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Time: 2015-07-10 Source: Unknown Editor: Xiaoyun Read: Times
Yiya Chess Club was not called Yiya.
In the early years, the world was quite peaceful. The young master of the Zhao family started his own home chess club. In the huge capital city, it was a boom. At that time, people also paid attention to painting, calligraphy, and elegance, and the Zhao family chess club was a long time. In time, fame has risen, and scholars have been seeking.
It has been booming for decades. When the Qing Dynasty fell, the Zhaojia Chess Club remained the same, except that the owner became the grandson of the Great Master Zhao of that year and was also a Great Master.
The young master's chess is so good that he can be considered outstanding in the family. Therefore, the chess club was in his hands and it was even more prosperous. At that time, the girls were able to go to the street. The young master also received a female apprentice. Called Xiuyun.
Xiu Yun is an orphan. When she started, she was ranked third. Many people called her Miss Three. Only the youngest son's son called her elder sister, and she called it for more than ten years.
The young master's son is Zhao Jinning. He is also a young master's disciple. He ranks fourth. He is smart and clever, and he is good at chess, but has a bad temper.
He learned chess earlier than his siblings. He played in the nineteen chessboards once he was born, and he was really talented. Soon, siblings did n’t have one of his opponents. Although Zhao Jinning was a little arrogant, But there really is that capital, and there is nothing left to say.
But later, it was broken because of the arrival of a person.
This man is called Lin Yayan. He is as big as Xiuyun and an orphan. He entered the door late, but was three years older than Zhao Jinning, who ranked fourth. He had no choice but to call his brother.
Although Lin Yayan was an orphan, he was clever from an early age. At that time, he asked for food at the entrance of the chess club. He was curious and looked at Master Zhao who was killed in the lobby. Master Zhao won the game very quickly and was cut off before the endgame. When the other party got off the horse, he asked a dirty little Jiaohuazi casually, but unexpectedly Lin Yayan answered it. Master Zhao was shocked to be a heavenly man and took him home for enlightenment.
When he first arrived, he was eight years old, but he was thin and small. He was not as good as five-year-old Zhao Jinning. His name was written in the handkerchief he was holding around. At that time, the shadow of the troubled world had shrouded many orphans. Homecoming and finally buried in the wilderness.
Like Lin Yayan, he was lucky. He himself was also diligent and eager to learn. Every time he played it, he rushed to work. The young and old of the chess club liked him very much.
But one person didn't like it, and that was Zhao Jinning.
Lin Yayan was favored, and he was naturally neglected. In fact, this was just his own thought.
Later, Lin Yayan's chess and computing power gradually revealed, and finally he won Zhao Jinning at the age of thirteen. During that time, he did not talk to anyone except Xiu Yun, and his face was somber and terrible.
Lin Yayan never provoked him. Many times, he was always very humble and respectful when facing him.
In those years, the situation of the chess club was pretty good. The younger master dismissed some ranches, and the family did it by himself. Occasionally, some senior officials invited the players to play chess. They never quit and filled their stomachs.
Later, their master and mother passed away, and the young master was very sad. He wasn't tough, and he couldn't do it. Zhao Jinning seemed to have grown up overnight. At the age of fourteen and fifteen, he knew that he respected his father and would never cry in front of his father for his mother's departure.
Lin Yayan was seventeen or eighteen years old this year. The young man looked very straightforward, but he was still very thin. He always wore a white gown, so elegant and elegant.
Now that I think about it, it seems that the death of the master has become the beginning of the darkest decades. It seems that for a moment, the originally peaceful life was broken by successive wars, and the clouds of troubled times have long been covered by the clouds. Society is even worse.
Things always happen one after another. The elder brother and the second elder brother were arrested to fill the army. The burden of life fell on Lin Yayan, the oldest boy, although he was the last one.
At that time, he would return early and return late. However, anyone who asked to go to the game never quit. He usually did nothing good. He could only do some hard work. If Master ’s spirit was good, Zhao Jinning would go with him. Although he did less, but After all, it is a salary. Xiu Yun did some slurry washing all day. Only three people could barely maintain a family's livelihood. Master Zhao was very ill at the time. The medicine was burning silver dollars every day, but Lin Yayan and Xiu Yun clenched their teeth. No At that time, Master Zhao, they had long since become dust.
Those years were the most difficult. Master Zhao couldn't bear to see the disciples worked so hard. He used to want to sell the century-old store of the chess club and get some silver dollars to survive. Unfortunately, the fighting continued, and it was almost impossible for people to maintain their lives, let alone buy one The useless chess club, so a family of four, closed the gate of the chess club simply and survived on the tenacious will of three children.
All of this is in the eyes of Master Zhao. After another spring, he first asked Xiu Yun, and then said lightly to Zhao Jinning: "You are not too young, and you will marry Xiu Yun into the house after the Dragon Boat Festival. "
At that time, Zhao Jinning was only seventeen. He grew up with Xiuyun, knowing it, nodding his head and agreeing, Xiuyun had no opinion, anyway, for her, the two boys in the family, who are married to the same person, two Everyone is her younger brother. She cares about growing up, and her love is not bad.
During the Dragon Boat Festival, the family happily ate a reunion dinner. Xiuyun also packed a few white browns. It was like a holiday after the appearance. On the third day, Zhao Jinning and Xiuyun wore clean clothes. To overdo the ancestors, and to salute Master Zhao and Master ’s tablets, even if Zheng Er Ba Jing became a pro, the conditions were difficult at that time, Master Zhao Da took out the red daughter that Xiuyun had buried. The family had fun.
The night was as cold as water, Lin Yayan felt drunk. He leaned in the empty and dark lobby, watching the dilapidated tables and chairs, the dusty chessboard, and some cabinets and ancient books in the cabinet against the wall. These were no one. Looked over.
Upstairs is the candlelight night of the elder sister's and elder brother's cave. He sat downstairs alone and burst into tears.
No one knows what he's thinking, no one knows his feelings, like a white gown that can't be seen for a few years, just like a gray chessboard can't see through anymore, his heart is densely foggy Shrouded, it feels hard to see the sky.
He seemed to be soberly aware that these tables and chairs, these chessboard pieces, and these once-expensive ancient books could hardly be revived. They, including himself, had become history.
For a while, it seemed a lot too peaceful, and it seemed that more difficult disasters had not come.
Zhao Jinning and Xiu Yun seemed to be more stable after their marriage. He snatched most of his family's work, took care of his father, and tried to maintain a family.
He clearly realized that he had become the head of the family. Although he was the youngest, he also had to take responsibility.
At that time, Master Zhao seemed to have a very good spirit. At night, he could secretly play two sets by himself, had an addiction, or help Xiuyun to do some housework within his ability.
Later, Xiu Yun was pregnant, and he was happier. He had to do it by himself inside and out, and refused to trouble Xiu Yun anymore.
For the only three children left in the family, Master Zhao has always been their most kind father, and then their master. No one can be more important than him. Xiu Yun has always been in poor health, as has Master Zhao. Zhao Jinning discussed with Lin Yayan and let him stay at home to take care of his relatives.
Lin Yayan refused at first, but Zhao Jinning said, "I'm a parent and listen to me." He also stopped talking and often went home early to prepare meals.
Everyone was very happy at first, and it seemed that good days would begin again, and a new life would soon be coming to this man's sparse home. Nothing could be better than this.
But when it happens, it is difficult for anyone to predict.
On this day Lin Yayan went to get the medicine, Zhao Jinning returned home early to help Xiuyun work.
At this time, there were a few army soldiers. Without a word, Zhao Jinning would be drawn up to fill the army. At this moment, the battle was stalemate. The soldiers died very quickly. After a while, they would pull several men on the street, but never When people can come back, Xiuyun is holding his stomach and having inconvenience, and can only cry behind him. Master Zhao is completely paralyzed in bed, with more air and less air, and his face is gray.
Zhao Jinning was very calm. He asked the soldiers and said that he would definitely go before he came back and Xiuyun and Master Zhao said, "I will definitely come back when I go, Dad, Xiuyun, and our children." He said, looking at Xiuyun's belly, "waiting for me to come back."
He wanted to reach out, but he didn't dare. He retracted his hand and walked back to the soldiers. He said to Xiuyun, "Tell Yayan, I thank him most in this life."
Although he wasn't right when he was a kid, he and Lin Yayan grew up together from a young age. His character is clearer than anyone, so he just said thank you. It left him a sentence and he left without looking back.
When Lin Yayan returned home, he saw the crooked lobby with tables and chairs, Xiu Yun sitting on the ground crying, and Master Zhao, who was already unconscious.
On that day, Master Zhao died in his sleep. Before leaving, he once opened his eyes, looked at Xiuyun first, then looked at his stomach, and finally looked at Lin Yayan. He was speechless, but in his eyes The meaning of Lin Yayan is clearer than anyone, so he nodded fiercely.
Master Zhao smiled, fell asleep, and never woke up again.
Zhao Jinning was arrested and Master Zhao passed away. The blow to this family that seemed to be happy was very serious. To make matters worse, Xiuyun was depressed, and the under-term child was weak and came to this life under the thin mother's hoarseness. .
The baby was very small. Lin Yayan used the last meagre savings in the family. He finally managed to save him. Xiuyun's body completely broke down. She could only lie on the bed and hold up her breath to do some sewing. This family only has Lin Yayan. People, can still function normally.
He went to work every day before dawn, and went home at night when it was dark. He still had to do some housework when he returned. The whole man was very thin. People in their twenties were wearing clothes from the age of seventeen and eighteen. It's still a bit big.
Perhaps with a child, Xiuyun's situation is getting better and better, and Lin Yayan named the child Zhao Anran and An An.
Time passed slowly. In the second year of the Spring Festival, the family received a letter from Zhao Jinning. The stationery was dirty and the words on the atmosphere were distorted. He said he was doing well and the battle was not tight. Maybe in two years When he was able to go home, he also said that he had asked many people, but he couldn't find two brothers, and he would not give up.
Lin Yayan and Xiuyun wrote a letter back to him, telling him that his family was all right, his father was much better, and his child was fat, so he took the name Zhao Anran and waited for him to return.
In fact, they all know that they are all deceiving, but they still want to deceive. It is too difficult for them to live in fantasy.
Later communication was very difficult, and Zhao Jinning quickly broke the news.
Yunxiu had a few intermittent illnesses, and Xiao Anan was not very well. Lin Yayan had exhausted everything so that they could live until the next winter. He had been suffering like that, a tall person, like a stalk, but It's the same as most people outside.
Year after year, when An An was five years old, the winter was extremely cold, and Xiu Yun didn't survive it. When she closed her eyes, she was only 26.
Lin Yayan cried to tear down the table at home, and finally made a thin, crooked coffin. Xiuyun was wearing old clothes, her hair was messy, and her eyes were closed quietly like she was alive. Zhao Anran was five years old and felt very uncomfortable that his mother could no longer play with him to take care of him. He didn't know what death was, but he saw his mother lying there with no vitality and was very sad. He held tightly. Lin Yayan's legs were sobbing.
There are already three graves in the backyard. Except for the graves of Master and Master, and Master Xiuyun, they were dug by Lin Yayan alone. They are not old, they are still young, but they will always lie in the run-down backyard and cannot see Every day.
Later, life seemed to be better, but it seemed to be difficult. The war was intensive. Even if there was money, food could not be bought. The army was barren and chaotic. Lin Yayan took An An to work hard and gave him all he could eat. .
A twenty-six-year-old man looks as if he is in his forties, and both wives are pale.
When An An was six years old, life was getting better, the war was about to end, Lin Yayan was looking for people everywhere, but he managed to get some seeds and planted some vegetables in the backyard. An An was already sensible, but because of poor eating, and Lin Yayan was the same as a child.
Lin Yayan taught him how to plant land and teach him how to cook with fire. He knew that all this was too early for a six-year-old child, but he couldn't wait. He knew very well that he was about to die.
An An seemed to be aware that he always followed him silently and called his uncle. His voice was very low, thin, as if he couldn't open the flowers.
This year's Dragon Boat Festival, the weather was extremely hot, and Zhao Jinning, wearing military uniform, returned to this run-down home.
When he arrived, Lin Yayan was coughing and talking to An An about the price of those things in the house. An An was very sensible. The environment forced him to mature early, and he listened quietly.
When Zhao Jinning pushed open the door, he saw such a scene.
Lin Yayan, who was so thin and impersonal, wore his long uncleaned gown and sat next to a child. Every time he said something, the child wrote down on the book with a brush. The two didn't say much. Zhao Jinning didn't hear clearly.
He was a little bit homesick and approached lightly, but he heard Lin Yayan said, "An'an, if there is only one person left in the family in the future, you can't leave, and your father will come back one day at last."
Lin Yayan seemed to feel someone behind him. He turned around and saw the tall man standing in the backlight. He was a little stunned, squinting hard, and then suddenly smiled. The smile on his skinny face was very gentle, and he pulled on An'an. Pointing at the man, he said, "Ann, that's your father."
An An was a little scared, but when she saw Zhao Jinning's mild eyes, she walked up to him in two steps and timidly called "Dad".
Zhao Jinning picked him up and wanted to hug him hard, but he was careful, he said, "An'an, my baby, Dad is back."
Later, he and An An talked a lot. Lin Yayan sat quietly aside, waiting for An An to fall asleep, Lin Yayan took him to the backyard, still not talking.
Zhao Jinning didn't cry, he clenched his teeth tightly, "thumped" and knelt down on the ground and gave a hoe to the three graves in front of him. He kept repeating this action. Lin Yayan initially made him do this until he saw him later There was blood on his forehead, so he pulled him up and took him to his and Xiuyun's original bedroom. No one came in this room for a long time. Lin Yayan had no energy to clean it. As soon as the door was opened, the dust on the ground floated, and Lin Yayan won Cough started again.
Zhao Jinning pulled Lin Yayan back to his bedroom, Lin Yayan leaned on the bedside, and slowly talked to him about these years.
Zhao Jinning didn't say a word, listening quietly, Lin Yayan finished speaking intermittently, drank his saliva, and asked him, "Jinning, are you still leaving?"
"No more." Zhao Jinning said, he looked at him seriously, his eyes were deep: "I followed the garrison, and I will stay in Peiping in the future, and I need an individual at home."
Lin Yayan smiled, his face seemed to let out light. He repeatedly said some small habits of An An. He said that he was not picky eaters, that he was clever and obedient, that he would cook on fire, and that he could farm.
The six-year-old child seemed to have learned all the skills to live alone. Zhao Jinning gritted his teeth tightly, for fear of crying.
Later, Lin Yayan said, "Jin Ning, let's play with me. How many years has it been? I haven't touched the chess piece yet."
Zhao Jinning naturally agreed. He found the chessboard from the downstairs and carefully wiped it before sitting with Lin Yayan at the table. The two saw the chessboard again. It seemed that when they were young, their days were fine. In this family, everyone was still there, all No less.
They guess first, seat, match.
Lin Yayan's fingers are rough and dry, and the abdomen is full of calluses, which are slightly stiff and curved. Zhao Jinning's hands are scarred. The little finger of his right hand is no longer there. An attachment.
On this day, Lin Yayan used fierce tricks, and it seemed to have a grandeur. Zhao Jinning didn't hesitate to let them go. The two tried hard to kill one place at the beginning.
The game lasted until the sun set, and Lin Yayan was in a good spirit. His eyes looking at the chessboard were bright and vivid, as if he had won Zhao Jinning at the age of thirteen.
On this day, Lin Yayan won the game. He finished the game and felt very sleepy. He told Zhao Jinning to let him sleep with An An while resting.
Zhao Jinning had a lot of things to say to him, but he didn't say anything. He helped him cover the quilt, said good night, and took the door out.
On this day, Lin Yayan seemed to sleep more peacefully than any other day. He dreamed of many things. Sometimes, when he was a child, there were masters and sisters, brothers and sisters, and An An. Zhao Jinning had returned home. He won the chess game. He, he was happy, and continued to sleep with a smile.
When the first rays of sunlight came into the bedroom in the morning, Zhao Jinning knelt beside Lin Yayan's bed and wept. In these years, no matter how many injuries and hardships he suffered on the battlefield, his leg was broken, and he never cried. He did not cry when Xiuyun died.
But when he really saw Lin Yayan laughing without a voice, he couldn't hold himself any more, crying like a child.
He remembered that when he was a child, Lin Yayan once coddled and said to him, brother, you are still like a child.
He clenched his cold hand and said to him, "Ya Yan, facing you, I will always be a child."
There was another grave in the courtyard of the Zhao family. Four graves were piled next to each other. Presumably, the underground was not alone. Zhao Jinning brought An An by himself and returned from the team to teach him to write and play chess. An An learned quickly Like him, he was very smart.
Later, the world was finally peaceful.
After more than ten years, many things left, many people left, and took away countless love.
For more than a decade, the door of the Zhaojia Chess Club was closed. Later, under the insistence of Zhao Jinning, it opened again.
He changed his name, and the large plaque of Yiya Chess Club was shining with gold under the red silk. An'an was already twenty. He sat in the hall and played against every visitor.
Zhao Jinning secretly returned to the backyard. He knelt in front of the graves and burst into tears again.
He had gray hair, but remembered the cheers and jokes of the children in the chess club, as if in his ears. He was five years old and was playing in the backyard alone. Xiu Yun is following the master while embroidering while watching him.
He heard a thin voice calling him, and he turned around, and the boy who was shorter than him said, "Brother, hello, my name is Lin Yayan."

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