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Meng Po Tang Xia

Time: 2015-06-27 Source: Original Editor: Understand Reading: Times

Seventh bowl, deduction

That year, he was desperate to escape from the palace and escape to Qin Yue.

There was no national revenge, no family hate, and no front line of pressure. He ran hard, and his naked feet were scratched by stones.

Perhaps it was the scar at that time that made him engrave Qin Yue's name with the blood of the wound.

And these, Qin Yue did not remember. He could not see the bloody wound on Mo Shan's feet, and did not expect how hard Mo Shan could find him in the general's camp. Perhaps it was then that he refused to see and think.

The emperor must not be weak, at that time what he did to Mo Shan who escaped without much care.

At that time, did Mo Shan's name engraved in his soul hurt?

Qin Yue——The judge quietly corrected the book in the room with a cinnabar pen. Lying on the bed behind him was Mo Shan, who had mended the soul. He closed his eyes and did not know whether it was life or death.

But no matter how he made up, the wound on Mo Shan ’s left palm with only slender five fingers would never be repaired. There was originally a word on it, but the cracked wound made the word invisible.

Everyone has three souls and seven souls. Even if they are emperor stars, they are just people with a special destiny. The immortals all say that the heavens and the earth are declining. Perhaps only heaven and earth in this world dare to call eternity.

Mo Shan, Mo Xiaosan, he only had the last strand of essence, barely buckled in the body shell made by Qin Chu.

Qin Yue's heart was very calm. His human heart was replaced with a stone heart after he became a ghost, and there were few things that could stir him up.

However, it is said that Qin Hui is now empty in his heart. The stone heart that Xinan came in did not stay in his new ghost for a long time, so he was pulled out by himself and hung hundreds of miles west of the city. On the old wall of the place, Mo Shan tied the knotted red thread.

Mo Shan's line, isn't it his heart?

He thought he had paid off in his last life, but he never thought that he owed Mo Shan what he had never given him. Qian Jin, Jiang Shan, Yu Xi, Mo Shan ... No, Mo Xiaosan never wanted it.

"Qin Hui, let's go." Mo Xiaosan, who had penetrated into his account that night, was embarrassed, and the leaves were mud, and there were no shoes on his feet, but it was covered with gravel cut wounds.

He stood in front of him like that, with all the courage of his life to tell him to leave with him. Mo Shan was brave and poor at that time.

Why does n’t Qin Yue know that everything is just a ridiculous farce? This continent is divided, it has always been a drama, and they are the opera inside, they can only sing, sing, and even do n’t know who it is for, and always .

Mo Xiaosan wanted to leave the stage. He wanted to leave with Qin Chu, but Qin Chu refused fiercely.

Qin Yibu has been in the game for several years, and has worked hard for years. For years, he just like a dog just wanted to capture this country. Until now, he only needs to gently wave down the battle flag in his hand-you can take it. The next victory, he is absolutely certain.

At that time, Qin Yue only thought so. After winning the victory, he could wake up from this dream that had tortured him for so long. How could he give up?

"Little three ... No, I should call you Mo Shan ..."

Mo Shan frowned, but still didn't retract his hand.

He was also tortured by a dream, but now he decided to leave the nightmare and take Qin Hui with him.

"Breaking the army camp at night, you are so brave." Sword swept away, and then cut off all the love between the two.

Things like love and fate can't be seen, but they're just off.

"How good is the imperial life of Emperor Baixian?" After Qin Hui became a judge, he heard a few small ghosts talking around the corner, pointing at the fading yellow halo on the Baixing map.

Qin Yun really wanted to come forward and smashed the hundred star map.

"What is the emperor Laozi? Eat better, dress better, stay better, a bunch of people are waiting, and the people are paying him a tribute. They do n’t know that this is just a dog tied to the country, a guard. Dog. "

When Mo Shan was still Mo Xiaosan, he said so.

Now Qin Yue understands better. The emperor was a national dog when he was alive. After he died, the emperor star was still a dog between heaven and earth.

How long is the time limit for the ghost difference? Hundreds of years, thousands of years, until the day when he can leave the prefecture, the emperor's energy has long been spent on offsetting Mo Shan's evil spirit. Perhaps, from then on, he can be reborn. Ordinary people.

At that time, only his wish was fulfilled?

Qin Yue put down the cinnabar pen, walked to the edge of the bed and looked at Mo Shan who still closed her eyes. Mo Shan will become like this, from the beginning can not be detached from himself.

"Even though I hurt you so deeply ... Are you still waiting for me?" Opened eyes were dry and no tears could flow, Qin Yue asked Mo Shan's face back and forth, muttering.

After Mo Shan was killed by him that year, he came to Difu and drank Meng Po Tang. He wanted to forget Qin Yun, but Meng Po Tang was useless to him, not because of Emperor Xing, but because he regarded Qin Chu too much and too much.

It is so heavy that even if he forgets who he is, he can't forget Qin Chu, a name he engraved in his soul.

After being reborn, Mo Shan fell into a terrible hallucination. He was Mo Shan and not Mo Shan. He hated Qin Chu, but did not know who Qin Chu was.

At the age of fifteen, Mo Shan returned to Difu with two memories, and it was another night of Meng Po Tang.

The second rebirth, eight-year-old in a dream, rushed out of the house and drowned.

The third rebirth, five years old won the sword straight into his heart.

"Who am I ... that person, why, why--"

Mo Shan, who went down to the prefecture, was completely insane, and at that time Qin Chu entered the mansion to see Mo Shan, who was full of blackness.

The soul of Emperor Xing is not managed by ghosts, it is the soul born of Tian's own will, and only Tian can manage.

Mo Shan, who was already surrounded by black gas, staggered up and walked to the Naihe Bridge, with a miserable smile, pulled the bowl of Meng Po Tang from Meng Niang's hand, drank his head, and smashed the bowl to the ground.

"How come, can't you forget? Is it God asking me to look for him again?"

Meng Niang was shocked by Mo Shan's weird smile, and was unable to pull Mo Shan's clothes. She saw that the golden mist that had gathered around Mo Shan was stained when Mo Shan put it into the reincarnation hole.

In the third morning, three bowls of Mengpo soup did not wash Mo Shan silly, but Mo Shan was mad.

The memory of the third generation was mixed with Mo Shan's own memory, and he could not bear the bad resentment and early resentment, and the messy memory was finally broken at the moment when Qin Yue decided not to reincarnate.

Mo Shan's dedication may have been the relationship between the living Qin Chu and him, but at the moment Qin Chu was determined to not enter the reincarnation, it was customary for all the gods and ghosts in the world to be cut off. Broke with all the grievances on earth.

The last thing that led Mo Shan to clear was the knot he tied to the red line of Qin Yuan. Regardless of the previous life or today, the person who strangled the fate is him, Qin Chu.

What can he pay to Mo Shan? Between love and love, what is there to win or lose? The one who owes the most is the one who earns the most. The one who wins is the one who loses. .

Qin Wei exhausted all the imperial energy in his body and held Mo Shan, who was screaming with blackness and screaming, but felt very quiet, just like that when Mo Xiaosan died in his arms that year, he was quiet and very quiet.

As if once in a bamboo house in Hangzhou, he was hugging each other, listening to Mo Shan's quietly playing the piano, spring raining outside the window.

Qin Chu didn't know what happened later. When he returned to God, he found that he was lying on a wooden bed. The young woman passing by on the bridge was sitting on the edge of his bed, and looked at him with blame.

"You will regret it." Meng Niang said to Qin Yue who just woke up.

Qin Yue then suddenly remembered what he did. He dissipated the imperial energy in himself and Mo Shan.

The emperor star has no emperor spirit, nor can it become an ordinary soul. The upper and lower princes did not know how to handle this matter. After a while, the old man ran up and reported to Qin Yang that the stone heart was not obedient in his chest and was hanging on the old man. This matter on the wall, the land government finally fry the pan.

Shi Xin hung on the wall of Yuelao, tied to the red wire that had been killed and cut off the opposite line, entangled.

"Or else, burned?" Yue Lao listened to the suggestion from the next officer, and when he brought up his old face, he would desperately fight with him.

Burning? There are tens of thousands of red lines around the wall. Is this the official difference to save energy and reduce carbon in the world ’s peerless grandson? Not to mention the fire is not long-sighted. The ropes on the old wall this month are layered one by one. Inlaid in the stone gap, can not pick out.

"Still, cut it?"

"If you have the courage, cut it." The unscrupulous predecessor Meng Po ... Meng Lang shrugged and handed the scissors over, "Shi Xin appeared here, and Qin Yue scattered his emperor's spirit to calm Mo Shan. The red line was inserted The stone heart is full of sores and holes, waiting for you to cut the thread, Qin Hui is almost gone, what do you use to shake the mad imperialism? "After the words, the former Meng Lang shook his head, his eyes filled with helplessness .

"What should I do?" Yue Lao was crying, and some people in other local governments waited for some to read the classics and some to find the treasure house.

Since the beginning of the world, few emperor stars have collided with each other, even those who have collided with each other and have not loved with each other, and those who have loved with each other have not messed up like this.

"The soul of that person?" The crisp, indifferent male voice faintly made the busy ghosts stop the movement and brushed their eyes together.

"What are you going to do here?" The former Meng Lang held a small ball of light and smiled at the immortal wearing a red coat with a glamorous immortal, blinking, "It's rare to see your shot."

Feng Wushuang's temperament was mad, and the world didn't pay attention to it, let alone soaring, the concentrated emotions and desires were all left to the person who was engraved in his soul.

It is strange that this time he opened his mouth.

"Stupid." Feng Wushuang just said the same word, and received the soul of Qi Liangyuan's hand, staring at it for a while.

"Wushuang, what do you want to do?"

"The boy is awake, he has half of this thing." The boy in Feng Wu bilingual refers to Qin Yun, and the thing naturally refers to Mo Shan's soul now in his hands.

Three souls and seven souls, the three souls were gone when the air was exhausted, and only the seven souls that could not get together were restlessly twisting in Feng Wu's hands.

"Big ... Daxian, can't-just send this back to Tianli?"

Feng Wushuang glared at the sound source. The little ghosts on the other side who wanted to agree yes, yeah, raised their hands together, covered their mouths, and shook their heads like wave drums.

We didn't say anything about your old hallucinations.

"Not only Emperor Xing is only under the control of heaven, so is fate." Qi Liangyuan stood aside and smiled slightly, inviting Meng Niang to call Qin Yue.

So Qin Yuefang woke up and was pulled over by Meng Niang. Before seeing the most prominent crowd in the crowd, a red-clad arrogant bag wrapped to the extreme, let Xianxian's Xianwei kneel down first. It's on the ground.

Naturally, those who were not close to him also kneeled together, and the atmosphere was all solidified.

"Boy," Feng Wushuang casually, very easily handed Mo Shan's soul to Qin Yue who was kneeling on the ground, watched Qin Yue for a moment, and then dragged the soul in his arms in a hurry, then he opened his mouth "The soul and you can only stay one. How do you choose?"

Qi Liangyuan glanced at Feng Wushuang, speechless.

Qin Yue listened, first frowning, then closed her eyes and thought. "Keep me, what will he do?"

"Ashes fly out."

"But stay with him and let me die."

Feng Wushuang raised an eyebrow. "Ok."

"I am gone, what will happen to him?" Qin Min suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Feng Wushuang.

"Dead. The mad monstrous spirit destroyed itself or let me clean it up."

As a result, no matter which side he chose, Mo Shan couldn't keep it, and Qin Yue glanced in his eyes. "There are always other options."

Feng Wushuang smiled, the crown was brilliant, and the stares of the little ghosts were about to fall out.

"Yes, don't you gamble?"

"What bet?"

"Bet he always forgets you." Feng Wushuang waved his hand, and the seven essences that had been pinched in his hands gradually condensed into a human figure, and fell to the ground softly.

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