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Vow kiss

Time: 2015-07-04 Source: Original Editor: Love Reading: Times

A handsome and proud young lawyer, Leahy, picked up a girl by the side of the road, followed her to work in the bar, but unexpectedly discovered that the mysterious bar owner Duke was a legendary undead-vampire! Leahy could not restrain Duke Attracted by the mighty beauty of the United States, who wants to be a vampire, even hesitates to devise a plan ... But who will be the last person to be really hurt?


-------------------------------------------------- ------

At work, there was only a girl with dark blond curly hair sitting on the waiting chair of the whole line of buses by the street. She put down her takeaway fried noodles and noticed that a man across the street was watching her.

The man and her eyes were opposite each other, but they did not leave awkwardly, but smiled generously and came towards her.

"I often see you sitting here eating something." The man explained to her with a smile.

He has short, light brown hair, Sven's handsome looks, and charming blue eyes. When he laughed, the tip of his nose would wrinkle slightly, and his eyes would bend into a gentle arc ... making his smile feel warm with magic.

And he was wearing a well-fitting, high-quality suit, but she wore a humble old coat.

She lowered her head, and her face was a little hot.

After all, sitting on the bus waiting chair and eating fried noodles is not a good time to chat with such a handsome man.

"I pass here every day after work." The man added, his voice was also very pleasing, a gentle baritone, a little hoarse magnetism.

"Looking at what you eat, I don't know why, I feel very happy ... I always wanted to find a chance to talk to you."

She swallowed the fried noodles and cleared her throat, hoping that there was no strange smell in her mouth.

"Uh, listen ..." She stuttered thinking about what to say.

"My name is Leahy McBlair, may I ask you?" The man interrupted her with his charming smile.

"... Suz Parker." She smiled reluctantly at him, then stood up in a hurry and said, "Sorry, Mr. McBlair, maybe you just got off work, but now it happens when I'm going to work, I don't have time to chat . "

Although she felt a little pity in her heart.

"Please call me Reich." The man emphasized politely. "Go to work? Where do you work?"

Suzie bit her plump lips and hesitated for a few seconds before shaking her head.

"I think you better not know."

"Why?" Rech asked, blocking Suss's way, but quickly backed away half a step so she didn't feel threatened.

Suzie did not expect this gentle and handsome gentleman in appearance, in fact, quite strong.

"I'm a maid at a bar." She gave him the answer.

"I like bars." Reich hinted with a smile.

"That bar isn't for you." Suzie still shook her head and walked around Reich.

Leahy caught up, and continued to say, "You don't know me yet, how do you know it's not suitable?"

Suzie stopped, looked back at him, grabbed his tie with one hand and said, "There's no place for a man in a suit."

Reich gazed at her, then loosened and took off the tie with a smile, took off with the suit jacket, and threw it into the trash can on the road.

"There is no suit." He spread his hands and unbuttoned the top two buttons of the shirt, as if from a good man in Sven to a wild good lover in an instant.

Suzie could not help but smile.

"Well, I'll take you there." She approached Reich, her expression becoming serious, "but you have to be careful, don't get too noticeable, don't talk to anyone other than me."

Ray wanted her to say softly, "I don't want to talk to anyone other than you."

Suzy's face was a little hot again.

She led Reich along the street for a while, turned into a narrow alley, and went into a place like an underpass. There were fewer pedestrians nearby, graffiti began to appear on the walls, and tramps lay in the corners ... Reich frowned secretly, but he did not let Suth see.

Eventually Suzie walked into a dark, narrow road, on both sides of the old building without any lights in the windows.

Reich saw the only shiny little sign in front— "Silver Bullet", lined with white neon lights. He didn't know if it was broken or designed on purpose, and kept blinking.

Su ribbon pushed Reich to open the heavy double-page door. The light inside was very dark, and the floor was covered with dark carpets. The space was much larger than Reich's imagination.

At the end of the aisle was another black gate, and two tall guards stood at the door.

It may be that daylight is rarely seen in the night work. The two guards are pale and terrible, staring at Reese and Susie with godless eyes.

Su didn't care, smiled and waved to them, and led Reich through.

Reich was a little nervous, worried that the two scary guards would suddenly reach out and stop him, but nothing happened.

Leahy went into this mysterious bar smoothly.

The black gate closed slowly after he entered, and the light here was slightly brighter, just enough to let people appreciate the beautiful portraits on the wall. The overall style is a bit like the classic beauty of Victoria mixed with some Gothic darkness, and then adding modern punk elements ... and a bit more rough.

There is a mini stage in the center of the back, and now there is a group of all-female bands playing slow lyrical rock music. The bar is located on the inside and is quite spacious. Although only one bartender is serving it, it occupies 1/3 of the space. There are abundant cups and wine storage on the back shelf.

There are not many tables, there is no dance floor, there are about 10 up and down along the aisle, and there are five or six small boxes with dark thick gauze and velvet curtains in the corners.

It's not so much a bar as a private club.

Reich looked around in fascination, deeply attracted by the mystery in the air.

It may be that the night has just begun, and the guests are quite scarce. Only four or five people are sitting at different tables, and they all look as pale and apathetic as the guards outside the door.

Susie took him to the bar and chose a marginal position for him.

"Stay here, I'll change clothes," she said, lowering her volume. "Remember not to talk to other people."

"Can I order at least a glass of wine?" Rech laughed lightly at her nervousness, pointing to the bartender for deliberate consent.

"Okay." Suth turned to the thin bartender: "Dominic!"

The bartender walked over and looked at Rech curiously. This bartender is just like an ordinary person, not so pale, on the contrary, he has beautiful brown skin.

And obviously more lively, which makes Rennes feel a lot easier.

"Suzie, who is he?" The young man named Dominique asked Suzie, but his eyes kept staring at Rennes.

"A friend, help me take care of him." Suzie walked away as she spoke, and Reich watched her walk into the door next to the stage.

"I haven't seen you. How long have you known Suss?" Dominic's question brought his attention back.

"It's been almost an hour." Reich showed his charming smile again.

Dominic's eyes widened and he couldn't believe it and said, "She just brought you here in an hour?"

Reich smiled.

He has always been confident in his charm.

In fact, although Susie saw something, Rech was far more confident than he was out.

He was born in a less affluent family, and nothing particularly lucky happened during his childhood. But he has been working very hard, knowing his strengths and using it flexibly, and entered the Ivy League school with a full scholarship. He not only did well in school, but also achieved high popularity.

He is the chairman of the student union, and this position is usually only available to high-ranking children with a strong family background. Only two years after graduation, he has entered one of the top law firms in the country, without any relationship, it is purely his strength. Although still a newcomer, he is very confident of achieving partner status within 10 years.

He did not deceive Suzie. He really felt that the girl who always ate fried noodles on the bus waiting chair was very cute and had a special temperament.

But he does not deny that his pursuit comes with some technical lies, not entirely out of sincerity.

He just wanted to prove that he could be favored by any woman.

"A glass of martini." He smiled and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and pressed it to the bar, saying that he didn't need any special "care".

Dominic smiled eccentrically, serving him a clear bartender with green olives rolling inside.

Lexi sipped his drink and glanced around lazily.

It didn't take long for him to see Suzie come back, put on a black and white maid service, and paint with light makeup, and her beautiful features became more beautiful.

He greeted Suzie with a satisfied smile.

"Are you happy to chat?" She asked.

Dominique shrugged and walked away, and Rech deliberately answered, "Don't you tell me not to talk to anyone other than you?"

"And you are so obedient?" Suth was teased.

The two chatted happily.

Suzie only temporarily left while other guests waved. But as time passed, the number of guests gradually increased, and Suzie became more and more busy, unable to chat with Reich anymore.

The boring Reich looked around and found that those guests with pale faces were surrounded by other people who were extremely excited, almost fanatical, and kept screaming and shouting.

The music gradually became a fast-paced fast song, and the atmosphere became hot.

Reich was surprised to find that most of the men and women began to kiss enthusiastically, even men and men, women and women ... rubbed and caressed, and then many pairs entered the box with a curtain ...

Lehi couldn't help but start to feel heavy breathing. The hotness on his body was not from the alcohol he drank, but from the strong desire in the air.

He has experienced crazy sex parties and even open sex clubs in the past ... but there is a different feeling here, which is very different ...

He couldn't help but feel a little shudder in excitement, looking at Suzie in the crowd.

He found it quickly, but he found out that it was because of the person next to Susie that he caught his gaze intensely.

It was a very tall man. The black shirt and trousers were wrapped in a wide, thin and long skeleton. The light golden half-length hair was flat against the back of his head. The deep features showed obvious Nordic characteristics. Hope, the indifference contained in the sharp blue eyes of the pair of ice blue, almost made Rech feel that the temperature was taken away instantly.

Although separated by a distance of more than 10 meters, the man's courage seemed to be close to his eyes.

Leahy felt cold in his hands and feet, but couldn't look away, gazing into the man's eyes until he came to the front.

"This is not where you can come," he said to Rech in a low, undulating voice. "Suzie is not a girl you can meet."

Ray hoped for that person, and upon closer inspection he found that men also had pale skin tones, but he was very different from those other pale guys.

His tall and thin body was covered with whip-like strong muscles, and his powerful energy filled every cell of him, as if it would explode at any time. The perfect facial features like statues are sturdy, the light-colored eyes seem to be loaded with ice cubes, and the tight thin lips make this serious and stubborn appearance almost paranoid.

Reich was shocked by the power contained in this man. He felt that he was so small in front of him ... for the first time he felt it-there was no sense of existence.

This made him afraid and disturbed, so he tried to resist.

"Who are you? I don't think what you say can represent Suzie herself." He tried to make himself look perfectly normal, and armed himself with the gentlest and most charming smile.

The other stared at him and said coldly, "I am the owner of this place, Duke."

"Duke ... what?" Reich frowned and asked his surname.

"Just Duke," the man replied, sitting next to him. Reich felt that he was not only overwhelmed by his actual height, but also lost all momentum.

"So," just Duke ", since you are the boss here and I have paid for my wine, I don't understand why I can't stay here." He said politely but toughly, and wanted to save Disadvantage.

"Because you don't belong here," Duke whispered close to him.

What he said was the same as what Suth had said at the beginning, making Reich more skeptical.

"Why? What's different here from other bars? Is it because of those crazy indulgences?" Reich pointed his eyes at the people who kissed and caressed in the intense music. "You used some illegal drug?"

He stared at Duke alertly, but the thin lips of the latter rose unexpectedly.

"Maybe a bit like it, but ..." Duke said slowly. "It has nothing to do with you, Leahy McBlair, you're leaving."

Reich was about to say that he didn't plan to leave, and suddenly felt his arms tighten.

He turned to look at the person who had caught him--the tall guard who had stood at the door, one of whom didn't know when he came to him.

"Send Mr. McBlair away and make sure he won't come back." Duke calmly explained.

Seeing this, Su Si ran over immediately, glaring at Duke with a worried look and yelling, "You said you just wanted to talk to him!"

"Yes, and after our brief chat, I decided to let Mr. McBlair get out." Duke raised his brow lightly, with a blank expression.

The situation suddenly changed!

Reich, who had been caught suddenly, grabbed the guard's fingers holding his arm, broke free from the guard's cry, and kicked him on the opponent's tibia!

The guard fell to his knees, hit another elbow in his face, and collapsed to the ground.

The guests noticed the commotion here, many stopped and moved back to watch, even the orchestra on the stage stopped.

"You want to get rid of me, you have to find some more." Reich smiled at Duke and Susie, and intentionally made some movements of muscles.

He is not a particularly tall man, with a medium height of 5-10 (about 178cm), a short upper body and long legs, and a flexible body with thick shoulders. And his revealing skills proved that his beautifully-lined bodybuilding arms were not ornaments made by forging chains in the gym.

With an expression of interest in Duke's eyes, he stood up.

"No! Duke!" Susie stood between the two nervously. After seeing Duke ignoring her, she turned to Lexi and said, "I beg you, let's go! Lexi! You don't understand--"

She bit her lip and stopped herself from speaking, a move that made Rech wonder.

When he knocks down the tall blond giant, he may know the secret answers.

Reich had no intention of stepping back because he was quite confident in his skills. His college tuition was all earned by his participation in after-school boxing. His fitness and fighting instincts seemed to be natural, and he never lost a fight.

So even in the face of Duke, who was a head taller than him, and amazing momentum, Reich did not think he would lose. He even thought that this was the place where he could bring back a city. He could use his fist to convince the man and get back his suppressed self-esteem.

He was ready to attack Duke's face with his right fist. When Duke dodged, his feet were waiting for him to fall down. Then when Duke tried to get up, his knee would break Duke. Straight nose!

Of course, if Duke didn't have time to dodge his first punch, he would directly interrupt the bridge of his nose! In any case, he should let this guy show his ugly nose and nose.

Reich approached Suth and made her think he was going to stop, and then when he got closer to Duke, he suddenly hit his right punch!

Duke didn't dodge, but the punch didn't hit his face either.

Duke easily gripped his wrist, like pinching a mosquito that was too full to fly.

Reich's eyes widened unbelievably.

He looked into Duke's cold translucent blue eyes ... he realized that Duke was waiting for him to do something more stupid, and then Duke could easily disintegrate his offensive again and make him suffer more Blow.

Reich suddenly calmed down and forced himself to accept the humiliating defeat in a few seconds, and made the most unexpected correct decision-quickly pulled his hand and turned around and ran!

Even Duke didn't anticipate his reaction, and pale gold frowned.

Lei Xi quickly ran to the small door by the stage. He just saw this when Susie was changing clothes. This door should be used to access the back office staff room.

After opening the door, there was a long and narrow walkway. There were several doors, all of which were under the dim old-style wall lamp, with strange shadows flashing.

He didn't know why he didn't escape from the gate, but instead ran into a place where there might be no exit ...

No, he actually knows.

Rech felt the tension and excitement intertwine in his veins, and he wanted to find out the secret of this place ... or, Duke's secret.

No one can catch his fist so easily, no one can defeat him so easily ...

And Duke crushed him severely, both psychologically and physically--at least Reich thought so.

Leahy heard several heavy footsteps outside the door, and a huge crash against the small door he locked again and again. So he immediately ran forward and ran to the room at the end of the corridor.

He didn't have time to think before kicking the door and broke in!

There is nothing in this room, except a whole row of huge iron cabinets on the front.

There was a rumbling sound from the iron cabinet, and Leahy found that these were not ordinary cabinets, but huge refrigerators.

He felt his fingers tremble, but quickly grasped the handle on the cabinet and pulled it hard—

The cold air blew head-on, exuding an old fishy smell.

Inside are rows of neat rows, each of which is filled with red liquid packed in plastic.

The packaging and liquid were familiar, and Reich didn't need to be a doctor to see what it was ...

"These are ... blood, human blood." He picked up a pack from the shelf and looked at the prosecution in shock, even with medical instructions printed on it!

Reich suddenly thought of a possibility ... In fact, he had thought about it vaguely before, but it was so incredible that he didn't seriously consider it. But now this whole cabinet of plasma ...

"You still found it." A low, undulating voice sounded suddenly.

Reich trembled, and the blood in his hand fell to the ground.

Duke stood leaning against the door and stared at him in a laid-back posture, and Reich didn't even hear when he came.

Duke deliberately began to pace, and in this quiet and horrible dark room, he had no footsteps at all! As if telling Reich that his guess was correct.

"You can't be ... there's no such thing in this world." Reich groaned weakly.

"You can continue to refuse to believe, I don't care." Duke replied.

Reich was silent for a few seconds and said slowly, "You ... what are you going to do to me?"

Duke raised his lips and looked at him.

"I guess what you really want to ask is whether I will kill you ..." he also said in a long tone lazily.

"Or will I suck your blood?"

After Duke spoke, he suddenly opened his mouth. A row of white teeth, like the fast-growing growth process, highlighted the long and sharp canine teeth!

"Ah ah!" Reich exclaimed, slamming his back against the iron cabinet.

"You, you are really ... a vampire." He took a deep breath, calming his trembling voice. "Is everyone here? So does Suss?"

"No, Susie is an ordinary human girl." When Duke pronounced Suss's name, it seemed to show a little tenderness, and Leahy was keenly aware of this.

"Everyone else is human, or" imitator. "

"The counterfeit?" Reich asked, although curious, but mainly to delay time so that he could think of some way to escape. But Duke didn't know if he had intentionally blocked the only door, and Rech didn't think he could run out before Duke caught him.

"They are admirers of vampires. They voluntarily follow my clan as human beings and provide their own blood as offerings, while the vampire masters give them some power to make them feel like they are vampires." He smiled and said, but there was no smile in his eyes.

"Like those two guards? And those pale guests? You are their master?" Reich almost vomited, but there was a feeling other than fear and aversion ...



"I said when I introduced myself-" I am the master here. "Duke replied indifferently.

Lexi kept gazing unconsciously at Duke's strong and stature, and a strong, inexplicable longing was born in his heart ...

"Why did you tell me these secrets?" He said calmly, with only a subtle trembling in his voice. "You plan to kill me?"

Of course, Duke noticed it, and he found it very interesting. This human has many different reactions.

Actually, when he first came to the bar tonight, he saw Reich immediately.

Like a strange gravitational force, he inexplicably realized the existence of Rech.

He has been in the world for nearly a thousand years, and has seen too many, too many humans, so when he first saw Rech, he immediately saw the darkness inside the man. He felt the turbulent ambition and arrogance, and strong self-esteem, under Reich's hidden gentle and handsome appearance ...

He easily saw through Reich's deliberate disguise.

But what annoyed him was that Reich's camouflage was indeed very attractive, and even more, that camouflage seemed to be part of him.

Lei Xi's smile, warm and soft like the sun, with a touch of childish innocence, but also has the sexy and confident charm of mature men.

Duke has seen many beautiful smiles, whether they belong to men or women. But even he had to admit that he had never seen anyone like Reich. His heart and his smile are something from two worlds, but they fit perfectly in an incomprehensible way.

He hated Leahy's character, that hypocrisy and arrogance and ambition were the things he hated most.

But Reich's smile ... did attract him.

So this made him have a weird and ambivalent feeling about the male human in front of him.

"No, I don't intend to kill you. I haven't killed humans for a long time." He said slowly.

Leahy was relieved, and almost immediately fell down with his feet soft.

"Besides, I came from Su ribbon. If you kill me, she would not be happy." He stared at Duke keenly and observed his reaction, which was confirmed by Duke's default.

Duke was very concerned about how the girl felt.

This made Rethy inexplicably unhappy.

But then he changed his mind, maybe he could take advantage of it ...

"Don't you be afraid that after letting me go, I will tell your secret?" He squinted, but he already had the answer in his heart.

Who would believe such a thing? If Reich hadn't seen it all in person, he would never believe that a monster like a vampire exists.

Duke knew he was asking it knowingly, so he didn't bother to answer at all.

"Leave here and don't come back again, Leahy McBlair."

Reich wanted to say something more, but he saw Duke's figure suddenly disappear, and then he felt his neck tighten ...

The thought that flashed in his head was-he was going to suck my blood!

But weirdly, when he thought about it, Rech didn't feel the fear ...

Almost expect ...

Reich closed her eyes and fell into a coma.

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