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Time: 2015-07-13 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times

Feng Keng was sitting on the hall with clear eyes, and he couldn't open swollen. I don't know ... I don't really suspect ... When she gave me the jasmine and said she was going to travel a long distance, I was a bit I didn't notice it ...

She sent the dog to NONO to raise it, and told NONO to go far ...

She gave me her bank account number and password, and told her parents if she accidentally left, but I only thought it was a joke ...

A friend of hers, dressed in plain clothes, choked and talked about all the things she had told her to do before her. Shao Yang heard it in her ears, and felt no pain at all.

He took a deep breath, and couldn't stop his head from passing out. He quietly stood up and walked outside. Her parents couldn't bear the blow. They sat quietly in the hall. He bypassed and went upstairs. There should be no one upstairs, but the room where she lived was clearly lit.

It was the man's crying, he walked carefully, the man holding a frame of photos, crying too early to be himself, "you keep thinking about me ... why don't you say ..."

The man noticed Shao Yang, turned his head, and smiled, "She never said anything, but now it makes me understand that I want to regret it all my life ... Now I think of the past, it's a thing of the last life."

Shao Yang looked down to see whether the man in the photo was a photo of the man or her, or when they were young, the two teenagers smiled and held a trophy.

"I didn't know there was such a photo, but she stayed so long ..."

"You look a lot like her brother ..."

"So she likes me ..."

"She doesn't really like you ..."

"Look ..." The picture frame was taken apart, and behind the picture was a new handwriting, saying Jun Moli was sent to Jun Moli. "She was thinking of me, but she didn't say it but I didn't say it. Understand that it has made her sad for so many years ... "

"Forget her, you are married, she never wants to destroy you ..."

"Have you forgotten it? So I can't forget it, the marriage is divorced ... I was cheated for so long ..."

Shao Yang sighed deeply. The man's wife was the one who really hurt her heart. The person who had lied to him could not keep it anymore ... Now, they are finally going to look at her, she will be satisfied ...

He looked up at her bedside table, strewn a lot of old photos, without him, neither Yan Jun nor De Jun ...

The funeral was finally finished, and the ashes were sprinkled on the Humble Administrator's Garden, as stated in the testament. Shao Yang didn't stay any longer, and the ticket was scheduled for the same night. He said goodbye to A Ying and went to the airport. The plane didn't delay. He flew back to London. The landlord said that there was a letter from China.

It wasn't an urgent airmail letter, maybe it was shipped, or the person who sent the letter was not in a hurry to open the letter.

However, Shaoyang saw the handwriting on the letter but couldn't open it in a hurry. He even rushed to find the letter opener, shook his hand and tore the letter shell ...

Is it sunny in London? Are you all right? Go in a hurry and not be in a hurry to see you, I ’m not as good as a day. When I saw you for the last time, it was still pretty, just remember my last side Right.

In recent days, I have been dreaming about my childhood. The windowsill adjacent to the old house in the country, the poppies flying by the river when I was going to paint, and the soup pots on the front street are all related to you. From then on, when I met you with you, Ge Ge was entangled, and the past 20 years have been really fast.

When he was young, Yan Jun left us. It was really a disaster for us. If there was no such thing, what would we be like now? But, if nothing, you taught me.

I, you, Yan Jundejun, A Ying and my elder brother, are really young and beautiful, but this is the end. Yan Jun left so early. I blame you for all my responsibilities. I ca n’t forgive you for being ignorant. You have never been angry with me in these years, but I was clear at that time, just thinking that if you feel guilty, you will No more spoil me. I have hurt you for so many years, and I will always pay back for this evil barrier.

A Ying and De Jun finally separated. My elder brother is a relative who is too far away to know where he is, but he is my closest and closest brother. You treat me like a father and brother and will teach me, but he spoils me without restriction at all, remembering that When my face was injured, half of my face was covered with gauze, and I went to a private school to wait for him to go to class. He was bullied by the girls who liked him in the school. My good-natured brother still had that time. But such a good brother also left me. You didn't say anything to me, but I knew that my brother had asthma relapsed two years ago and died in a hospital in Brisbane.

Speaking of which you don't believe, I dreamed of it. I fell asleep that night and suddenly I was out of breath. When I saw my brother lying quietly there, he said sorry to me. I called to Australia and Ah Ying lied to me that my brother had gone to class. Later, I occasionally sent e-mails, and my brother's photos were actually the old ones. You guys do n’t know. My brother often sends me postcards. The last picture he wrote on the last time he grilled his tines during a barbecue was scared. But the photos you sent are still my brother's perfect and flawless face, and there is no postcard any more.

I really ca n’t take it anymore. You all left me one by one. Some years ago, Chenjue ’s small body also fell off the building. I did n’t go to the funeral and thought it would not be too hard to see. Can't forget it. She was only three years old, and I prepared countless good things for her, but nothing caught up.

It might be too cruel for me to live any longer, and there is only deep sadness covering me all day long. Feng said that your picture is sandwiched in your necklace. I'm not good enough to drag you down, forget me, and be happy.

I do n’t write anymore, I think of my last life.

Qin, anyway, thank you for making me like you so selfishly.

Star young.

She said she dreamed of her elder brother's death. How could he not believe it? He was entangled by nightmares when she died, and he saw her filled with hot water in a white cat-foot bathtub and wearing a snow-colored tunic , Her long hair shaking like a ghostly weed in the water, she cut the meridians on her wrist, using exactly the letter-breaking knife he gave her many years ago ... and could even smell the blood in the house, that The dazzling red dyed her shirt and swallowed her ... he rushed back to the country overnight, really a bad news of her suicide.

"There is really such a horrible thing in this world ..." He whispered, a sweet smell hit his throat, and he hurriedly covered it and stained his palms together.

Thinking of her when she was young, he asked with a chuckle, why did you say that man had vomited blood because he had hit the sword?

That's ... That's because I was seriously hurt, Xingyou ...

Shao Yang was paralyzed at the entrance of the staircase and pulled out the necklace around her neck. It was a very old fashioned pendant. Pressing the protrusion on one side gently opened the square pendant, and she had a smile on her face for years.

In the summer of the old year, the breeze burst out, and Can Chan's pupils did his best.

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