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Their love transcends everything

Time: 2015-05-03 Source: Reprinted Edit: Time is a quack

That night, she fell asleep in his arms. She looked like a girl, smiling and happy. At that time, she should be really happy, very happy, and that smile was from her heart. Although she slept like that, she would never wake up again.

A century and a half later, I still often feel that she can have that happiness.

Fifteen years of love and companionship is not a long time, but with such a quality of dependence, it does not matter how long it is. From the spirit to the entity, in fifteen years, they have not separated. She and he created the most beautiful love story in the history of English literature and even the history of world literature.

Fifteen years old, what a beautiful flowering season. In the picturesque countryside of western England, the lively and pretty girl, who loves books and also loves nature, reads the original Greek Homer epic and the Hebrew Bible. "At the age of thirteen, her father published for her what she called a great epic and the" Marathon Campaign. " She loved riding a pony on the green field, and unfortunately happened at that time. She fell off immediately and injured her spine. Since then, this cute and simple girl like Princess Sissi spent on the sickbed. It was her most magnificent years.

She did not sink, and she had a rich garden in her heart. Intoxicated with poetry, her life is still flourishing. Published her second collection of poems at the age of 20; the Greek tragedy "Prometheus Bound" translated at the age of 27; became famous at the age of 32 as "the angels"; at the age of 38, her two-volume collection " The publication of "The Imagination of a Poet", "Ms. Geradin's Proposal" was published, which is a memorable milestone in her long creative life. By this time her talents had matured and began to shine. Her enthusiasm, her lively imagination, crisp style, and dramatic interest are all manifested in this collection of poems. More memorable is that because of this collection of poems, she met him, the one who rekindled the passion of her life. Her resentful life opened a new chapter.

At that time, she had no expectation that she would still have love, and it was such beautiful love. At that time, the poetry was lush and shameless, but her body was already weak. She was lying on the sickbed all the year round, and she did n’t see people and sunlight all the year round. A baby who sleeps in a cradle and needs constant care.

At the age of 39, she met him for the first time. It was a late May day. The wind was warm and the twilight air was warm. He came to her ward. Poor, sickly appearance, dormant on her sofa, and the guests came Can't bother to give up, a pair of deep big eyes with a melancholy look. However, looking at her with a sense of admiration, she was a truly amazing lover, and illness and sorrow did not stop him.

Since then, he has tied her fate to himself.

That year, she was 39 and he was 33.

Since then, from spring to summer, he kept picking the best roses from the garden for her. The bright flowers, the fragrant flowers, and the sentiment of the flowers give life to the dimly lit ward. In order to make those lovely flowers more lively, the always closed windows have been opened. Started with fresh air. And she, a patient who had been lying on a hospital bed for 24 years, could miraculously sit up, stand up, and then move. This year's winter was especially warm. On one day in the first month, she walked down the stairs with her feet and walked into the reception room. "I was surprised everyone, as if I didn't walk down the stairs, but jumped from the window. Come down. "She later said.

In the spring, lilacs and hawthorns have exploded, elderberry has been pumped, and thrushes and white migratory birds have sang on the branches. How beautiful this spring is. This spring, she showed her confidence to the future that she could go for a walk in the park. The sun was leaking from the gaps in the leaves, and it was spotty and sprinkled on her, looking extremely soft. She got out of the carriage, stepped on the green lawn, and picked a golden chain flower from the tree. The fresh air of nature made her fascinated. People around him suddenly became the embellishment of dreams, as if only she You and your dream talent are real. She put the little golden chain flower in the letter and sent it to him, in return he kept giving her many flowers.

"Portuguese Sonnets" also bloomed in that wonderful season, her poetry overflowed and could not be contained. This collection of 44 poems is the most beautiful love poem of the entire Victorian era. Faced with the pain and struggle of love, the love letter, the past silence and tears, was finally released today. Love overcomes timidity, flinching, and even death, and rescues a person who has given up his life from the shadow of death.

She was born again.

On September 12, 1846, she became a 40-year-old bride. In Paris, Florence, Venice, Padua, and Milan, the entangled disabled man could travel mountains and rivers, and explore secrets. In Milan, she followed him and climbed to the highest point of the church.

At 43, she became the most loving mother in the world. The little "Benini" brought her the pinnacle of happiness. Benedict is very smart. Under the influence of his parents, he can play Beethoven's sonata at the age of eight or nine. He later became an artist.

During his settlement in Italy, he used pens as a halberd and poems as a concubine to call for the early release of Italy from the rule of the Austrian Empire and the early realization of national independence and national unification.

She and he created a miracle in the history of love. Their love transcended everything, and they could coexist with the heavens and the earth and the sun and the moon be the same.

She is Elizabeth Barrett, a well-known poet in the Victorian era of England, and he is the author of that ancient sonnet, Robert Bronning.

Able to believe that there is a kind of love that can transcend everything without impurities. Can you also believe that there is a kind of love that is noble and beautiful, and does not need to meet? The great Russian musician Tchaikovsky and the rich widow Mrs. Mek fell in love, just across the street, never met for life, they also used transcendence All love makes a worldly love.

It was the winter of 1876. Mrs. Mecker heard a piece of music that excites her at the home of the famous Russian pianist Rubinstein. She was almost trapped in such music. Rubinstein told her that it was Chai Ke "The Tempest" by Jeffsky.

At that time, Mrs. Mecker had already lived there, guarding a large fortune and 12 children, and her life was leisurely and prosperous. At that time, Tchaikovsky had nothing but talent. Only a little bit strangled in poverty.

Mrs. Meck, who loves music, saved Tchaikovsky. For 13 years, she sponsored him, and never met in an appointment. In the correspondence, they did not become refined, and falling in love was inevitable. However, this kind of love that transcends time and space is still shocking today. In 13 years, Tchaikovsky's creation reached its peak. He composed the fourth and fifth symphonies and the musical works such as the opera "Queen of Spades", "Swan Lake", "The Nutcracker" and "Sleeping Beauty".

By 1890, Mrs. Meike had severed their contacts because of financial problems. At that time, Tchaikovsky's career was in full swing. However, after losing the spiritual pillar of Mrs. Meike, he collapsed. He confined himself, leaving the world he had been passionate about in the pain of repeatedly calling Mrs. Mecker's name.

A year later, Mrs. Meek died. Before she died, she wore the dress she wore when she first heard Tchaikovsky's The Tempest. The outfit witnessed the holy love in her heart.

Love, different ways, but the results are always the same. After many years, some people will always be remembered and chanted by some people.

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