with a smile.
"Why?" I don't understand.
"Because you like chocolate milk! I'll drink it with you."
"Not good ... for me to get used to it ..."
"And we'll be together, and they're all chocolate! If I didn't drop the chocolate that day, how would I meet you again? Chocolate is like a red thread."
"Okay!" I said helplessly.
Everyone is done checking out and sitting at the table next to them.
I brought Ah Hua and I am going to introduce you ...
"Hey, everyone look here!" I called everyone.
"I'm ashamed of you like this ~" Ah Hua whispered to her ear.
"I won't be sorry ~~" I also whispered back to him.
"He! It's our good friends who are young, Ahua, Liang Dehua! Yes, don't doubt, he's back, he's back to us ..." I introduced Ahua loudly.
"Oh ~~ No wonder I just saw him so familiar."
"Wow ~~ It's a lot worse!"
"Welcome back ~" Everyone started talking about each.
"Well! Why didn't your brother come?" Xiaoyi found that my brother was not here.
"When I called him, he said he wasn't coming. He was afraid he would come, and I couldn't kiss him sweetly here." At this time, everyone was chatting.
Today is a happy day and everyone is back together again.
And there's big news ...
While everyone was chatting, the bubble dragon suddenly jumped up.
"I want to make an official announcement here, and I will formally associate with Fengzi ..."
"Okay ..." Everyone started yelling and drinking, and then, Fengzi and Bubble Dragon started to grow thick.
And Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang are here ...
"You fed Xiaoguang food last time, I want it too ~" No? He remembered the last thing so clearly, so shameful ~~
Xiao Lan said nothing and handed a bite of ice cream to Cai Xiang.
"It's delicious ~~ for you ..." Cai Xiang also handed a bite of ice cream to Xiao Lan.
"Oh ~~ You eat the whole mouth ~~" Xiao Lan picked up toilet paper and helped Cai Xiang wipe her mouth ...
As for me and Xiaoyi ...
I feel very happy drinking chocolate milk. I also hold hands to drink a drink ~~
At this moment, we are so happy! This is a long time and a long time ago. I left before and finally came back. Now everyone is together. It should be the best ending ...
"Where is this?" I started to be afraid, because now I am standing in a white place all around ...
Suddenly a boy in white-green checked shirt and jeans appeared ...
"Hello! I'm the author ... I have something to see you," he said.
"What's wrong?" I asked curiously.
"Is this the end of the play?" What? I don't understand!
"Is it so fast? I remember that my script is only halfway through ~~ and half is not yet ..."
"Don't you think the plot just ended like enough?"
"Not yet ~~ There are still many problems that have not been solved yet ~~"
"Okay! I have to say that the script is only half way ..." he said helplessly.
"So normally, do you want to continue ~~"
"Yes! But you have to change your name in the second half?"
"Why?" Good name change?
"Both your name brings bad luck. The name has bad characters. Change it!"
"I do not want!"
"The author said it's good! Since you all love a scarf tied up around a ball, call you ... Little Maru ..."
"Do n’t have to, the author said it! The second half is called Xiaomaru! Rest assured, the storyline is coherent! Just renamed it!" The storyline is also coherent, that is not the same as death ...
"Can you say no?"
"Go to death ~~"
"How could I die?"
"I said, it's the author's word!"
"Haha! How can I ..." Before I finished speaking, my feet wouldn't listen to the call and walked to the middle of the main road automatically. The car came and went, it was horrible.
"Bat ~~" A car suddenly drove over.
"What to do? Hurry up and say what to do, I will be killed ..."
"Do something yourself."
"Hurry ... I'm dead, so there's no second half, Xiaomaru's acting ..."
"Shout for The End for the first half of my film. I'll let you go!"
"Okay!" I said helplessly ...
~~ The End ~~
10th century-nightmare
Yesterday because I was too high in the convenience store and I slept too late. Now I want to sleep in class, but I ca n’t help it. Everyone has a rare reunion. How can it not be High?
The professor was talking on the podium, talking about a bunch of things that frowned upon hearing it, how long is his spell? I would rather go home and go to bed, hide in my blankets, hibernate, and wait until spring comes My kennel is hunting for food.
Dang ~~ Dang ~~ Dang ~~ Dang ~~
Yeah ~~ Finally class, I use my Scuds ... No! I run home with Scuds, no matter how fast I run, my feet will break, okay?
Of course, I used my three-inch tongue to lure other campus wolves to take me home.
"Can you come home?" I began to plead with my first classmate.
"But I'll have a date ~~" Dating? What's the appointment? Is there a difference in that few minutes? It won't take long for my mother to go home!
"Can you take me home?" I pleaded with classmate II again.
"I'll have a class later." Still a class? There are so many classes? No need to go! What will happen if you skip this class? It's not bad.
Next, I used the electric eyes of my tears. I do n’t know if I forgot to recharge or not enough light? I have been rejected all the time, so I had to retreat and take the bus home.
"Well, let me take you home, Pill!"
"..............." I paused for a few seconds. Who is this person? He's really lucky. If it wasn't for the fact that Xiao Yi had classes this afternoon, he would have no chance!
"I just happened to be free, and nothing happened in the afternoon!" Zhan Zhenghao smiled at me, his tall body raised his head up and clicked a few times.
"... Okay!" I, who had been stunned, suddenly woke up and nodded in agreement.
He followed Zhan Zhenghao to the parking lot, where there were locomotive and bicycles. He pulled a locomotive out of this pile, and I quickly stepped on his locomotive.
Zhan Zhenghao is second only to Xiaoyi in our school. He has a tall body and handsome face.
Just how to know, I just found out that he has a sloppy smile, just like Xiaoyi, without losing a kind of childlike innocence, from a distance, it really looks like Xiaoyi!
And the awards he won in school also go hand in hand with Xiaoyi. He won the top three in the inter-school basketball competition for three consecutive years, the first place in the all-inclusive music release competition for four years, and many more awards ... He has always been the dream pursuer of many girls in the school.
It's just ... it's too late! I'm already a boyfriend, I'm not interested in having an affair!
Although he has good conditions, I still have to be principled. With the winglet, I ca n’t have a second one, lest he be punished. Of course, he was riding a bike, and I was holding him, not even a FU, let alone What mother-in-law said.
"Here!" Zhan Zhenghao shouted with relief.
"Thank you!" I jumped off the locomotive and thanked me quickly. Of course, I also want to thank the suburbs next to the school. It is not easy to get caught without a helmet. Of course, my sister has trained, and children should not learn!
It took a few seconds, rushed into the room, lost something, and lay on the bed.
"Hoo ~~ finally can rest ..."
I still ca n’t fight Zhou Gong, but I was pulled away to play chess ...
This is a dark place all around.
"Where is this?" I began to feel afraid. Is this a dream? It was the dream that hoped to end soon. If so, what should I do?
"Anyone?" I shouted.
"Mom ~~" I shouted.
"Brother ~~" I shouted again when I saw no one.
I started to feel wrong. I looked behind me. Four little punks in floral shirts lined up like me coming here.
They had scars on their faces, and they had lush beards around their mouths, each of which was strong, short and tall, and looked terrifying.
I hurried to the alley opposite, just how to know, they changed to my back again, I started to run hard, to run hard, but no matter what, there is always no way to get rid of those foolish, I began to panic, walk In the convenience store, the clerk disappeared, walked to the apartment's guard room, and the security was gone. Everyone on the road was gone, leaving only five people.
I don't know when my tears will stay obedient and wet my clothes. Why aren't those four baffles staying away from me?
I continued to yell again.
"Mom ~~"
"Brother ~~"
"Meichen ~~" I don't think there is anyone I didn't call. He is the person I trust most and the person I love the most. Who is it? I can't remember how.
"If something happened and disappeared, don't remember me, forget me! Don't be sad for me." It was a familiar voice, which sounded in my ear.
It's him, the person I trust the most, but why can't I always remember who it is, and who it is? Why should I forget him, and why?
"Where are you?" I started to feel directionless, shouting around.
But he never showed up. Is he playing hide-and-seek with me? What hide-and-seek is playing with me this time? I do n’t want to play, come to an end! I would rather go back and play with his housekeeper, even if we are together Scolded by Fengzi's mother, even if we thought about it together, I still want to go back, why didn't I show up? When should I play?
"If something happened and disappeared, don't remember me, forget me! Don't feel sorry for me." This sentence still lingers in my ears, and I can't let it go. I should think of him.
Yes! He! That's him! I remember who he is.
"Winglet, winglet! Where are you? I miss you!" It is him! Winglet.
But his figure still didn't show up. Until one or two minutes later, I saw his back. At the door of the apartment in front of me, he also ran hard. Why did he keep running?
I shifted my eyes to the junkies who were squatting in front of the convenience store and smoking. They were not chasing the winglets.
So I started to run, chasing behind the winglet.
Follow him, I ran into the apartment, the apartment became more gloomy, shouldn't it be a fierce house?
When I walked into the apartment, there were corpses and bones all over the floor, and it was disgusting to make me want to vomit. What the hell was this? However, in order to keep up with the wing, I still didn't stop and kept running.
I can't stand it anymore! I don't want to be in this place at all, and I start to feel scared again.
"Wing, where are you?" I started yelling again.
"Come out!"
It's about the seventh floor. Someone stretched out his hand, fixed my neck, and covered my mouth with the palm of his hand. He just did a lot of movements, and now he is very big and panting, and his nose is exhaling. They all blew into my ears, feeling uncomfortable and a little bit itchy, but this feeling is familiar. Although uncomfortable, he added a sense of security to me.
However, he covered my mouth and seemed to be concerned that I should not speak for the time being.
After about three minutes, he let go of his hand, and I quickly bounced to see his true face.
It's winglet, great! It's winglet.
"Great! It's you!" I started yelling excitedly.
"Shh!" He put his index finger in front of his mouth and asked me not to yell.
"What's wrong with us?" I asked curiously.
He seemed to have something he couldn't say, and wanted to say something, but couldn't say it.
It's been a long time since I've seen it, and what's happening, I just found out that he has many wounds on his body.
"Why do you have so many wounds? Will it hurt?" I stroked his wounds.
Suddenly, he grabbed my wrist and looked at him. He seemed to be upset and feels a lot older. What happened to him?
"I'm leaving." He said indifferently.
"Why?" I began to wonder.
"Don't ask me why." His tone told me that he had a lot of regrets. He didn't seem to have done anything, but ... did he do anything?
"What the hell is wrong with you?" I frowned, and realized that it seemed to have a certain severity, but my gut told me that he wouldn't tell me.
"Sorry! I really regret that I shouldn't take this path. I think it's time for me to leave. It's almost time. I'm sorry to keep you worried. Let me settle!"
"I don't want to listen to this. I just want to know you leave?"
"You will know, I think it's almost time."
"I don't, I want you to tell me in person, I want to know now."
"If something happened and disappeared, don't remember me, forget me! Don't be sorry for me." He seemed to ignore me, repeating this sentence again.
Then he felt unwell and fainted on the ground. I tried to hold him with my hands, but everything was the same, and my strength was still beyond him.
Bell ~~ bell ~~ bell ~~
The phone in my pocket rang ...
I suddenly opened my eyes, and wet my whole body. I didn't know how long I slept, how long I just dreamed, and I kept sweating.
I answered the phone.
"Hello!" My voice was full of just waking up.
"I'm winglet."
"Huh? What's wrong?"
"Are you just sleeping?" He asked more than a few words ...
"Crap!" I glanced at him secretly.
"I just finished class. I bought a bunch of snacks for you to eat. When I bring them to your house, let's eat together!" He waited to come to my house, and I distribute it now.
"Wow ~~~~" I yelled.
"You wait, come slowly!" I hung up the phone, pulled the clothes off the hanger on the balcony, opened the gas, and started to take a bath.
I've just sweated so much and it's sure to smell bad!
Water drenched on me, and I started thinking about my dream.
The dream was just horror, but what did he tell me?
Is this a sad dream? Why do I feel regretful after I dreamed it? There seems to be something to regret and what will happen?
Is there something I should pay attention to recently?
Or should I pay attention to winglets recently?
So what do those meanness mean?
So what should I pay attention to?
Myself? Winglet?
Forget it! Never mind this dream!
Ding Dong!
As soon as he took a shower, Xiaoyi arrived.
I opened the door and didn't notice that our eyes were right, and I suddenly exhaled. The little wing in front of me, fortunately, was still the little wing I was familiar with, and it was really just a dream.
It was just that we looked at each other for a long time, and finally he was back.
"I bought a lot of food. Come and eat!" It was cold outside. He was wearing a thick coat and uniform pants. Outside, it was freezing and freezing?
"Is it cold? Come in and sit down!" I took Winglet to my room.
"Xiao Wan, is your family nobody today?" Xiao Yi asked curiously.
"My brother is still busy in the company. He has been sleeping in the company's dormitory recently. My mother is back to her mother's house, so I am only at home these days."
"That's right, I also bought dinner so you don't have to bother cooking again!" He smiled silly at me ...
I started to feel sigh, how could there be such an innocent and lovely smile? How long can I see such a smile?
Is it because of the dream just now? That nightmare disturbed me. It seems that something is going to happen. Can I turn time into a key and lock it? Then I can stay in this second.
I sat on my bed, Xiaoyi put dinner and snacks on the table. I had just taken a shower and had n’t blown my hair. I put a quilt on my back and picked up the hot dinner. It was a bowl. The real large bowel noodles, I ate them with a big mouth.
It turned out that in the real world, I found a sense of security again. The dream just broke down slowly. It seems that nothing happened, and it was Xiaoyi who gave me a sense of security again.
I feel so warm!
I don't know why, there was a force pushing me into the arms of Xiaoyi ...
"Thank you!" I smiled.
"Fool! Thank you, Ganma and me?" He stroked my head tenderly, treating me like a baby, and I suddenly felt a warm layer of attack. At this moment, I was so happy!
"Can you promise me to stay by my side forever, don't leave me?" Maybe it was so touched, my tears dripped indiscriminately.
At this moment, it dripped on my feet and felt it very warm.
"You're really a super big fool, crying? Okay! I promise you to stay with you forever, don't leave you, OK?"
"Hmm!" I nodded sharply.
"Well, eat it! It won't taste good when it's cold."
Then, while we were eating dinner, we were watching TV. In the quiet room, although quiet, we were not lonely. After eating the large intestine noodles and burning fresh grass, our mouths never stopped.
I will be fed to him fatally one day.
After eating the two hot ones, he also took out Lu Wei. I leaned my head on his shoulders and continued watching TV. I continued to eat Luwei. The two covered the same blanket. There was no way out of the cold weather. In mid-December, cold is also normal, but in this blanket, it is so warm, plus the heat of loquat, and the shoulder of winglet, his body temperature is constantly spreading in my heart, this is a happiness never before In the past few days, I should have been alone at home, but there was one more person to accompany me, very warm, I hope he will come to accompany me every day in the future.
Looking at it, I fell asleep on his shoulder, this time I have no dreams, I just feel sweet.
I don't know how long I slept, he gently put my head up, put it on the pillow, put the rubbish in the bag, and prepared to leave the door. I reached out and held him.
"You don't need it! Stay with me." I said with a husky tone.
"Well! I will stay with you, I will take you to class tomorrow, I have no class tomorrow!" He and I promised, and went away.
How did he know that after he left, a jar of plastic bottles fell out of his pocket, and I picked it forward.
"O2?" I meditate on the bottle.
Isn't O2 an oxygen hood?
Xiaoyi dry hemp want this?
No, I'm still waiting for him to say hello.
After a while or so, Xiao Yi walked back quietly. He thought I was asleep. He seemed surprised when he saw that I was not asleep.
"How do you have O2?"
"..............." He paused for a long time, then continued.
"Hey? My dad's stuff, ah! I forgot to give it to him."
"Your dad?" I asked him dubiously.
"Yes! My dad is panting. He told me to buy a can, but he forgot to give it to him, haha!"
"Yes!" I whispered.
"Sleep early! You have lessons tomorrow!"
Why does he have to rush me to sleep?
Why did he say, "Well? My dad's stuff, ah! I forgot to give it to him." This answer was so hesitant? I just thought it was weird ...
Alright! Think of my heart.
However, in such an atmosphere, I can only fall asleep with anxiety.
Christmas is coming soon, and today, Meizhen and I are going to buy gifts ...
"I heard that my brother was with you at your house yesterday?"
"Yeah!" I already feel used to it.
"Did you happen?"
"No ah!"
"It's just that I have a question. His dad is panting."
"His dad is panting? I don't know how."
So I told Mijin what happened yesterday, including my dreams.
"Little pills, you think too much!"
"Did I think too much?"
"Please! I have been his cousin for a few years? He is so strong, how can there be any illness, really you think too much, oh! Go shopping!"
No matter what Meizhen said, I still feel weird. Are things simple?
Today we are still eating dinner and supper in the room, but there is more beauty, we are discussing the Christmas party.
"Find more people that day!"
"Xiao Lan, Cai Xiang, Feng Zi, Bubble Dragon and A Hua, please find some more classmates."
"Where to do it?"
"How about the newly opened house which is full in 1999?"
"Okay! I heard that house is delicious!"
"Ah! What time is it now?" Mei really frightened me.
"It's eight o'clock."
"Ah! My classmates and I still have an appointment ~~ You go on! I leave, goodbye!" Mei really walked out of the house in panic, leaving Xiaoyi and me.
"The two of us are left ..." Xiao Yi said.
"Yes! Will you stay with me today?"
"Of course I want it!"
The next two of us were quiet for a while, and continued to eat our supper.
A hard-earned history of love is on TV. What about me?
How long will my love with Xiaoyi last?
One hour? One day? One year? Ten years? One hundred years? Or forever?
We finished our supper, took a break, and Xiaoyi stood up and stretched.
"Okay! Go to bed early." Xiao Yi kissed my cheek and threw the trash out.
"A one-second kiss combines the warmth of a minute, the sweetness of an hour, the good mood of a day, the happiness of a lifetime, and also adds a permanent legend ..."
Who knows when I am half asleep and awake, I see something that worries me.
Xiaoyi seemed to rush into the room panting, fumbled for the contents of the table, he picked up a can of plastic bottle and sucked it, and the bottle of that plastic bottle said O2 ...
11th century-come true
I didn't get up to ask him any questions because I saw him suck O2.
Because he was not tortured, I brought an unlimited question mark to the school today.
Sitting silently on the seat, without saying a word, like a time bomb. Every classmate walked around and seemed to see a monster, with a scared complexion.
"What's the matter with you?" Mei was so curious to sit in the chair in front of me, ready to see any good news?
"Really? Very guilty ~~" Yes! I mean guilty.
"I ..." I started blinking all the time, as the saying goes, people who lie will blink all the time, ah! The attitude of this is obvious too.
"No, no-Ganma is so nervous?" Mei Zhen suddenly patted my shoulder, and I sighed in an instant.
"Yeah, I'm fine, numb and nervous?"
"Let's be a sister for a few years? You really have a mind!"
"I suspect your brother is panting."
"Ha! Ha! He is so strong, how could there be something wrong, you think too much."
"But I really saw him hurriedly looking for O2 again yesterday."
"Okay! I confess, let me ask him." Meizhen quickly got up and walked out of the classroom door. Everyone expected that he was going to ask Xiaoyi soon.
"Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't worry, I'll wait for him to tell me."
"No, it's about health ~~ How can you care?"
"I believe him."
"Well! I believe he will take care of himself, after all, he is also a fear of death."
"Yeah ~~" In this case, I had no choice but to lose him.
I turned on the computer on my computer desk.
I started moving up the keyboard. Should I type the word "pant"?
Why am I hesitating? I seem to be afraid of something. The computer is bright enough to make me feel dazzling because the room is not turned on.
What am I afraid of? What am I afraid of?
Could I find out what a dangerous illness he is?
Unknowingly, I already entered a "qi" character in my hand, how could this happen? How could Xiaoyi be like this? Shouldn't it be due to him, he is a good man ...
Yes, he is a good guy ...
Is it that in this world, good people leave the world relatively quickly? Infinite sighs attack, and my heart is filled with many arrows.
Others say "time is like an arrow, and time is like a shuttle." This means that the light is as fast as a flying arrow. So, as time goes by, my heart will be full of more arrows?
Having said so much, I just don't want Xiaoyi to get this kind of disease tyrant, I just help him injustice. I hope this is really a dream.
Alright! I've already cheered on the keyboard, so take the courage to pant! Quickly press the search key and find a web page.
Full of words, I have not read it patiently, he wrote like this:
"Asthma is a chronic, recurrent, reversible obstruction of the airways. It is mainly due to the contraction of the muscles of the tracheal wall, tracheal mucosal edema and tracheal endocrine secretions after the trachea is stimulated by various allergic or non-allergic factors ( Increased sputum) causes the diameter of the respiratory tract to shrink, which causes breathing difficulties. At the same time, when the air passes through the narrow respiratory tract, the air makes a wheezing sound like a noisy whistle. More serious is The accumulation of some inflammatory cells and inflammatory substances, which in turn causes the destruction of respiratory epithelial cells and the exposure of nerve end plates, exacerbates this vicious cycle of overreaction.
Asthma occurs due to congenital deficiency and acquired disorders. Congenital deficiency means that asthma is hereditary. About half of the children, asthma, parents, or siblings can often find that asthma is also suffered, and asthma can also Intergenerational inheritance; At the same time, asthmatic children often have other allergies, such as allergic rhinitis, eczema, milk allergy, and urticaria; acquired disorders are said to be stimulated by various allergens in the acquired environment. "
Forget it! Don't say anything, there is more information.
Just when I was about to open the next web page, the winglet suddenly appeared next to the door.
I quickly shut down all the web pages and turned to smirk at him.
"Are you numbing?"
"Are you numbing?" Both of us said in unison.
Seriously, he and I both felt a guilty conscience, and I was afraid he found out that I knew he had asthma, but he was afraid that I knew he had asthma.
At this moment, our eyes were relatively long, and the resentment came again, and my heart was agitated, sour! This feeling is more sour!
It ’s really funny, and it ’s not an incurable disease. Is it sad?
However, at this moment, my mind flashed a lot of pictures of me and him ...
From the first time, chocolate has connected us ...
At that time, Caixiang, Xiaolan, and Meizhen invited us to many places, coffee shops, amusement parks ... just to bind us.
Later we went out to play. When I met Lin Youzhong in the cabin, Xiaoyi was seriously injured in order to protect me. I was so ashamed at that time.
But the Great Iceland between us broke down instantly in that rotary sushi restaurant, and our hearts lit two raging fires.
At this time, I was really happy and extremely happy.
Now, I hesitate for a long time.
I don't know when the fire will be extinguished for no reason. I will burn this candle step by step.
In fairy tales, don't they always end with "from now on, the prince and princess will live happily ever after"?
Is this suitable for us? Right? Right?
He sat in a chair next to me and looked at me with two eyes. At this moment, his eyes kept emitting light, but the light was transmitted to me, and the rest were empty. At this time, I looked at him For the first time, I felt like a child. For the first time, I felt his despair.
Although asthma is not an incurable disease, who knows if he will be out of breath someday? If that day comes, what should I do?
He patted his thigh, implying that I was lying on it.
I lay down gently on his thigh, and his body still gave me a sense of security, but who thought about the dangers between us?
Remember Meizhen told me ...
"You have to pay more attention to my brother. He is very confident in health. He was dying from an early age. He has never even used a health insurance card, and even went to a small clinic to see a doctor. He was panting, and his mood must be very ups and downs. "
This is something we won't understand. A person who is proud of his health is suddenly inferior to anyone. This is not the only ups and downs of ghosts.
He looked at me for a long time. At this moment, the clock didn't run, and time stopped. I began to feel uncomfortable, because I knew that he was planning to announce something with me.
"Small pills!" The seemingly sweet but not sweet grin called from his mouth, my heart beats so fast, nervousness cannot be avoided.
"Huh?" This time, I really didn't want to return to him.
Who knows what he will say in the next sentence? Who knows if our fairy tales will become tragedies? Are our stories tragedies or comedies?
Or ... is it just a farce from start to finish?
"If ..." He seemed to hesitate in his heart.
My eyes opened wider because of tension.
"I mean if. If one day, I say I can't give you happiness, can't stay with you forever, can't take care of you anymore, what would you do?"
After all, this kind of sentence that I was most afraid of still blurted out. How can I answer it? My whole person seems to be petrified and is stiff. I hope this is a symptom of time pause. I do n’t even touch it. I move and continue.
"What does this mean?" I murmured ... but he could still hear.
"I mean, what would you do if I was leaving one day?" He said again. Stupid! You'll be fine, absolutely fine!
"I never thought about it!" I didn't believe it all at the beginning, yes! I never thought about it, because I didn't want to think about it, even more afraid to think about it.
"Promise me! If one day I leave, there will be someone better than me, let him be happy for you, let him stay with you forever, let him take care of you, okay?"
"You lie!" I whispered again.
"What did I lie to?" He felt innocent and surprised, and was puzzled.
"You lie to me, you big liar, there will be no such person, there will never be that person, and you will not leave. I did not leave, and you do not want to leave!" I began to use my strength and shouted, I His nose was sour, and at this time, it was very pungent.
"I don't dare to promise, I dare not swear that there will be no other day." He was also excited because of my excitement, was he a liar? A liar?
"Why? Why do everyone deceive me? Even fairy tales deceive me. Fairy tales are deceiving people, they are used to deceive children. What was once before? What is a long time ago? It must not be history, it is just a legend! "I almost brought out my strength. It was so exciting that everyone would be scared, even myself.
"No! This is a fairy tale, but I cannot be your prince. Your prince is still waiting for you somewhere, he is waiting for you."
"No, my prince is you, it's you!" I jumped from his lap.
"You have to believe me. I used to want to be your star and shine on you. I also wanted to be your angel and protect you. I also wanted to be your sky and take care of you." We are playing Who is more excited? He has already grasped my arms with his fingers with excitement. His excitement is so strong that my arms have two more red lines.
Am I too excited? Otherwise how could I cry?
I've burst into tears, hasn't anyone seen tears sprayed?
"You really want to be happy ..."
"You have to find your real prince ..."
"You don't care too much about me ..." he said sentence by sentence.
I can't do it, I'm almost out of patience, I don't want to listen, I don't want to listen to anything, please! Stop talking, really don't!
I moved my face in front of his face at such a speed that I couldn't cover my ears. I used my kisses to stop talking what he said, deceiving people!
He lied, it was all a lie.
So I don't want to listen to lies anymore!
It was warm and I melted those lie.
The temperature in our body is constantly flowing through our lips, and the temperature in our body flows from high to low, and our two faces immediately turn redder than apples.
In this second, we don't say anything, our minds are all connected, he knows that he shouldn't say anything, yes! He shouldn't say anything.
Because all he said was a lie.
He knows that I don't like others to lie to me. Maybe, I thought about it, what he might say is really possible, but I just do n’t want to listen ~~ You say that I am willful and that I am stubborn Well, I will never believe that the fairy tale between us is tragedy.
I slowly removed my lips, and after the precipitation, we didn't talk anymore. This moment is quiet, maybe! Quiet is the best bridge for communication.
The temperature dropped to the freezing point, and our tears condensed on our cheeks.
He got up and went to another room ...
After a few minutes, he came in through the door, holding a guitar in his hand.
"I know you don't like what I say, then I sing ..." He picked up the guitar, started the melody, and after a few beats, began singing the lyrics:
"Tired as usual, trying to stay awake and thinking about you as usual
I ’m so afraid that when I sleep peacefully, my heartbeat will stop if I do n’t listen.
Listening to the breath like a wave slaps, the more beautiful it makes me 忐忑
What else can I cherish if I can't even grasp my pulse
If I quit this life as a memory
Leaving you wrong, crying, my cold body can't hug you
Think of me letting you love you travel alone
I will hate myself for being so cruel
If I finally become a memory, I ’m finally not so lucky
No chance to hobble white hair and hold you watching the sunset
One day you will be sad and healed
If anyone can let him stay with you, I don't blame you
When will happiness end? Which moment is the last moment?
I want to hold you tightly, you know that you are the most reluctant in my life
If I become a memory, I'm afraid I'm too disappointed
Stubbornly rely on the air to occupy every gap in your heart
You still love me, you still suffer and lose
This is unfair, please try your best to forget me "
He cried even more, his breathing was so loud that I could hear it very clearly.
But the big one was so outrageous, I know ... his asthma started again.
"Come on! Get me O2, my asthma is back again ..." He looks very sad, but what about me? The more I look at it, the more I feel reluctant. I never thought that running into my room was a familiar plastic bottle on the dresser.
He took a few sips of O2 and felt much better.
"I'm sorry, I didn't let you know." He felt guilty, and his concealment of me was immediately punctured, as the so-called "paper, after all, can't hold the fire."
"Why don't you let me know?" I said with ignorance.
"I'm afraid you're worried, I'm afraid you're sad, so I plan to hide you ..."
"If you don't tell me, how do I know? When are you going to tell me? After you have an accident? Or wait to finish it ..." I swallowed the word "funeral", I know I can't crow mouth.
"You wait." I stood up and walked to my desk.
I opened the drawer of my desk and took out a bracelet, thinking about the past.
I'll string this bracelet, it's all a book.
It said: If you chain a string of seven pink beads and seven pink blue beads, called a lucky chain, pink and pink blue will bring double luck, two "Lucky Seven "Not lucky yet?
At that time, I made this bracelet for another prince, but in the end, I was rejected, but that was just an episode.
And now, I want to give this lucky chain to my real prince, winglet.
"This is what I did before. Pink and pink blue will bring double luck. The two" Lucky Seven ", I believe will bring you double good luck. When you miss me, when you are in danger, when you are alone Looking at it all the time, he represents me and stays by your side for 24 hours. I believe this "chain of luck" will guard you. Trust me! "
I pulled up the sleeves of his clothes and planned to put on this "lucky chain" for him, only to find that there were many bruises on his arms.
"Why are you bruised?" I said in surprise.
I started searching. Is there bruise elsewhere? I pulled up his clothes and he had bruises on his chest. I was looking at his back and it was bruises.
"Why do you have so many bruises?" I asked him a little torture, but with his expression, he didn't seem to plan to answer.
"What are you?" I asked him a little annoyed.
"Come on!" I said impatiently.
"You will know by then!" Well! Yeah, I must know, anyway, he said that I will know sooner or later, I will wait!
"What? You guys are too bullshit! Do you think you are doing a serial?" I told Meizhen everything about yesterday.
It's just ... he looked surprised, he thought it was too ridiculous.
"It's true! Where is it?"
"He is so healthy that he can't die!" He didn't seem to believe at all.
"You don't care about him at all, but he is still your cousin." I glared at him.
"You can rest assured! He will be fine." Why did Meizhen not feel nervous at all?
Suddenly, I was shocked. My mobile phone was shaking in my pocket. I picked it up. It was an unread newsletter.
"Are you free after class today? I'll pick you up. You'll wait for me next to the flower garden in front of the school. I'll take you to a place.
Winglet Pen ″
One place? What kind of place?
"Who?" Mei Zhen asked curiously.
"Your dear brother." I answered the question of Meizhen with a loss of tone.
"He's going to hemp?" Meizhen must have three lines in her heart, I'm sure.
I gave Mi Zhen a brief message from him.
"What secret place?"
"How do I know." Yeah! How could I know. Xiaoyi didn't say anything, I do n’t know at all, okay? Anyway, it ’s useless to say so much now, I know after class.
I took my book bag and stood by the flowerbed waiting for him.
Today the sun is extremely dazzling, the air is warm, and the wind is blowing slowly. It is so comfortable ~~ If I can, I will lie in the park, humming songs and taking a nap.
I hurriedly finished eating the rolls in my hands and finished my lunch. I didn't want to wait to sit in the car and eat with my hands.
From a distance, Wing came over in a car, and after a few seconds, he stopped in front of me.
"Don't you eat lunch before hemp? I'll take you to eat."
"Don't bother you, aren't you going where I'm going?" He handed me the helmet and I quickly stepped onto the locomotive.
Across the city, suburbs, countryside, and mountain roads, we quickly entered a wilderness. We walked a short distance and saw a huge house. It seems that the sound insulation is not very good. The cheers inside were scared.
He opened the door, a place crowded with people, everyone cheered together, magnificent, so that people would not be afraid.
Is there anything wrong? An asthmatic man took me to this place ... underground boxing ...
12th century-am I dreaming of boxing?
An asthmatic man took me to a place like this ... an underground boxing ring ...
With imposing momentum, everyone shouted loudly.
At this moment, the winglet is still a winglet, but it is already a crazy winglet.
"This boxing ring was when I knew I was panting, I was very frustrated, and then I found that boxing can vent my emotions, that boxing on others is strong, that feeling, it ’s so cool-if Once you have won, everyone will start shouting your name and cheering for you, and I will be like a king, standing in the middle of the competition table and holding up my hands. A lot of honor. "
"But ..." Before I could say anything, Xiao Yi inserted it.
"Don't do that. I'm going to change my gear. My game is next! Look, everyone is waiting for me to come on stage."
"Have you been here many times?" I said to him seriously.
"Well! Yeah, otherwise I'll talk to you?" He still talked to me happily.
"So the bruise on your body is all because of boxing?"
"Well, yeah ..." He said a little fearful.
"Are you an idiot? In order to fight boxing, you are hurting your whole body, and you are angry ..." As soon as I was about to finish, the others disappeared.
I waited in the auditorium for a long time and finally heard everyone cheering.
"Wow ~~~~"
"Winglet! Winglet! Winglet! Winglet! Winglet! Winglet ..." Everyone started shouting Winglet, and Winglet stepped out proudly from the side.
Seriously, I was defeated by him, I was completely defeated.
He wore a helmet on his head and changed his gear. This was a wild place. The winglet was just a crazy winglet, but at this time, the winglet was not a winglet.
The bell rang, representing Round One ...
Why can't I understand anything?
Yeah! I don't understand anything, I don't want to see anything.
I really don't want to worry about this time.
I opened the gate of the boxing ring, and the sun outside was still very big.
I picked up my cell phone and looked in the phone book. See who can drive me out of here, up and down, and finally found it.
It was him ... Zhan Zhenghao.
It's tiring to walk alone by the mountain road.
A person with a heavy heart walks in the hot sun, hoping that the sun can beat me away, why? God will arrange it this way?
Why don't I remember the prince in the fairy tale boxing?
Why don't I remember which hero in romantic love stories has panting?
Should I bother with Little Wings? I advise him, will he listen?
~~~ ~~~
Zhan Zhenghao used the horn of the locomotive to call me back, yes! I came back.
"Are you numb? Want to scare me?"
"I think you are in a bad mood! I want to remind you ~~" He spit out his tongue, rubbing his hands on the helmet, and said embarrassedly.
No way?
I actually missed a beat.
Why am I missing a beat?
Suddenly, both of us were staring at each other and froze, as if we were being called the same by each other.
"Hurry up!"
"Oh!" Then I really looked back and put on my helmet.
We came to a snack shop, and he took me to "hunting for food", only then did I think that this was originally a wing job.
Walking next to him, but somehow had this familiar feeling:
The flowers on the roadside are so beautiful,
The children playing next to each other laughed so brightly,
Old couple walking on the road is so happy,
How beautiful the world is.
This feeling is not without, but very familiar, is the feeling that Xiao Yi once gave me, and added a sense of security.
The situation is really wrong!
I rubbed my eyes. The other person is Zhan Zhenghao. Why is it that I feel beside the winglet? I once vowed that I will always have feelings for the winglet.
Is he the "real prince" of Little Wings?
Impossible! Impossible!
My real prince is Xiaoyi ~~ There will be no one else.
But now, I found the shadow of Xiaoyi on Zhan Zhenghao's body, no! I hate this kind of self, that is a promise.
History cannot be rewritten.
Wrong! Xiaoyi and I are just advancing ...
This feeling of electrocardiogram should be an illusion, isn't it? It is an illusion.
I ordered a bowl of large intestine noodles. I thought the weather was very cold a few days ago. Xiaoyi bought a bowl of large intestine noodles for me for dinner. He wore a turtleneck sweater, a coat, and carried a few bags. The picture entering my house is so warm.
It was just the kind of warmth that filled my atrium, but I didn't expect that the warmth of the whole room would become sadness in an instant, filled with wet and salty tears.
Unconsciously, I also ordered Lu Wei.
Hey? Did n’t we eat it just a few days ago? It seems that I still care about Xiaoyi. I think Zhan Zhenghao and I think too much!
After eating the large intestine noodles, it did not have the feeling of the previous few days, but I also felt that this large intestine noodles were not as delicious as the previous few days, and it was terribly salty.
I put on a serious expression, maybe Zhan Zhenghao saw it, he was puzzled.
"What's wrong with you? Hearts are heavy." Zhan Zhenghao started looking at me.
"Me?" I pointed at myself.
"Otherwise, who else?" Zhan Zhenghao made me wink.
"Not yet winglet ..." I said frustrated.
"Winglet? What happened to him?"
Actually, I didn't intend to let him know about it, wasn't it! I didn't intend to let anyone know, I didn't like to spread it out, and then the rumor was going to fly.
How can I reject him?
"Must say it?" I frowned at him.
"Of course! This is a must."
"Well ... this thing is ... so this, so this."
"Hey! Don't make a mess! So I don't know what's going on."
"Oh! Yeah? You can't hear me? Sorry, I'm sorry! I thought I had a special function!" I spit at his tongue.
In the end, I still recruited everything.
"Since you don't like him playing boxing, you can tell him frankly."
"I don't dislike him playing boxing either! It's just because he has asthma that I try not to let him do some fierce moves, so I don't like him to fight."
"And I also said it! He was hurt because of boxing last time, and I didn't like him like that." I was anxious to say next without leaving a trace of time.
"This little wing roar! I was really defeated by him." Zhan Zhenghao didn't seem to be reconciled.
"What's wrong?" I asked knowingly.
"How can he hurt you this way?" Zhan Zhenghao looked embarrassed for me.
"Actually I'm OK!" I look OK ...
"What's OK? Your business is my business in the future, my business ... Ah! No matter what, I will help you share your business in the future." He patted his chest with confidence.
Oh My God, this kind of cuteness is also familiar! It seems that it is also on Xiaoyi's body.
"Yes--" I lost a bit of Zhan Zhenghao.
"Since then, I will treat you as a brother, help each other, the two ribs are different. I will help you with things, and likewise, you have to talk to me."
"Dead boy! I'm a girl! Say I'm your brother." I patted Zhan Zhenghao's shoulder.
"Who says a woman can't be a brother?"
"Okay! I'm a little wronged."
"Oh! Really grieved ~~" Yes! I can only do that.
Back home, our family is finally here, and my mother is back. My brother has gone home, of course, I don't need Xiaoyi to come to my house to accompany me.
By the way! Speaking of Xiaoyi, what about him now?
Bell ~~ bell ~~
Why do I have a bad hunch when I pick up my phone?
"Is it Maru?" The man was actively asking a nonsense.
"Crap! Or else it's Daimaru? Small exams, small exams, so big exams, so I'm a small exam? Then ... a mock exam?"
"This is not the time to joke." Cai Xiang's voice sounded very serious.
"What's wrong?" Okay! To be serious, let's do it together!
"Xiaoyi was stunned because he went to boxing. Now he is taken to the hospital." No? I yelled again, wasn't this a dream?
"Which ward? Which ward?" I was anxious to die.
"In the R building, the penultimate ward on the left side of the ninth floor."
"Thank you! I'll be right there."
No way, I had to order a taxi and take me to the hospital!
"Okay?" I rushed into the ward at an alarming rate.
"Little pills!" Xiao Yi called me with a faint voice.
"Dash! Don't you know it's dangerous? You're panting! Go boxing."
"I'll be fine!" Xiao Yi said confidently.
"Promise me not to fight boxing, okay?" I hugged Xiaoyi, at this time his temperature was hot, probably because the hospital quilt was too thick!
From a cold air, it feels warm to touch a warm body.
"Are you sure?" He frowned.
"Okay! I promise you to stop boxing."
"That's what you said!" I ticked him off!
"There is another agreement."
"That is ... from now on, you need to take good care of your own body." I said, and then went on, this is not unreasonable requirements ~~
"This is certain!" Then I was relieved.
"Thank you for your care!" I turned my head, thanking Caixiang, Xiaolan, Fengzi, and Bubble Dragon behind me, especially Xiaolan. In the last car accident, my feet had not recovered and I came back with a cane.
"No! Friends don't help each other!"
Sure enough, that's how it should be! Old friends should be like this--
"The doctor said, observe one day today and you will be discharged tomorrow."
"That's great! Haha!" This feeling was very strange. He was obviously not very happy, but still laughed.
I probably know what I'm worried about ...
It's also a dark scene. It looks familiar. Where did I see it? Ah! It was the scene I dreamed about last time ~~ What happened?
The winglet stood in front of me this time.
"If something happened and disappeared, don't remember me, forget me! Don't be sad for me." The same sentence said to me again.
"I don't listen! I don't listen! I don't listen ~~~~" I covered my ears and started yelling.
It was Douda's tears, dripping to the ground, what? The tears evaporated, and sure enough, everything can happen in the dream, it's strange.
"Why are you so wayward?"
"I am willful? Where am I willful?" I pretended that I was nothing.
Horrifying, a flesh-blooded man, um ... Speak carefully, he can see that he is a boy, he doesn't have a hair, his head and face are as blurry as a paste, and he has one less hand and less With one hand, I saw the tattered clothes, I guess, he is an American zombie!
No! I introduced so much dryness? In short, an American zombie appeared behind the winglet, and he came quietly and slowly.
I couldn't help vomiting when I saw it.
"Xiaoyi, there is a corpse behind you!"
I started yelling at him, afraid that he would be taken away.
Unfortunately, Xiao Yi turned his head and turned back.
"Well--it's time for me to go." What sigh of Xiaoyi? I don't want him to go!
But it was very unsuccessful, the zombie came behind him and grabbed his feet.
"Goodbye, Maru!" The wing was pulled farther and farther, and I cried louder and louder.
"Winglet! Don't go—" I always remember this picture, the zombie's eyes were very sharp, it seemed that when I stepped on, there was a needle in my heart.
That horrible face, I will never forget it, he dragged his wings with his hands ...
No! I don't want Xiaoyi to touch his dirty hands and walk away! I found out that besides Xiaoyi slowly backing away, I also followed, but ... no one dragged me.
I looked down, it was a canoe. The water under the boat was calm and there were no waves, but the canoe retreated slowly like this ... slowly retreated.
Xiaoyi kept waving at me and told me goodbye.
"Winglet! Don't go—" I kept shouting.
Suddenly, the zombie glared at me. I ignored him and continued to cry ...
"Winglet! Are you numb?"
The zombie seemed impatient, yelled at me, huh? Strange, I have no sound? No sound? How can this be?
I think I woke up, it was almost noon in the morning, and I realized that I was lying in the hospital.
"Let's go!" Xiao Yi smiled at me.
"I've packed everything." It seems that Xiaoyi doesn't want to live at all. She packed everything away and hurried to leave the hospital.
But isn't he going to the boxing ring like that? It's weird!
Finally, this time I followed him. This was the day after he was discharged, and he ran to the boxing ring again.
This time the audience's call is more harsh, but the others remain the same.
"Winglet! Winglet! Winglet! Winglet! Winglet! Winglet! Winglet ..." It is the same scene again, isn't it annoying?
He made a strong appearance, this time I must stay, to see what famous hall he broke out of.
In fact, I do n’t understand it, anyway, I just came to K.
At the beginning, Xiaoyi took the lead, because his strength was already strong. He used to run the gym every week.
But I did n’t know what happened in the end, and his speed became slower again. The contestants were so crazy. I started to find that the situation was n’t right, and Xiaoyi stopped ...
Shouldn't it be panting again?
It must be that he was already lying on the chair beside him ...
But the opponent still punched boxing on his back.
Does he hurt? Don't hit it! Don't hit it!
I don't know why, rushed down the competition table, climbed into the table, and hugged him tightly.
"Don't fight! Don't fight!" I hugged him tightly, and I definitely won't let go, because the opponent is crazy, regardless of indiscriminate, K can be K, K is punched, but not It hurts, to protect him, it doesn't hurt at all.
I took out his O2 from his pocket and sucked him.
"Don't fight! Come home with me!" At this time, everyone found that the situation was not good. Every opponent's punch was hit on a girl, and all ran to the stage to stop that person.
But it's too late, I consciously fainted on the back of the wing ...
Later, after I woke up, I found out that after I left the boxing ring, the boxing ring was burned because of a fire. The reason for the arson was unknown, but fortunately, both Xiaoyi and I escaped. Xiao Yi also stopped boxing because he lost the venue.
We were able to escape, which was a great blessing in misfortune. In other words, the fire was severely wounded, burned to death, and trampled to death when we escaped. It was unfortunate.
OK! Today is Christmas, we have a party in the hot pot restaurant in 1999, so High ~~
I, Xiaoyi, Xiaolan, Caixiang, Fengzi, Bubble Dragon, Ahua, my brother and Zhan Zhenghao are all here. Let's eat hot pot together.
"Celebrate Xiaomaru and Xiaoyi escape the boxing arena that day!" First Zhan Zhenghao took his cup and toasted everyone.
"Hey! Also, Xiao Wan will be my brother Luo in the future, no one is allowed to bully him ~~"
"Do we bully him? We are his old friends ~~" Then Mei Zhen spoke, and he took his cup.
"Celebrate Xiaolan can walk without a cane, celebrate the small wings and small pills are not in distress, and I wish you all the best and all the best. Cheers!"
"Hey! You all said our lines!" This time, Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang were not weak.
"I wish three lovers, lovers finally become dependents, and celebrate that I can walk without a cane, and I wish you all peace."
"Ping An'an? Is it too monotonous?" This time, Ah Hua still has a sense of mystery.
"Otherwise?" Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang unanimously.
"Then I say Luo, I'd like to wish everyone a cat to come in, have extra years, safe driving, great luck, and good luck. I wish you all a great year of cats." What is this? Cat?
"Meow!" Finally, Ah Hua added a meow.
This time it ’s our turn: "We're not wordy, I wish you all the best, cheers!"
"Last drink, don't do it, lest the urinal in the toilet will be full ~~"
"The only one left is me." This time ... it's my brother's turn.
"What about me! There is nothing to celebrate, only one. This is a very important one."
"Which one?" I can't wait to ask.
"That is to wish Xiaoyi and my elder sister be together forever."
Oh my god, how embarrassing I heard this blessing ~~ My eyes and Xiaoyi faced each other, and my heart kept echoing the phrase "That is, I wish Xiaoyi and my old girl to be together forever", I ’m very sweet on the shoulder of Xiaoyi Rely on, the big thing is not good, and there is another thing that will make me angry, and it is really a complete fire, that is-I smell the smoke on the wing ...
13th century-separate
Why is there a smell of smoke on his body, not to mention because it is asthma, even if he does not have asthma, I don't like him to smoke, let alone my mother and I hate the person who smokes most, friends do n’t matter, I never thought my boyfriend would smokes.
Everyone at the Christmas Party was very high, except that I was sulking in the corner by myself. I didn't poke Xiaoyi's body in smoke, because there are many possibilities for the smell of smoke on his body. It may not be that he smokes, but Since you have asthma, you should avoid it.
It was finally over, I specially called Xiaoyi to go to the night market.
He looked like nothing had happened, and he didn't seem to notice that I was abnormal. He continued to eat and play with him, and it was normal.
"Wow ~~ This super cute panda doll, do you want me? I clip it for you." When I walked to the front of a doll machine, the light from the doll machine spilled on his face, feeling a bit harsh.
Then I realized that his expression seemed to be full of pressure.
But somewhere deep, some rebellion was hidden.
"Huh!" I nodded slightly and said weakly.
Yes! How could I raise it vigorously? I just smelled the smoke on him, and suddenly thought of what Xiao Lan had just told me secretly.
About an hour ago, Xiao Lan specially pulled me aside.
"You have to be careful with winglets, he seems to be learning badly recently." He frowned, this must have been a serious matter, otherwise he frowned?
"what happened?"
"He was weird the day I was discharged from the hospital. Originally we talked about everything, but it turned out that he had something to hide from me, so I watched him secretly. He was mingling with a group. At first he didn't smoke, He didn't drink, and finally took him into the boxing ring. He started to fall in love with it. In fact, he knew a lot of people, and that's it. He who had never skipped a class, skipped two or three classes. Fortunately, that class The professor of the class is very loose, otherwise Xiaoyi would have been dropped by the 21st. Even if there is a skipped class, I also heard that he was racing in the free time and even had a girl. The girl often talked to him Huo Huo. Smoking is something that happens for one or two days. "
"Oh my God! Why did he do so much without telling me?"
"Are you a fool? How could a thief steal something and tell the shop that he stole something?" Xiao Lan rolled her eyes at me, how could Xiaoyi change so much?
"Well, I see." At this point, I had more questions.
This is not the winglet I want, isn't he my Prince Charming?
If the prince in a fairy tale smokes, is his image still there?
Why haven't I heard of the white horse prince in a fairy tale, who would ride a white horse and ride a horse?
Am I too naive? Deeply thought that personnel would not change.
Back now, both Xiaoyi and I are standing in front of the doll machine. He excitedly looked at the panda doll in the doll machine, and the clip dropped.
I saw that clip, just like the love between me and the winglet, fell down. The clip was more fortunate, it was hung inside the clip doll machine, and my love with him fell high to the ground. It broke very easily.
He caught the doll once, but he couldn't hold our love.
He handed me the panda doll, maybe he found it, I still have a bad face.
"What's wrong with you? Are you upset?"
I pulled the winglet to the alley next to the playground and planned to ask him clearly.
"Why is there a smell of smoke on you?" One Christmas, just at Christmas, our love seemed to be on the verge of disintegration, which was not happy.
"..............." Taken for granted, Xiao Yi froze.
"Don't keep talking, just say it."
"I'm under pressure. I can't vent without the boxing ring, can't I smoke a cigarette?" Hmm! It's like I'm wrong. Did he check his identity when doing things?
"What is it that you are under pressure, can't you smoke a cigarette?" I started to approach him more and more, and he seemed a little afraid.
"Huh!" He exhaled and didn't plan to ignore me anymore.
"Have you ever thought about it, do you have asthma? What if you have an asthma attack? Who wants to save you? We won't worry?"
"What about just smoking a cigarette? No?"
"Are you sure you only smoke?" He turned out to be deceiving, and everything was deceiving.
"Huh!" He nodded guilty.
This time, I deeply believe that history will change ...
At this moment, I believe that fairy tales are not perfect ...
This second, I found that he was not my prince ...
At this moment, I knew he would lie to me ...
"Are you sure you did n’t hang around? Are you sure you didn't skip class? Are you sure you didn't drag racing? Are you sure you don't have me and a girlfriend? Are you sure you didn't drink?" Speaking of evil behavior.
He doesn't speak, is this the default?
He rolled up his sleeves, picked up the lucky chain I gave him, and put it in my hand.
"You're dry." How could my tears stay so easy every time?
"I have so many bad behaviors, I don't deserve to have this lucky chain, because my Lucky Star is gone, and I no longer have you. If I have a lifetime, I can still be with you, and I can associate with you, I can spend my life with you, and I will consider putting him on again. "
Although I was unconvinced and hated him, this was the answer I didn't want after all.
"Miscellaneous account." I threw the panda doll into the ditch and ran forward desperately.
Called a taxi and sat home.
In the car, I thought a lot, thought a lot and his memories.
When I got home, I didn't want to be in anybody. I covered myself in a quilt and wept alone. No matter who came to comfort me, I wouldn't care about him anymore.
I want to cry.
I want a happy ending.
I want my prince to change back.
These are my three wishes now, and I have no need. If there is one, I will hope ...
Hope all of this ... is a dream ...
The next day, when I arrived at the school, I couldn't help it anymore. What the professor said became earwinds, and 咻 ── 咻 ── passed.
Weakness all day, terrified everyone, but I have no choice but to.
I also hope this is a dream.
I also hope that one day he takes off his mask and tells me that he is not a winglet.
In short these are impossible.
When I was near school, I received a letter from someone, written by Xiaoyi:
"Sorry, I shouldn't betray you and do a bunch of things that make you angry and disappointed. You also know that a big tree is helpless. If Thunder hits him today, he can only fall. It ’s just that maybe I should n’t have come back with you at the beginning, because I ’ve been so happy. Indeed! It ’s a happy thing to plan to be beside you, because I see the future.
But now it has collapsed, it is not happiness, it is not the future.
And it's just ... a pile of ... waste.
Right! I'm right.
I think ... let's all meet for now!
There is no fairy tale between us, so let it be a legend.
I returned the lucky chain to you yesterday because it was a punishment for myself. For me, it not only represents Lucky Star, but also represents you. If I own it, it means that I own you. If later, I I can date you again, date you, marry you, have a baby with you, and spend a lifetime with you, and I will consider putting him on again.
Winglet Pen ″
Am I lacrimal gland too developed? What has been crying lately?
But there is no way. I don't know why. I was thinking of being separated from him, but I felt a little bit sad.
But that's fine, let's all settle a bit.
In this way, we really did not contact anymore, not even meeting each other.
But it's wonderful, a few days later, a sunny thunder happened ...
This time I called Zhan Zhenghao again at my dinner.
"What do you want to eat this time?" Zhan Zhenghao, like the host, invited me to his house for dinner and helped me get away.
"I want to eat braised pork rice." This time I will not remember, I will not order the large intestine noodles, I will not order the loin again.
"Well, boss, two bowls of braised rice."
He lost two pairs of chopsticks to me and himself, and fell into silence for a while ...
"Actually ... I have a secret to tell you ..." He said first.
"What's the secret?" Really, he loves to appease.
"Yeah ..." Is there anything to gather such courage?
"Hello ~~ Don't think so much! Let's go."
"Say it first! If you don't agree, there can be no change between us!"
"Okay! It's a word."
"Just ... can I date you?"
"Ah ... ah ... ah ... ah ..." I was like a few crows flying over my head, and my mouth was wide open, and the whole thing was in position.
Perhaps my love can be described by history. It is now experiencing the era of the industrial revolution. After the industrial revolution, global occupations have been transformed and industry has become more developed.
And now my love is one step closer.
But when he went through a book burning pit, I was the happiest because I burned my knowledge and love made me stupid.
I hate that for a while, I hate Qin Shihuang, why not burn all the knowledge at once, and make me stupid and thorough.
Although I hate it, I will never forget it.
Because someone has been with me.
Because I was separated from one person.
Because I don't believe someone will betray me.
Because I don't want someone to learn badly.
Because I haven't seen him for a while ...
I don't know why, I began to miss him again.
However, I know what kind of change my love should take. I used to think that I would be too much like this? I organized the two major faculties of Fabu College.
Although I think so, I have gradually accepted Zhan Zhenghao in my heart ...
I don't know what it feels like, do I admit that my prince is not a winglet? Impossible! I have known him for more than ten years, and I have some feelings.
However, I should have changed a bit because I knew that even if I asked Xiaoyi to come back and regroup with me, he would not agree.
Therefore, I should secretly declare "I promise Zhan Zhenghao's request".
"Let me think about it, and I'll give you the answer."
"Well, I'll wait for you to promise anyway."
What I said in my mouth will give you the answer, but the ghosts can see it. I have agreed silently, because after a long time, I often go shopping, watching movies, eating, visiting the haunted house and watching TV with Zhan Zhenghao alone. ...
The interaction between the two of us is like a pair of male and female friends.
Because of this, during the period when Xiaoyi did not contact me, I only felt some regrets, and sometimes I stared at his photos, but I was not too sad.
During the Chinese New Year period, I took Zhan Zhenghao home for dinner.
"Wow ~~ This man is also good! Look at the relationship." Even my mother straightened me like this, is there anything wrong? It seems that I can't say the whole thing, I actually acquiesced.
"Mom ~~" I started to coquettish with my mother again.
"Oh, don't be spoiled!"
"Okay! You can have dinner!" I will take the last dish out.
"This is my mother's favorite dish" Buddha jumps off the wall "~~" I think my brother and Zhan Zhenghao are drooling, wait!
I found out that my brother was running around at home in his boxer.
"Brother! You look so ridiculous you? You walked there in a boxer."
"You're in charge!" He made a face at me.
"Go and change!" I took my brother's ear and went into the room to wear pants.
Really! It's not a kid anymore, it's all old birds, and it's like running around at home wearing underwear, like that?
"Hello! Let's go."
"Anyone else? Have you come home?" Look! Brother's ears are red and he chopsticks and asks me questions, super naive, what about pretending to be cute?
"Oh! Caixiang and Xiaolan have gone back to Xiaolan's house. They took the south car back, and the bubble dragon and Fengzi went shopping."
"Last time, the one who was tall, thin, and handsome?" Even my mother took a step and asked so much?
"Tall, thin and handsome? Who is it?"
"Mother means winglet!"
"Yes! Little Wings!" Mom seemed to remember the same, and then said.
Winglet ...
Winglet ...
Xiaoyi ... I started to hit the wall again. Seriously, I miss him very much, I miss his days around me, how much I hope he can come back.
I can't tell my mom what happened to him!
However, my brother seems to know, even if I do n’t talk to my mother, wo n’t my brother say it?
"He? He's doing something today!" In fact, except for his mother, Zhan Zhenghao and his brother knew that I was lying and smiled.
Suddenly, everyone entered a quiet state.
The voice of the TV became more obvious, and then the evening news was dialed.
"Hello everyone, I'm XXX, and I will broadcast today's evening news for you." The show's main dialer, with a skilled tone, broadcasts today's focus.
"Next, I will insert an update for you. Between Tainan and Chiayi, it is generally 10 ★ ★ times Ziqiang, due to rail issues, derailment incidents, detailed information is thrown in the investigation ...
10 ★★ Second Ziqiang? Isn't that the bus made by Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang?
I stared at Zhan Zhenghao for a long time, only to find out that the situation was not good.
"You and I are thinking the same thing, right?" First, he said.
"Hurry up! Call and ask if they are all right."
I took out my mobile phone, found Cai Xiang's mobile phone number in the phone book, and dialed out.
The beep-beep on my phone speeded up my heartbeat.
"The call you dialed was transferred to voicemail, and you started to pay after beeping ..." That was the voice of a woman, and the voice I was most afraid of.
No! You can't give up!
I found Xiao Lan's mobile phone number in the phone book and dialed out.
"Hello?" Xiao Lan's voice, great.
"I just watched the news just now, are you all right?" I was very anxious, after all, this was the life of an old friend.
"I'm fine, but Caixiang ..." Xiao Lan's voice began to choke.
"What happened to Caixiang?" As he said, I was anxious too.
"He ..." It wasn't that Xiao Lan didn't say it, but he cried so much that he couldn't speak.
"What happened to him?"
"He ..." Xiao Lan still couldn't calm down and talk.
"Xiao Lan, listen to me. You take a breath, then spit it out, calm down and talk, it's clearer to say so calmly."
I heard Xiao Lan take a breath, then spit it out, and then he spoke ...
"Cai Xiang is still in a coma, and the situation is not very good."
"How can this be?" I paused for this answer ...
"What's wrong with them?" Brother and Zhan Zhenghao and their mother were anxious to know.
"Xiao Lan is fine! But Cai Xiang is still in a coma, and the situation is not very good."
"How could this happen?" Everyone now felt very nervous, hoping that Caixiang would do nothing wrong.
Zhan Zhenghao snatched my phone and talked to Xiao Lan.
"Xiao Lan, you listen well. If there is any new situation in Caixiang, you must call us to inform us, we will be on the phone overnight to wait for your new news."
"Huh!" Xiao Lan wiped her tears and nodded her head.
In the end, we were really on the phone all night. At about one or two in the middle of the night, my cell phone rang, which was good news and bad news.
"Hey, Xiao Lan, what's wrong?" I answered the phone.
"Cai Xiang wakes up." Strange? Cai Xiang got up, why is Xiao Lan still a little sad?
"Xiao Lan, haven't you finished talking yet?" This is what normal people hear.
"Well." He answered huskyly.
"Say it."
"Cai Xiang couldn't see it because of a head hit and a part of his brain was damaged." He still had a choked and hoarse voice.
"What did you say?" I asked again in surprise.
"I'm the only one, Cai Xiang can't see it anymore, he's blind." Xiao Lan said more excitedly.
I turned off the phone and reported this message to everyone.
Yes! Because of an accident, Caixiang could never see it again.
This should be the most important thing between graduation.
In addition, Xiaoyi disappeared like an invisible man. I heard that he hadn't skipped school. He still obediently comes to class, but I have no incentive to find him.
No! There is no reason to go to him.
Because I'm not his girlfriend anymore ...
On the day of the graduation ceremony, I agreed to Zhan Zhenghao's request half a year ago. It was considered that I officially contacted him, just like I announced the start of the industrial revolution ...
"Yes! You promise Luo." Zhan Zhenghao, like a child, runs and jumps happily. Forget it, I should admit it. I'm doing this a little bit ... to embarrass him. Sooner or later I will know ...
At the same time, I also received a note, and I opened it, which was unexpected to me, and no one would have thought of it. History repeats itself ... Because it said: "On the first Sunday after graduation, I I'm going to California to learn talent, and let me change myself by the way. If you want to send, just come; if not, I won't force it.
14th century-survivors
Of course, I decided not to contact, so I didn't even contact the graduation ceremony!
And the end of my contact with Xiaoyi will definitely cause Zhan Zhenghao's jealousy! Not to mention I'm not Xiaoyi's girlfriend, but Zhan Zhenghao's girlfriend.
On graduation day, a few of us walked in the corridors of the campus, leisurely.
"It's fast! Graduation is coming soon. What plans do you have after graduation?" Although the person I asked was me, I should be the only one between us.
"I'm planning." Xiao Lan suddenly jumped out a word, scaring everyone.
"What are you planning?" Cai Xiang asked Xiao Lan's hand.
Since the last train derailment incident, Cai Xiang has been an invisible person, usually holding a stick as a busy stick, but most of the time Xiao Lan took his hand and walked him, remembering them In the few days when the accident happened, there was an affectionate show.
"Yeah! Why is it black?" Cai Xiang opened her eyes and covered her head with gauze, because she was so badly injured that she couldn't touch it at will.
But the sense of instability in the dark is really disturbing! Fumble in the dark, who knows what to touch next? Not to know what kind of discrimination will be encountered by everyone, what will others think? This makes things more inconvenient.
We can all understand Caixiang's mood. No one expected that he would be blind in the next step, and no one was prepared to spend all his life in the dark.
"Caixiang, you calm down first, because of your brain injury, one side is damaged, and you have no vision." Everyone can see how Xiaolan wants to make up for Caixiang. If Xiaolan took Caixiang to the south by train, Caixiang also This will not happen.
But God is destined, who can stop it?
He said one for one, he said two for two, no three, no four.
"Why? Why me? Why am I blind?" He began to get excited, he didn't want to know he was blind.
What if I didn't wake up?
What if I wasn't blind?
What to do in the future?
What about my future? I can't see anything, I can't even see the future, isn't it a waste? What can I do?
"Because ..." Xiao Lan was already speechless. What should he say?
"Because God knows that I don't reuse them much, so it doesn't matter if I'm blind?" Cai Xiang would have such a pessimistic idea.
"Don't say that." Xiao Lan felt very reluctant.
"What else? God just knows this." Cai Xiang roared. He didn't want to listen to anything, it didn't help to listen, so would the blindness be better?
Come less, if that's the case, there will be no blindness in this world.
"You're just less lucky. Do you think so?"
"What about my future? Ever since the light disappeared, my dreams have vanished. He's all just whimsical, don't think about it!" Cai Xiang will eventually feel inferior, what should I do?
"You can rest assured ..." Cai Xiang interrupted before Xiao Lan finished speaking.
"Rest assured? Anyway, I'm useless and useless? Is this blind, can I continue to experiment? Is this blind, can I move freely in the laboratory? Even if my sideline is writing novels, I can write How much does it cost? "
"I must take you to the future. Our history is sweet and bitter now, but the future will be sweeter than history. Believe me, I must go to the future and take you to the future."
Thinking of this conversation, Xiao Lan felt guilty.
Gan Ma insisted on bringing Caixiang back to her mother's house? What would it be like to stay in the north?
Who said that he must go home for Chinese New Year?
But something happened and nothing can be undone.
What can be restored is Cai Xiang's confidence, so ...
"What are you going to do? You don't even speak." Fengzi couldn't wait.
"Wait ~~ I'm going to say it!" Then ...
"I plan to go to a singing competition."
"Singing competition?" Several of us said in surprise.
"Yes! Singing competition! It is also called the draft show." Xiao Lan said with confidence.
"Why do you want to participate in this?"
"Because my dream of music will never die, this is the law of never die."
Everyone was so enthralled, Xiao Lan went on to say.
"What's more, the real music is the music in our hearts. What we hear in our ears is just a virtual appearance. With closed eyes, even if there is no instrument, there will be music in the soul. I swear! I must use music Touched Cai Xiang, let him see the future. "
"Xiao Lan, thank you!" He groped around, intending to ask Xiao Lan what to do. When Xiao Lan saw this, he pulled Cai Xiang closer, and Cai Xiang held Xiao Lan's waist.
"Caixiang ..." Xiao Lan seemed to be caught by something.
"what happened?"
"I suddenly found ... you are so beautiful ..." So Lai was caught by Cai Xiang Mei.
The two of them have ignored us from just now, and we haven't talked at all. Are they two miles? They are flirtatious?
"Xiao Lan, what do you look like now? I really want to see you, half a year ago, you are so intimate, I am the best guy I know, I ..." Xiao Lan was anxious to do it before Cai Xiang finished. The action that makes everyone dumbfounded ...
He slowly moved his face closer to Cai Xiang, his lips corresponding to his lips, overlapping in front of us.
"Lag tongue ... Lag tongue ... Lag tongue ... Lag tongue ..." We started fooling and shouting continuously, what? Xiao Lan really stuck out her tongue. We watched this picture and couldn't help shaking. shake.
I couldn't stand it anymore, and I started to coquettishly with Zhan Zhenghao.
"Zhan Zhenghao, hug!"
"Shhhh ~ don't call me my full name, call me Hao Hao."
"Haohao, hug!" Haohao held me back, and he gave me some warmth.
Strangely, the warmth he gave was special, but not everyone accepted it.
Fengzi saw the two couples hugging in front of him, and he certainly thought, except that Bubble Dragon was not around ... who is he hugging?
"Roar ~~ Where's the bubble dragon? I want ..."
Before Feng Zi finished talking, a figure appeared behind her, covering her eyes with her hands.
"Guess who I am ~~" The last word "who" was almost screamed, Feng Zi was scared.
"Wow ~~ Satyr." Feng Zi almost screamed, kicking his feet back a bit, it was so immortal that he hit the man's key.
We saw it, we all sweated for that person ...
"Fengzi, that person is a bubble dragon ~~" I took a breath.
"Really fake?" Feng Zi turned his head, only to find that Bubble Dragon was covering important parts with his hands.
"It hurts ..." Bubble Dragon was about to fall to the ground, and it was so painful.
"Ah ~~ I'm sorry!" Fengzi began to be reluctant and anxious.
"It hurts me, Fengzi! You give me a way."
"Well, Xiaofeng whispers ~~" Fengzi brought his mouth close to the point of the bubble dragon and helped him prepare for whining. The mouth shape of the mouth had already been made, but was thrown away by the bubble dragon.
"Are you numb? Pervert?"
Alas, a few of us just looked at the two of them, and they kept making trouble, they kept making trouble until the graduation ceremony was over, and they were still making trouble ...
A few days before I was going to send Xiaoyi to the United States, I went to find a wrapping paper and a box, and packed the panda doll that Xiaoyi and I went to the doll machine last time, and returned it to Xiaoyi.
And made a lucky chain.
On that day, when I saw him, I felt rusty.
"Do you really decide to go to the United States?" I reluctantly asked Xiaoyi. This was the first time I asked him, and it should be ... and the last time.
"Well! I must." He said with certainty.
"Will you come back again?" I can't stop crying.
He was my lover ...
He was my history ...
He used to be the only person I believed would take me to the future ...
He was my happiness ...
We have many memories and many legends.
Now? Do you want to destroy it all?
"I ... I don't know yeah ~" His voice was uncertain, it seemed that this would be the last time we spoke ...
"Can you give me your address in the United States?" My voice was so trembling ...
"Little pills? When are you going to die? The two of us are just friends. They are no longer the sweet-spoken lovers. I hurt you. If you stay with me, it will only ruin your future I am the one who hurt you, and I will only hurt you. "
"Then you promise me to put on this lucky chain?" I took two out of my pocket, one I put on, and one I put on his own.
"Enough ..." He shouted, scaring me.
Then, he tore off the lucky chain, all the red and blue beads, instantly mixed, all fell to the ground, and my heart also fell to the ground.
"I said, we are impossible, can't you let me settle? I have heard that you have a boyfriend, yes! Let me say ~~ he is the prince in a fairy tale, he can Take care of you, let him take care of you! "
"At least don't you leave us!" I couldn't help tears again ...
He didn't say anything, just stood there, watching me silently, suddenly, a gentle voice sounded, that was the song he sang last time:
"If I quit this life as a memory
Leaving you wrong, crying, my cold body can't hug you
Think of me letting you love you travel alone
I will hate myself for being so cruel
If I become a memory, I'm afraid I'm too disappointed
Stubbornly rely on the air to occupy every gap in your heart
You still love me, you still suffer and lose
This is unfair, please try your best to forget me "
If I finally become a memory, I ’m finally not so lucky
No chance to hobble white hair and hold you watching the sunset
One day you will be sad and healed
If someone can let him stay with you, I don't blame you "
"Xiaoyi ... then you promised me, the only person who can listen to your love song is me, okay? Only me will have this right in the future."
"Okay, I promise you. And I will promise that one day, I will change back to the original me, and I will definitely come back to you, let you know that I am changing, and if you are not with you, I will Obediently put on the lucky chain, at that moment, not only on behalf of you belong to me, but also propose marriage to you on my behalf. "
"Uh-huh! It's a word!" I reached out a hand and ticked him.
"That's all!" He took out an MP3 in the trunk and handed it to me.
"What a hemp?" I asked.
"The song I wrote to you is recorded here. I wrote it for you. More than ten years ago, you left us all. I was actually more reluctant than anyone. When I was in middle school, although I was with Fengzi, Together, but I still write a song for you. Now it ’s my turn. When you think of me, you listen to this song and I will be with you. "
"Can you not leave?" I hugged the winglet, but it was too late, his plane came, he did not respond to my question, and dragged his luggage away.
do not doubt!
Yes! Don't doubt it! He's gone, our more than ten years of love and more than ten years of history have ended, and Xiaoyi also announced here that this war is a loss of both ...
"We're only separated for a few days like years
I often take your old photos to reflect on
I often walk back and forth in your old home
Waiting for you
We had a marriage contract since we were young
You didn't tell you
As a child, I rehearsed the wedding ceremony.
Send a rose before you separate it as your smell
Make me sweet in my sleep
Saying goodbye when parting gives me a little peace of mind
I'm wishing I'll meet again
We are connected in a line with a rainbow
Pink pen is drawn to no water
I put you beside me with a tear
Blur this picture
Send a rose before you separate it as your smell
Make me sweet in my sleep
Saying goodbye when parting gives me a little peace of mind
I am wishing to meet again "
The music has stopped, and the singing of Xiaoyi has stopped. History is history, and I ca n’t catch Xiaoyi back. I should grasp my current boyfriend, Zhan Zhenghao ...
Recently, all of us have found a job and started to prepare for interviews at each company one by one. I also began to prepare my resume and go to the company I want to interview.
I'm still a new human, and I don't know the system in the society, so these days Zhan Zhenghao has been with me to complete what I should prepare.
What's more, when he was in the second year of college, there were companies looking for him to work. He must have a lot of experience. Let him have some luck!
Fortunately, in a few days, we all found our job smoothly. I found a publishing house. We have endless novels. We have to filter each story.
What Meizhen found is a clothing design company. With his artistic ability, it must be his strength, and he will go well.
Fengzi found a performing arts company and recalled the play he had performed before, which brought the bad mother-in-law to life. The acting was not difficult for him!
Bubble Shooter found an advertising design, which was widely used, and their advertisements were seen almost everywhere, from chain stores, mass merchandisers, houses, toilets, mobile phones to furniture. Seeing is dumbfounded.
Everyone has a stable job. What about Xiao Lan?
"Hoo-so nervous!" Xiao Lan rubbed her hands, nervous.
"Xiao Lan, don't be nervous, I will cheer for you." Cai Xiang took Xiao Lan's hand.
"Well, for you, I will definitely cheer."
For Xiao Lan, we have prepared a Kanban board, and a refueling flag has been prepared for a long time. This morning is a general election for people, and next week is the primary election. I believe Xiao Lan can live.
"No. 1029." A staff member screamed at Xiao Lan's number.
We all thought of it as usual, but we were all nervous and didn't know if Xiao Lan had succeeded.
One minute……
Two minutes ...
Three minutes ... finally came out.
"Yeah ~~ Passed!" Xiao Lan jumped out of the studio.
"Excuse me, how are you feeling?" The host immediately came over and asked Xiao Lan.
"I'm super happy now, thanks to them, otherwise I don't have confidence today. Especially him, Cai Xiang." Xiao Lan hugged Cai Xiang.
"Who is yours?" The host asked curiously.
"He is my favorite girlfriend."
"Would you like to kiss him and celebrate your election?" It seems that the host is higher than us.
Xiao Lan picked up Cai Xiang and kissed his cheek.
"Congratulations on passing 1029." That's it, today is about over.
Just how to know, very uncomfortable, even this week, Xiao Lan was sick. He caught a cold, and his throat was damaged, which affected the singing. What should I do in this game?
Therefore, Caixiang specially helped Xiaolan stew chicken soup, not only chicken soup, but also ginger mother soup.
While waving her stick and holding the bowl, Cai Xiang slowly walked into the room. Xiao Lan, who was listening to the song and preparing for the next competition, saw the situation and picked up the chopsticks.
"How did you help me stew two kinds of soup?" Xiao Lan asked curiously, after all, Cai Xiang couldn't see it, so cooking was very dangerous.
"It doesn't hurt me." Cai Xiang said confidently.
"But you are so dangerous ~~"
"No! I'm not afraid for you."
"But ..." Xiao Lan said nothing and was pushed back by Cai Xiang.
"Don't do it! Hurry up and drink my stewed soup. It won't taste good when it's cold."
"Huh? Is it delicious?" Cai Xiang asked happily.
"Of course you cook delicious!"
"Then you go and prepare for your game, but take care of your throat." Cai Xiang bitterly.
"Don't forget who I'm attending for? I will work hard."
"Just be sure, come on!" That's it, it's gone for a week and the game is back.
"Is your cold better today?" Puffball and I came to care about Xiao Lan, of course not only the two of us at the scene, we also looked for people from their department, as well as people from our department. Take a look. All the players, Xiaolan's fans cheer the most.
"Yes, it's much better. Fortunately, Caixiang helped me stew chicken soup and ginger mother soup last time, otherwise I will be eliminated this time, but I am not allowed to take risks next time."
"Okay!" Cai Xiang heard Xiaolan's ding-dong, responded, and stuck out her tongue.
"Hey! It's time to change you, go to Stand By, go!"
Xiao Lan walked slowly to the side, waiting for the previous contestant to end.
"Welcome to the seventh contestant." With the host's voice, our emotions began to tighten.
"Hello host, good review, good audience, everyone, I'm Xiao Lan." We started screaming.
"Which school did you graduate from?" The host asked simply.
"Fab University."
"Okay, Fab University. So what songs are you bringing today?"
"The angel's distance, to my girlfriend who is present. Although he is blind, he has become my angel." Cai Xiang is an angel? This section is very touching ...?
15th century-rebirth
"That moment of that day
Meet you suddenly the world has meaning
Every minute and every second
I really want to protect you but I dare not approach
How can a mortal fall in love with an angel's smile
Are you willing to fall into the dust for me
You have angel eyes beautifully transformed into shooting stars
Illuminate my sky before disappearing without leaving a trail
You have angel wings spread out to fly away too late
The secret I dare not say is that I love you
long distance"
The music has just ended, cheers rose, and everyone applauded.
"We ask the judges to comment."
"I like your performance today. You sing and sing with your guitar. You sing very pure and emotional. Why are you particularly emotional?"
"Because this song is for my blind girlfriend ..." Xiao Lan continued.
"Nearly half a year ago, we were planning to make a train southbound back to my mother ’s family. It may be because of a problem with the railroad track, my derailment, my girlfriend, Ayaka, and brain vision were injured, leading to blindness. I believe he cannot see and will make him He was even less confident. He had never believed that he would not give me happiness, but I will sing this song to tell him that he is my angel. "The five judges sitting in front of me seemed to be touched. At that moment, everything was relaxed.
Just turning his head, he found that Cai Xiang was crying silently. He was holding the toilet paper and wiping it, and he must have been touched by Xiao Lan.
"Okay, after listening to the touching affectionate dialogue, let's see how many passes and failures for Xiao Lan? Judging, please show your card."
"Five passes, no failures, all passed." I know Xiao Lan had already shouted "Yeah" in her heart, but in front of the audience, she still had to keep her image.
"We are very sure that your performance today is definitely not because you heard your affectionate dialogue and moved you to pass the level."
"Thank you for the review." Xiao Lan stepped down in excitement.
Hao Hao and I were walking in the night market, and I was also happy for Xiao Lan to pass the Qualification Round of 52.
Walking here, holding Hao Hao's hand, chatting.
"Actually, I was tired at school." We think back to the days when we were at school.
"What?" I began to wonder.
"Because there are a bunch of girls chasing you."
"Is that so?" I started a little perfunctory, because I still think of winglets from time to time.
"Yes, doesn't winglet like this?"
"Yes! I used to roar in the school before. I used to be jealous. A group of female crazy fans chased him. I was often crowded behind. Roar ~~ I was really angry at that time, I felt like I was not in a group The same. "
"Is that so?" His voice added a sense of loss, but he didn't know what had made him lose. Why do I have many and many topics when chatting with Xiaoyi, and walking with him, but no topics at all?
Obviously holding his hand, his heart floated to the United States again?
Is this really a relationship between men and women? If Xiao Yi appears in front of me, how should I face him? What should I say to him?
All I know is that now I just want to go home and end this awkward date.
What about that relationship? Should it be ended?
"Hey, who are you?" A woman stood in front of me and Hao Hao.
"Xiaozhu?" Is another girl who I do n’t know. I looked at Hao Hao and wanted to ask him, who is this girl? How did she react so fiercely?
"You broke up with me for this girl, right?" The girl who called me Xiaozhu pointed at me angrily.
I continued to look at Hao Hao, he looked very guilty.
"Hum! What's so good about this woman?"
"It's better than you." Hao Hao started to rebound.
"Is he longer than me? Is he more adorable than me? Is he more coquettish than me?"
"Nothing? I just love him."
"Do you like this ugly and rocky woman?" The girl spoke more and more arrogantly.
"What is an ugly rocky woman?" I couldn't listen anymore, and even Haohao rebounded.
"Huh! Do you think Haohao likes you?"
Hao Ha bowed his head, more guilty than his expression.
"What do you mean?" I was more curious about that.
"Xiaozhu, dare you speak?" Haohao threatened Xiaozhu.
"Why dare not say?"
"Xiaozhu, you are not allowed to say."
"Actually, Hao Hao will like you, not the arrogant brother in your family. Zhang Chenhao forced Hao Hao to like you. He didn't have the heart to see you abandoned by Xiaoyi, so he did it. Did you know that this would Annoying others? "
"Xiaozhu ..." Hao Hao almost hated Xiaozhu.
"Oh? Is that so? How are you grieving?" I finally knew everything. It turned out that everyone deceived me and betrayed me.
"Xiaowan, listen to me, this is not the case." Hao Hao started to explain again.
"I don't want to listen to anything." I covered my ears.
"Komaru, you really listen to me. It really isn't like that."
"I don't want to listen." I couldn't take it anymore, and I ran to the house as much as possible.
When I got home, I started to cry with a quilt and betrayed me alone.
叩! 叩!
"My sister, what's wrong with you?" Brother knocked on the door of my room outside.
"You walk away, I don't want to ignore you."
No, tell him to go away, I can't ask anything.
"You come in, I have something to ask you."
Brother came in obediently, like a kitten, and dared not move.
"Haohao will like me, is it because of you?"
"Me?" Brother pointed at himself with his finger and started pretending to be silly.
"You're less silly over there."
The old man took a deep breath and said,
"Well, I admit that Hao Hao would like you to force me."
"Why are you doing this?"
"It's not that nasty winglet. Even if it hurts my sister, she will be abandoned in Taiwan and go to the United States alone."
"Brother, don't you know, don't talk nonsense."
"What nonsense?"
"It's different from what you know?"
"Please, I'm kind of afraid that you will be hurt, because you haven't been able to let go of this relationship."
"So you ask Hao Hao to make up for my relationship?"
Brother and Hao Hao both have the same expression, both of them are guilty.
"Do you know that you are embarrassing me and Hao Hao like this?"
"Do you know that you have made Haohao pay a lot like this?"
"It shouldn't have been this way, it's all smashed."
"Sorry, I shouldn't be a chicken."
"So what do you do? You let him break up with his girlfriend for no reason."
"You can scold me, you can do anything to me."
"Let me be quiet!" After I asked clearly, I didn't want to listen to anything.
"..." My brother was still walking by my bedside.
"Go! Go away." I yelled.
Brother finally left, and by the way, I lost a piece of paper on my bed. It was my letter. A red letter looked like a wedding invitation.
I picked up that piece of paper and it was true, it was a wedding invitation.
"It's a wedding invitation from Xu Yanlong and Lin Zifeng ..." I whispered, isn't this bubble bubble and Fengzi? It's incredible.
I quickly picked up my phone and called Bubble Shooter.
"Hello?" It's right that Bubble Dragon's voice is right.
"Are you going to marry Fengzi?" My tone sounded very distrustful.
"What a hemp? Don't believe it?"
"Really? Congratulations ~~" Oh my god, my voice sounds so good.
"No, thank you!"
"It's good. Some lovers finally become dependents. How can they be like me and Hao Hao ... things are so many."
"What happened? What happened to you again?"
I told Bubble Bubble Dragon everything that happened yesterday, and he seemed to be upset for me.
"Why are they doing this? All of them betrayed you!" Bubble Bubble heard it, very surprised.
"Yeah! Everyone deceived me ... I ..." My nose was sour again, and it seemed to be crying. At this moment I knew that there were so many beautiful people around Xiaoyi.
I really want to return to him.
I really want to complete history with him.
I really want to write the ending of the fairy tale with him ...
"Yeah! They're all good and bad, they all bully you. It seems that it's still me, Bubble Dragon, the best."
"Yeah, you're stinking!" I said with a smile while wiping my tears.
"It was originally!"
"Okay! I won't talk to you anymore." I hung up the phone as soon as possible.
Yes, Bubble Dragon and Fengzi are going to get married, Xiaolan and Caixiang are still in love, so what about me? Xiaoyi left me, and thought that there was one more Hao Hao.
I didn't expect Hao Hao to collude with my brother, and both deceived me.
I dare not think about it, I'm afraid I will cry again ...
After a few more weeks, the days of no one were really boring.
Every day I went to work and off work again and again, and I was exhausted.
On the day that Bubble Dragon and Fengzi got married, I wore a very formal dress and looked at the bride and groom. Although I was in the heart, I still had to bless them.
At the beginning, Fengzi was desperately chasing Xiaoyi with me.
Indeed, it is difficult for Xiaoyi to be grasped, and after he has flowed out of Fengzi's hands, he has also flowed out of me.
"Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng." Everyone began to coax and sing the marching march, and Fengzi and Bubble Dragon immediately blushed.
This type of wedding ceremony is a traditional wedding ceremony. People ask for tables, a square, many tables, crowds of people, one by one to report.
When I arrived, the bubble dragon was already welcoming the guests outside.
"Wow! You disappeared for a long time, why haven't you seen you?" Before the bubble dragon greeted me, he greeted me first.
"No, nothing has happened recently, so I rarely go out, not to mention we all have jobs!" I dare not say that I am in a bad mood, after all, my heart is badly hurt.
"You move too fast, you only married less than a year ago, and you got married. Or what kind of hand did you give to the phoenix? Otherwise why so fast."
"You think too much."
"Did I think too much ...?" I began to spit out Bubble Bubble.
"Am I the kind of person ...?" Bubble Bubble asked me.
"Yes ..." Just kidding ~~
"Haha" the two of us laughed in unison.
Then walked into the square, wow ~~ so many people.
There are a lot of balloons around, and sometimes there are some children running between tables and chairs.
I can't help but think that after hours, my mother and I went to someone else's wedding, and they seemed to be running like this. At that time, they only knew how to play and were naive.
Maybe those children, no one thought, there will be many injuries to go through this process, and I am only a survivor. As for whether I can be born again, it depends on whether I have taken it back?
"It"? Right! Why didn't I think of grabbing it back, grabbing love back.
True love belongs to me and winglet.
I've decided, I'm going to the United States to find Little Wings.
Although I have counted in my heart, I can't find the winglet. The world is so big, how little chance it is to find him, but as long as I don't give up, I will have a chance to be born again ...
The ceremony began, and a few dishes were slowly served on the table. Usually, such tables are rich in dishes and large fish. Then I will have a big meal today. Celebrate my thoughts and celebrate. Paolong and Fengzi are married.
When the bubble dragon and phoenix came over toasting, I gratefully gave the bubble dragon a hug, thanks to friends.
"Thank you for your wedding, which made me figure it out."
"Have you figured it out?" Bubble Dragon was also very surprised.
"Yeah! I figured it out!" I gave him a hint.
"Oh, I get it!" Bubble Bubble told me softly.
"You hold fast like this, be careful I'm jealous." Fengzi squinted and threatened me with a joke.
"Were all married, what vinegar?" Bubble Dragon turned and hugged Fengzi, and kissed him.
"That's right ~~" Fengzi said willingly.
"We're going to the next table toasting Luo, bye."
At this wedding ceremony, I hope that Xiaoyi will also come, so at least I'm not alone, walking on the road and seeing Hao Hao, how awkward.
"..." I shuddered.
"..." He stunned.
In the end, we didn't say anything. We passed by and passed. Is it necessary for a love to fail like this?
On this day, like everyone else, I wish the bubble dragon and Fengzi get married. Ahua, brother and Meizhen are here, and they eat a lot.
Then Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang didn't come because of the thirty-six strongs in the draft. According to the news, Xiao Lan got the highest score and his singing ability was greatly judged by the judges.
Cai Xiang returned home and watched the replay of the top 52 qualifiers. He heard Xiao Lan sing on TV.
What exactly does he look like now?
How smart is he on the stage?
How confident is he?
Why can't I see it? If I can see it, it's good. Cai Xiang's finger touched the TV, it was cold and slippery.
If I can see it, I can give Xiao Lan more confidence.
I can look at his high score and look proud.
I can see his sweat on the stage and his chic appearance on the stage.
Forget it! Unless it's a dream ...
"Boss, I want to resign." I put the resignation envelope on the boss's desk.
"What's wrong? Why should I resign?" The boss asked in confusion.
"No." I can't say I'm going to the United States to find Little Wings, right?
"Please leave without you?"
"Mmm ... because I'm going to the United States." I revealed!
"You are a very attentive employee!" The boss seemed to suggest something.
"Boss, just say what you want to say!"
"Loss of a dedicated employee is a big loss for our company. How do you compensate?" Oh my god! I also have to pay for resignation?
"Boss, don't you know that I'm a poor man and ask me for compensation, isn't it?"
"No matter! You have to compensate." The boss said more firmly this time.
"I beg you!" I almost knelt down and begged my boss.
"No matter! You want compensation."
"Roar ~~ Please, don't."
"Then don't resign." Damn ... this evil boss.
"Yes, you should pay for it. I agree with Dad. So, Xiao Wan, you should pay the company some money." Dad? A girl came over, and I was scared. The girl would call him Dad And I know him very well.
But why didn't his dad arrange for him to work in his company?
"Because, I want to be independent and fight alone." Oh my God! He still listens to my heart with mind reading. That's right! He is ... Ah Hua.
"So my boss is your dad?" The relationship is really messy.
"Yeah! Okay, let's get back to business. Can you compensate our company?"
"If I say a reason, will you let me go?" I can only use this set with Ahua, hoping he can understand it.
"Okay! You talk about it."
I went to the United States to find Little Wings!
I went to the United States to find Little Wings!
I went to the United States to find Winglet! Hey! Did you read it?
"Yes! I read your heart! Noisy."
Then you have an answer, really.
"Okay! Here you are, for three years. Go to Xiaoyi in three years. Don't compensate. Do you agree?"
Hmm! I nodded slowly.
"But I want to tell you that the size of the United States makes it difficult to find him."
"I know, I don't need you to talk about it, but even if I have a chance of 0.01, I won't give up!" How firm this mind is.
"I wish you success!" Ahua smiled slightly at me, and he took out a piece of paper from the drawer and handed it to me.
"However, it is still safe to have a letter of proof."
Wow, this woman really counts everywhere!
"How can I calculate everywhere?" Ah! He read it again.
"Good Luck!" That's it, the company is done.
The rest ... only he ... Hao Hao.
Stepping out of the company gate, I picked up the phone.
"Wait for me in the cafe in front of the company. I have something to tell you."
"I'm already here." Coincidentally, he was there.
I hung up my phone and walked to the cafe in front. The coffee in it is heavier than the others. Sometimes he walks in and is hungry.
"What's wrong? Is there something wrong with me?" He took a sip of coffee.
"Let's ... break up!" Well, I'll open the door.
"This was what I had expected."
"Yeah ... the next thing you shouldn't expect."
"what's up?"
"I'm going to the United States ..." "I'm going to the United States too" A lasting echo in his ear ...
16th century-fear
"I'm going to the United States ..." This sentence echoed in Hao Hao's heart.
"How? Haven't you thought about it?"
"Are you looking for winglets?" He knew that.
"It's nothing," he continued.
That's right! It's nothing to me. Actually think about it. From the beginning to the present, we have only embraced, but not kissed ...
No more intimate moves ...
Not even that kind of feeling ...
He often walked beside Hao Hao, still thinking about Xiaoyi.
But for Hao Hao, is it really nothing? I think the impact is great.
This is to maintain a month and a half of love.
Drinking water thinking about winglet.
Think about winglet for dinner.
Taking a shower thinking about winglets.
Sleeping and dreaming of winglets,
Winglet also thought of using a computer.
So ... how much time does it take to think of Hao Hao?
Ten cents?
Or ... twenty cents?
Thinking of Xiaoyi seems to be a habit, is this a good habit or a bad habit?
Maybe it's because he has all my heart.
Although he has asthma, although he has a lot of bad habits, I just love him.
These imperfections can set off his perfection. This perfection is not perfect. I fell in love with it. I love it. I like the feeling around him. I like the familiarity. I like this history. In my history textbook.
Parting is inevitable. But can I break history all by my will ...
"I'll be back again!" Fengzi held the bubble dragon's hand and blew at me.
"I will definitely be back, and I promised my boss that I would come back three years later."
"I can rest assured that."
"Where do you want to live over there?" Xiao Lan asked.
"Our house in the United States has not been sold before, and the furniture inside has not moved. I have a few clothes and a few dolls still there."
"Okay! I also seem to go there to play." Cai Xiang was very envious.
"You can go there when you have time." Of course, everyone is always welcome.
"If you come back to Taiwan, come to us immediately."
"This is a must." I will definitely be back.
"Ah! Xiaomaru, it's time for Luo to get on the plane."
"Well, then ... I'm going to the United States! Miss me, bye!"
In the end, Hao Hao didn't come to see me. I know he was very sad. He must have cried a lot in the room. Maybe I was a bit cruel, but we wo n’t have results together ...
When I arrived in the United States, this was another place I hadn't touched for four years. It felt like I was back in Taiwan. I felt very strange.
I used to feel familiar, but now I am unfamiliar. I have experienced this habit many times.
This is the first time in a foreign country, a taxi home.
It seems a bit lonely. It would be nice if there was a small wing next to me, but then I turned my head away, except for the driver, who was empty behind.
Observing the people in each city, the walking angle is very fast, everyone is rushing to work, this kind of fixed life, aren't they not tired?
After the city, the taxi went to the country again. The golden rice fields were planted with wheat, and it seemed to be coming to my house. Looking at the address in my hand, I was familiar with it. I also knew that Xiaoyi had come to this place. Step on the same land.
Opening the door of the dusty home, I feel that there is another darkness in the home, and it feels a bit scary, perhaps psychological.
As soon as I arrived at home on the first day, I set everything up and sweated. I went to the hot bath to relax myself.
But I'm choked! How long will I be looking for?
One year ...
For two years ...
Or was it found in the third year?
But no matter how long, I will not regret it, because the person I am looking for is Xiaoyi, and I can pay a lot for him, let alone in my life, just two or three years.
Looking at the window above the bathtub, I felt uncomfortable and felt an eye at me.
"Who?" I said Gu Zi.
I started to poke out some heads and looked around the window. No one? Right?
Maybe it's too tiring. Continue bathing.
After almost another three to four minutes, the feeling came again, so terrifying, and so eerie.
I opened my eyes at times.
Without movement, I looked in the mirror and did not move.
How is this going?
I quickly turned my eyes back to the window. I had eyes ...
A terrified eye, bloodshot, and resentment.
I've just arrived here, what can cause trouble? Piao Piao can't find it?
In order to get rid of those fears, I found a CD player. I took out the film from the bag and was planning to put the film into the CD player. I found that the CD player had a CD disc.
Alright! Listen to English songs in the US!
I pressed the PLAY button, the player displayed one second, two seconds, three seconds ... fifty-nine seconds, and one minute later I found out ... the situation was not good.
It's okay not to press the PLAY button, and it will come when you press it.
Because the song now playing is the famous cursing song: "Black Friday"
Black Friday is a date on the 13th of every month. If it is Friday, it will be Black Friday, but it is also a song.
His legend goes like this:
"More than fifty years ago, there was a famous" Music of Music "in the history of music. People listened to this piece of music and committed suicide one after another.
One day, in a bar in Belgium, people were drinking wine and listening to music.
When the band had just played Gloomy Sunday, a Hungarian composer, they heard a hysterical shout: "I can't stand it!" A Hungarian youth sipped his neck and drank a glass of wine He pulled out a pistol and pulled the trigger towards his temple, and fell into a pool of blood with a bang.
A female police officer investigated the case, but exhausted all efforts and could not find out why the young man committed suicide. In the end, she took the chance to buy a Gloomy Sunday record that the band played that day, and thought, maybe you can find some clues to the case. After playing the record, she also committed suicide. People found her letter to the police chief at her desk: "I don't need to continue investigating the case I handled. The killer is the music, Gloomy Sunday. When I listen to this song, I can't stand the sad melody I had no choice but to decline. "
It is no coincidence. When a female typist chatting with someone in New York City, USA, when she heard how Gloomy Sunday was sad, she was curious to borrow the record of this music and go home to listen. Never went to work the next day. People found that she had committed suicide in her room, and that record of Gloomy Sunday was on the record player. "I can't stand its melody," she said in her testament. "This song is my funeral track."
Recalling these stories can't help but make me creepy, but his lyrics ...:
"Sunday is melancholy
My time is not quiet
There are so many dear shadows with me
Little white flowers can never wake you up
You have reached the country where you are carried by the sad carriage
The angel never thought of giving you back to me
Would they be angry if I wanted to walk with you?
Melancholic sunday
Sunday is gloomy
I spent the long day with the shadows
I and my heart have decided to end everything
And I know they will send flowers and prayers soon
Tell them not to cry and tell them I rejoiced when I left
Death is not a dream because I caress you in death
I will bless you with the last breath of my soul
Melancholic sunday
Imagination, I'm just dreaming
I woke up and found you sleeping deep in my heart "
Since then, the song has the titles of "Suicide", "Devil's Invitation", and "The Worst Music in History". It was originally translated as Black Sunday, but some people also translated it as Black Friday.
So many introductions, everyone should understand?
I guess a lot happened when my family and I were away from the house. Even so, I was still scared. I put on my clothes as soon as possible, and I plan to rent a hotel in the city today.
I drained all the water from the bath, packed the things, and opened the door to go out.
Misfortune! I forgot that there are no taxis here. What a rural place here. I do n’t have a car, a locomotive, only a bicycle.
What's more, I don't know if this neighborhood is the original neighbor, and I dare not borrow other houses to live.
I had to go into the house again!
How did you know that when I entered the house, it was warm and cold outside, and I changed the film in the CD player to my film.
Oh my god! It turns out there are a lot of spider webs in it, so I can't hear them at all.
I repeatedly pressed the PLAY button several times. If I can't hear it, I can't hear it. How did you put it on Black Friday?
I dare not move, because there seems to be a cold feeling to attack.
I slowly approached the TV in the living room and reflected back from the TV, and I took a breath.
His face is bright red ...
Not the original bright red, but the clear red stain of blood.
There are a lot of bloodshot eyes, ears and lips have been rotten. What happened in our house? No matter, I'd better go out.
I walked along the wall and slowly walked to the garden and parking lot.
But it was useless, the feeling did not disappear at all, even though the sun was shining, he still felt that he was beside me.
I pulled the bike out as soon as possible and rode towards the turf.
I don't care, even if it's not the road, if you can ride it, I just want to get rid of him quickly.
If Xiaoyi or Hao Hao are here, how good is it?
He rode for about a kilometer of the road, and someone else came over. His face was familiar.
"Are you ... Judy?" He asked.
"You are?" It may have been too long since I saw him, and it felt strange.
"I'm Johnny ~~ Don't you forget me?"
Johnny is also an overseas Chinese. He speaks fluent Chinese and is the same age as me. A few years ago, I lived here with him.
I still remember that a few of our dead parties used to visit amusement parks in haunted houses. How did we know that we were so scared this time? But the two of us also started dating because we visited the haunted houses.
I still remember that when he and I were in contact, he often protected me, and then thought back to the day when I left the United States, how loud he cried.
"Why are you here?" He asked curiously.
"Want to come back and see."
"How is that possible?" He seemed less convinced.
"What's impossible? Ganma doesn't believe me?"
"If you really want to come back, depending on your personality, you can't come back only once every four years."
"You're really good." I stuck my tongue out. It was a friend who had been with me for many years.
No! I have been friends with me for many years.
"Actually because of winglets ..."
"I used to be the person you mentioned."
In this way, I made everything clear and clear ...
"Huh! I'll know." He smelled a long time.
"What do you know again?"
"Actually, he took a letter to your house a few weeks ago and it happened to me that I asked him to give it to me. I asked him why he didn't send it to Taiwan. He said the letter was for the United States. You, so Luo, he said he had expected that you would definitely come back to the United States. "
"That letter?"
"Come with me." He asked me to go in his direction.
Only then did I realize that the dark feeling was gone, maybe it was gone.
I should ask Johnny to see what happened in my house?
I had expected that you would come to the United States to find me. I said that if one day I succeeded as a person, I would definitely look for you in Taiwan and continue the legend between us. I will never forget the luck you made. The chain, which represents our love, also means that I own you.
Now that I have changed all my bad habits, the only thing I can't change is the asthma I always have. If one day I go back to you without a thought, you must think clearly and don't let me ruin your happiness.
Also, if one day, I saw on the road, if you were holding other boys, or holding other boys, I would not blame you ...
I don't make me yours, it's my own bad.
However, I always love you. If one day you see me and other girls on the road, you have to give me a slap, you have to come forward and scold me, it doesn't matter what you want to do to me. In short, you must be happy.
Finally, if there is a day, I will go back to Taiwan, just like a few years ago, I will wait for you to return in Taiwan until the day you return. I will be fully prepared, put on your lucky chain, and continue to complete the fairy tale between us.
Winglet Pen ″
After reading the letter he wrote, I realized that although Xiaoyi voluntarily left me, he was also very painful and very uncomfortable.
I put the letter in my pocket as soon as possible, and now it was time to ask the question clearly.
"Anything happened to our family recently?"
"What is it?"
"I just went back ..." Before I could finish speaking, Johnny cut off my words.
"Ah-have you been there?" He looked nervous.
"Excuse Me, Sir! I didn't go back. Why did I ride a bicycle?" I rolled his eyes at him.
He started panicking around me ...
"How are you doing?"
"Nothing. What's going on?"
"This is something that happened three years ago."
Yeah! This happened three years ago:
On this day, Johnny and his high school classmates hosted a party. At the party, they drank a lot of alcohol.
Of course, I got home in the middle of the night.
He asked his classmates to drive him home, and the two men were chatting and chatting in the car, but the two were driving on a dark road, which was still scary.
At this time, as they passed by Xiaomaru's home, they found a sneaky man holding a flashlight and preparing to walk to the vegetable garden behind Xiaomaru.
Johnny thought it was a thief and stopped the car in particular.
"Hey! Johnny! Look! Over Here!" His friend was very excited.
"You mean Xiaomaru?" Johnny asked knowingly.
"Huh!" Johnny's friend nodded sharply.
"Thats not thing, May she is a farmer who are going to grow the vegetable." Johnny didn't care much.
"Really? I wanted to say, would you like to see it?"
"Come on! It's so dark, I just got off the car lazily."
"Okay! Then I will send you home directly."
So they didn't think much about it, they just took it for granted ...
The next day, Johnny was awakened by the sound of an ambulance.
"What wrong?" Sleeping just now, but woke up, Johnny was in a bad mood.
He put on his slippers, rode his bicycle, and rode to Xiaomaru's house.
At that time, they found a group of people around and pulled up with a cloth strip.
Can't know much.
Nothing can help.
Nothing can be further understood. So boring!
In the end, Johnny knew that it was a suicide case after someone told him.
As a woman in the town was under too much work pressure, she took a rope and a flashlight last night and hanged herself in the vegetable garden behind Wanzi's house.
Johnny thought of the last night's picture and shivered, if ...
What would happen if he and his friends went to save him?
When he thought about it, he felt terrified.
Later, it was said that when several farmers came to the vegetable garden to grow vegetables, they met the woman, and even unfortunately, the farmer died there.
It's just incredible, including Xiao Maru's house, which was originally a normal house, and overnight, it became a haunted house for everyone.
"That's probably the whole thing."
It reminds me of the dream I had before.
There are winglets, hooligans and fierce houses ...
I understand. This dream reminds me of many things ...
17th century-missed
"Judy, eat more today." Johnny's mother served a few dishes and a few bowls of salad. Since I came back to the United States suddenly, Johnny's mother was not fully prepared.
"Why not ... how about staying at our house tonight?" Johnny seemed to expect something.
"Okay!" I was already exhausted at this time.
I took a fork and ate delicious noodles, I didn't want to say anything, I just wanted to lie down in bed and sleep well.
I lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling.
Suddenly the phone sounded ...
Bell ~~ bell ~~
"Is it Maru?" Oh my God! Cai Xiang called internationally.
"Yeah, how come you called?" I asked curiously.
"Call to greet you."
"Don't say it! I'm almost exhausted today." I'm really exhausted.
"what happened?"
In this way, I told Caixiang all the things in the morning.
"Wow ~~ So scary! Where do you live now?"
"My friend's house! How?"
"So we can send letters later, can't we write your home address?"
"Yeah." This boring moment still stood still for a long time.
"Xiao Lan passed the top 20 qualifier this time."
"Yes? Congratulations!"
"But bad news happened this afternoon."
"What's the bad news?" It seems that this bad news, Cai Xiang has been brewing for a long time, the mood was only planned to say, maybe it was not intended to say at all.
"You promise me." Is it necessary to delay time like this?
"Promise you?" I can't wait to know the bad news. Although it is bad news, people are always curious ~~
"No sadness, crying for a long time in private?" Is there anything that keeps me crying for so long?
"Hao Hao is gone?"
"Gone?" Did he come to the United States to chase me?
"Where to go?"
"No, I mean, haven't you met Hao Hao's ex-girlfriend before?"
I responded slightly.
"A few days ago, Hao Hao's girlfriend appeared again and asked Hao Hao to recombine with him, but Hao Hao didn't agree. He was assassinated by his ex-girlfriend this afternoon, and was sent to the hospital for treatment, just ..."
"How could this be? He would associate with me, wasn't it my brother's forced? He didn't agree with Xiao Zhu?" Instantly, there were more question marks in my heart.
"In other words, did he really like you in the end!" "Hear"? Is this a rumor? Or is it true? Who told Hao Hao to let go?
叩! 叩!
Someone is knocking at the door and I need to end the conversation soon.
"Caixiang, someone is looking for me, let's talk another day. Bye."
I turned my head back and took a deep breath.
"Come in."
Johnny, like a thief, looked at nobody outside the door and walked in again.
"What's wrong?" I stared at him with uneasy eyes.
"It's numb! That's so fierce." Johnny pursed his lips.
"Say something fast, let's talk fast, don't say it!" I rolled my eyes at him.
"How about we go shopping tomorrow?" He asked me cheerfully.
"I'm sorry! I'm going to find a job. I don't have time to shop with you."
"Otherwise, I'll accompany you to find a job, and find it. Let's go shopping together."
"Are you uneasy and kind?" Seeing that he smiled so treacherous, there was absolutely no plan.
"Am I the kind of disturbing family?"
"Okay! Promise you." Anyway, if you don't promise him, according to his personality, you will always be Lu, then promise as soon as possible.
"Hey! Hey! May I ask you a question?"
"It must be a question of no nutrition, so don't ask!" I pulled up my quilt and planned to sleep.
"Hey! Hey! Why are you doing this?" He continued to squint again.
"What if it is a problem of no nutrition?"
"Okay ... would you like a big meal tomorrow ~~"
"Yes! That's great ~~ An old saying, let's say something fast, let's let it fare."
"Are we ... guys or girls?"
"Are we still male and female friends?" These nine words echoed in my heart for a long time. Are we still male or female friends?
"We ..." I could say nothing.
"We didn't announce a breakup," Johnny emphasized again.
"But ... I'm afraid in my heart ..." I'm really afraid that saying this would hurt Johnny.
"Are you afraid you still have winglets in your heart, right?" It seems Johnny already knew that, maybe he was mentally prepared.
"Huh!" I nodded gently.
"Relax, are I ready?"
"Psychological preparation?" So he has decided to be rejected? Then he also asked me to hemp?
"Yeah, let me be your boyfriend before you find Winglet. If you have one day and really find Winglet, I will definitely give you to him. So, would you?"
"So, how do you feel like I'm the same?"
"What's the same? Don't forget, I swear, I won't give you up easily."
"But ..." I wanted to say, "But if I found the winglet one day, wouldn't you be sad?"
But Johnny didn't wait until I finished talking, and then interrupted.
"Don't do anything, can't you promise?"
"..............." I can't say anything, I just have to think about it.
"If you don't speak, it means promise?" Johnny agreed.
"..............." I still can't say anything.
"Yeah ~ you promised." Johnny jumped up and down happily, like a kid. This time, he and Hao Hao are different.
I saw Xiao Yi on Hao Hao's body, so when I was dating Hao Hao, I always held Hao Hao, but I thought about Xiao Yi.
However, Johnny is different. Although all three of them are naive, I don't want the winglet's shadow on Johnny.
Is it so that I don't hold Johnny, but I think about winglet?
Is this why I don't worry about winglets all the time?
It seems that I can safely associate with Johnny. After all, whether this love can begin, we all have reasons. In high school, we did not break up.
Therefore, whether or not this relationship is talked about, we all have reasons to explain.
"I can't stand you ..." I whispered.
"Good Luo! Then ... go to bed early and go to work tomorrow."
He was preparing to get up and walk out to the door.
I suddenly reached out and lived with him ...
"What's wrong?" Johnny asked later.
"Stay with me, okay?" I didn't know why, and suddenly thought of what happened in the morning, feeling very afraid.
"Are you scared?" He grinned.
"What are you laughing at?" I hit him, dare to laugh at me?
"Well, I'll stay with you." He sat on the bed again, calming me to sleep.
I started to think about it. When we went to the haunted house, as long as I was afraid, he would protect me. If I think of those horrible pictures while sleeping, he would calm me and sing a ballad to me:
"Baby goes to sleep
Xiaocaoer is also stretching
Baby going to sleep baby going to sleep
Flowers are dozing off
The cradle song sings gently and looks out the window
The red flowers and green grass are shaking gently in the wind
The blue star silver moon is waiting for you in your dream
Baby going to sleep baby going to sleep
Angels are praying for you
Baby is going to sleep, baby is going to sleep
Night God is also guarding for you "
His hand touched my body gently, feeling very secure.
The sound is very clear and sounds very comfortable, just like that, I fell asleep unknowingly ...
I opened my eyes. The sun was already in the room. I didn't quite adapt to the brightness. Slowly, I opened my eyes wide.
I turned my head to the side where Johnny was sleeping ...
Wait, Johnny is sleeping well? So Johnny slept next to me all night yesterday?
I opened the quilt and found out ...
"Ah-" Johnny slept naked on the quilt.
I picked up the stick aside and hit Johnny's body.
"It's numb?" Johnny rubbed his eyes.
"Are you a satyr?" I started yelling.
"What's wrong with me?" He got up and couldn't understand the situation.
"Do you sleep beside me?"
"Just tell me to sleep with you!"
"I mean, when I fall asleep, you can get out."
"Then I accidentally sleep next to you, what happens?" Johnny began to pretend to be pitiful again.
"I don't care if you sleep next to me, but do you sleep naked? And you're still naked!"
"But I'm used to sleeping like this."
"I don't care, get out of me!" I said, pointing at the door.
"No, but get out of here quickly."
Johnny put on his pants and rushed out.
Johnny and I were walking down the street and looking at many advertisements.
"The first one is fine. I also work in a publishing house in Taiwan. I am familiar with these jobs."
We walked into this company, and the decoration inside was very ordinary, including other publishing houses, it was no different. We went in for an interview, and it seemed to be going well, we just waited to inform Luo!
Out of the publishing house, I was relieved that I could finally go shopping.
Johnny took me to a restaurant for dinner.
"This is my favorite steakhouse. I promised you to have a big meal yesterday, and I said I could do it." Hey! Hey! He actually lied to him yesterday, but he didn't expect to turn around.
"You owe me, how can there be a boyfriend and a girlfriend who go out and the girlfriend pays?" Almost three years later, he was sitting in the same steakhouse.
"Yes! It's me!" Johnny and I were joking.
In the past three years, I still haven't found the winglet, but I'm not alone at all, because Johnny is by my side, and we still do that every day.
But ... almost three years.
I am going back to Taiwan soon.
Am I really giving up and not looking for the winglet? I still sometimes take a picture of the winglet and look at his picture alone.
I will ask him if he's okay recently?
I will ask him how have you become?
I will ask him where are you?
However, he played hide and seek with me and never showed up. Makes me a little discouraged.
It's like Caixiang often comes up with Xiao Lan's album in private and asks him what has changed?
Two years ago, Xiao Lan participated in the draft show and won the first place.
She also released her first album a year and a half ago, and soon got engaged with Ayaka.
However, Cai Xiang's eyes were still blind and could not be better.
Cai Xiang's wish is to be able to see it suddenly and then look at Xiao Lan's album cover.
He fumbled for Xiao Lan on the album and seemed to be able to touch him, but he still didn't feel at all. Fortunately, like Xiao Lan said, he would use his voice to bring the color incense to the future.
Yes! Xiao Lan gave Cai Xiang a lot of confidence with her voice.
Now Cai Xiang is a writer who uses the typewriter for the blind to write novels. Some of those novels have been remakes into TV idol dramas, making a lot of money.
Cai Xiang once said that there is no regret in his life, the only regret is that he can't see his eyes.
Coincidentally, there are many novels written by Caixiang, and Fengzi has participated in the performance.
Fengzi also became a well-known local idol sister.
The bubble dragon also made a lot of ads, affirmed by the boss, and became a supervisor.
Ahua opened a convenience store chain and made a lot of money.
As for me? It's just an ordinary employee.
But at least everyone has a job.
Finally ... what about winglets?
Is he okay? Did anyone take care of him? When did I meet him?
I'm going back to Taiwan in another week. It seems that I can't find Xiaoyi and I should give up.
"Hey! I'm going back to Taiwan in another week." I reminded Johnny deliberately.
"Oh ~~ no ~~ stay here."
"No, I promised my former boss that I would go back to work again, not to mention that I have been eating and drinking in your house for nothing now."
"Okay." Johnny looked very disappointed.
"Look at you so disappointed. Before I return to Taiwan, I'll accompany you for dinner!"
"Really?" Johnny was like a child who had just cried.
"Otherwise," I spat my tongue at him.
"How are you?"
"Judy, have your letter." Oh? Have my letter?
I opened the door and went out to get a letter with Johnny's mother.
It is a party invitation, which says that many university students will be invited to see the date, two weeks later.
In other words, one week after I returned to Taiwan ...
Is this true or false?
I quickly picked up my cell phone and dialed Ayaka.
"I'm Xiaomaru. Is there really a half-school party for two weeks?"
"Oh! Yeah! I remember you were back then ~~ So you should be able to participate?"
"Well, yes! Will you all participate?"
"Yes! They will all participate."
"Well! I really think the United States for three years is in vain."
"Disappointed not to find Xiaoyi?" Cai Xiang really understood what I was talking about.
"Yeah." Every time I mentioned Xiaoyi, I always sighed a lot.
"I'm telling you the good news. You will definitely turn High when you hear it."
"What good news?"
"In other words, Xiaoyi will participate in this party, he will be the plane of the day, and try to feel the beginning time." Cai Xiang said easily.
I was stunned!
How should I meet him, I still love him right.
But I started to hesitate, what should I say to him?
What should we say when we meet?
Has he changed a lot?
I started to get nervous.
But I promised, I should do it.
I will definitely attend that party ...
"It's said that Xiaoyi will be attending the Party two weeks later ~" I said this in front of Johnny deliberately.
"Enough, you've said it many times." Johnny covered her ears and felt impatient.
"It's said that Xiaoyi will attend the party two weeks later ~" I repeated again.
"Okay! I know I'm broken, go and eat your steak."
Yes! Today I will go back to Taiwan in the afternoon.
I was with the naive Johnny for the last steak.
"Will you be back again?" Johnny asked the steak in his hand, eating it, and asked, feeling only a touch of sorrow.
"It should be a small chance."
"Why?" Johnny's reaction was so shocking.
"I don't dare to live with my home here. Where do you want me to live?"
"Second, I have no reason to come to the United States."
"Chapter three, I'm going to meet with Xiaoyi, meaning that you're out of love!"
"Four, I am a twenty-four-year-old woman, and I still have trouble with a twenty-four-year-old man. What does this sound like?"
"It doesn't seem to make sense ..." Johnny was even more disappointed.
He remained silent for a long time and lowered his head to continue cutting his steak.
In this way, no one talked and after eating the steak, I pulled up my luggage and went to the airport.
"Although you have no reason to return to the United States, you still have to come here to play. I wish you a few days. I will sing the last lullaby for you ...
"Baby goes to sleep
Xiaocaoer is also stretching
Baby going to sleep baby going to sleep
Flowers are dozing off
The cradle song sings gently and looks out the window
The red flowers and green grass are shaking gently in the wind
The blue star silver moon is waiting for you in your dream
Baby going to sleep baby going to sleep
Angels are praying for you
Baby is going to sleep, baby is going to sleep
Night God is also guarding for you "
"This bag of chocolates is for you. I know you have loved chocolate since you were young. Bye!" So I watched Johnny go further and further ...
"Okay! Taiwan, I'm back!" Xiao Yi, I'm back ...
18th Century-Forever ... [Full Text End] In the end, I still returned to Taiwan.
I first arrived at my own company ...
"Okay! Keep your promises and welcome you back." The boss clapped my hands for me. Although it sounded like a loss, most of it was praise.
"Thank you for your compliment." I stayed in front of the boss.
"Have you done what you went to America?"
"What?" How did the boss know about this?
"I mean, did you find him?" The boss said louder.
I shook my head gently, eh? I met him this week. Should I shake my head?
"Then ... Come on, maybe he's in Taiwan."
"Well! Thank you, boss." I saluted.
"That's fine, let's go home first." That's it. I left the company and got ready to go home. I don't know what happened to my home?
"Mom, I'm back." I opened the iron door of our house and hugged my mother as soon as I entered.
"Well! I have only been in the United States for a few years, so I miss mom so much?"
"Yeah! I really want to eat your food." This is my best, coquettish my mother.
"I'll tell you first. I didn't miss you. In the past three years, you went to the United States. The family is very quiet. I can easily write about things.
"Mom, don't say that."
"My mother is joking." My mother twisted her butt intentionally.
"You are childish ~~"
"Ah! Did you restore our house when you left the United States?" Miserable! Mom didn't know our house had become a fierce house ...
So my mom didn't know that I had lived in Johnny's house for the past few years.
"Mom, in fact our house has become a fierce house."
"Haunted house?"
"Haunted house?" At this time, the old man also came out, and said the word haunted house simultaneously with his mother.
"What fierce house?"
Therefore, I relayed all the processes Johnny told to my mother and brother.
"Ah! I will never dare go back to the United States again." Brother is a coward.
"Where have you lived in these years?" Mom asked curiously.
"Just ... Johnny's!"
"A twenty-four-year-old girl lives with a twenty-four-year-old boy. What is it about?" The mother raised the decibel.
"It's not going to happen again." I stuck my tongue out.
"It looks like we have to go to the U.S. another day to deal with this matter." Mom said very firmly.
"go by yourself."
"Go on your own." My brother and I were so scared, how could we dare to go ...
I dragged my luggage into the room and put all my clothes and daily necessities in a closet or cabinet. When I arrived in Taiwan, I felt a little tired, so I shouldn't go out.
Brother came in slowly and asked in a low voice,
"Are you finding him in these three years?"
"Not found again."
"I told you already ~~ The United States is so big. How can I find it?" The old man looked so stinky and wanted to flatten it.
"But we live in the same state and county ~~"
"Oh. Fate. Fate." The old man shook his head.
"Your head!"
"It was originally, living in different states is impossible. Living in the same state, but in different counties, depends on hard work. Then living in the same state and the same county, does it depend on fate?
"That makes a lot of sense." My brother was upset by my loss.
"Yeah, that makes perfect sense."
"In other words, Xiaoyi may join the party organized by our college classmates this time ~~"
"Then you can meet him ..."
"That's just what others said, and I don't know if what they said is true."
"Well, I wish you could meet him!" The old man left this blessing and left.
These days, I have visited many people.
The first is Mei Zhen, when he found him, he was still cutting clothes.
"Wow! Xiao Wan, you have finally come back to Taiwan, it's been a long time."
Although Meizhen said very enthusiastically, looking in his direction, he continued to do his work without raising his head.
Alright! I recognize that he is busy.
"In the past few years in the United States, have you found my cousin?" He slid the scissors across the clothes, and the foot next to the clothes turned into two halves.
"No yeah ~" I shook my head in disappointment.
"In fact, don't be disappointed, he will come back to the party in a few days."
"Don't care about me all the time ~~ ask you, have you been through these three years?"
"I'm busy, I don't have time to think about it. Besides, our company's clothing is sold abroad, a lot of export, so we have to make a large number of goods, often exhausting us." Meizhen still did not lift Start and continue cutting.
"Okay! Since you're busy, I'll leave."
"Wait for me! My shipment is almost ready." He turned up the volume.
"Okay! OK! OK! Take your time."
As a result, we went to the afternoon tea shop opposite their company to drink tea and chat.
Later I learned that, in fact, you haven't seen much in the past few years, and you haven't all got together.
I haven't talked much with Meizhen, because his work is still very busy, so I left first ...
Then again, I found Fengzi,
"Dad, why can't I be with Zixin?" As soon as I arrived in the shed of Fengzi's company, I saw Fengzi performing.
"No reason, no, no."
"Can't be with Zixin, I don't want to live anymore." Meizhen took out her toy knife and pretended to make a knife on her body.
"Card! Rest." The director's voice was so loud.
"Oh? Xiaomaru, are you back?" Fengzi walked towards me.
"Yeah! I'm back, do you miss me?"
"Yes, yes! I heard you hit a ghost in America? Is it true?"
Oh my god! How come everyone asked me like this? I started frowning.
No way! I had to tell the whole story.
"What's wrong with you?" Fengzi seemed to feel a little strange.
"Don't say that! It all happened three years ago."
"Yes! This party is a swimming pool behind my house."
"Swimming pool? Is the space big enough?" I began to wonder.
"Rest assured! It's definitely big enough! The land on my swimming pool can hold at least two hundred people."
"Ah, I forgot that your house is a rich man roaring—" I looked at Fengzi with squinting eyes.
"Are you praise or criticism?" Fengzi joked.
"Should have both. Haha!" Fengzi and I both laughed.
"Ready to continue recording Luo." The director shouted, all the staff members hurried to Stand By in a hurry.
"Well, I'm going to busy Luo."
"Well, you can go. I'll go first, bye!" Feng Zi also waved with me.
Then I found Bubble Shooter.
Bubble phoenix, like Fengzi and Meizhen, are still busy with their work ...
There is a computer on the table, which is operated by the bubble dragon. I peeped my head to see that he was using software to cut out the toilet in a company's toilet.
And put Ma Tong in the background ...
"I heard Cai Xiang last week that you were coming back. I wanted to say that I would go out for dinner, but I was too busy. I didn't have much time."
"No need! Party this week is just fine." I said politely.
"Okay! What do you plan to do when you come back?" He got up and walked to the closet next to him.
"Sir, I didn't quit my previous job." He picked up a glass, made a hot cup of coffee, and came over and placed it in front of me.
"Why? Your boss is nice to you?"
"No! It's my boss who happens to be Ah's father." I pretended to be surprised.
"Ahua's father? What does he do?"
"It was a publishing house. I knew he was Ahua's father at the beginning, and I was surprised, but after coordinating with Ahua, I decided that I would definitely come back in three years.
"As a result, you haven't encountered winglets for the past three years, have you?" He said confidently.
Sure enough, this is something that everyone can anticipate in advance, even Bubble Shooter.
"Leave me alone, how are you and Fengzi?"
"Both have two children, isn't it good?"
"Yeah, why don't you show it to me?" I like children very much.
"Another day, I'm busy!"
"Okay! It must be another day."
"Okay! Tick the head office!" Why are two childish ghosts ticking!
"I'm going to go first." Bubble Bubble went to the computer again and continued drawing.
"I'm almost leaving, bye."
I waved my hand with Bubble Dragon, opened the office door, and went out.
Because it was already dark, I didn't go to Caixiang and Xiaolan, and went straight home. Anyway, the party of tomorrow was also met.
Today, my brother drove me to Fengzi's house.
A house appeared in front of me, a mansion, and the garden in front was very large.
"Just here." I was anxious for my brother to brake.
"Well, call me again when you're good." Brother gave a call gesture.
"Are you really not coming?"
"Are you a lunatic? I'm not yours this time. I'll be weird when I go in, not to mention, I have more things to do.
"Okay!" I had to give up.
I walked into the front garden, first the fountain.
Rich people are rich people. Should this mansion be worth a lot of money?
"Hey, Xiaomaru, you are here." Fengzi appeared in front of me.
He was wearing a white skirt, which was much more noble than mine. I only wore a T-shirt and jeans. The contrast was really great.
"Come in and sit!" Fengzi pulled me in.
Wow ~~ His house is just like the palace. The interior is spacious and splendid. It shuttles through the living room and kitchen to the back of the house.
What surprised me even more was that a bunch of people were already here, let alone a few people at eight.
"Ah ~~ Xiaomaru, we are here." Xiao Lan waved at me.
Only then did I find out that it was really ridiculous for me to wear it. The boys here wore suits, while the girls wore designer skirts.
It's just me, so casual.
"Where is Little Wing?" I looked around without seeing him.
"You're too bullshit. He may not be here yet." Cai Xiang frowned and said without a head.
I started getting nervous, and I didn't expect to say anything to him.
"Little Maru, I wish you could reunite with Xiaoyi today ~~"
"You miles? Have you taken care of Caixiang in these three years?"
"Yes! He takes care of me very seriously." Before Xiang Lan answered, Cai Xiang helped him answer.
"When are you going to get married? I have only heard that you are engaged." I squeezed Caixiang.
"Well, stop talking, it should ..."
"Hurry up." Xiao Lan took Cai Xiang's words.
Time passed by, one minute and one second, chatting with Xiao Lan and Cai Xiang very vigorously.
But why hasn't Xiaoyi appeared?
Will he not come?
Does this mean we have no chance?
噗通! 噗通! 噗通!
My heart began to beat constantly. It was so lively here, but I could hear my own heartbeat.
"Little pill, you don't need to be nervous! He will definitely come."
Everyone hasn't seen each other for a long time. Almost everyone is holding red wine and talking about it.
What Confucius said was really good.
"Have friends come from afar."
I started to panic.
Although I feel nervous and want to go back, I still can't wait to meet him. After all, this is our only chance to break the mirror and reunite.
"I think you are nervous?" Meizhen said jokingly.
"Come on, what's so nervous about this?" Bubble Bubble took a sip of red wine and said.
"Relax! My brother has written back and told me to live in my house. I think he's not the right kind of talent for oxen."
I just listened to them quietly.
"There are so many people here, maybe he's been in the group for a long time."
"You can look at him. It's better than looking in the United States!"
I made a decision!
I put my goblet on the table and ran to the kitchen.
Looking up from the garden, the fountain is still spraying water alone, and the lights there are very dim, which is very suitable for my mood, but it may also be psychological.
Then ran to the side road next to the mansion, still no figure.
Follow the path and back to the swimming pool just now.
Look for it here in the swimming pool.
唉 ~~ If Xiaoyi ’s phone is not suspended ...
I've walked through countless people, and almost everyone is chatting and talking vigorously.
On the way, it was just right. I bumped into a lot of people, I think, those people should be uncomfortable. After all, it was impolite to be hit by a woman and then interrupted while talking. . But I don't care about it now ...
I have found it in almost every place, why ca n’t I find it?
Perhaps I should give up.
I turned around, intending to go in the direction of Xiaolan, Caixiang, Fengzi, Bubble Dragon, and Meizhen. I have never been so desperate.
It was then that I noticed a figure in front of me.
He was also facing me, and by the pool in a low posture, he looked very panting.
I rubbed my eyes ...
This figure is so familiar, is he ...?
"Winglet?" I shouted at him.
He slowly got up, a tall man stood almost ten meters in front of me.
Yes! That's right! He is winglet.
He hasn't changed ...
Just as handsome ...
The same innocence ...
The same height ...
It ’s the same ... there are so many, many, so much more.
At this time, I really like to ask, how have you been in the past three years? But my tears have stayed, and he stopped me from asking this sentence.
"Little pill?" He also shouted doubtfully. I nodded slightly and told him.
"Yes! I'm Xiao Wan."
"Little Wings!" I shouted again, this time with more certainty.
"Little pills!"
"Xiaoyi." This seemed to be a game, and again called, we all knew what each other was thinking. I said lazily and didn't want to say it, I believe he would understand.
"Little pills." He followed me again.
"Little Wing ..." This time I noticed his abnormality, and he seemed to be breathing again.
"Little pill ..." Because of his panting, he made a big move, slipping his foot accidentally, and fell into the swimming pool.
I also jumped into the water and swam under the water. I pulled up the lucky chain in my hand, grabbed his hand, and put him on. This time, he put it on without resistance.
He pulled me closer and hugged me tightly at the bottom of the water. Then I realized that the lively world was quiet in the water. I closed my eyes and heard the song that belongs to us. Song of the soul between us:
"It takes a lot of talking to prove the closest relationship
It ’s the best promise that the cloud goes around the sky and says nothing.
How gorgeous is it to say the most tacit understanding
I breathe silently by your side but you understand every emotion I have
This world is so busy how to listen to the sound of one heart calling another
Fortunately the world is lively again, we just happen to be quiet here
You have to say so much to be sure
It ’s raining and we have n’t invited yet.
It takes more effort to leave the strongest determination
You do n’t have to say a word at every intersection. I have overlapped your footprints.
This world is so busy how to listen to the sound of one heart calling another
Fortunately the world is lively again, we just happen to be quiet here
All feelings need not be described so well
All moved are quiet heartbeats
It doesn't matter if the world is lively again. With every look we can sense
The world is lively again. We are together in each other ’s heart. So quiet, so quiet. "
I held the wing out of the water and gently hugged him to a nearby chair to let him rest well. At this moment, I cried even more ...
He rubbed his eyes and anxiously removed the paper and pen next to him, writing on the paper.
"Will you marry me?"
"Yes, I do!" I said softly to him.
"From then on, the prince and princess lived happy and happy days." He also said softly in my ear.
He pulled me closer and kissed again from mouth to mouth. This time, we were more sure of each other's wishes. This kiss picture is also well preserved. Maybe it will not be scattered for a hundred or a thousand years ...
[Full text End]
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