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Time: 2015-07-23 Source: Original Editor: Xiaoyun Reading: Times
"Even, I'm going to marry Wenjuan next month. Without her father's support, you know, I can't get through this difficult time ... if I break up with her, I will definitely be ruined ..."
I went to fish scales, paused, and resumed work.

I broke up with him several times, and he went out to find another woman, and finally came back to confess, saying that it was me, and he would never be like this again.
It would be okay if I refused him once, but I was destined to be the loser in our love-because I was poisoned with "Yan Xusheng", and the poison had permeated my internal organs.
I thought I was good at waiting. I thought I would have an ending when I waited till the end, but I didn't expect that the ending would be like this.
"Let's just break up. This is not normal. When you broke up before, you never said anything. Sometimes I feel like I'm singing the show alone."
"Even, you're going to find a woman to marry. Forget me. I'm going to emigrate to Australia after marrying Wenjuan. I'm afraid we won't meet again in this life.

My hand shook a bit, and the cutting knife cut a forefinger into a gap, which was painful.
But compared to the pain somewhere, it's simply insignificant.
Blood poured out and stained the white and crystalline fish on the chopping board.

He likes the tomato stewed fish I made very much. This is an ancestral dish of my family. I also taught him, but he always said that he couldn't make it well.
So until now, I have been coming to my house to cook rice, and I often bought fish to order this dish.
Since it is the last time, let him keep the meal in his memory forever.

I think my performance is very natural. I smiled and bandaged my wounds alone, smiled to congratulate him, smiled and served the dishes to the dining table ... then smiled and looked at him again, and ate the fish net.
"The fish today is especially delicious." He said, "Unfortunately, I have no chance to eat it again."
I smiled and gave him a mouthwash.
Yes dear, you never have a chance to eat again ...

I dragged his body to the bathroom, after all, after a lot of procedures, it is best to take care of it.
He was still breathing weakly, but, in my eyes, he was already dead.
Or ... it can't be overstated.

Insert a catheter into his carotid artery and place the blood in a large basin-blood is a good ingredient and cannot be wasted.
I got up to prepare knives and pots for various meats. He has always been a regular visitor to the gym. When he had sex with him, he often felt his fierce nude, and his meat was indeed sufficient.
The blood was almost gone. His body was convulsing, but he didn't wake up.
I scratched the skin of his abdomen with a knife. There were tiny blood beads seeping out.
After rinsing with water, continue down, looking at the abdomen, all digestive organs, these things are very good, but it is a bit troublesome to clean.
I smiled slightly and continued to extend the incision upwards, but the bones of his chest were helpless with this little knife.
After peeling off the skin and muscles, I replaced the pliers. I pinched the ribs on both sides of him and separated the pleura and ribs. The rest was much simpler.
His heart was still beating, but it was already extremely weak. His organs looked pale due to bloodletting, but this was just right, and I originally hated eating congested stuff.

Follow the steps to remove the heart and lungs first, and then take out the entire esophagus. Except for struggling for a while while removing the heart again, he has no response.
This is natural because he is dead.
Liquid came out of my eyes, dripping into his empty chest, but I told myself that this was also the last time.

The rest of the work is relatively simple and tiring. It took me a lot of effort to separate his muscles and bones. I didn't expect that his meat was so large that it seemed to be able to eat for a short time.
I looked at the time, and it has been more than three hours. It seems that I haven't done it for a long time, and the technique has become rusty.
The room was filled with a strong bloody smell, but the bathroom was not very messy because I classified well and kept cleaning.
In the end his head was left.

My fingers gently stroked his frowning eyebrows, gliding down, and then reached his thick lips that kissed me countless times.
I cracked and laughed.

From tomorrow on, you will belong to me a little bit, and since then, there is no excuse to take you away from me *********************** ***********************************
My stomach was full, and I sat on the sofa and turned on the TV.
The news happened to be his handsome face. The anchorwoman explained that the fiance of the Miss Zhao Group was missing and asked the public to cooperate to provide clues.
Then the camera turned to Zhao Wenjuan's report that Pear was carrying rain.

I laughed and switched the channel. It was a hilarious soap opera.
You will never guess that he is now lying in my stomach safely-of course, a considerable part in my freezer.
My existence in his life, when he was in contact with Miss Zhao, he wiped it out. This is good. When the police investigate me, I'm afraid I've changed my identity and lived silently elsewhere.

Yan Xusheng, even when you die, you do n’t know. The reason why no one can make that fish dish as skillful and delicious as me is because it contains my flesh and blood.
And you, nourished by my flesh and blood for so long, is absolutely inevitable.

There is one more thing you don't know, that is, my favorite dish is not just tomato roast fish ...
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