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Time: 2015-08-09 Source: Original Editor: Forever Love Reading: Times

The sea was just a smile, it was already dawn. The weather is cold and the wind is cold, so don't forget to add clothes.

Extinguish the car engine, open the door, and stand on the land of his long-lost hometown. Xiang Dong took a deep breath, then lit a cigarette, squinting at the familiar and strange old village in front of him.

This is a primitive village that is still everywhere, and almost every family is a farmer. The Xiangdong family has the highest status in the village, because Xiangdong's grandfather and grandfather are the heads of this small village, and they control the highest rights in the village. Later, Xiang Dong ’s father went out to study, and after studying, he stayed outside, married Xiang Dong ’s mother, and built his family business in the city. Everyone in the village said that the eldest son of the Xiang family was promising, and the old grandmother waved his hand calmly, only to say that the boy had made a profit, but he was just begging for food outside.

Later, there was Xiang Dong, and his father took him back to his hometown several times, but after all, he was too young at the time, and now when I think of it, my hometown seems to have a hazy layer of veil in my memory.

The only thing I remember was my father holding his warm big hand, the clean dark blue sleeves around his wrists, and the old temple with few incense at the end of the old village.

According to the five aunts in the family, the temple was dedicated to a prince in ancient times, and no one knew exactly which dynasty or dynasty. Heifeng Mountain behind the old village that led the soldiers to battle led to the unfortunate defeat of the soldiers and killed him elsewhere.

After the prince's death, he was defeated for a while. The generals of the soldiers who died under his command were almost annihilated. The villagers buried these soldiers in the open space behind the mountain, and buried the corpse of the prince in a single place. It was considered that the common people had done something to the royal family.

Later, an old man said that the soul of the prince could not rest, and I was afraid that he would come out and do something in the future. The villagers donated money to build a temple, often offering incense, and showing peace and stability.

With the changes of the times, although the people in the small village are still relatively ignorant, the younger generation seems to not believe the older generation much. Because of that, few people went to worship at that prince's temple. The deserted simple temple has instead become a children's playground. The adults also cursed a few words at first and refused to let them go. Later they saw that nothing had happened and they simply left with them.

When Xiang Dong returned to his hometown with his father when he was a child, he also went to the prince's temple with the children in the village. The inside was full of dust and the spider webs were piled up. There is only a poor statue in the middle, wearing a jersey with no color, pink face, red lips, and a stiff face. It is probably a statue of a prince made by a humble craftsman.

At first Xiang Dong was a little scared of the statue of the prince. He always felt that the eyes of the clogs were staring at himself. Later, when he saw the children who had come here already screaming and playing, he also actively joined them. Ignore the statue.

Nowadays, the children who had played together at that time have grown into dark and capable rural youths. Xiang Dong himself has not worked for many years, and his father is not as good as he is. After receiving a call from my aunt this time, after learning the news of his grandfather's death, his father couldn't support the brain hemorrhage that night and went to the hospital. Xiang Dong had to drive from the hospital in the city center to his hometown in the countryside overnight to attend the grandfather's funeral.

Taking a deep breath, Xiang Dong pulled out his mobile phone and took a look. There were no incoming calls or text messages.

The father is not out of danger now, and there is no news from the mother, it is good news ... Xiang Dong took out a cigarette butt and threw it on the ground to crush it. He has had a deep relationship with his father since he was a child, and to this day, he can only comfort himself.

After parking the car, Xiang Dong stepped into the village.

The small villages in the countryside may not change for decades. At most, there are a few more colorful motorcycles parked on the potholes, and the figures of young men and women are faintly visible in the mist.

My hometown was always misty. When I was a child, Xiang Dong was obsessed with this moist and cool touch. Now he feels the wet and stickiness in people, but just feels a little disgusted.

After about a quarter of an hour, they went to the old house of Xiangjia.

The old door of the old house was pasted with a blank white obituary. In the haze, the ink color was a little stubborn and looked sadder.

Xiang Dong's hometown has a custom. The high-ranking people in the village have raised the threshold of steps. The Xiang family is the one in power in the village. Natural houses are much higher than the surrounding farmhouses.

Raising his legs and entering the door, the house was very quiet, and a plain color could be seen from a distance. He knew that it was a funeral for his grandfather.

Big cousin Xiang Qingshan had sharp eyes and saw the dusty Xiang Dong on the stone steps next to him. He hurried over to bring Xiang Dong to his house, changed him a sackcloth, scrub his face a little, and quickly brought Xiang Dong went to see his mother.

Xiang Qingshan's mother Xiang Ying is Xiang Dong's aunt. Although he grew up in the countryside, Xiang Ying didn't have too much rough work of rural women. On the contrary, she was very capable, she didn't have much expression and didn't talk much. Seeing Xiang Dong dressed up in mourning clothes, he calmly asked his elder brother about his situation, and then asked Xiang Dong to go to Lingling's backyard to see his grandfather's last.

In fact, it was supposed to be the eldest son guarding spirit. But now, Xiang Dong's father's life dangled, far away in the city thousands of miles away. According to the ancestors, the eldest grandson will do the work.

Under the guidance of Xiang Ying, Xiang Dong wiped the back of his grandfather's body, then put on a pre-made jacket and put on a pair of shoes and socks.

Originally, according to the customs of the hometown, the procedure of plastic surgery was more complicated, but after all, it is already a modern society and Xiang Ying is not such a rigid person, so many steps have been omitted. But even so, Xiang Dong's forehead still exuded a fine sweat.

Shouling should guard for three days.

Three days later, the grandson embraced the dead and entered the aunt.

The next day, the young and strong man in the village helped make the "Eight Immortals", and when the sun went down, the spirits fell into the ground. After the "first seven", the burial was completely completed.

After the Xiang family, the night was dark.

Many of the sons and daughters of the Xiang family worked and lived in other places, so only Xiang Qingshan and Xiang Dong guarded their lives.

Xiang Qingshan is the elder nephew, who has been guarding the spirit for two nights. There are two pieces of Wuqing under his eyes, his face pale. Xiang Dong saw that his condition was not very good, and whispered to him that he should go to rest first.

Xiang Qingshan originally quit, but he was really dizzy. Then he smiled sorry at Xiang Dong and leaned aside to close his eyes and raise his soul.

Xiang Dong looked at the slowly burning oil lamp in front of the coffin for a while, and raised his hand and rubbed his brows. A stubble popped up on the chin.

He drove a car last night, only to see Xiang Qingshan's spirit was inferior, I'm afraid he was just half-baked.

Pressing hard on the temples, Xiang Dong took out a cigarette, put on a ski suit slightly, and planned to go out to refresh himself.

Out of the backyard of the Xiang family, open the back door and there are scattered farmhouses. At this time, it was midnight. Farmers were tired after a long day's work, and they naturally fell asleep early. Therefore, those small windows were dark and looked like blind eyes.

Across the bumpy dirt road, the fog was not cleared at night.

A bright moon in the sky was as pale as a hook. Xiang Dong shoved the cigarette into his mouth and just wanted to find a lighter. He suddenly felt that someone was coming across the dirt road.

The moonlight shone on a sackcloth inside him, very bleak. Coupled with the solitude and openness around, it seemed extra cautious.

Xiang Dong spit out the cigarette and squeezed it in his hands, his muscles were tight.

The man came slowly.

To Xiang Dong's surprise, it was just a slender boy. It's not the wicked and evil spirit that imagined.

Xiang Dong breathed a sigh of relief, and just put the cigarette back into his mouth, the young man glanced at him flutteringly.

Xiang Dong's eyes were cold, his hand was shaken, and the lighter fell to the ground.

He didn't dare to stoop down to pick it up, but he looked at the young man from far and near, getting closer and closer to himself.

A stale, old-fashioned smell mixed with moisture-smoked mist rushed forward. Xiang Dong shivered involuntarily.

The young man stared up at his face, his pair of extremely dark eyes had no emotion, only a thin white face became more delicate and exquisite, with pale pink lips and fine features.

Xiang Dong has always paid little attention to the appearance of others, but this time, I don't know what it is, and he stunned the boy with a magical dullness.

He didn't speak, so he looked at each other like that, silly.

For a long time, the young man looked back, his dark eyes were drooping, and he continued to move forward.

Xiang Dong also came back to his heart, chasing the seemingly transparent figure in disobedient eyes and shouting, "Hey! You ..."

The teenager stopped short, but never looked back.

Xiang Dong stepped up a few steps, stretched out his hands, took off the ski suit on his shoulders and put it on the young man, and said, "You ... at night, there is heavy fog and thick cold, so wear a few more to avoid a cold and fever."

After speaking, I didn't dare to stay, and turned around and left first.

The dew is cold and windy, but why is the earlobe burning hot?

On a bumpy road, a cigarette fell to the ground and was covered with dust.

A pair of Yingbai picked it up and gently pressed it into the palm.

The second day was the day of His grandfather's death.

The villagers respected the village chief on weekdays, so most of them sent men at home to help.

I was busy enough for a while, and finally settled the ground before the sun went down. The rest was just waiting for the first seven.

Xiang Dong's unit had called to urge him, so he agreed with his aunt Xiang Ying that he would come again on the first seven days.

Xiang Ying nodded and asked his son Xiang Qingshan to send Xiang Dong out of the village.

Xiang Qingshan's eyes still had faint blue marks, but his spirit was much better. Talking to Xiang Dong along the way.

"Brother, do you remember the prince's temple in the village? It's the broken temple we used to play when we were young."

"Well, remember."

"Well, I heard Ding Sizhen yesterday that Xiaobao of his family went to play in that temple. She forgot to find the time in the temple at night, but guess what?

"How?" Xiang Dong asked. I don't know why it was tight.

"Siyi said, she saw that the torn statue was actually covered with a piece of clothing! Do you think it's strange? Who would be good to add clothes to the dirty stuff? ..."

Xiang Qingshan said something later, Xiang Dong didn't listen anymore.

He said goodbye to his cousin and started the car silently.

When driving slowly to the front of Heifeng Mountain, the mobile phone suddenly rang.

Xiang Dongyijie was his mother.

The mother's voice came from the earpiece, crying with joy: "Xiaodong, your dad is out of danger, now he's awake ..."

(End of full text)

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