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I smelled it, and I splattered it

Time: 2015-05-14 Source: Original Editor: Forever Love Reading: Times

In the middle of the Jiaju Cup, songs and dances are in love. If the scenery is unclear, a new word, a pot of wine, glances across the sleeves of flowers-"Qinhuai Eight Yan

Xu Fo has a female early growth

In the land of Wujiang Shengze, there are young girls named Yang Ai. A famous prostitute named Xu Buddha. The young girl's home is very desolate and sold to Xu Fo's adopted daughter. Xu Gong's poems and paintings are taught. It is based on the learning of young girls, and it is long, sturdy and elegant, and has a beautiful beauty. Sell on the Goulan and make your way to Zhou Zhou. And groups of victims, sold at the family.

Yiren was worried and panic, Yiren was crying, Yiren was smiling brightly. Seeing the independence of Yiren, a dreamy beauty, a plucked string of chants, and a dazzling spirit. The words and phrases of Fu, or 凄清, or 憔悴, people go also, wine into sorrow.

Rhythm of Gong Poems

Floating, glancing. A pot of wine among the flowers, who sang the new song, still hugs the pipa's shadow. Why exile? Can we blame the misfortune of life? Whoever sits on the harp and stirs sorrow; who chants poetry and laughs at life; who sings and moves and remembers memories; who dances and charms all beings.

Such a talent, such a woman, who can pity. Under the curtain is beautiful, but it is sad, can we eat the fireworks on earth? Starry night is shining, you know my heart. The fog was hazy, and I knew I was thinking. The wind and rain screamed, and I knew I needed it.

Destiny, like a shadow, passing away. Singing and dancing, no one knows, the lonely shadow, the breeze flowing, swirling and falling, long sleeves. Whoever reads that girl in the blue house, has no idea that the fate has gone, and Tao Jiaren is dead and independent. The waves of the earth, how can you say that you are unintentional.

Songjiang Scholar

"I'm so charming when I see Qingshan, I think it should be like seeing me in Qingshan." Going to the name of Yang Yanliu, Zhuo Shi self-pity and shadow pity. I do not know that she is a daughter, and the doctor is happy with it. Several editorial trends in Fushe, Donglin party members and poetry. Learning that the Confucian is not a son, the doctor jumped in astonishment. I don't know how a woman is very sexual.

On painting fat, Confucian clothing. The hand is holding a fan, and the cute boy. Exposition History, Poetry Rhythm. Why is it so difficult to linger with doctors and call brothers and brothers, whatever? He is wise and knowledgeable.

Knowing that I am a daughter, how about contempt of etiquette? The dream is like a dream, where is the shadow? Feather skirt, I danced and embroidered Manman. The doctors are free to choose, but they are full of literary talent. Although their talents are not good, they are tremors of the cheekbones.

There is the son of Zilong, a generation of Ci Zong, a master of endowment policy. Can be described as high wind bright festival, there is no lack of iron bones. Songjiang South Tower, since the beauty club. I don't know if love is fruitless, it can be described as hurt.

"It's just past the spring of thirteen, the curtain is opened, and the cloud is light. The sorrow is fragrant, the jade is warm, and the weak is invincible. The waves are diarrhea, the moon is clear, the red dew drops, and the flowers wake up. The fibrils are half covered, and the wind sends the warbler.

Yun Ting, deep in Xiaoping, light rain on begonia, Xinqing on willow. Laughing for no reason, for whom I have recently been born. Fake Jiao, fragrant grass, dark sadness, tears. Let's stop, Xiao Lang returns, and Mo Yan drifts away. "

After leaving, there is sorrow and sadness. When the king is not seen, the beauty sheds tears and desolation.

"Dream is a sad way. Hibiscus tears, cherry language. The curtains are full of misunderstandings. Cover Mo's words tonight, do you want him to come? Arrange infinite soul affairs. Leave him alone and go with him. There are many times when people come near and worry about returning. "

"Break the drizzle and sorrowful spring breeze. The cherry tree is also sad, sad. There is someone like you. Mo Dao no return, a little sweet soul clear dream. Do not kill passionately, fly Go. May he have little idea. "

As you can see, I leave on my own. Still strong-minded and unconscious. With a leaf in the boat, where is Acacia, the pursuit of his own love.

"There is a cold tide, a ruthless afterglow, it is Xiao Xiaonanpu. It blows up, the frosty lonely shadow, and remember, the old days are flying. When the weather is late, the smoke is setting sun, and I see the passerby, and I am thin as a dancer. It ’s very embarrassing, and there is still a good sentence from Yantai. Spring day brings autumn rain. It ’s like the past and the wind, and the dark injury is like this. Focusing on the curtain, Meier was distressed. Waiting for a plum soul, dusk and moonlight, whispering to Yishen.

If I smell Jinyun Tower

"East of the embroidered curtain of Chuiyang Xiaoyuan, Yingge's stump did not meet. Most arrived at the Xiling Cold Food Road, and peach blossoms were so beautiful." "The straw clothes family lived off the bridge east, and the sentence is as clear as a lake. In recent days, Xiling Kuaoliu, peach blossoms I am so angry. "

The two poems reconcile, and the beautiful lady keeps ink and sells love. Sighing lightly, there are peach blossoms in the world, why are they beautiful? I can see that the old man has no temperament. Why take the text?

Jade people are at the age of Miao. Jinyun quilt in Jinyun Tower, I read the room and read poetry. Later generations chuckled and made me sting. Strange women cannot be regarded as ordinary people.

What about the good news, who is happy with the woman's heart?

The red candle, the burning light, illuminate who is in common? A tree pear flower pressed Begonia, Huafa green silk, wrapped around three thousand broken fingers. The bright eyes flowed, a touch of gentle objects.

"I do n’t know the drizzle in the clear bottle, He Yinyao Kongfeng goes downstairs; the red candle is like a flowery moon night, and the green window is like a magnolia boat. Yang Liu Qi Shu in the song has eyes, and the hibiscus in the poem also merges; Let him dwell in the cold. "

"Cut red halo and tears, and the southern country is coming cold in spring; here will be a dream, and the smoke moon is always a sadness. The message in the painting hall is Xiaoren Xiao, and the green account looks alone; the precious family's Langui room, Dongfeng takes second place. On the rail. "It is always poetic and romantic, spring flowers and autumn moons, morning and evening rains.

The days of happiness are always short. There is no life like this.

Jimen Chaoshi's eyebrows

The mountains in the late Ming Dynasty were desolate, and Wu Wujun's hair was light. Qing people have entered the barrier.

Subtle fragrance, sparse shadow. There are so many tender feelings in Huajian Ci, and they are not obstinate and bright, but they can sue with me. Three lives, three lives, can be accompanied? The suffering of the country, who complains to the suffering, to be an inedible fireworks in the future. You can drink with me under Jiuquan.

It ’s good to be with me for the feast, not to be the slave of that country. Although I am a woman in the blue house, I have my own ethics and solar terms. The scholars are so much better than the slaves who have a brief introduction.

It can be seen that the doctor who bends his knees and has no such integrity, but his daughter, only under the lotus pond, the soul has not disappeared. The soul does not disappear, only tears can travel. The writing scolds the princes, but can't help it.

Fenghua is peerless, who can be compared, has nothing to do with Fengyue, and writes about beautiful women, who keeps ink with you, but eternally graceful but annihilated. Who makes you frown, who is Yi complaining about? Fate is so, who can bend over for you?

"Suther Qing bottle is extremely worry-free, and the tower is covered with clouds like a makeup tower; the husband is in the period of an arsenal, and the base is to return to the boat. At night, Du Qu blowing Xiao Xiangbi Liu. "

Hermitage, indulge in the mountains and rivers, on the shore of Lake Xizi, pastoral pastoral. There is a dull little home, but He Shu wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop. The punishment of Yi He's husband is the woman who no one admires, except He Dongjun.

"The scarf is self-righteous, and the brothers call each other without a doubt. Do you blame the daughter for being too obtrusive?

Qiushui Pavilion at the foot of Yushan

When people go upstairs, their hearts have thousands of knots. The Iraqi people voted, but how. Wu Yin Cao Xuan made his name in the first generation, a beautiful woman, with her own beauty. Hanging coffin Qiushui Pavilion, who does not admire?

Xia bone red face, jade hand slender fingers. Inexhaustible, under the rain and red dust, the wind and rain, who left rouge tears? The soul is hidden deep in the boudoir, do not wait in the air, to see the flower old.

When the uncle is still you, touch Yuqin and stir the strings. Who promises you stability for life? Green silk is still the same, until it becomes snow. A pot of autumn colors, empty drink. Qiushui Pavilion, the light of the setting sun, who retains the fragrance of ink.

"Nine temples started to smoke, holding a knife rope to persuade the public to die. At this time of the century, Zhegui is here to stay, and everything will be settled from now on. Unfortunately, Shang Shushou is long, Dan Qing has let the willow mother."

At the foot of Yushan, I read the setting sun, but if I smell it, I read Lu Wujun, a woman of all ages.

"Hidden river Dongliu, welcome the party members to the reward. The preface is Wu Yincao, and the account is set with Yun Yunyin. The country is difficult to die, and the coffin is unrequited. The emperor Doris, the chivalry makes red lips.?

Splashing ink, obsessed with beauty, left behind and independent, the lonely shadow of the wind and the moon.

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