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Time: 2015-06-18 Source: Original Editor: Zhang Xiaocai Read: Times

The shortcomings of short stories are that some things are not easy to explain, and often they are accompanied by sudden changes in things or they are too rapid ...

This article is written very badly, it is too hasty, I do n’t know how to modify it for a while

I'm sorry for your comments.


Lying on the bed, Liu Laibu stared at the ceiling, thinking about the cause of all recent events and the result of a handsome man lying beside him now:

That day, he received a call from his close friend Zhu Jungu, saying that his object was being teased by a customer. Zhu Jungu described that while scolding his mother, he kept saying Liu Leibu, and you promised me to help me out of this nasty word. Liu Leibu is not a big head!

"Cheng, don't be excited, just tell me who the bastard is. I'll help you with the demo."

"His name is Li Fengjia!"

Suddenly Liu Laibu responded, "Isn't that the next customer of our company?"

"Can't regret it! Thank you, Tao, you must pry his business! My baby called me, bye bye."

Zhu Jungu is Liu Laibu's best friend for many years. He and his boyfriend, a happy and sweet couple, always sighed Liu Laibu, when can he find an object? Because of Zhu Jungu's influence, Liu Laibu often thought, ah, even if it's a man, it's okay ... Liu Laibu was assimilated like this, and he didn't know that this time Zhu Jungu and his little baby Feng Yan were using themselves Protagonist, planning a big big big big plot!

He X! Liu Laibu hung up the phone and scolded him, he knew that Zhu Jungu was deliberate! He knew that Li Fengjia was his next important customer, and he forced himself to agree first. If he agreed, he could n’t. Go back, this is not a conspiracy ?!

Such an equation emerged in Liu Laibu's mind:

Prying Li Fengjia's business = shooting his own job = no money to support himself = no more finding an object!

However, since this is already the case, Liu Laibu still decided to go to Li Fengjia's business tomorrow. Anyway, the unit that killed the unprocessed capital has long wanted to change the job ... As for how to jump, it is not here Now under consideration.

Then the next day, he really did it, and his boss did it.

Liu Laibu waved his hand, Dayi went out of the company suddenly, went to the staff dormitory to sort out a little luggage, wandered around the street, touched his cell phone and broadcasted Zhu Jungu a phone call "Hey, come and wait for your benefactor. "


"What the hell, I can tell you, I will live in your house starting today. I will eat your meal every day, and you prepare me!"

"Ah? Why ... you go to Wei ..." Zhu Jungu's voice was very resentful. Before he finished speaking, Liu Laibu heard Feng Ye grabbed the phone next to him, "Liu Laibu, come on, I'll let Zhu Jungu burn more for one person. "

Liu Laibu agreed happily.

After a few days, Liu Laibu was full and satiated. He did not have the fine style to avoid as an excellent guest. Adhering to the bad taste of me, you do n’t even think about it, lies on Zhu Jun's ancient sofa. Looking at Zhu Jungu, he could only sit beside Feng Yan properly, and smiled a little.

The phone rang and Liu Laibu answered the phone. "Hey, who?"

"What do you think this is, let's help the fishing lover whose name is Wei, why do we eat and drink Lasa? We are in charge of it?" Zhu Jungu murmured, Feng Ye smiled and stroked Zhu Jungu's head. "Forget it, Li Fengjia is not Has it accelerated? "

"Ah? Oh oh, that's good, will it be 9 am tomorrow? Good, ok, I'll be on time."

"It's weird, why would Jifeng let me go for an interview?" Liu Laibu felt strangely after hanging up the phone.

"Brother Liu Laibu ~ I gave it to you. I can't always have a job."

Liu Laibu laughed. "Well, it makes sense, Feng Ye is more ancient than Zhu Jun."

So on this day, Liu Laibu generously gave Zhu Jungu and Feng Ye a solitary time ...

The interview went exceptionally smoothly, and even was invited to the office on the spot to meet the senior executive-Li Fengjia.

Liu Laibu was stupid now, thinking that Li Fengjia was not in that company called Qilin. Why did he suddenly become Jifeng's boss? He felt that the job was very good. I didn't expect Li Fengjia to meet him and he was very happy, and he was ready to sign the contract without any nonsense. Liu Laibu was not happy, "I said you were indifferent?"

"Ah?" Li Fengjia pursed her lips.

"I said to you, you have pried your business. Are you happy to sign a contract with me?"

"What's wrong with this?" Li Fengjia looked at him, quite confused.

Liu Laibu was helpless, "Forget it, when I didn't say, if you make a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, I will sign the contract." Jokingly, Liu Laibu was unwilling to actually seek a position under Li Fengjia, although he did not know him well Personality, but it is hard to guarantee that the above will be suppressed in the future, to engage in a labor squeeze or something.

"Oh, yes, no problem." Li Fengjia said, and asked the secretary to redraft a contract.

Liu Laibu is even more boring. Thinking about salary, add another 1,000, that is almost double the previous job. Where can I find such a high salary, if I miss it, um ... he will think Fan slap in the face, Liu Leibu raised a pen, signed.

After that, he reluctantly moved out of Zhu Jungu's home.

Then one day, Liu Laibu saw Feng Ye in the street, and then saw Li Fengjia. With a close look, the two pulled and pulled. Liu Laibu suddenly burst into flames and rushed to fight against Li Fengjia. The person who moved my brother told you to play hooligan again. Don't think you are the boss. I don't dare to hit you. There is a kind of you who fires me right away.

In the scolding, Liu Laibu was pulled away by the persuader, and under the guidance of several old women, he hurriedly dragged Li Fengjia to the hospital to deal with the wound. He pulled out several grandfather Mao with tears, and then returned to Feng Ye To Zhu Jun's ancient house, "I have to live again."

However, for more than a month, nothing happened. Li Fengjia didn't bother him or even fire him. Liu Laibu was rushed back to the staff quarters by Zhu Jungu.

Soon after ...

"Liu Laibu, get ready for our next business trip to Nanjing to prepare for the exhibition."

"I? Boss, I have only been here for a month and I am not very familiar with the company's business. Would you like to consider another expert?"

"I want you, get ready."

"Boss, didn't we do it a few days ago?"

"What nonsense, let you go. Just go." Li Fengjia left after speaking, Liu Leibu faintly saw his reddish ears, feeling strange.

They really went. On the plane, Liu Laibu felt strange again. How did this strange harmony appear between these two people?

Maybe it's just unilateral harmony. Liu Laibu thought with some frustration. It would be like this if he wanted to come to Li Fengjia, but he didn't want to talk to him? How about a hooligan?

Get off the plane and finish the day in an orderly way.

Li Fengjia was in a very good mood, saying, "Today is a tacit cooperation. Go, let's have a few drinks. The previous thing is a write-off."

Liu Laibu felt quite reasonable, and fart followed behind. The couple had a few glasses of wine, and they were a little bit sloppy. They felt like they were okay. Liu Leibu thought that Li Fengjia was pretty good. He did n’t look like a hooligan. No, I'm too impulsive. "

Li Fengjia touched her aching arm and said, "It's okay, it's all over."

"But I don't understand. Why do you keep pestering Feng Ye? Feng Ye has targets."

Li Fengjia felt it difficult to answer for a moment. He pushed the wine glass. "You drink first, I'll go to the bathroom."

Liu Laibu thought he might not want to say anything, so he just stopped, as long as he didn't bother Zhu Jungu and Feng Ye, he would be fine. He thought to stand up, looked around, and wanted to find out who could develop.

Li Fengjia went to smoke a cigarette and came back to see Liu Laibu hooking up with a man, both of them were close to face, his face instantly darkened.

He shook off the man and said fiercely, "Open your dog's eyes and see, this is my man."

The man scolded and walked away, Li Fengjia patted Liu Laibu's head vigorously. "In the past, I was reluctant to move. Now you listen to Liu Laibu. You are mine. Instead of giving it to others, it is better to change today. It's mine. "

Liu Laibu looked at Li Fengjia's angry but still sturdy face, and was foolish.

"Wake up so early? What's going on?" Li Fengjia rolled over and hugged Liu Laibu's naked body.

"Ah ..." Liu Laibu was a little flushed.

Li Fengjia laughed and kissed Liu Laibu's face gently. "After you fell asleep yesterday, Zhu Jungu called and asked us to accompany Feng Ye's birthday today."

"Well." Liu Laibu responded lightly, Li Fengjia pulled over his body, raised Liu Laibu's lips, Liu Laibu responded, and the two soon fell into a storm ...

It turned out that on the day they had sex for the first time, Li Fengjia told him that he had met Liu Laibu at Feng Ye ’s birthday party. After a long psychological struggle, he found Feng Ye and Zhu Jungu, hoping they could help As they pursued Liu Laibu together, they promised themselves, and then they planned almost everything for so long.

Liu Laibu later learned that Feng Ye was Li Fengjia's cousin. Did n’t all the hooligan cases become unjust cases?

When Liu Laibu knew all this, he was so angry that he was sold by two unscrupulous people. He also scolded his fists and said that he was going to lie to Li Fengjia and lie to him for so long. Li Fengjia pouted. Last time I was wrong. Now, should we offset it this time?

Liu Laibu lowered his fist and kissed Li Fengjia's mouth, "I saw you worked so hard yesterday to satisfy me, forgive you."

Until now, Liu Laibu still thought, if there were not so many premeditations, they would talk about business, success, and shake hands like other customers that day, would they still fall in love?

Maybe, but it's definitely not like he is now, making him so fresh.

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