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The Flying Swallow

Time: 2015-06-27 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times

Eight, Yan pairs

When Gao Shenghan stood in front of the hut and stared at Li Yanjun who was walking around from the snow, he felt very uncomfortable.

"Brother ... good for him--"

"Liangyuan is dead, something is burning the paper." Gao Sheng snorted coldly, when he saw the man who followed Li Yanjun, he snorted louder.

Li Yanjun had expected that Gao Shenghan would not tell him the whereabouts of Yan Fanfei so easily, but just smiled slightly.

"Brother, don't worry about me and your good deeds."

"I worry?" Gao Shenghan pointed at his nose, widened his eyes, and then pointed his finger at Li Jun and yelled: "I still fuck your ancestor, Yan Jun, Yan Jun, I made up your sins, I will tie myself!"

Li Yan raised her eyebrows and didn't get angry. "How do you end it?"

"Huh," Gao Shenghan took a sip. "This is not righteousness, but it's asking me to push your good destiny to you again and be a murderer again. I'm not Gao Shenghan."

Say absolutely.

"Liang Yuan just left here?" Li Yanjun did not care what Gao Shenghan said, and asked himself, "He knows I'm coming, so he's gone, which means he still has me in his heart."

"You shit!" Gao Shenghan was like a cat with a tail on his tail, which was harsh to Li Yanjun.

The man standing behind Li Yanjun, like a dumb wood, just stood there watching Li Jun and Gao Shenghan noisy.

"Brother, I was wrong that day, I know I was wrong."

"What if you know? Will you give him back your strength?"

Li Yanjun wanted to nod, but didn't nod, just gritted his teeth. "Inner force ... is given to me by good destiny." He couldn't afford to lose this, otherwise, what protection would he use to protect good destiny?

Liang Yuan is just a jade who loves to laugh, talk straight, and has no idea.

"Miscellaneous things." After Gao Shenghan scolded Li Yanjun, he looked at the blue fir that seemed to be transparent behind Li Yanjun, and chuckled coldly: "What about you? What are you doing here again? When will I die?" "

Lan Shan stood up and said blankly, "Yes."

Gao Shenghan's teeth were cracking. Sprinkle a hand and pour purple smoke on Lijun and Lanshan, then lift up lightly and jump to the branches.


"Do n’t be lucky, this poison is easy to solve, but it is difficult to clear up with narcotic drugs." Lanshan stopped Li Yanjun, stuffed a pill in each of them, looked up in the direction where Gao Shenghan disappeared, suddenly , Huh huh.

Sheng Han, when will you die?

This knot was killed, everyone's knot was killed, we are all just mortals. Who has the courage to cut a knot directly with a pair of scissors?

How painful? How painful ...

"Wusou! Good fate, you ..." Gao Shenghan pushed open the door and saw Yan Fenfei lying on the bed, while Feng Wushuang looked at Yan Fenfei on the bed with a look of sorrow, his right hand was standing beside him in a strange posture .

Gao Shenghan was a medical student. At a glance, he knew that something was wrong. He immediately rushed forward and held Feng Wushuang's right hand, then exclaimed.

"You waste your own hand !?" God, this is not the hand of ordinary people. This is the hand of Feng Wushuang, the baby hand bone of Kunlun bone!

Feng Wushuang turned his head, smiled slightly at Gao Shenghan, and nodded.

Not right, not right, things will never be that simple.

Gao Shenghan put down Feng Wushuang's hand and quickly cut into the door of Yan Fanfei in the coma. He probed and probed again. The last face lost his blood and looked at Feng Wushuang's face and murmured.

"Wushuang ... how can you ... you know this is wrong ... this is ..."

Feng Wushuang still smiled, looking at Yan Fenfei's sleeping face, and said, "This is a request for good fate."

"His request?"

"If he Yan Fenfei breaks the heart for Li Yanjun again, I will help him break this heart."

But why, the broken person looks like himself? Feng Wushuang smiled bitterly.

"How does he know you can do this?" Gao Shenghan's voice disappeared. He only saw this in a book. No one could use it.

Feng Wushuang but smiled.

That year, Qi Liangyuan only joked, and said that he really hopes that there is a medicine in the world, so that people can swallow up all their troubles.

Feng Wushuang replied that he didn't know if there was such a medicine, but there was a kind of martial arts, as long as the true energy was pressed into a point in the back of the forehead, people could forget what he wanted to forget.

At that time, Qi Liangyuan opened his eyes wide and couldn't believe it.

"Brother Feng, would you?"


"Why is it probably?"

"This martial art has been lost for too long, and I haven't experimented with it. What really scares me is that it will make people lose all their memories."

The human brain is so delicate, it makes sense.

Gao Shenghan also knew this, so he was surprised that Feng Wushuang used this trick on Yan Fenfei.

"Wusou ... why ... does this?"

Feng Wushuang far away.

"Did he forget a lijun? Even Gao Shenghan clenched his fists, and he couldn't bear it anymore.

In another month and a half, maybe only in such a short time, Yan Fanfei will never be sad to leave Yan Jun.

"Sheng Han," Feng Wushuang said suddenly, "Who do you think I am?" The corner of her lips twitched with a playful smile.


"Even though it is a lost martial art, the person who created this martial art does not have my Kunlun bone." Feng Wushuang murmured with his left hand touching his abandoned right hand.

"Can it be ... could you--"

"I want him to forget only one person, I can do this." Feng Wushuang smiled slyly. "He allowed me to do this to him, but didn't say how much he should forget."

This was the only lie he had told him.

Feng Wushuang did not align with Liang Yuan, saying that if he was willing, Qi Liang Yuan could only forget what he wanted to forget.

Gao Shenghan sighed. He opened his mouth and blew the wind like a big hole, and sighed for a long time.

"That's ... Yeah, you should have done this already. When Yan Jun's jerk lost his good destiny, you should have done it ..."

"Isn't it?" Feng Wushuang raised an eyebrow. "I asked about good deeds then, and he said that when he was sad for Li Yanjun again, I would help him forget everything."

Speaking of all those two words, Feng Wushuang's eyes darkened, and this all got into Gao Shenghan's eyes.

But it doesn't matter.

When Yan Fenfei who forgot to leave Yan Jun wakes up, they can tell him that his name is Qi Liangyuan and he has not been broken by anyone. He will also fall in love with Feng Wushuang, who has long been affectionate.

How good is the ending?

"Sometimes ..." Feng Wushuang said abruptly, "I doubt very much, how many times can my heart be torn by good margins?"

"What do you mean?" Gao Shenghan was blinded by Feng Wushuang's sentence.

Feng Wushuang got up and touched his right hand again, "I really hate this Kunlun bone ... but at this time, I have to sigh again, if it is not this bone, how can I manipulate this trick Martial arts? "

"Wushuang ... It's over. I won't tell Liangyuan about this matter. Don't blame yourself ..."

Gao Shenghan thought Feng Wushuang was blaming himself for his selfishness and was comforting. Even if it is morally intolerable to manipulate people to remember this matter, but Feng Wushuang has already made it too many times and should be selfish once.

This is good alignment.

"I have chosen Liang Yuan. For the first time, he chose to go with Yan Yanzi." Feng Wushuang said, there was a kind of blankness in the language.

"The second time, I asked him to choose, and he said that he wanted to walk around-in order to forget him, so he still turned to the kid."

After hearing this sentence, Gao Shenghan disagreed a little, but still didn't interrupt it.

"The third time," Feng Wushuang raised his head, "he said, he won't leave this time, I thought he finally chose me." Feng Wushuang burst into a gentle smile.

Gao Shenghan was also a little moved.

He saw how the three men were entangled, and naturally knew that Feng Wushuang had waited for Qi Liangyuan's sentence so much.

"Wusou ... It's all over, he finally chose you ..."

"Who said he chose me?" Feng Wushuang's warm smile suddenly turned into bitterness, and Gao Shenghan's heart jumped uneasily.

Isn't Qi Liangyuan in the end in order to forget about leaving Yan Jun and hand over all the things after him to Feng Wushuang? Isn't this the choice of Feng Wushuang?

If you can't forget the person who can't love the person, then forget it completely and give yourself to the person who deserves to be loved ... isn't it?

"Good for him ... he forgot all that he wanted, and he could forget even my affection for him ... it was all for Yan Jun. He chose it, but he was actually away from Yan Jun ..."

Qi Liangyuan and those important memories he once had.

When Feng Wushuang gathered the true energy in his hands, his heart was like a knife cut. He really didn't know how many times his heart could be broken, he really didn't know.

"So ... I started and let him forget ..."

"It's okay, good destiny, he will understand." He will understand you, reluctant to build up the feelings of the past, so only erase Li Yanjun. "Li Yan's pain for Liang Yuan is too great. It's a good thing that you help him eliminate it."

Gao Shenghan wanted to comfort a few more words, but noticed that the people in the bed were moving.

"............ Yi, Han Han?" Yan Fenfei—that is, Qi Liangyuan, woke up at this moment.

"Liangyuan, are you awake ... where is it uncomfortable?" Gao Shenghan grinned and greeted him.

Yan Fenfei shook her head and asked, "Han brother, can Yan Jun make things difficult for you?"

Yan Jun?

... Yan Jun? "Good fate, do you remember Yan Jun?" Gao Shenghan was surprised, and his heart was cold.

Qi Liangyuan gave Gao Shenghan a puzzled look, and then asked, "Brother Han, what is the red guy behind you?"

Gao Shenghan was cold all over, and he took a step on his leg and looked back.

"Wushuang, what did you make him forget--"

Feng Wushuang raised his sleeves and smiled like a spring breeze in March. "Sheng Han, take care of him." After finishing his speech, he left.

He can live happier. From the beginning, Qi Liangyuan was struggling between him and Li Yanjun.

They force good fate to make a decision, force good fate to be sad, and force good fate to choose. In fact, he can choose not to choose.

For Feng Wushuang, Li Yanjun was a thorn in his heart; on the other hand, Feng Wushuang was a breath of Qi Liangyuan.

Feng Wushuang actually wants to grab and wants to grab, just like Li Yanjun.

"But if even I rob you, good luck, what do you do?"

So Feng Wushuang would rather be the one who won't snatch.

Feng Wushuang can make Qi Liangyuan forget one person.

He told himself intellectually that he would let him forget to leave Yan Jun, and presumably Qi Liangyuan would choose to leave Yan Jun if he knew he could choose.

But Feng Wushuang let Qi Liangyuan forget that it was Feng Wushuang.

"If you can forget him yourself, why bother letting me help you?" Feng Wushuang clenched his disused right hand, as if in the last moment Yan Fanfei looked at him strangely.

The knot was untied and he cut it off. How painful, how painful will it be?

Liang Yuan, am I ruthless or hidden? Liang Yuan, tell me, Feng Wushuang, is it worth your love?

Li Yanjun does n’t have my Kunlun bones, my family background, my talents, or my looks. I can even say that he loves you less than I do.

But you love him, and it is better than everything.

All he wants is your internal force, and maybe he is in love with you later, so he wants you. But from beginning to end, all I want is you.

You love me, but you are also afraid of me.

"Yan, draw your sword."

"Wu Shuang Son ... your hand—" Li Yanjun watched the red figure suddenly flying down to his eyes, holding it.

"I haven't ever beaten me with my left hand." Feng Wushuang issued a sword, savagely, using the single sword sword method given to him by Qi Liangyuan.

"This!" Li Yanjun was horrified, and quickly lifted his qi to focus on Feng Wushuang's Jianhua, and struck back.

As the two sides came and went, Yan Jun used the Yan family swordsmanship, which was naturally inferior to that of the single sword. However, Feng Wushuang can only hold the sword with his left hand, which is not the upper hand.

"Wushuang son, can a good fate be on your side?" Li Yanjun asked in Jianguang.

"What is your name? Don't forget that there is no good relationship in the world, only Yan flying." Feng Wushuang stabbed at Li Yanjun's chest and was cut off by Li Yanjun.

"Wushuang son, I know that good destiny is kind to you."


"But Liang Yuan loves me."

He loves me.

it's me.

"Why are you?" Feng Wushuang flew Li Yanjun's sword with anger, the sword pointed coldly at Li Yanjun and smiled. "Li Yanjun, which one have you compared to my Feng Wushuang?"

Li Yanjun was not angry or anxious, and calmly opened his mouth, sighing. "The only thing I've ever compared to you is worse than you."

So good for him, choose me. Such a victory.

Feng Wushuang listened, put away a smile, looked down at Yan Jun and the blue fir standing still.

"Yan Jun, do you remember what I said to you when I was drunk?"

"Wushuang son scolds us as nothing." Li Yanjun smiled bitterly, a little ashamed on his face.

"I was wrong."


"Lanshan is a thing, only you, not a thing." Feng Wushuang sneered, took back Wushuang Sword from his hand, took out a sword book from his arms, and threw it to Li Yanjun.

"It seems Brother Lanshan can be happy." Li Yanjun smiled bitterly and picked up the sword book, but when he saw the words written on the book cover, Meng was blown up.

Single sword. Difficult to hope for a single sword.

"Brother Wushuang, I have given in." Li Yanjun clenched his fists, knowing in his heart.

Lan Shan also stepped forward at this time and asked Xiang Feng Wushuang: "Wushuang, why did you change my perception of me?"

Feng Wushuang shook his head with a smile, "You guys, one is still something, the other is not something," and for a moment, Feng Wushuang lifted his qi far away by dozens of feet, leaving only one sentence.

"Neither is human."

Feng Wushuang went up the mountain.

This mountain is not an ordinary mountain. When Gao Shenghan got a letter from Feng Wushuang, which said, "I'm up the mountain." He shook off the porcelain cup in his hand and attracted the birds to fly. Already.

"Brother, did this tea mess with you?"

"It's okay, okay ... why are you at home today? Yan's jerk doesn't haunt you like fish dung?"

"Just got rid of him." Yan Fanfei smiled, and his expression was much less distressed.

He clearly didn't forget the injury that Li Yanjun gave him, and because he had loved Li Yanjun in the past, he should be upset, but he didn't think he was as troubled as before.

Before? When was his previous?

After waking up, he remembered everything, only knowing that he had collapsed in the snow to escape from Yan Jun. Probably Gao Shenghan brought him back.

Or the red man who left in the room that day.

The man in red, Gao Shenghan said, is the fourth son of the Feng family, and the world famous Kunlun Bone Phoenix is unparalleled.

"Do I ... know him?"

"No one in the world really doesn't know him." Gao Shenghan hit Tai Chi.

Not that Gao Shenghan didn't want to tell Yan Fenfei the truth, but that he couldn't break the hard work of Feng Wushuang.

Li Yanjun and Lanshan came to the door and were blasted out.

Lanshan simply, he had only looked at Gao Shenghan, so he patted the dirt and left, leaving Yan Jun here.

"happy match."

"My name is Fenfei."

"What is flying?" Li Yanjun held Yan Fanfei's hand firmly and said, "My name is Yan Chengshuang."

"Become ... double?" Yan Fenfei felt bitter.

"Yes, in pairs." Li Yanjun steadily shook the hand Yan Yanfei wanted to take away. "Remember that you once told me that your hometown and the river in winter are frozen, and the sky will fly over the Yan team in pairs."

Double is two.

Yan is two, people are two, then-Yan Fanfei suddenly has a headache. "Yan Jun, I'm not as stupid as I was then."

Li Yanjun smiled bitterly. "I know ... it doesn't matter, you are not stupid, in fact you have never been stupid." He let go of Yan Fanfei's hand and sighed deeply. "I thought I was smart then, and now I know I have been stupid."

"Yan Jun, let me go, you have what you want." Yan Fanfei's heart was a little tight, very strange.

Different from his previous heartache.

"But what I want most is you."

At last Yan Fanfei pushed away Li Yanjun, but let Li Yanjun stay.

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