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Meng Po Tang

Time: 2015-06-27 Source: Original Editor: Understand Reading: Times

First bowl, spicy

The soup is good, the silver gets old.

"Drink soup?"

"..." The vague figure stared at the man standing beside the bridge with a bowl of soup, a little confused. "This is Meng Po Tang?"

The man standing at the bridgehead was not annoyed when he heard the question, and smiled pretending to look around, and then looked back with a smile: "Drink soup."

"Are you ... Meng Po?" The vague figure took the soup in doubt. The soup was clear and watery, but it exudes a seductive aroma, so fragrant, so fragrant, that people can't help but want to spit it out quickly. ...

"Sufficient enough? Not enough, I'll give you more?" The man smiled and scooped a spoonful of soup from the soup pot that will never dry out. He smiled and poured another scoop into the bowl of Ren Ying's hand.

"It's so good, can you refill the cup ... cup ...? Cup?" The figure sighed and snorted, but after the last sip, the soup bowl in his hand was smashed, and the man opened his mouth silly, then Strangely followed the ghosts who had finished the soup before leaving Naihe Bridge.

"Did anyone tell him the rules?" A little ghost at the bridge, who had witnessed the whole process, turned his head and asked another one.

"No, one by one tells us how many people are there? A sign was set up at the intersection ..."

"Then why isn't this man asking stupidly?"

The questioned little man turned over the booklet and snorted. "It's a myopia, it's over a thousand degrees."

The questioning little ghost made a sigh, thinking poorly and poorly, and then the two little ghosts went on busy.

The scenery near the bridge is actually not bad. The two rows of weak willows are swaying, and they do n’t know the source and have nowhere to go. As if the world was cut in half by this forgetful river, they can never be together.

It's been a long time since he cooked soup, boiled soup, served soup, and sometimes soup.

The prefecture has no time, and some have infinite reincarnation, and his job is to bring a bowl of forgetful soup to everyone before everyone enters the next life.

The love, hate, affection, and hatred of previous life, after drinking this bowl of soup, they are as clean as the soup they drink, there is nothing left, go to the world for a good few decades, and then come back to drink He boiled a bowl of soup.

Happy days.

The man who cooked the soup had forgotten what he was called. He had not much left in his blank and wide memory world. He only remembered that he had once drank this bowl of soup.

But the soup he drank was a little different.

The woman who was originally staying at the bridgehead was a woman about thirty or forty years old and still alive. When he first walked to the side of Naihe Bridge, he was puzzled.

Meng Po, perhaps called Meng Niang is more pleasant and appropriate.

The Meng Niang smiled at him, but unlike his previous one who was thin after drinking Tang Wuguan, Meng Niang was not in a hurry to give him soup, but just asked him a question.

"Are you afraid? This bowl of soup is not enough for you to forget what you want to forget?" Meng Niang asked.

And he was shocked. "How is it possible?" Meng Po Tang, the prefecture has to drink before reincarnation. Drinking it can make you forget everything and become a new person.

Meng Niang shook the soup bowl lightly and looked down at the clear soup and smiled: "If your obsession is too deep, then you can't forget, this bowl of soup is not enough for you ... not enough ... you He may remember him, and he will find you in his next life, because you have not forgotten him ... "

Meng Niang's mouth said something wrong, but the man didn't know why, but he felt that every word Meng Niang said was in his heart.

"What then?" He asked blankly.

Meng Niang smiled and took his hand: "Let's go, I will teach you how to make soup."

Later, the man who boiled the soup knew that only the soup he boiled by himself could pull out the thorn in his heart.

When the soup was boiled, he didn't hesitate.

"After you drink, you can't reincarnate, you must cook soup here instead of me." Meng Niang's pair of beautiful eyes seemed to carry a thousand years of love.

Meng Niang gave her the soup that made her forget everything, but remembered that she had a relationship. But the object of affection and the memories of affection are all left, only the beautiful feeling of that period of affection remains.

"Reincarnation is nothing good." The soup-man smiled and drank.

He boiled soup for himself, one forgetting everything, forgetting everything, just remembering that he was still his soup. He forgot his name, his family, and all the things he had done in his previous life. He only kept his soul and consciousness.

But because he forgot other things, in the future he remembered that he didn't know why he made this kind of soup for himself.

Meng Niang left, leaving the soup-making man standing by the bridge of Naihe.

One year underground, ten years on earth, he did not know if this sentence was true, but time was no longer important to him. He came back to life, only felt that his mission was to stand by the bridge, Bowls of soup are delivered to people.

Sometimes, some people are reluctant to drink soup.

"Put his mouth open to Lao Tzu." Then the soup-making man would say so, and then instructed the passing ghost to put down the document on his hand to help.

The little ghosts didn't dare to neglect, because a little ghost woke up and became a fool the next day after dinner. Everyone still remembers that the little ghost said that Tang Texiang from last night was like the soup pot in Qiaotou.

The man who cooks soup thinks that the person who wants to cross the bridge just has to drink soup, but sometimes, there are really a few people who use tricks to avoid it. As long as he stepped over the Naihe Bridge, he didn't stop.

It's as if King Yan wouldn't ask him if he was upset today and gave him more soup.

The wise judge said it was all fate. So the soup-making man was still at ease, and continued to stir his fragrant Mengpo soup at the bridgehead.

Although he is not Meng Po, even if he knows that the person who originally served Meng Po Tang is not necessarily Meng Po, but this is an old name and there is no trouble to change.

But the little ghosts erected a sign at the intersection, warning the passing ghosts to stop talking and ask why Meng Po is a man. They sent too many fools to the world a while ago.

The man who cooked the soup did not have a name, and he did not give it to himself. Unlike Meng Niang, at least Meng Niang had forgotten everything and gave himself a name.

Why not take it?

Sometimes, a man who cooks soup will sit on Liu Ti, who is beside Wangchuan, when he is free. He thinks that it is unnecessary on the one hand, and he does not want to have a name on the other.

He is who he is. He can forget everything, but he can't forget what kind of person he is, what kind of temperament, and his mind tells himself that he doesn't need a name.

The little ghosts respectfully called him "Meng Ye", and when he was confused by Tang Qixun, he changed his name to "Meng Shao". The man who cooked the soup felt more beautiful and looked at himself reflected on the Wangchuan River. Young face.

Meng Shao thinks his job is very good.

He was emotional. A man who had stood by the bridge with him for more than ten years and finally waited for the person he was waiting for. The two got together for a while, then took the soup from his hand and drank.

Shao Meng secretly poured the soup bowl for only eight minutes. Looking at the hands they were still holding after they drank the soup, Meng Shao smiled and watched their backs leave.

Is this the most beautiful thing in the world?

Meng Shao didn't quite understand it. He even didn't understand the thought that he had boiled it for himself.

When he went down to the prefecture and walked to Naihe Bridge, there were no people to wait for him.

"Meng Shao, there are some things that you can start again after you forget." A new bridge stared at the soup bowl in his hands, but he just didn't want to smell the soup.

"Why don't you say that I went to boil the soup myself in order to completely break my mind?" Meng Shao frowned, accidentally poured a spoonful of soup bowl in his hand, and he didn't care and passed it out.

"Intuition." The new ghost laughed and patted his robe.

The new ghost is very lucky. The person he is waiting for is coming quickly, maybe too soon.

Meng Shao looked at the new ghost standing at the bridge and stared at the figure of the person who came too soon. He rushed forward with a slap, and then slammed the man into his arms. The uncomfortable words in his mouth were all round .

gorgeous. Meng Shao thought.

When the new ghost got the soup bowl that he always wanted to drink, he smiled, raised the bowl and knocked on the silver soup tin of Meng Shao's hand:

"Have no regrets," he said.

The new ghost was gone, and he walked chicly. He didn't want Meng Shao to release water. He said he could use his own strength.

Meng Shao stood at the bridge head, always thinking that the four words that the new ghost said had no regrets.

The four words he had been chewing, as if they were the most important thing in the world, he kept thinking, always thinking, and handed out another bowl of soup.

Until that man.

The man patted his soup and pulled him into his arms.

"Let it go." Meng Shao frowned.

"... Do not let go, do not let go ..." The man was shocked in shock, and desperately slapped Meng Shao until Meng Shao glared at the two little ghosts and dragged them away.

Then the man stood by the bridge for a long time. Every day, Meng Shao, who stared with resentful eyes, lost hair. "Why don't you recognize me?" He asked.

"After going to the prefecture, things in my previous life will be clean. Do you drink soup?" Meng Shao answered coldly, handed the bowl of soup, and the soup bowl was dropped again.

Meng Shao resentfully wanted to force the man's mouth to pour the whole bucket of soup into it, and Bao Jun's reincarnation had to be an idiot in the 99th century.

But he did not, because the man did not stand on the bridge.

Anyone who hasn't stepped on the bridge can't force him up. They can urge, but they can't do it. I heard that it is a ghost power movement in the local government.

Go fuck the ghost power movement.

"Meng Shao, the man said he knew you." Another infatuated ghost sat next to Liu Di to chat with Meng Shao. The man with Meng Shao's extreme cold stood far from the other side, with sharp eyes still staring at Meng Shao.

"Every ghost in this place knows me, and it's not bad for him." Meng Shao frowned again, and sprinkled a lot of soup on the ground.

"Meng Shao, aren't you curious?"


"Curious about your last life?"

Meng Shao glanced back and sighed. "Forget it, just to not remember, what do you listen to now?"

The infatuated ghost smiled and sighed faintly. "I thought I was miserable ..."

Lovers are really miserable. The man he waited for walked on the bridge, only glanced at him, and then quickly took the soup bowl in Meng Shao's hand and drank it all away.

Meng Shao admired a little.

"Meng Shao, I'm gone." The infatuated ghost got up and touched the willow of the land.

"Why didn't he just stop him?" Meng Sha asked.

The infatuated ghost waved his hand and snorted. "He is willing to drink this bowl of soup and forget the past, so I will have a chance to find him in my next life, won't I?"

"I thought you scumbag would complain about him being fierce and go so straightforwardly." Meng Shao couldn't help but betrayed.

The infatuated ghost heard a joke, and laughed softly while drinking soup: "Meng Shao, he's not cruel at all, cruelly you will not leave ..."

The infatuated ghost left this sentence, left the soup bowl, and left. The soup bowl drank completely.

Meng Shao paused, stood by the bridge, and listened to the accusations just before.

Far away, the man who refused to leave was still looking here, all the time.

(to be continued)

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