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Time: 2015-06-26 Source: Original Editor: Xiaozhi Reading: Times

The stuffy oil bottle is always free to come and go alone, both inside and outside the bucket. I knew this already. Even the old bronze door can go in and jump out. What other door in the world is he unable to enter?

By the way, I never had a chance to ask the stuffy oil bottle, why did I come back, because the day I saw his face was obviously determined and going to death.

But he came back, scaring me unclearly, thinking he had come to ask for his soul. Why do I feel that the stuffy oil bottle isn't coming back? Probably the smile that he finally entered in front of the bronze door, turned back to me, and the goodbye.

I know, the stuffy oil bottle never says goodbye to this ridiculous mother-in-law.

Therefore, goodbye to stuffy oil bottles means never to see again.

I also brought a good-looking smile, really fucking afraid that no one knows how good-looking he is? I snorted, kicked and kicked me to sleep, and I lost my feather dust.


"Also known as the boss? Sleeping to find Grandpa Zhou as the leader, aren't you?"

I glared at Wang Meng, and found a trash can for the unreasonable chest. Wang Meng didn't know. He looked at me with a sleepy look, wondering if he was still dreaming. ... what the hell do I have such a dude?

With a sigh, I left Wang Meng and the shop, walked to the second floor of Xi Lengyinshe, and saw my big bed slamming in the past.

The bed covers have been changed, and all of them have been replaced with new ones. I made a mess with the stuffy oil bottle last time. I did n’t change the entire bed, so I have burnt enough incense in my previous life, but unfortunately it did n’t seem to be enough for me. Has the ability to resist the stuffy oil bottle.

By the way, the bluffing oil bottle brother Zhang Qiling, who was so damn damn, made a whole night out with me, and the next morning, I did n’t ask him for a reason, and I was forced to sleep for a full night ... Heck, I thought I was going to spit fire. I used to look at wolves as sheep.

No, even if the stuffy oil bottle is a sheep, it is only a sheep that can only be wolf-skinned.

Really horrible and horrible, because after waking up again after so much sleep, the stuffy oil bottle disappears as if he was in the bucket, as if this person had not appeared before, and fell on me That night was a spring dream I didn't know how to seduce.

Ghosts believe.

I do n’t have to go to the bathroom to see the purple marks on my body. It ’s just that the buttocks are so painful. I ’m not asleep in the middle of the night doing yoga? The water glasses on the table are all empty. .

To tell the truth, I was more angry with him than explained to me by doing stuff like this. The so-called death must know why they die, right?

Then it's been a week since that day, and the stuffy oil bottle seems to be dead without even news, so don't stop eating in which bucket, I ’m going to watch your yin and fix your ears and ask what you mean ...

"Why the hell am I so girlish ..."

I hung up the pillow with a resentment, ventilated myself and fell to the bed at this time, learning how Lin Daiyu's pumping sorrowful woman still looked like this, while thinking of the stuffy oil bottle that night.

I know what I did with stuffy oil bottles, and I know his mother ’s first time, I ’m so good at the stuffy oil bottle, even if he said he was shit for the first time, even if he might really This is the first time that the gods who have come to the fighting world have an extraordinary talent even elsewhere ...

What the hell do I praise the stuffy oil bottle? Did I just praise the stuffy oil bottle? God, Wu Xie, Wu Xie, the fat man did not call you wrong. You are so naive, you really ca n’t blame others for calling you like this. Deserve to sell myself and help him sell the oil bottle.

Damn, in which bucket did the stuffy oil bottle rest, and only a few bitches and ghosts can seal the letter?

No, nothing ... what is the role of stuffy oil bottle? Even if he sleeps, my dear, he will leave after sleeping, and the disappearance will disappear. What is his role? Already.

He always grabbed me before I was stabbed by my sister-in-law to add food. I always grabbed the knife before I opened my body. When I was in the bucket until I was mentally ill with a heart attack. Appeared, and then I felt as relieved as seeing Jesus Christ as the Buddha.

He has a high level of martial arts. He can come and go in the fight alone, but he will never leave me alone, and often hurts himself by saving himself—I know, he is not necessary, really not necessary.

People who meet him for the first time will always say that he is cold, he is cold and yes, but he is not selfish. So every time I help him wrap the wound, I always feel guilty about how the blood came out, how the wound was scratched, and how the wolf howled.

All fucking is related to my Wu Xie.

He robbed me of this with Yan Wang several times at this point, and I let him sleep a few times ... Yeah, he said that people thought he was taking advantage of him, and he was bored with the bones of the oil bottle. Welcome, my dear, I ’m going to meet someone on this plate of pickled robinati ...

"It's been a week ..."

My eyes are sour and sour, all right, what do I do? What do I say is also the nephew of the third master, the little boss of Xi Leng Yinshe, the unskilled college student ... at least a stuffy oil bottle is willing to save son.

Yes, the stuffy oil bottle was originally a person from a different world than me, but I often met him.

And this often, or in extreme danger, the next second breaks the dishes to see the king.

At this time, the smoldering oil bottle was holding me from the back and telling me not to move, or I rushed over and pushed me aside, and then I was severely beaten by a punch or a slap. He is a man who can make the thousand-year-old son-in-law kneel, or a ruthless character who can twist off the sea monkey's head. If it were not for me, he would have fewer injuries.

But how do I know that every time I go to fight, there is danger in his elderly? My reflex nerve is still mortal level. Even if I do n’t want to suffocate the oil bottle, I have no time to stop him, but after the danger passes, I Ask again and ask why he saved me.

I do n’t know if this question is asked, what would the boring oil bottle answer, or it would unexpectedly give me the word idiot.

But what I don't even know is, what should I do if I asked this question and the stuffy bottle said an answer I had never thought of.

"So you mother don't give me an explanation yet ..." I dropped my pillow again.

"Did not sleep?"

Hey, what a hell!

"Stupid ... Is it a man or a ghost?" I turned around stupidly, and saw the dark-skinned man who was walking up the stairs, wasn't that stupid oil bottle?

Damn, what did I just say? He said he'd send me a letter even if he was a ghost and a bitch? What a fucking man is he talking about? What deserves to be called naive.

I still do n’t know whether it ’s a man or a ghost. When I turned my head, the thin eyebrows that had been condensed suddenly frowned. The crease seemed to stop my heart, and my face turned pale from the bed. Jumped up and took a few steps back.

When the stuffy oil bottle saw me jumping out of bed, my brows frowned even tighter, and I was almost out of breath, I didn't expect that I had saved him so many times in the bucket, and finally had to pay for my life.

"you you……"

"………………………… forget it."


I ’ve been here for a long time and you ca n’t make a fart. He was boring for a long time and spit out two words to me, and then turned into the bathroom next to him, leaving an open mouth and shuddering like an idiot. few times.

Then, I heard the sound of water from the bathroom, probably the stuffy oil bottle is taking a shower ... wait, what does the stuffy oil bottle take in my house? Does the ghost need to take a shower? So the person who was just stuffy oil bottle, Isn't it a ghostly stuffy bottle? So--

No, what are the stuffy oil bottles coming to my house?


Master, I bite my tongue. Did n’t I just look forward to this guy coming? Right, first of all, grab the stuffy oil bottle and ask him ... first ask how he disappeared for so long, where did he foolish ... no, I am Which wife arrested? I think ... I should ask him first, which fight did I go to during this time ... what a difference!

"What are you thinking?"

"Wow!" I was scared. Who said that when I looked up, there was a half-bottle of dripping stuffy oil bottle in front of me? It was more horrible than when I looked up at a bloody body and smiled at me.

Because of this stuffy oil bottle, he only took a bath towel around his lower body. The upper body was pale and white, and dripping water, let me see that I was swallowed by that good figure again, and almost the soul was hooked ... … 呸, 呸, 呸, what kind of soul,

The stuffy oil bottle is not a fox.

"What's wrong?" I didn't know if the frown on the stuffy oil bottle was because I had taken a shower and relaxed. Then I brushed his wet black hair straight from the forehead. I have never seen the stuffy oil bottle. For a moment, I really looked dumbfounded.

Why can't it be so unfair to fucking? People can be handsome enough to drop scum just by combing their hair. Everyone who goes to him is born equal and flat.

"You, during this period ..." I asked, raising my breath, but suddenly I felt as if I was choked by a fishbone, staring blankly with a pair of star-shaped black eyes in a stuffy oil bottle.

"Huh?" He raised his eyebrows and looked at me lazily. Maybe he was scolded by my stupidity and idiot. I don't know. In short, he saw that I opened my mouth and said nothing, his old man got into my bed by himself went.

Wait, my bed!

"Oh! Brother you--" Oh damn it, this familiar world turns round-five minutes later, the stuffy oil bottle let go of my breath, a faint word.

"I told you, don't call me wrong again." Then he fell down, closed his eyes, and tried to sleep. Are you kidding me?

My dear, I have no dementia in my head, I'll give you my Wu Xie and change my surname to be naive!

"Xiao, Zhang Qiling, what on earth are you doing?" I grabbed his beautiful face without thinking about it. He didn't mean to be fragrant and cherished. He was fragrant and jade. It's okay to have a hard role, which is so fragile.

Yeah, how could he be fragile, and my heart suddenly felt itchy, remembering the picture when he made me bandage.

"Sleep." His voice seemed to be a little puzzled. I didn't understand what I was asking. After throwing the words worth two thousand gold, I pulled my hands away from his face and moved to his waist. on……

What's up with this pose?

"Zhang ... Zhang Qiling, wait, don't sleep! I still have something to ask--" I opened my hand like I was hit by hot water, and almost didn't roll off the bed because of the stuffy oil bottle Reached out and grabbed me, and by the way, swept me in, forming a worse posture than before I closed my hand.

The last injury didn't seem to matter anymore. I saw that there wasn't even a scar on the belly of the stuffy oil bottle. It seems that he didn't just finish the fight ... wait, almost got lost again, his mother's stuffy oil bottle is fine. What is so good to do?


"Ask ... of course what you did to me last time--"

"Are you still uncomfortable?" The smoldering oil bottle suddenly flashed seriously, "lifting" me from his chest, staring at me in disgust, the naked worry in those black pupils made me feel flattered, Hurrying to shake Ling Bo said that it was all right.

"It's okay." He sighed softly, the corners of his mouth seemed to be a little curved, pretty. Handsome guys are like this, crying very handsome ...

"Wait ... wait, don't sleep!" Shit, how could I lead him away with his nose? This was impossible. When I was about to reach out and pat his face, I found that both hands had fixed him and moved. No, I had to twist my body.

How do I know that this twist will be bad.

"Don't mess around." The stuffy oil bottle closed its eyes, but his frown suddenly tightened.

"Then let me go first!"

"……………… Wu Xie." He opened his eyes suddenly, and I just looked up at him, almost scared by him to rest, and looked at him with a fake nose like that. Mom's good-looking, but I'm not bad, too ...

"......... you owe me an explanation."

The frosty bottle frowned to show his answer—his old man obviously didn't understand what I was asking. "Explanation?"

"Well, explain." I nodded again and said, and he nodded after me, revealing a little bit of awakening in his overly beautiful but bland face.

He then spent one night "explaining" to me.

After that, I never dared to explain to him anymore, because the explanation would only get more complicated, and the next morning I had to call Wang Meng to open a shop, and then hold the bottle of stuffed oil for the breakfast I bought.

What? You ask why do you want me to buy breakfast for the stuffy oil bottle? Or do you want me to buy nonsense? But this guy gave me all night ...

"Wu Xie, concentrate on eating."


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