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Flying Fei Yan

Time: 2015-06-27 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times

Yan Fenfei is not actually named Yan or Fenfei.

His real name is the same, his surname is good, and his parents who have children in old age have given him a fate, representing this rare fate. Therefore, Yan Fenfei's real name is Qi Liangyuan, but whenever he hears others calling him, he always smiles.

"I'm afraid I've been exhausted by this name in my lifetime." After speaking, he looked up and went to a glass of spicy Maotai.

Yan Fenfei said that he gave the word Liangyuan to others.

How could the name be given? When people asked him this way, Yan Fenfei just called another pot of wine, and Wen looked at Shuiguang in his palm.

"Why not? You can even send it with your heart. Just a name, are you afraid you can't send it out?" Let go.

A scent of wine burst on the ground, and the sharp cold light of the silver and white porcelain bottle was sprinkled on the ground. Yan Fenfei threw the wine and left his sleeves.

He sent a bottle of pear blossoms to remind him of the fragrance of Hangzhou.

Fortunately, it is too far away from Hangzhou, a small inn can not take out the Hangzhou wine brewed by Hangzhou flowers, otherwise Yan Fenfei may have brought a sword to the kitchen to wipe the throat.

Hangzhou Lihua Brew is Qi Liangyuan's favorite wine, and Yan Fanfei's most hated wine.

Good things and bad things, all the trivial memories are mixed with pear blossom fragrance, disturbing him even if he left Hangzhou, he can't be peaceful overnight.

Tossing and turning, thinking all about the same person. Thinking of the surprise at the first encounter, Yan Fanfei laughed; thinking of the gentle words along the way, Yan Fanfei laughed happier;

I remembered that the last man used the name he gave him, and said to him blandly after he had planted his own loot: "Good destiny, we have never had this life before, and presumably the next life, you do n’t want to.

Yan Fenfei smiled and bent over. In the snow and ice, the snow was melted by his red blood.

"Since the name Liangyuan has already been sent to you, why bother to laugh at this time?" The biting wind splashed, Qi Liangyuan looked up at the washed white clear sky, and a pair of swallows passed under his eyelids. At the back, one fell.


"Liangyuan, I lose you." As his mouth said, Qi Liangyuan didn't see him loosening his sword.

Qi Liangyuan suddenly understood.

"You didn't lose me." He looked up and straightened his waist. "I lost myself."

At the end of the speech, Qi Liangyuan broke his tears and laughed. He dissipated his internal strength, and the Quartet woods shook like crazy, and all the turmoil finally fell into one's body.

"This," the man was stunned, the sword fell, as if falling on his heart, and cut off a piece of heart.

The internal force existing in one's body like a part of the body was uprooted, Qi Liangyuan was dizzy for a while, but desperately clenched his teeth, but did not fall down, and his smile on his face was completely collected.

"Yan Jun, if you open your mouth, my internal strength will only cause me trouble. Are you afraid that I will not give you my hands?"

He wasn't a man of the rivers and lakes. If he knew that he saved the old man that year, he would cause himself to provoke this horrible body. Qi Liangyuan would rather cut his conscience and throw it on the ground instead of draining the water.

"happy match……"

happy match.

Shaking his head, "There is no Qi Liangyuan with supreme internal force in this world, you eat Qi Liangyuan, take his internal force, Qi Liangyuan is dead." This is the only person he has ever loved in this life, close to him purpose. "From now on, there is no Qi Liangyuan, only Yan Fanfei."

The good connections are not the same, and Yan is also flying.

Yan Jun, if you ask, even if it is the meat and bones of my body, I will cut and chop it for you.

But you shouldn't have to, you should ruin my name. Good fate is done.

Yan Feifei returned to the chalet he was walking around, took off his shoes and retracted into several soft quilts. Except for the clothes on his body, the most expensive of these houses are these quilts.

Yan Fenfei was afraid of the cold, since he was still Qi Liangyuan.

But the duvet he had drilled into today was all hardened into a rock, Yan Yunfei tore off his hairband, and looked at the snow outside the window in the slight smoke of drinking.

This house had no windows, just a hole in the wall, and no one would come to rob. Even if it came, it would probably only take away the only broken table in the small room.

Yan Fei flinched and shrank, and in Bai's scenery, she saw another row of flying swallows.

You might as well save the good guys and take me back to Hangzhou?

Name? My name is too ordinary. It looks like you, good destiny, I ca n’t wait to grab your name.

Good fate, do you know the word good fate?

People say that Yan not only flies. My surname is Yan. Your name is Liang Yuan. In the future, if we go to pick up a little beggar, how about calling him Yan Liang Yuan?

Good fate, I lose you.

"! ..."

No one bears anyone. Qi Liangyuan owes you nothing but the debts of a previous life. In this life, he just pays off. You don't owe me or owe me.

"It's the next life. Don't even have a chance to wipe your shoulders." That was Qi Liangyuan's last sentence to Yan Jun.

This winter, it was so cold that you couldn't even taste the tip of your tongue.

Yan Jun was in the Huafang room, silently looking at the broken Hangzhou Pear Blossom Brewery on the ground, not talking for a long time, then fisting, sweeping a table of good wine and vegetables to the ground.

A few guests aside did not possess the soul that was frightened by the geisha, especially Hua Kui, who was holding a pipa to sing a song of Jin Yuliang Yuan, and was so scared that she couldn't even tear up.

The lute in her hand broke into pieces as soon as she played the first note. Where can I see that these wood chips were a good piano?

"Yan ... Brother Yan?"

"Master Yan? ..."

"My nephew ... the second uncle is too old, don't scare the elderly like this ..." Yan Jun turned his head, sweeping the scared face one by one, the more confused he became as he looked at him.

For this, he hurt Qi Liangyuan and lost a good one. Why?

One of the news from the rivers and lakes is that, at the border of the Central Plains far from the sky in Hangzhou, a knight who suspected of using the Yan family swordsmanship recently killed a group of mountain thieves.

This matter is as light as goose feathers, the border of the Central Plains, a small nest of robbers, an unknown swordsman. The swordsman said that his surname was Yan, and his name was different, and he hated Hangzhou pear flower stuffing the most in his life.

After thinking about it, Yan Jun shattered a bottle of pear blossom, and left with his sword.

"Wait ... Xiang nephew! Where are you going ... Xiang nephew !!" Yan Erbo reluctantly chased up with some light work, but saw that he was thrown away by Yan Jun, There was also a dream story in the wind, at least for him, it was bound to be a dream story.

"Look for good destiny, become Shuangyan."

Since then, there has been no news of Yan Jun.

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