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Those pasts are the goodness of years

Time: 2015-05-02 Source: Network finishing Edit: Reprinted Reading: Times

Wake up early in the morning. Close my eyes and I can no longer sleep. Get out of bed and take out the dusty album. Against a beam of light outside the window, look at the past. These past days are the good times. Watching, my heart was warm. Time was running out and I accidentally turned my head away. I want to come, I feel a little sad.

Not ready yet, May is coming in a hurry. I plan to go to see my son on May 1st, and see Jiangnan by the way. The son wanted to return and said that he was homesick. It's so beautiful to have a family, so I couldn't get excited for a few days. After the son left, the family seemed to be too quiet. When the son returns, he will be lively again for a while. This is how people live their entire lives, alternating quietly and lively. Originally I liked to be lively, but somehow, I love quiet this spring. After Xu's father died, he couldn't remember where to put the excitement. Looking at the pictures of his son as a child, it was like a childhood self. There is nothing wrong with it, and even the eyes that splayed into a slit with laughter were very similar.

In the big class, take his son to Yunlong Lake in Xuzhou to see the wonders of the world. The first time I saw a dinosaur, he cried wow, then drilled straight into my arms, very cute. There, we went to Tiananmen, to the White House, to the pyramids in Egypt ... Although they were models that were reduced by dozens of times, we felt addicted at that time. A few years later, my son became sensible and asked me to take him to see the wonders of the world. When we went, those wonders were gone. The original venue was converted into a fitness club. I was disappointed to see me. My son said that when he grows up, he must take me to see the real wonders of the world. At that time, I was so happy to eat honey. My son grew up and shook his shoulder.

In junior high school, his son was very troublesome. I was beaten once, not normal. A few slaps, a few kicks, as if chilling. After the fight, my son didn't cry, I cried for a long time. After dawn, I said to my son, I will never hit you anymore. My son ignored me for a few days, and seemed to be aggrieved in his heart. Later, the son really changed, no longer the same rebellion as before. In high school, several outsiders and physical education teachers had conflicts. They speak bad words, and their mouths are full of insults to the teacher. The son stood up and led the class students to take a few shots. It took a while to resolve the matter. I supported my son that time because he upheld the dignity of the teacher. He was the monitor at the time, and there was a reason for him to start.

For a few years in college, he rarely gave him too much living expenses. He didn't ask, because we really couldn't afford much money. Behind us, he started a stuffed toy business during college. During the holiday, I bought a dress for me and her mother. We were touched that day. I didn't cry. My wife cried. My son has really grown up and is still so good. It makes us very happy and more proud.

There were several pictures with my son.

Earlier, I was tallest, my son was shortest, then my wife. Later, I was tallest, my wife was the shortest, and then my son. Now the son is the tallest, the wife is the shortest, then me. I like to see the picture I took when I graduated from elementary school. Although some small pieces of the picture are missing, and the black and white are yellow, they can still be clearly distinguished. Probably the first photo, when everyone's eyes opened like eggs. Now it seems that I want to laugh, the innocence of laughter at that time, the ignorance of laughter at that time. In the junior high school photo, I wore my sister's military-colored yellow coat (probably an admiration of Uncle Lei Feng) and had no time to turn over the neckline. At that time, he was small, standing in the line, not careful not to find it. In high school, there did not appear to be a collective photo. After the pre-selection, there were only six people in the class, so they disbanded early. It is a pity to want to come because that time should be the most stressful and the most memorable. Graduation photos in college, I feel like I have grown up. From a distance, it seemed as if he had something in mind.

All encounters may be to meet again after a long absence. After I graduated, I suddenly realized that I could never find a better time than my student days. So often I remember in my dreams, but I can never go back.

Outside the window, the flowers are in full bloom. Too much green, blowing along the wind. I always hope that time will be slower and slower. However, it just can't be kept. Yesterday, I saw Begonia opening up. Today, thanks to the ground. Several elderly old people are talking and smiling in the aisle of the community to clean up the garbage. For 20 years, I'm afraid it's like this. Watching them still fit and envious. Twenty years later, I don't know if I can still look like this? Twenty years is fast, almost a cup of tea.

I moved into this community and accidentally walked for ten years. Ten years were going to be an arrow. When he came, his son was just in the first year. Now the university has graduated. In the original house, there were always the sounds of his son giggling and the symphony of pots and pans. After the son left the house, the room seemed a lot deserted. The roof has been old. Flowers on the balcony, I do not know how many seasons have changed. As if there was only that iron tree, it was the first time ten years ago.

I like to collect calendars. It's okay. I can take a copy. Turning over, sometimes tears can come out. Then line them up by age and look at them, as if you can see through them for ten years at a glance. Ten years, it seems like a dream. The laughter and scolding are all in this reincarnation. Which year is young, which month is the flower, which is the sunset snow ... Shake this thin time, and my heart will hit the beautiful waves from time to time. Every spray is the beauty left by time!

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