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Mountain and sea change

Time: 2015-07-09 Source: Original Editor: Long time no see Reading: Times

This Chang'an City was only over a hundred years after it was completely renovated. It is 65 miles long, and the walls are three and five feet high. The walls are black and flat, three feet wide and two feet deep. The gate, Eighth Street, Jiu Mo, Jiu Shi, 160 li, one hundred and ten thousand residents, bustling everywhere, a flourishing atmosphere.

These nine cities are in the northwest of the city and close to Weiqiao. The traffic is convenient, and there are many businessmen gathered, and it is the busiest. The 96-foot-wide street is neatly paved with bluestone slabs, and all kinds of shops are more scaled. Except for the 32-foot pavement in the middle of the street, it is paved with dark slate, which is shown as the emperor's road and no one dares to step on it. In addition, the roads on both sides were lined with hawker stalls, countless pedestrians rubbing their shoulders, clamoring for bargains, bargaining, and noisy.

In addition to the vendors, there are also those who perform knacks with knives and tricks, throwing small bowls and playing acrobatics, and holding gossip flags for fortunetelling. People of all colors are suffocated, and while they are smiling, they count silently. The copper coins that have been earned in the sleeve.

A small stall with a large piece of "word-testing" cloth was almost topless in the crowd. If it wasn't for the stall owner's height, he was screaming, "I'm thinking about it, and I'm worried about day and night! Everyone, what's the matter? Difficult to do, one word will give you a clear path to see the sun and the sky. My master Baili Banxian is famous, the iron mouth is straight off, and only one commodity (coin name) is received for the word test! You can also discount the investment! , Spit Star is like a drizzle, it is really not easy to attract people's attention.

The owner of this stall is very young. He is dressed in a green robe, and his head is wrapped neatly. His two big eyes are tangled. He still has a few moustaches on his chin, but his skin is white and pure. It feels oily and kind of childish.

He claims to be half a cent, and his last name is very unusual. Pedestrians who come and go can't help but look at him twice, and seem to feel that he is so young to do divination. Few people took the word seriously and asked about it.

The stall owner shook his heels and shouted in the crowd for half an hour. The business was still very small. He was so annoyed that he was sitting on a bamboo chair, grabbing his own small pot and pouring cold water.

"Ajin, are you hungry? Eat a tadpole?" Crouching next to his stall was a boy holding a large bamboo basket. The basket contained a few white-faced tadpoles. Skinny, pinching the puppet with a thin firewood-like hand, and handed it under the nose of the owner of the barista.

Bailijin grabbed the cricket, bit a few bites, and said vaguely, "Xiaoyu, I can't make money today, so I can't pay your father for the house. You have to help me."

"Rest assured," the boy selling a grin grinned, his thin arms picked up the basket and took two steps back, and brought him in front of him. "Dad, he just talked about it, you can say that you are also a talent in Hanzhong County, Dad. He won't really rush you. "

"Don't mention it, shame ..." Bai Lijin buried his face with a few sips, finished a full snoring, and lazily slumped in his chair, "Xiaoyu, don't rush home before you're sold out, here. Stay with me. "

"You have no business here, it's not fun," said the boy, blowing his nose in his sleeves, and disgustingly said, "there is a Hu man in front of me, I'm going to watch, you've eaten these crickets." Then, the boy pushed the basket under his feet, patted his butt and ran away.

"This shattered baby," Bailijin picked up another bitch and bitterly, muttered, "You sell one less copper plate to see if your father doesn't pinch you, hey, but it's better than the one who kicked me out of my house ..."

After waiting for a while, no one came to take care of it. The pedestrians on the market gradually became sparse. Bailijin had to rush to collect the stall, carrying the bamboo chair and the rainy bamboo basket slowly walking back to the street.

Baili Jinben is a person from Hanzhong County. My dad has a few acres of land. He is devoted to finding a place for the eldest son. He spent all his time and money on his eldest son, and finally told him to squeeze into the county's list of talents recommended to Changan this year. Insufficient, his own knowledge is limited, but he failed to pass the examination, and his fame became empty, so he was suffocated by the home, and the young people loved the prosperity of the capital. The Chen family who stayed in the noodle shop stayed overnight. The boy who sold the cricket was Chen Laohan ’s youngest son. He was young and had fun. He only sold a basket of crickets every day. He had an older brother, Chen Xiaoyun, who was honest and honest. He helped his father open a shop at home and was quite capable.

Under a big willow tree at the intersection ahead, it was surrounded by dozens of people. It was a lively scene, and Bailijin glanced a few times, faintly seeing Chen Xiaoyu crowding in the crowd, and he couldn't help but send things at the roadside shop together. Go up and wait.

There was a small space in the middle of the crowd, with a white beard hanging down to his chest. Although he was holding a bamboo cane, his face was red, and the old man with slender eyes and a bag was placed under his feet.

"What's so good about this old man, but not the beauty of the Western Regions!" Crowded and shaking in the crowd, it is rare to stabilize the body, and Bailijin grabbed the shoulder of Chen Xiaoyu, who was like a leather monkey, and squeezed to the front, peach eyes He blinked twice and sighed in disappointment. The voice was not too big or small to be heard by the old man, and the old man grinned at him.

"Sell melon, melon, sweet and big watermelon!" The old man yelled out with great interest, and his accent was a little weird. He stretched out his right hand and volleyed it. Water drops splashed out, and Barry Kam and Chen Xiaoyu couldn't help touching their faces, getting wet.

"Melon? Where is it?" The crowd was noisy, "The old man, don't come out if you are not wonderful! There are illusionists from the Western Regions everywhere in Chang'an City. You have to eat by your true skill."

In the laughter, the old man slowly spread his palms out, chuckling, holding Barry and asking, "How many melons do you want?"

"Two!" Chen Xiaoyu shouted.

"Good!" The old man poked a small pit on the ground with a cane, twisted his fingers, threw a black seed into the pit, and plucked the dirt cover, and bounced his fingers, and the water droplets kept falling.

"Sprouts are sprouting," as he said, a green sprout really came out of the soil. The old man swept the crowd proudly, and continued to yell, "Continue to grow."

Lvyaer quickly divided the stems and leaves, and the long vines stunned for a long time, and the visitors were surprised.

"Flowering," the old man called again. Two tender yellow flowers bloomed immediately, part of the flower buds swelled, and a small watermelon with green skin and black stripes appeared in an instant.

"Good-looking and good-looking!" The crowd continued to sigh, and the old man became more and more proud. He waited for the watermelon to grow, then picked the melon and handed it to Bailijin and Chen Xiaoyu. The vine leaves disappeared with a wave of his hand.

"This melon ... can be eaten?" Bailijin gave full play to the nature of soil buns and asked silly, looking down at Chen Xiaoyu drooling and wondering how to cut the melon.

"Of course it was eaten," the old man waved again, and the skin of the melon just cracked four marks, and the bright red melon gave off a sweet taste. The crowd was applauded again and could not stop shouting, "I want three! I want five! "

The old man narrowed his eyes with a smile, and said, "Twenty dollars for one, and eighteen for two."

Bailijin faced his sleeves dryly for only five dollars. Chen Xiaoyu buried his head and ate melon to make his face full of juice and ignored him, and had to laugh at the old man repeatedly.

The old man laughed, the crutch poked several pits in a row, and a slice of melon spread freely. He smiled and asked everyone to wait for melon to ripen. He gathered himself to the side of the mile, and signaled the tall young man to bend down and attach his ear. My son, I do n’t need your money, just do me a favor. ”

"But according to Laozhang," Baili held the melon and lowered his eyes, thinking what can I do for you. Could it be a nursery to help him sell more watermelons?

The old man mysteriously drew a black grain from his arms, as if it was the watermelon seed that was amazing, "Would you help me send this to the house of Liu Yang, the king of Nanyang, okay?"

"Hey?" Bai Lijin looked at the old man's white beard in surprise, "I? Wangfu?"

"Why don't you go by yourself?" Chen Xiaoyu, who wiped his face with his sleeve after eating Gua, asked swiftly. "Wang Fu, our people can't get in."

"I didn't find a place when I first arrived. You locals should find it," said the old man, haha. "It took me two years to walk from Tianshan to Changan, and I really have no energy, haha."

"The palace should be easy to find, right?" Bailijin crooked his head and thought for a while, "No! The king's grandfather should go to the land, how could he stay in the capital!"

"Uh? When are the rules?" The white hair on his head was messy, and the old man was a little uncertain. "Did Liu Bang say that his sons should go to the land when he was in the king? Didn't he stay in the capital all the time?"

At this moment, several people waiting to buy melon came around, "You, the old man in the Western Regions, dare to call Gaozu's name! Death penalty!"

Talking, there were actually three or four patrol guards coming here, and the crowd, who had been surrounded by iron barrels, walked around in a blink of an eye, and came across these city defense forces who talked about maintaining law and order and extorted everywhere. The old man talked again.

"Ajin! Can you run?" The silly drizzle felt dangerous, and grabbing Bailijin's sleeve was necessary to lift his feet. The old man raised his eyelids and murmured, holding his palm firmly to the other Holding his hand, he saw the leading school slowly come forward slowly.

The elementary school finger clicked on Barry Brocade, and then the old man, "What are you doing?"

The melon field that just spread on the ground just disappeared after the crowd disappeared. It is not uncommon for Rao to be an illusionist in Chang'an City. This kind of technique is also considered magical. The "monster" talking in twos and threes It has spread, and Barry Jin, who was still pinched on his wrist, could not help dripping cold sweat.

"Little Laoer came from Tianshan Mountain in the Western Region. He came from afar to gain insights into the heavens. He just visited old friends by the way." The old man talked a bit lamely, "" Mr. Zhang Ziwen (Zhang Ye) was there when he came out? Makes the nations really magnificent. "

"Zhang Ziwen?" Xiao Xiao looked at him suspiciously, "Is there anyone in North Korea?"

The soldier in the back shook his head blankly, "Have you heard of it? What officer?"

Bai Lijin was shocked in his heart, and said, "Is it Bowang Hou from Hanzhong County?"

This, is this something decades ago?

Suddenly a sharp whistle sounded, and several guards' faces changed, and they did not care about interrogating the old man. They hurried away, and they were a false alarm.

"Strange, doesn't Zi Wen say that he has become the captain of the school, is it a big official, isn't he bragging with me?" The old man said a few words to himself, still clinging to the barley, "But I But you have to go to him after you've done your business, so as not to get into trouble when you drink. "

"Lao Zhang, do you really know Bowanghou?" Bai Lijin asked the solemn twisting rain, solemnly asked, "I don't hide from you that it is his junior junior in the next place. He has been dead for more than sixty years. "

"Oh?" The old man didn't respond much, sighing leisurely, "It's been so many years ..."

Chen Xiaoyu struggled a few times and finally ran away, and his voice changed rudely and unpleasantly, "Let's go now, someone will catch you again in a while."

"Two brothers, I just entered the city today, and I didn't bother," the old man said generously. "I didn't make any money just selling the melons. Please help me and keep me."

The seed that was turning between the fingers of the old man's skinny, black particles turned out to have a faint luster.

Xiao Yu blinked her eyes, picked up the old man's bag with warm and simple hands, and even said, "Go to my house, my father! The best noodles are, let's go."

Bailijin smiled bitterly. The dead boy was thinking about seeing strangeness, and dared to take it home without looking at anyone ...

Speaking of him, what caused him to lie in others' homes was long forgotten by him.

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