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This is a desolate city

Time: 2015-06-29 Source: Original Editor: Zhang Xiaocai Read: Times

This is a desolate city. After you leave, I pack my bags and look far away ...

Rain, pouring pouring, sky, dark thunder rage, lightning, tearing out the horizon stiffly outside the blurred car window ...

"It's awful ... the ghost weather." The driver pulled the rag anxiously, wiping off the rapidly condensing water vapor over and over again.

"It doesn't matter." I said so.

It ’s true. This is like a vent of eschatology, but it makes me feel a strange peace. I can just miss you without interruption, just like countless days in the past, quietly and quietly appreciate you, let all kinds of you slide through the gap of time vividly ... that is a kind, similar to sweet Bitterness and despair, that is, mine only, complete, hidden happiness ...

I can't count how many you have stolen: gentle, calm, wise, calm, witty, cold, affectionate, cruel ... Oh, I didn't have nothing, I actually With so many treasures, in the desolation after you leave, I can still, aftertaste repeatedly, unknown to you, admiring you ...

Oh, no, all of this is clear to you, from the beginning to the beginning ... you already knew it, but you kept this secret for me, and from the end, you were gentle and cruel, and kept secret.

That soft dusk, that quiet classroom, when the light golden evening light passes through the breeze and green leaves, through the concise door frame ... Your voice is like the tide on your ears, the deep bass, and the smoke-like charm ... you are sensitive He noticed my gaze, but turned aside indifferently. Your eyes, like two clusters of sparks in the cold night, gently, warmly, toward him ...

It turned out that your love had been given to him for a long time, and in a long time that I could not reach, it formed the beautiful style on his neck ...

In that noisy restaurant, while I was pretending to be calm and talking, you gently rotated the wine glass between your fingers, stared at me, and smiled: "Yanyan is very lucky. I have a friend who cares about him so much. thank you."

I drank that glass of wine, and since then, detained my heart.

This is your contentment and happiness ... it deserves to be prayed for, not grieved.

The days were changing and the hustle and bustle was scattered. Your shoulder to shoulder with him has become the most beautiful scenery in my heart. It is evidence and reference, and it convinces me that this barren world is still worth expecting. I hope that one day, when I finally get out of your field, I will also be able to welcome my own, that cool ...

However, I did not expect that even the meager snag would be destroyed by destiny ...

"Do you really want to break up with him ?!" Ding! Came back from a business trip and punched you with a punch: "I thought you were just arguing with him, you bastard, I want to make you a friend. I read you wrong! "

"Ding !, say it well, don't do it." I hurriedly stopped him. I've never seen him so angry. Even after hearing about your condition, he was still sad and angry: "He is not as weak as you think , You let him be led by you like a fool, is this fair to him? Feng Yi, are you taking care of him? What if he knows later? "

"When he knew, he was calm." You stretched out your fingers and pricked the blood on the corner of your mouth: "I never felt he was weak. On the contrary, he always supported me." You said quietly: "But Do you know why so many people want to legalize euthanasia? Not only the patients, but also their families, are they not strong? Or do you think that for him, watching me from standing to sitting, from sitting to paralyzing, Then blind, deaf and dumb dumbfounding is a lightweight thing? What's going on? How about passing nightmares every night? "

"That's better than love. What do you mean to him, don't you know? Is he better now?" Ding! He let out a few frowns, "Even me, I don't want to be hidden from you, Not to mention him? Two people should work together, anytime. "

"Yes, we can live together, when we can all live." You suddenly smiled coldly: "What am I dead? According to you, should he go with me?"

"I didn't say that," Ding! Cigarette irritated: "But I know that living like this is more uncomfortable than death. Between you ..." He scratched his head, a little hard to open his teeth: "Love is always his Spiritual pillar. "

You laughed and said softly, "It's also mine ..." The voice gradually decreased, and then rose again, but it was cold and stern: "But, a person, a lifetime, isn't there only love? To love to live, to die for love Is it great or selfish? "You stared closely at him, eyes like two dark flames:" So, we are happy, but what about his loved ones? Aunt Yin? White hair and black hair? Purple What about Ling? She has been because of my negligence ... "You stopped in pain:" If she wakes up and finds that his brother has left me,

What about her? Have you thought about it? "

A pain in my heart: "I can't blame you on Ziling ... we all have a responsibility ..."

You lit a cigarette and didn't answer. For a rare night with him that Mid-Autumn Festival, I'm afraid I'll be guilty afterwards ...

"Me too ... it's time to send her." Ding! Twisted the cigarette butt, shaved her hair distraught, immediately lit a cigarette again, and raised her head: "Say Xu Yan, or maybe he would ..."

"Maybe, it's possible, self-confidence is often the result of impulse. As long as you wait for an extra minute, many people can live." You tone indifferent: "Ding !, you are a man, don't let me, look down on you." He said as he put on his coat and walked outwards: "He too, in addition to feelings, should also bear his responsibilities."

"But he will be painful all his life!" Ding! Shouted at your back, his throat choked and his eyes flushed.

"No ..." You paused, your voice was almost inaudible: "Don't be sad for a long time."

I covered my trembling lips, and tears could no longer be stopped. In fact, in addition to morality and responsibility, you are also afraid of him, for you to bear the sin that cannot be redeemed. In the vague field of vision, the slender back by the door has decisively gone ...

It was my first time to see your coldness. That man, desperate, sad beauty.

I thought that you were the gentle gentleman who would be white and windy, and would blow up until the flowers bloomed.

I didn't realize until that day that you are a tree on a cliff, lonely and lonely, but still standing upright ... nothing is clear, something is clear, and the situation is invincible ... I slowly wipe my cheeks The tears on the side, this resolute and decisive, is far stronger than gentle ...

... and today, you're not there ... the car slowly slid towards the airport gate. I opened my wallet and opened the door. The dull rain like mercury hurt my eyes ...

This is a desolate city. After you leave, there is no fetters ... so I pack up and go away ...

And those bloody and dark feelings, when they will be able to dissipate in the wind ...

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