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Time: 2015-08-23 Source: Original Editor: North of Mobei Reading: Times

Saki Magic Coffee Shop-This is the name of the coffee shop upstairs, and the store design and interior design of this coffee shop, if you can see it, you will definitely say: It really is a feeling "Fantasy" coffee shop. The building where the coffee shop is located can be said to have a certain degree of age, and the stairs leading to the coffee shop are quite old as the corridor. From this point of view, the building may have decades of age. But when you get up to the door of the coffee shop, you never think that this is a coffee shop, maybe-it is selling something unseen.

This is because the store added a black cloth to the back of the floor-to-ceiling glass door, so the average person would leave without stepping into this coffee room. But do you believe me? Open the floor-to-ceiling glass door and the dark-stained cloth, and you will see the scenes that novels often like to write about-restaurants with a classic atmosphere; but here it is indeed Not a restaurant, but a coffee shop.

Although those customers always say that the decoration here is gorgeous, it is like being in the kind of European and American restaurants that the nobles loved in the 19th century, but the owner of this coffee shop did not spend a lot of money on the decoration. The most obvious example is that the light is not a glittering crystal lamp covered with crystals, but is mounted on the wall with an appearance much like an old street lamp.

So I have to praise the owner of this store, Mr. Masaki Isaki, for his ability to make a humble space so beautiful as to be an artist. I am most honored to work for him.

Yes, I am his staff, yes, but just now it really is my heart, this shop can really make you feel refreshed.

Ding-Dang-Dang-Huh, the last guest has already left, and he can finally take a break. I carefully wiped the stain on the table with a rag and then took the coffee cup into the kitchen.

"Tough work for you, Mr. Fujii." It is Mr. Isaki. He patted my shoulder lightly, took out a wooden board and carving tools from the cash register, sat at the window, put on glasses and held a carving knife Carved. I think he's making another handicraft to sell it? I don't know why, Mr. Isaki doesn't seem to have what he can't do, and he doesn't have the skills he can't. It's a perfect man-the reason is Even his appearance is perfect, and he can't help but keep his eyes on him.

"No, Mr. Isaki." Looking at Mr. Isaki like this, I often can't help thinking, what is the best thing I do? Seems like-no? What is good at? What I can remember is that I had an accident and was taken to the hospital by Mr. Isaki, but because I had amnesia and could not find the relationship between my relatives, Mr. Isaki temporarily kept me in him Work in the shop.

What was it like before I lost amnesia? What was my past like?

I looked at Mr. Isaki. Honestly, I hope that Mr. Isaki knows something, but if Mr. Isaki really just accepts himself, then there is not much chance to know what I am ... Moreover, it should be Can you take me back to my own home?

I thought I picked up the broom and cleaned it, I really thought too much.

"Mr. Fujii."

"What is it ?!" I quickly stopped my work and walked to Mr. Isaki.

"Sit down and have a rest, and talk to me for a day." He smiled, then went into the kitchen and brought out two cups of coffee. Watching Mr. Isaki deliberately take coffee for me ... I was really a little bit sad: "I'm really sorry to ask Mr. Isaki to pour coffee for me."

"This is not a big problem? Ha, Fujii, do you like to hear stories?"

"Okay? Mr. Isaki wants to tell me a story?"

"Yes, suddenly whim, especially want to say." He took a coffee cup and drank a few sips, smiled at me and then slowly came out a quite touching story, "There is a boy in this world, Very clever, but there is an incurable disease from childhood to age. In order not to make himself a burden for others, apart from his family, he did not communicate with others, and because of his weird personality, he did not have friends-the only thing he wanted to communicate, wanted to have The person who came and went was the person who was willing to talk to him then. "

"Is that a girl?" I thought for a while, and a guy with a weird personality would suddenly want to deal with a specific person, mostly for this reason, right?

"Yeah-it's a girl." Mr. Izaki laughed again. "But you also know that after the elementary school, everyone will loose things. It can be difficult to communicate. Although he wants to see the girl again, But there was no such opportunity-just when he wanted to give up, as if destined, the two met in a shop. The appearance of the other did not change much, and he recognized her at a glance. But the other party didn't recognize himself. "

"What happened later?" I picked up my coffee and took a sip. Isn't this story too old? I couldn't help asking: "Is the man in this story Mr. Isaki you?" I saw Mr. Isaki's face suddenly stiff Get up and smile again the next second.

"If I were that man ... it would be" strange "."

Yeah ... forget, that man is sick, Mr. Isaki is so healthy, if there is terminal illness ...

One minute after I was rudely interrupting the topic, he continued the story: "He wanted to tell the other party that he was the same class as her, the boy who was often silent, but did not have the opportunity because the other party There is already a new object. "

"Uh ... after that? Give up? Or keep the other side?" I could not think of another possibility.

"The answer is the latter. The girl used to go to that store, and he often went to that store in anticipation of meeting her and chatting with her. This is because he knows his life is very For a short time, all he wanted was to meet and chat with the girl again, so he didn't think too much. But ... after a while, he found out that the girl was not getting along with that boy as well as he thought, Maybe ... the girl didn't really like that boy so much. "

"So he wants to fight?"

"Isn't that right? Because ... he is already ill." Izaki sneered and continued drinking coffee. With such a story still laughing, I suddenly goosebumps.

"So what did he do last?" I asked, thinking, would it be the bridge of a general story? After the confession of the other party, spend the last moment of life together?

"This boy is very smart. He invented something, something that can record and see other people's dreams. When he was dying, he left this thing to the girl and to the people in the world who need it. "

Listen, I'm silent.

Mr. Isaki took off his glasses and showed me the piece of wood that he was carving just now. There were a pair of men and women carved on the board. They looked at each other and reached out to touch each other, but they couldn't touch each other. Could it be that this is the end of the story? Did the two meet in a dream? I looked at the woodcut relief and said nothing, and Mr. Isaki did not tell the true ending, maybe I didn't guess it wrong or maybe.

"Mr. Fujii."


Mr. Isaki pushed the woodcut relief to my eyes: "This boy has a chance to live again and leave the arms of death and return to the girl ... If this boy was you, what would you do?"

This is asking ... if it were me, would I choose to come back or leave forever.

"Haha, I will wait for your answer." Mr. Isaki smiled at me, then put away the carving knife and returned to his room.

What would my answer be? Looking at the woodcut relief in front of me, I fell into a state of contemplation ...

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