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Time: 2015-04-16 Source: Original Editor: Fairy tale. Too Realistic Reading: Times

At night, the snow on the eaves fell to the ground, and the streets were empty, leaving only silence. The villagers were hiding indoors, relying on the stove, drinking hot coffee, wearing sweaters, and rubbing their palms, but could not completely drive away the abominable chill.

Widow Sophia is an exception. In order to earn money to support a ten-year-old, she squatted in the restaurant kitchen to wash dishes. The tingling sensation brought by cold water and the numbness of her legs were used to it. Poverty, early bereavement, and ignorant women can only be sustained in silence.

"This steak is just a bite. If I give it to my son, he will be happy." Whenever he saw the guests' leftovers in the dishes, Sophia also felt it.

"Hmm, sigh ..." The soft knock on the door caught Sophia's attention. She had already guessed who came suddenly at this time. She opened the back door and welcomed the "guest."

"Sister Sophia, can you give me some leftovers?" The little girl hung her flushed face and wore only a thin, tattered dress, her body trembling constantly.

Sophia smiled and turned away. Soon, she took out a plate of chowder with spaghetti, tomatoes, potatoes, lamb chops, and fish head. The saliva of the customer was the main seasoning. Although only the leftovers are mixed together, for the little girl, it is already an unbelievable Christmas dinner.

The little girl took the saucer, and her thin wrists sank, apparently a little hard. Sophia said, "Justin, you might as well be full and warm up before going back!"

Justin smiled lightly, and said, "Sister Sophia, you will be blamed if you do this, and Lauby is still waiting for me to return."

"So be careful yourself!" Sophia didn't stay strong, watching Ji Siting go away and sighing: "Poor child, since her parents died a year ago, she hasn't got enough food and clothing one day. . "

Heaven seemed to be in opposition to Ji Siting. The snow was getting bigger and lower, and Ji Siting was almost blown away. Her legs fell into the vast white snow, making her unable to move.

With her body protecting the food, Kristin moved forward with her unyielding fighting spirit, and finally returned to the run-down wooden house. She was greeted by her dog-Raubi and its bark.

Kristin gave the lamb chop and fish head to Lobby, but a young girl like Kristin who is still in development needs the protein provided by the meat. Despite this, Kristin still doesn't want this relationship The deep pet dog left her because of hunger.

Reluctantly satisfied her stomach, and Justin has to worry about the next meal again. The restaurant where Sophia works does not always come like a cloud every time, not every guest will waste food, and sometimes there is no food left. next.

The residents of the village were very warm and generous, but their temperament has changed greatly since the tragedy a year ago. In the winter of that year, a group of distressed robbers were driven away by the knights in the neighboring countries. The villagers accepted the robbers with a sense of concealment, and all their food and shelter were provided. What kind of robbers will be revenge, when men see it, kill every man, every woman will rape, plunder a lot of property and leave the village.

Kristin's father was the one who took the lead in welcoming the robbers at the time, and was the first man to be killed. Her mother was the leading beauty in the village, and she was gang-raped by more than a dozen robbers. Work to death. Fortunately, Justin went to a friend's house to play, or she would be robbed of virginity and even killed by this group of shameless people.

Since then, the villagers no longer believe in outsiders, and as the culprit's daughter, Ji Siting has been excluded, and she cannot live a life that is not as good as a beggar.

Rather than go hungry like this, it would be better to go to bed earlier, Ji Siting thought naively, maybe the hunger will disappear as soon as she wakes up. She and Raub hugged each other and survived the cold night.

In the morning, the snow and snow stopped, and the dazzling sunlight melted the snow, making the surroundings slightly warmer. But it wasn't the sunlight that awakened Kristin, but the smell of burning roast meat.

Justin searched for the source of the smell like a dog, and found out the house, she saw two young men squatting on the nearby stone ground, and an iron plate was set between the two, roasted by the fire set up at the bottom, and burst into bursts. Steam.

Jisting was attracted by the scent from the plate, and when she got close, she saw that the inside was filled with red and red meat, and she drooled.

"Can you give me a piece?" Ji Siting didn't care too much. However, the two youths turned a blind eye to Ji Siting, and only picked up the meat to eat, and even made a deliberate expression.

"Please give me some meat! I will definitely repay you." Ji Siting knelt and begged.

The two youths looked at each other and smiled. The youth on the left-Peter said, "Okay! We can always eat this plate of food, and this girl deserves a credit." This sentence really puzzled Ji Siting, but since there is meat She didn't care too much.

Justin took a bowl of broth, and the strong scent hit her nose. She had never smelled such a scent in her life.

The meat was thinner than expected and had almost no fat, but for Jisting, it was already the best in the world, and soon swallowed two pieces.

"What is this long piece of meat? It's soft!" Asked Justine, holding the bite of the meat. The two youths just smiled, the youth on the right-David said: "Don't worry So much, all in all good food. "

Innocent Kristin no longer questioned, grunted and swallowed the meat into her mouth.

After eating two bowls of broth in a row, most of the hunger had disappeared, and Justine recalled the Lobby she had forgotten and immediately felt guilty, saying, "Can I bring the rest of my meat to my dog?" "

David laughed: "No, your dog is always there for you."

Justin looked around, but couldn't find Lobby.

Peter said, "Don't look! In your mouth, how can you see?"

Justin was stunned for a while, the bowl was loose from her weak hands, the broth was pouring down, and she knelt on the ground, coughing constantly, trying to swallow her beloved Lobby, and tears couldn't help pouring out.

"It ’s always a happy thing to be one with the owner." David squatted in front of Kristin, clasped her cheeks with her hands, and took a closer look, only to find that this twelve-year-old baby There is also a certain amount of beauty.

David looked around, and surely no one else was passing nearby, and suddenly took off his pants, revealing Jisting's immature chicks.

Kristin turned from sorrow to surprise, and heard David laugh with a sneer: "The meat you just ate was Lobby's words. Since dogs can also be imported, that person is naturally fine! With a chicken in her hand and a press on Kristin's head, she forced her into submission.

Kristin shut her mouth tightly and allowed David's siege vehicle to collide arbitrarily. She wanted to call out loud, but feared that David would get in.

David, who had failed several times, was anxious, and said quickly: "Peter, open her mouth for me." Peter responded with his hands, trying to open Jisting's jaw with both hands.

"What are you doing?" A growl of an adult frightened Peter and David, and turned and looked around, and saw that Sophia was showing a fierce light, staring at himself fiercely.

David quickly put on his pants and trembled, "We're just kidding her." After that, he fled with Peter.

"Raubi, Raubi!" Kisting Wu crying on the ground, Sophia stepped forward and hugged her, sharing the despair and sorrow of the little girl. Actually, she wanted to take Kristin home for care, but Once she is so brazen, she will be rejected by the whole village. Raubie is dead, and Jistin's future life is really lonely.

That Christmas, the children of each family also gathered with their families in a warm room, enjoying a rich Christmas dinner, singing and dancing. Only Ji Siting was alone, standing in the broken house and looking out, envious of each brightly lit house.

Last Christmas, Justin still sang a Christmas song to Lauby, but now her object is only broken on all sides. She sang a word, and her sense of loss eroded her fragile heart.

Kristin looked at the dark sky and the twinkling stars, clenched her hands, and begged, "Santa, I just want to get food and clothing for each meal, I just want Robby to come back to me." I kept praying repeatedly, I don't know how many times before I fell asleep.

The next morning, Justin was awakened by hunger again. She had no food for two days, because a few days ago, Sofia was discovered by her client who gave her food to Justin. Originally, this did not cause any loss to the restaurant, but he did not want to be the enemy of the whole village, so he ordered Sophia not to do this kind of thing again, otherwise she would be fired, as Sophia has no power and power People have to obey.

Justin struggled, but found an extra gift under the bed.

"Is Santa giving it to me?" Ji Siting didn't care too much. She hurriedly climbed up and opened the gift. It wasn't the food she expected, but a charcoal pen and a stack of white paper. Is disappointed.

A bunch of clauses were written on top of the blank white paper, and Ji Siting read out, "Draw what you want, and then tear off the drawing paper, it will become the real thing."

Kristin was dubious. Of course, she was in desperate need of food, but she didn't have the effort and energy to draw any complicated food. She just drew only roast turkey on the paper.

"Pray that Santa Claus can really fulfill my wish." Ji Siting held the hope and tore the paper apart, and a pink smoke screen suddenly appeared between the cracks, teaching Ji Siting to surprise and intersect.

The smoke screen gradually dissipated, and a cooked turkey really appeared on the ground. The elated Jistin was gorging, and she cried, no longer crying for poverty, but crying with joy, her mouth full of chickens groaning. Thank you for saying something like Santa Claus.

After eating most of the turkeys, Justin drew the broth and cake again. With just a tear of her hands, the food appeared magical, not an illusion of nothingness, and she could also fill her belly and be delicious.

Kristin stopped eating for almost a day, and she was lying on the ground with a full stomach, looking at smallpox. The tattered environment taught her that she was uncomfortable, and after satisfying her appetite, she began to pursue other enjoyments.

She was dissatisfied with the rough wooden floor, the ragged ceiling, and the wooden bed full of lice. She carefully painted with a pen, and when it was torn, the ground was covered with a red wool carpet, the shabby exterior wall became a solid red brick, and the wooden bed became a clean, gorgeous soft bed. The whole world changed in an instant, and a happy life finally came.

But this earth-shaking "decoration" failed to drive away the feeling of loneliness. Ji Siting remembered her parents and Robby, and suddenly she had a clever idea on the paper.

Maybe Jisting's painting skills are not enough or magic can't transform life. Parents and Lobby did not appear in front of them as they wished. Repeated several times, at most, only small human figures or animal puppets appeared.

It wasn't until the paper shattered that Jistin calmed down. Unconsciously, most of the white paper had been used, and only twenty were left after counting. Kristin decided not to waste any more, and used those twenty pieces of paper well, but she couldn't find a guideline at one and a half moments. She had a clever idea and decided to consult with Sophia.

Justin went to the place where the restaurant was, and half way, she saw Sophia rushing down the street with an anxious expression on her face.

Justin stopped in front of Sophia and said, "Sister Sophia, don't you need to go to work?"

Sophia sighed and said, "My son suddenly became seriously ill. I invited a doctor from the city to see the doctor. He expected a bargain and required twenty gold coins to be healed. He said that he would not be treated early. I My son must not endure tonight, so I'm busy borrowing money everywhere. "

Just a moment's inspiration, Justin smiled and said, "Sister Sophia, I can give you twenty gold coins."

Sophia didn't believe this ridiculous joke, she said, "Don't make a joke! I have to borrow money."

Ji Siting pursed her mouth and shouted, "I really have gold coins! You wait for me for a while." After that, she lay down on the ground and drew a tear. Twenty gold coins appeared under the smoke screen.

However, upon closer inspection, the shape of more than half of the gold coins is also out of specification, and some of them are only stones. Most of them are painted by Jistin Tingji. White paper does not recognize gold coins with poor performance. Sophia was pleasantly surprised and said, "Justing, what kind of magic are you doing?"

Ji Siting grinned, "This is not magic, it is a gift from Santa Claus. Grandma Sophia, please give me some time to draw gold coins."

Sophia lifted up Justin and said, "Don't let this thing be discovered by others. Come, we will paint it at your house."

Kristin didn't know why, and she followed Sophia back to her home, and Sophia saw that Kristin's home had been renewed, and secretly wondered, and immediately thought of a masterpiece of magic.

Kristin drew twenty gold coins on white paper. This time she had enough time and a flat table to accurately change the twenty gold coins.

Although it is 100,000 in a hurry, twenty gold coins are always a large number, not to mention that it comes from this little girl with a long life, and Sophia feels embarrassed.

Kristin laughed: "Sister Sophia, please accept them! I believe Santa also wants what I have changed to help others."

Sophia finally accepted the good intentions, but she just took twenty gold coins and left the first gold coins to Jistin, saying, "Justin, you leave these gold coins for yourself. Live a worry-free life! ''

Christine said, "I don't need any gold coins. When I'm hungry, I draw food. When I'm depressed, I draw toys."

Sophia laughed and caressed Kristin's head and said, "Stupid child, you need to spend a piece of paper for each meal and toy you draw, but you draw a box of gold and silver treasures Let you live a peaceful life for years. "

That night, Ji Siting came to the highest restaurant in the village, and the waiter immediately saw her as a poor girl who everyone hated, and immediately raised her hand to drive her away.

Justin found out three gold coins and said, "I want to ask, will this money be enough for my dinner?"

The waiter's attitude suddenly changed one hundred and eighty degrees, hurriedly greeted Ji Siting, and introduced her to the restaurant's most expensive food.

Spaghetti, cakes, meat steaks, fruit juices, salads, fresh fish, a plate of carefully crafted dishes filled the table in front of Kristin, she hung up a napkin and slowly enjoyed this rich feast.

This show attracted the attention of many people. The waiter arranged for people to play a beautiful melody, and called the clown to perform acrobatics. Justin was in the palace.

Since that day, Kristin's identity has changed dramatically, whether it is a restaurant, a furniture store, or a clothing store that has benefited from her spending.

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