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Time: 2015-08-05 Source: Original Editor: Xiaoyun Reading: Times
"In the past few days, there have always been accidents in the hospital. I feel more and more stupid and dull. I am really old and useless." This is how my narrative of Police Officer Tian began.

After listening to it, the corner of his mouth was very evil and smiled at me, "Dean, what are you talking about?" The voice was cold, and I immediately realized that there might be something wrong with my tone. For a serious and cold person like Officer Tian, I really need to deal with seriousness.

So I used the most concise language to describe what happened in the hospital. The first thing was that Dr. Fang's face was very bad early in the morning and asked me to take leave. The second thing was that the patient in Ward 313 suddenly disappeared in the afternoon. The third thing was Fang. The doctor returned to the hospital with blood, and the fourth thing was that we dispatched manpower to go to the hospital to find 313 patients. We found a dying man with blood in the grass by the road. The fifth thing was that the doctor came to me the next morning. Inquired about the situation of Patient 313 and brought a photo of Patient 313. The sixth one is that the man with blood is the person in the photo and he disappeared mysteriously at noon the next day.

Both me and the nurses and doctors in the hospital made detailed notes. In the process, Officer Tian's brow was getting more and more frowning and his face was getting greener. I also patted him. He hoped that he would not be too stressed. He tickled me. The corner of the mouth said, thank you for the information you provided, we will definitely find the lost patient.

This is really weird. Every conversation of him is as if it was stipulated in the bill. It is a law enforcement robot ...
At first I just thought he was impersonal. I didn't expect his problem to be "impersonal"! By the way, I also found that he laughed very funny. He only smiled on half of his face, and only the right corner of his mouth. The left muscle was almost stiff! I like to narrow my eyes to observe this funny face, look at the left side first, then look at the right side, and then I start laughing in my heart.

The police were gone and the hospital was quiet again. Seriously, these things really shocked me a lot this time. I suddenly felt that I was dull, let alone the other employees in the hospital. Before going to work, I visited the patients in the hospital one by one as usual, and after getting to know their condition, I felt a little at ease.

However, what I need in my heart is not just stability, what I need is clarification. I have a lot more to untie. The intervention of the police will not alleviate my tangle. I know what I need is to figure it out myself. I have been such a person since I was small, and have never changed.

I first contacted the family members of patient 313 and talked about some established and undecided things. His mother's reaction was the same as I expected. I comforted her and hung up the phone.

Looking at the mobile phone again, there was a message that Officer Tian asked me to drink and told me to understand some stories. I think it's okay to understand the situation, but is it too much to drink? But I had to go to the appointment on time.

It was the night when the Chinese lanterns first appeared, Chaotian Road Space Bar, a place full of lights from inside to outside.

As soon as I saw him, I said, Officer Tian, this place you made is special.

He was wearing plain clothes, and seemed to have drank a few glasses, his face was flushed, and he laughed at me, haha, didn't you really recognize me?

I hesitated for a moment. Now he is so lively and hearty, and the contrast between daytime is too great. Is this really a person? I shook my head and nodded again. It means that I really didn't recognize you as Officer Natian in the morning, but I recognized you as Officer Tian.

He struck my shoulder all at once, and patted his stomach with the other hand, still smiling at me with a wicked charm on his face.

"Ah! Little fat pier!" I was surprised, wasn't this pose the little fat pup that I grew up wearing a pair of pants and licking a candy bar? If you look closely, you can really see that it is him. I haven't seen him lose weight for ten years? Still working out? Now he is taller and stronger than me.

He said, you finally recognize it. I am the only one you do n’t recognize as a dean. Haha, I smiled at you in the morning and squinted at me. I thought you pretended not to know me. .

I'm a little embarrassed to say that it's not because you look like a wooden man in the morning and speak like a machine. Who can recognize you?

He ordered a glass of wine and handed it to me. A sip of wine was scattered in my ears. The words in his mouth were not clear. I asked my brother to drink today and try this glass. It must be very suitable for you.

I took a sip, it was hot and red, and my tears blew. I wiped and said, "Fuck, tell my brother to play with me, you are lawless, you!"

He laughed and helped me back, ha ha ha, all right, I must be responsible for carrying my brother home today.

After a few greetings and our own lives, we started to enter the topic. Dunzi said, "Brother, I have never encountered such a case. Please tell me more about the background, otherwise my head will burst." I said, that is, if you do n’t step in, I wo n’t be reconciled. What do you want me to start with? Dunzi drank the wine in the glass, pressed his hands on the bar with his chest, and said, let's start with patient 313.

I said, "Speaking of 313, I only contacted his family today. There is only one mother in his family, and I feel that his mother loves him very much. From sending him to the hospital for treatment, he comes three days a week. Look at him. I know this is not easy. I have to say that many patients are abandoned here by their families and society. Our hospital said that the better ones are hospitals, and the worse ones are garbage stations and prisons. Here, put on The clothes of mental patients have been judged by the public as non-human beings. They all feel that mental patients are disgusting, stupid, crazy, dirty, as if they would be strangled if they were close to one step. But they have not reflected, mental illness, But it is also a kind of disease. Patients deserve pity, not rejection. They also do not know that patients often want to kill themselves and rarely endanger others' lives. They may just be afraid to defile the world or be afraid of being The world is defiled. "

Dunzi looked at my eyes and suddenly smiled softly. What did I say? He said it was nothing, that is, you digress. I said, dizzy, don't you interrupt me? He smiled and said, okay, I like to listen, you continue.

"313 is a very special patient, and everyone knows this point of view. He has never harmed others and has no harm to society. In fact, I always thought that he was just a severe love lover and it was difficult to get rid of the sorrow of losing his lover. He is very smart and kind. He is a rare and excellent person in all aspects. I do n’t even want to give him medicines. Many spiritual medicines have side effects. I even often imagine that one day 313 really forgot the person in that photo and was alive again, then the inhibitory drugs we took during this period will only cause irreparable harm to him. You must be hard to imagine, if you see the smile of 313, you must He also took a second to think that he was extremely healthy. But he suffered from insomnia almost every night, and singing did not work when he was insomnia. He yelled and shook his head with his head, we had to give him sleeping pills. Insomnia and nightmares always torture this poor man, but what did he do wrong? I sometimes think about the philosophy and psychology in the books I study Are shit, I can not help him a bit ...... "

At some point, Dunzi's hands began to stroke my back again. I stopped to look at him, and he sighed and said, "You still have such a good heart. No wonder it's a doctor's life to save the lives of the wounded and be compassionate. I Just because your heart is too hard, then you can use violence to arrest the bad guys ... "

I said, "Ha, I am not a doctor. I have done everything in the hospital and I have never been a doctor." He said, "Yes, when did you get to this mental hospital? I Remember when you weren't ... what school was this? "

I laughed, "It's a school. Actually, I've been in a kindergarten before, and I've been a kindergarten director for two years. Actually, there is some chance in this mental hospital. It's nothing to talk about. But I feel it Ah, in fact, the spirit of the patients in the hospital is similar to the children in the kindergarten. They are childish and cute, sometimes they are unreasonable, sometimes they are arrogant, sometimes they are very creative, they are destructive and super destructive. Never show mercy. Of course, the children give a candy to a toy car, and the patients want something too illusory, we do n’t understand, we can only delay time by drugs. In fact, I think sometimes we and patients are In the same way, the larger the person grows, the more nihilistic and less specific the things we want, the more complicated the division of labor in society, and the more satisfying the desires, we are all pursuing. Just like money, he says that is Feces, but the benefit and vanity that this symbol can bring to ourselves has already distorted our behavior. When it is not available, we still say feces on our mouths, but we have painful bleeding in our hearts. And the corresponding disease , But it is the child's way of expressing themselves, however painful nothing. "

I find that every time I speak a long paragraph, I have his gentle eyes on my body, and I am very uncomfortable: "I'm sorry, I keep on digression, my words are more logical and useless." He just remained He smiled and said, "It's okay, I like to listen, you continue."

I know that I have too many words in my stomach, and no one talks with them to cause such words. As I blamed myself, I searched my mind about the case. Suddenly I remembered that I had the precious photo of patient 313 on me! So he quickly drew it out and gave it to Dunzi to see. He picked it up and looked at his face and froze. I hurriedly asked what happened? He paused for a while and said, "I seem to have seen this person. This is the person who was covered with blood the first night and disappeared the next day?" I nodded vigorously and said, "Well, it's absolutely right. "

The blush on his face receded quickly. Is he about to turn into that cold wood? He said, "I want to go back to the bureau to investigate the case. Are you going with me?" He said softly, and his eyes invited me. I was startled, thinking that he was about to transform.

It was very late, and the police station was completely dark. He turned on the light and turned on the light. The first time I was curious in the police station, I started looking around. When I looked at it almost, Dunzi also found out the doorway and called me to look over the computer side, I am very guilty, I always forget the business, it is too confused.

The data room was very messy, and the flashing computer screen kept beating and flickering, reflecting our faces and staring eyes. God. Not only did I see the boy in the picture, but I also saw 313 patients! They all were related to a triad drug trafficking case. The difference was that the 313 patient was used as a witness in the record, while the boy in the photo was a criminal coordinator and was later released on bail. There are three or four children the same age as them, and their common feature is that they are all dressed in punk rock. But the case ended with the killing of a mastermind, and the other children were coerced and instructed to deal with it.

This is the first time I have seen the past of 313 patients, and he has so many stories. By the way, I also harvested their names. The 313 patients have known before, surname Yang, first name, clear, and clear; today the boy knows the name, horse, name Jinxiang, splendid brocade, flying. I closed my eyes and contacted what I saw in the hospital, and suddenly my mind widened. I said, "Dunzi, I guess so. The two of them were good buddies before. They later experienced betrayal. 313 was hit too hard. I feel sorry for his buddies, so he went crazy. Do you mean?"

At the moment, Dunzi was extremely calm, as if he had a lot in his heart. He said, "Their things are not easy to guess, I don't want to guess, and it is not important. But I now have a feeling that the case three years ago must not be completely resolved. , And left the root of the bastard, the eight-shot achievement that was shot was a ghost for the dead, and the people behind the scene are still playing with these children in the palm of the hand! "I was quite surprised, after a long time to reflect on what he said, my brain Turning slowly, and before digesting the old, he started to say new: "I guess this horse Jinxiang may have done something recently, touched the old injury of the man behind the scenes, and began to punish him. His blood is estimated to be Someone is malicious, and he disappeared inexplicably. Bacheng is not only voluntary, but fell into the danger of Hukou. "I asked," What about 313? Ah, what do I mean by Yang Che? "

Dunzi looked sharp at my eyes. I was hepatic fibrillated by him. He said, "Well, this is the question for Dr. Fang. The photos from him are naturally asking him for someone. But I guess he might It's an outsider, otherwise I won't ask you to send the photos in person, but from the place where the photos were obtained, there will be some clues. Let's go together tomorrow. How about it? "I nodded.

I heard what he said really seemed like that, and I couldn't help but start worshipping the pier. It's really a good day for three days. He is now full of wisdom and self-confidence, unlike the cowardly and lazy pier who was a kid ...

I sincerely praise him: "Just guessing has a rough outline, it's great!" Dunzi smiled a little lightly this time, he scratched my shoulder and said, "I just have a lot of water in my stomach, and I see more cases. . Why? I'm jealous of me? "I shook off his hand unpleasantly, cursing:" Fart! Brother I praise you. Who is jealous! I don't know people. "He apologized quickly:" I was wrong I was wrong It ’s all said that I have a lot of bad water in my heart ... "

I joked him and said, "Ha, I still think, although the pier before knew how to eat stupidly, but he had no heart or bad intentions. When you grow up, people become taller and handsomer. Do n’t say, why not I ’ve changed my nature? I ’m so savvy, I ’m not like you anymore. ”I smiled to myself, but when I saw that his face turned blue and I lost all smiles, I also Stopped and smiled.

1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes. The atmosphere of silence was getting weird, and my mind writhed. The more I wanted to panic, the back became cold, and my hands began to clenched my trousers.

Finally it was the silence I broke: "You are not a pier, are you?"

He is silent.

The line of defense that wasn't strong in my heart broke instantly, and I started shouting, "I fuck! Who the hell are you! Why are you pretending to be a pier! If you want to ask me a question, just ask it. What kind of tricks do you play! Have you investigated whether I am! "After scolding, I knew that my tears were low. It was too disappointing to cry in front of such a person, so I ran away in a hurry and ran out At the police station, he ran home in one breath.

I forgot how I spent the night after going home. But certainly not as happy as the first half of the night. What turned into my head that night was nothing more than these sentences-I can't stand being betrayed and I can't stand being cheated. I know that my own brain is slow and I always have less muscles. But I have no injustice with this police officer Tian, why did he use my young feelings with Dunzi? Why am I fucking so stupid, how can I be so easily fooled?

The next day, I was awakened by the doorbell, and when I got up, I found my huge panda eyes. I stumbled to open the door, only to see a man who bowed to me at ninety degrees, he looked up, and I found a pair of giant panda eyes. When I was wondering if I was looking in the mirror, he told me the following paragraph-

I apologize for yesterday. Fat Dun is my brother, we are twins. He has been telling you about me ever since I saw him, and I have known you from his mouth. I've been here for a few years, I'm sorry I did investigate you, what profession you have worked in, home on several floors, and what I like to eat and what I do. This case is the most direct contact between you and me. I cherish this opportunity very much. I was nervous yesterday morning. I was afraid to say something wrong, so I was stupid like a robot. When I ask you to drink at night, I hope that after drinking, I can be a little more natural and show the true me, but my brother has been dead for several years, and suddenly I have the idea to impersonate him and keep posing. So ... so it was all my fault yesterday, I hope you can forgive me! !! I'm really sorry.

After I heard it, I rubbed my eyes and said impatiently, "Oh, is there anything else?"

He fully showed his helplessness, and uttered a string of words: "Are you willing to continue to investigate this case with me today?"

I smiled secretly in my heart, but still said to him coldly, "Wait for me to change my clothes." Then I shot the door.
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