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  • Dear, tell me, who am i?

    He had amnesia and slowly forgot all his memories. She went to see him and saw him on the bed facing the world with a confused look. He turned his head, looked at her at the door, and asked, dear, tell me, who am I? She turned and burst into tears. [You are my exclusive memory, even if I forget the world, you are still the name engraved on my heart] ...

    Date: 2013-10-26 Views: 27 Author: If you do not
  • Why not get him a stepmother?

    He grew up with his father. He often asked: Why not find him a stepmother? Dad always laughed and said, "I only love my mother in this life! Later, when he grew up and became a family, his father said he was going to get married. He slaps the woman angrily and calls his father a liar. Since then, Dad never mentioned it again. After his father died many years later, he found a picture of himself when he was reorganizing the relics. The back ...

    Date: 2013-10-18 Views: 12 Author: on the road
  • I don't want you to work so hard

    He had one of the worst dishes: fired squid. The wife is about to give birth. He doesn't want her to be sad. Every day, she goes out with a smile on her face as usual, and then goes to work until she comes home from work. Later, he found a job to carry cement, worked hard for a day, and earned 70 or 80 yuan. Fearing that his wife knew that he would go home at night, he sneaked to take a bath first. One night. The wife held her belly for him ...

    Date: 2013-09-26 Views: 20 Author: silence
  • Who gave a seat to this pregnant woman?

    Who gave the pregnant woman a seat? His words immediately caught the attention of many standing and sitting passengers on the bus. Seeing no one to make a seat, he turned to the middle-aged woman in the back seat and said, "Sister, can you let me go?" Hey, you guys are sitting on the special seat for the young, old and disabled. Pregnant woman. After five stops, he dragged a rotten leg and turned around ...

    Date: 2013-08-16 Views: 18 Author: silence
  • I wait for you for eight minutes

    He secretly boarded QQ on his mobile phone during make-up lessons. On the computer side, she was so excited to see him online. Why ca n’t she wait to open the conversation window? In class, then I ’m not bothering you, is it all right, how long is it after class? Eight minutes, OK, I ’ll wait for you for eight minutes. Full of faces ...

    Date: 2013-08-08 Views: 23 Author: Furukawa
  • key

    She is the youngest in her family. She always has a lock in her memory, dangling from the door, her childhood outside, and loneliness inside. At that time her ideal was to hang a key on her chest. However, her parents have not grown up. Later, she went to school and settled away. The mother gave her the key to her house. She refused the rusty lock in her heart and it was difficult to open. Finally, the parents left, and after the funeral was over, she turned over the boxes, and everyone ...

    Date: 2013-07-20 Views: 19 Author: silence
  • Father love

    My father had been sent home by a kind person for the fifth time. He looked at me with a twinkling look, like I saw him when I was a kid. To prevent him from getting lost, I hired an aunt and put a note of address in all his pockets. The sixth time, at 12 o'clock in the night, the family was hopeless, and someone sent him back; the good-hearted man said: The old man played the note with origami, and the last one was in his palm and refused to hand over ...

    Date: 2013-07-20 Views: 17 Author: silence
  • As long as you are happy i will be happy

    He waited for her for three years. On the day of graduation, he said, "I'm gone!" She held her boyfriend with a smile and said to him: Well, you have to be happy! One year later, her boyfriend went to study abroad. She said to him: I want to get a postgraduate entrance examination. Since that day, she has received some inspirational text messages every day. The dull life of the last two months made her really unable to learn. He came back and stood at the door stupidly, saying: Let me stay with you until ...

    Date: 2013-07-20 Views: 30 Author: Furukawa
  • let's break up

    Male: Let's break up! Female: Why? Male: I haven't found a job so long after graduation, I can't give you happiness! Female: Wait until you work and then break up! Male: Why? Female: If you can't find a job, at least return Have me! ...

    Date: 2013-06-29 Views: 20 Author: sprbsh
  • The bottle has her name

    After the quarrel with his wife, he was in a bad mood. On Valentine's Day, he couldn't help but go to the sea they often watch. He was also found, he smiled: she still had mine in her heart. He laughed, hurrying, and the haze disappeared. There are 10 drifting bottles in front of his wife, one by one in the sea: choose one, we who have my name go back to him and shake his head, turn and leave. By the time he regrets coming back, she has ...

    Date: 2013-06-29 Views: 19 Author: Long time no see