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Time: 2015-07-17Source : Original Editor: Forever Love Reading: Times

Cui Hao's life-saving grace, Liang Liang had to promise each other, so in the world of two men, Yanran cannon fodder


"Let's get divorced," Yan Ran said.

As soon as he returned from a business trip in City Z, the gifts and surprises brought to Yan Ran before Cui Haoliang came out, he received the sunny thunderbolt that Yan Ran gave him first.

"Little girl, are you tired to go out to play?" Cui Hao dropped his luggage and prepared to hug Yan Ran forward.

"I didn't go out to play at all. I was with Liang Liang at this time." Yan Ran stepped back.

"Liang Liang? ..." For a while, Cui Hao didn't know what he should do.

"I don't want to eat alone, go shopping alone, go to the movies alone, go to the park alone, and talk to the house alone, I don't want to be alone all the time." Yan Ran sighed a little.

"I ..., ..." Cui Hao had a pain in the face of Yan Ran. He never knew that he had brought so much pain to Yan Ran. He clearly wanted to give her happiness.

"If you really have feelings for me, please let me go and give me freedom." Yan Ran said, afraid to look into Cui Hao's eyes.

"I'll leave first. I have signed the divorce agreement and put it on the bed. You sign it before you contact me." Yan Ran took out the prepared luggage and opened the door to leave.

Cui Hao went to the bedroom and lay on the bed, facing his empty house, his head was a little fuzzy.

"Sleep, sleep" Cui Hao urged himself, thinking he would find himself dreaming when he woke up.

************** I am the dividing line **************************** ***************

"Are you clear with Cui Hao?" Liang Liang heard the door open, leaned out of the kitchen, and saw Yan Ran asked with her luggage in the door.

"Don't follow me." Yan Ran walked into the bedroom, closed the door, went to bed and covered her head with a quilt, her brain was blank.

<When I get Cui Hao in my hands and dump you, I'll see if you can pull it like now, now I can bear you. > Liang Liang thought to himself.

************** I am the dividing line **************************** ***************

Cui Hao woke up and saw the divorce agreement signed by Yan Ran on the bedside. Thinking of everything and Yan Ran.

Cui Hao met Yanran at the Convention and Exhibition Center. For the two weeks, Cui Hao was so busy that he had to work overtime the night before the exhibition and ran to the exhibition center non-stop the next day.

When I forgot to eat, my hungry stomach was jerking.

"Mr. Cui, drink a cup of hot water first." A voice came from behind.

Cui Hao turned back. At that moment, he felt the heartbeat and knew what a smile was. The girl in front of her was pure and bright, with a sweet smile.

"Oh, thank you, you are ..." Cui Hao suppressed the strange feeling in his heart, took the water and drank it, it felt warm and intimate.

"My name is Yan Ran, and I am a new staff member at the Convention Center."

<It's a real name. > Cui Hao said in his heart.

<This is my dream bride. > In the future, Cui Hao knew that a beautiful heart wrapped a conservative heart, and his biggest wish was to "walk through the great mountains and rivers of the motherland."

Six months later, Cui Hao and Yan Ran held a flash marriage.

************** I am the dividing line **************************** ***************

Liang Liang just came to work the next day, and Cui Hao entered his office.

"Do you really like Yanran?" Cui Hao asked.

"Of course, you should know how tight, deep, and charming she is there. But, in contrast, I like you better." Liang Liang looked at Cui Hao with his eyes.

"You are shameless. We said it was a mistake." Cui Hao angered and stared at Liang Liang.

"If you make mistakes, you will continue to make mistakes. It is this look, this expression, that makes me unable to restrain myself." Liang Liang grabbed Cui Hao, pressed it under him, his lips came immediately, and he stroked Cui Hao's hands across his clothes. Lower body.

"You ^ let ^ open ^ me." Cui Hao punched and kicked, biting as Liang Liang's tongue penetrated into his mouth.

"If you're so bad, you should punish." Liang Liang pinched Cui Hao's lower body. "After I get you, I can't help myself, so you can only accompany me to sink."

"Ah ..." Cui Hao let out a pain.

Liang Liang took the opportunity to turn over Cui Hao's body, took off Cui Hao's pants, and inserted his sharp sword into Cui Hao's back hole.

"His ..." Besides the pain, it still hurts. This time Liang Liang decided not to give Cui Hao a little pleasure.

<I also have a tendency to sexual abuse. > Liang Liang fiercely performed piston movements, clapping Cui Hao's buttocks in the palm of his hand, inserting hundreds of strokes, and finally shot into Cui Hao's body before Cui Hao's consciousness was blurred.


"Yan Ran, is Minister Cui in General Liang's office?" Xiao Liang, Liang Liang's secretary, asked Yan Ran, looking at a panic and leaving.

"Quick, go to the hospital." Yan Ran entered the taxi and said to the driver.

"Miss Lin, how do you ...?" Asked the gynecologist who had checked Yan Ran not long ago.

"Can my child be kept?" Yan Ran asked after the doctor.

"The mood swings are not good for your baby. I will give you some medicine for abortion. You should pay attention to it later, and check in at the hospital regularly." The doctor ordered.

Yan Ran was in the hospital bed, thinking about everything she heard and saw through the door of Liang Liang's office.

************** I am the dividing line ************

Cui Hao woke up from a coma and found that she was already in her own home, and her aching body condemned the atrocities she had received.

Knowing Liang Liang's true colors, Cui Hao did not want his "little girl" to fall into the miserable fate in the end as expected. Determined not to sign a divorce.

************** I am the dividing line ************

"Since you already know, I don't say much, give birth to a child, get two million, and leave." Liang Liang said to Yan Ran.

"..." Yan Ran turned over and turned his back on the coat-and-beast surnamed Liang, without saying a word.

"You have to agree, you have to agree, or you have to agree, otherwise, I have the means to make you disappear." Liang Liang continued his threat.

"I have been holding Cui Hao for five years, and have been patient, waiting, thinking that he will eventually accept me, but I did not expect that after only half a year away, you will appear. Now as long as you solve it, Cui Hao and I can always be together ,you

Rest assured, I will treat the child as well as Cui Hao, after all, he is also Cui Hao's child. Liang Liang vented his emotions.

Yan Ran looked at Liang Liang, who had gone crazy, and her eyes were calm. She finally understood why she and Cui Hao have been married for a year, and why Cui Hao has been traveling constantly and working overtime constantly.

************** I am the dividing line ************

Eight months later, Yan Ran was accompanied by Cui Hao in the hospital and gave birth to a boy named Xiao Ran.

Another month later, Yanran ran away from home.


"Where is Yan Ran?" Cui Hao asked Liang Liang.

"Nine months later, Yan Ran took two million away." Liang Liang clearly wrote on the agreement signed by Yan Ran.

"You can be so shameless." Cui Hao excited Liang Liang with the same look at the lunatic.

"I was driven by your shamelessness. Can you say that you don't know anything about my feelings. During the half-year between my family and me, hearing about your marriage, you know how painful my heart is. Liang Liang wept angrily


"When you saved my life, you were responsible for my future life. For you, I can do everything. I know you like children, and only leave Xiaoran, otherwise, you think Xiaoran can live. Nowadays."

"You leave, I'll die." Liang Liang looked at Cui Hao's eyes and said absolutely.

************** I am the dividing line ************

A week later, a passbook and a letter with a deposit of RMB 2 million in Xiao Ran's name were sent to Cui Hao.

"Cui Hao, I'm sorry, when you saw this letter, I was already gone. In the past, my only requirement is that please don't let the surname Liang enter our home, our son's upbringing Fee please

Don't use a dime of surname Liang. I love you. Yanran is absolutely perfect. "

************** I am the dividing line ************

Liang Liang bought the house of Cui Hao's neighbor at a high price, and was prepared to entangle life with Cui Hao like this.


The short story is different from what I expected, and the ending should be a bit worse, but I couldn't help it.

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