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Time: 2015-07-26 Source: Original Editor: Forever Love Reading: Times

Mo Qingtian, this familiar and unfamiliar name.

I haven't heard anyone call me like this for so many years, time is so long that I almost forget.

The most ridiculous thing is that a person who can't even remember his own name, but always remembers his name ...

No trace.

As long as you read these three words in your heart, the corners of your mouth will unconsciously evoke ... As long as you think of this person, your heart will overflow with sweetness.

Mo Wuchen is my elder brother, half-brother, elder brother with blood relationship.

His mother died after giving birth due to dystocia. His father married my mother the same year, and a year later, I had me.

Dad was more guilty about Mo Wuchen. Mo Wujin was not healthy since he was young. In addition, he inherited the cold blood of our Mo family, and his constitution was weak to the point that the cool breeze blew and the person was in bed realm.

So painful things like Xi Wu fell on me.

When I was less than six years old, I was taught daily by my father and a few senior teachers in the rotation. If I was lazy or had a short business trip, my father would lock me into the room in Houshan where I could not see my fingers for a whole day. Do n’t eat or drink. My dad is very severe to me. Compared with Mo Wuren, who is carefully cared for every day, I always feel that I am not my dad.

If I had a rest time as a kid, my dad would let me go to the side yard to play with him.

Pianyuan is completely different from where I live. It is elegant and peaceful, with birds and flowers, like a fairyland isolated from the world. Dad said that the invisible body is not good. Living in this quiet place, away from the complicated personnel in the teaching, to his body Good.

I hate this brother because Dad's unfair treatment, because he is also the young master who teaches in the night, but he can be leisurely and will not be punished no matter what he does wrong.

What makes me grit my teeth most is that his face, which is somewhat similar to mine, is always pale and terrible, and it is always uncomfortable to look at it with a slight frown.

Nominally, I went to his house to play with him, but as soon as my dad left, I would leave him aside and play by myself. Sometimes Mo Wuzhen would come inquisitively and ask me what I was doing. Ignore him, he won't ask more. When he can't wait for the answer he wants, he sits back slowly, sometimes watching me play, sometimes reading by himself, sometimes looking out of the window ...

I thought he would take the opportunity to sue his father, and after being punished by his father, he did n’t need to accompany him anymore, but unexpectedly, he did n’t seem to say anything bad to him, but his father worked harder on me Sent to the side yard to "play with him".

Once I hit the top in the room, and one accidentally broke my father's favorite jade porcelain bottle. The two of us looked at the debris in one place and were scared to speak.

When Dad entered the house, he immediately became furious when he saw that his beloved jade bottle was broken.

I was so afraid that I was trembling all over the body, and for some reason I cried and pushed all the blame on Mo Wuchen.

Dad hesitated and looked at Mo Wuzhen.

I cried even harder, and I felt that Mo Wumen would not admit it, because I broke the bottle at all, and he never touched it.

If my father knew that I was deceiving, I would definitely be punished for three days and nights at the back wall of Houshan ...

However, I did not expect that Mo Wuhen actually kneeled down and admitted that he accidentally shattered the jade bottle while playing with a spinning top.

Dad glared at me, stepped forward and picked up Mo Wujin, said that the cold on the ground is too big to kneel.

There was still a trace of me thanking him, and I hated him even more for a moment.

Why is he so painful to kneel when he kneels? Why do I go to the cold dark room and kneel all day and night every time I make a mistake? All are my dad ’s sons, why would dad hug him like this but never hug me?

After that time, I started to bully Mo Wuren recklessly. No matter what bad things I did, just push him and he would n’t deny it. Sometimes, because things were too serious, Dad would occasionally reprimand him, but then again I will be double to him, so I do n’t have a trace of guilt. Although I do n’t know why he wanted to take care of me, but I was n’t touched at all. He stole my things, how can I return it?

At the age of thirteen, once playing with Invisible, I willfully pushed a passing boy who didn't say hello to us, and pushed it into the lotus pond.

No trace scared his face even more pale, and immediately ran to find someone for help, I stood on the shore and laughed at the people who were messy in the water.

But it's just a subordinate, is it worth him to be so nervous? Is this man rude, I just give him a little lesson.

But half a minute came, not only one, but even the father who was dealing with the school affairs hurriedly came.

Leng Khan was out, presumably this Mo Wuren ran to sue his father, which is really hateful!

When he was rescued, he was drowning in a coma. Dad immediately sent him to the palace for treatment by the imperial doctor. Then I knew that I had made a big mistake. The person I pushed into the water came to teach in the hospital. Son of the six kings.

I was trembling with fright, looking at my dad's angry face, I was ready to be beaten.

Who knew that at this moment, Mo Wuzhen had taken the initiative to admit to everyone that Xiao Houye had pushed him down the pool.

I widened my eyes. I did not expect such a serious matter, and Mo Wujin would help me.

Although Dad couldn't bear to punish Mo Wuhen, but so many people were present, including the equally angry six princes, so Dad slapped Mo Wuhen slaps severely, and Mo Wuwen, who was always weak, was thrown on the ground by this slap. After rolling twice, a pale red finger print suddenly appeared on the pale face, and red bloodshots shed in the corner of his mouth ...

I cried out in fright, as if this slap was fanned on my face. Originally, this slap should not have helped me without a trace.

Fortunately, Xiao Hou Ye was not inconvenienced, and the Six Kings did not hold them anymore. After sending away the Six Kings, Dad locked Mo Wuhen into the small black house in Houshan.

During dinner, Dad said to his mother, "I am usually too petless, because he is not healthy, so I never punish him for making mistakes. Today, I think I am wrong, and I will be more severe with him in the future. That's it! "

I chopped rice aside, so guilty that I didn't dare to look at my father and mother. I had heard my father say such things. I should have been happy in my heart, but I couldn't get excited anymore ... How much that slap is, of course I know how cold and terrible the little black room is, and I also know ... how could Mo Wujin be able to stand it?

At night, I went to the kitchen and took two buns and a pot of water, sneaking to Houshan sneakily.

The doors of the dark room are locked from the outside. If no one unlocks the outside, the people inside cannot get out.

The wooden door was pushed away by me, and a cold air rushed out of it, and I trembled all over ... I have stayed in this place countless times, even if I am familiar with it, my heart is still afraid ...

I whispered Mo Wuren's name, but unfortunately no one answered me. By the faint moonlight, I saw a white figure lying on the ground.

Knowing that the person was Mo Wujin, I rushed forward and hugged him. His body was frozen like a dead person. Only the faint undulations in his chest made me believe that he was alive.

He opened his eyes slightly, his densely woven long eyelashes flickered like the wings of a butterfly, and the bottomless black eyes glowed faintly. I just wanted to say something, but he gently pushed me away, himself Knelt down again facing the wall.

I was sad, thinking that he didn't want to ignore me because he hated me, but who knew that he was half-conscious at the time and could not figure out who I was.

Then I forcibly brought him back to the side yard, and then clamored to tell my father the truth, but Mo Wuzhen stopped me. He said that as long as I do n’t make such willful mistakes in the future, he has already been punished and does n’t want me to suffer .

At that moment, I was so moved that I wanted to hug him. After I hurt him so many times, he even thought about me. He was only one year older than me. Why is he always protecting me and accommodating me? How about?

I will always remember that there is a gentle smile like moonlight on that pale face like Mo Wuxue. He said, "Because I am your brother, I naturally want to protect you."

At the age of thirteen, I made up my mind. One day, I can protect the person in front of me ... and protect him for a lifetime.

Children are so naive, and those who hate their teeth yesterday may stick to each other like brown sugar today.

After that black house disaster, Mo Wuchen stayed in bed for more than half a month. Although Dad had a heartache, he did not regret it. Since then, Dad has disciplined me more strictly. It is also common for him to practice martial arts in the evening. No longer offered me to play with Mo Wuren, he said that when I grew up, I couldn't just play.

In the past, my dad forced me to accompany Mo Wuzhen, but now I sneak to find him.

Wuji recently followed the dark night to teach the first pharmacist to learn medicine, which he asked his father himself. His constitution couldn't practice martial arts, so he hoped that he could make a breakthrough in medicine.

I asked him secretly why I suddenly wanted to study medicine.

He said that studying medicine was to help me heal my wounds and cure diseases in the future. He used swords and swords every day, and he was dangerous. If he could understand some medicine, he would definitely help me.

My heart was throbbing again.

Gradually, I know that the only way to get what I want is to make myself stronger. Only when you become stronger can you protect your loved one.

So I practiced diligently. At the age of eighteen, with the help of my dad and several elders, I created a set of inner skills and mental skills, which can bring the innate cold blood of our Mo family. The quality is to the extreme. After learning, it can be used by ordinary people for one year a day, but only our Mo family can practice this skill. If ordinary people learn a trick, they may become icicles.

The joy after success was the first one that I wanted to share with Mo Wuhen.

He heard that I had become a peerless feat and was happy for me.

Mo Wuchen is also a material for medical science. In just five years, he has learned the lifelong skills of a great pharmacist. He is better than blue because of blue. I have personally seen him put a few roots on a person who has just lost his breath. Silver needle, the man came alive again.

I gripped his waist gently as usual, put his chin on his shoulder, and said happily, "One is the God of War, the other is the therapist, and the night teaches us that we are invincible."

"No trace, we will never be apart for a lifetime." I said something that had been deep in my heart.

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