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Spring, you spoiled me

Time: 2015-05-02 Source: Network finishing Edit: Reprinted Reading: Times

In spring, you spoiled me. Don't yell injustice, let me elaborate on it for you to listen.

Every March, you are swept over, full, intense and bright. Wherever you go, the scenery is beautifully painted and the air becomes so pure and fresh. People can't help but take a deep breath and stretch out.

In the afternoon, when I was holding a book in my hand, sitting quietly on the balcony, flipping the book for no purpose, but at this time you shined the soft, warm sunlight through the glass, and pressed the glass The faint scent of fragrance blew to my nose, with a slight sweet taste. It made me feel like I was cuddling in my mother's warm embrace when I was young, and my sleepiness struck me immediately. Had to put down the book, lazily drill into the comfortable thin quilt, smell the fragrance of flowers accompanied by grass, and have a quiet dream. The rhythm of that cricket's song is definitely better than the beautiful lullaby. In this pleasant environment, I fell asleep happily and greedily. I dreamed that the sky outside the window was blue. The smell of that elegant pollen permeated the air, attracting countless little bees and butterflies. Those elves flew to the flowers in front of the window. They danced buzzingly and hovering freely. That kind of scene made me unwilling to wake up for a long time in a dream, consistent with the fact that I always overslept during a nap, but late in the afternoon became commonplace.

There is a "good rain season, when spring is happening." Every year when you arrive, the smoky rain will come to the world with your footsteps, and the sky will float with fine rain, as delicate and lingering as brocade. The rain will give this lively city a mysterious color, and it will also give the busy people an unexpected coolness. And I especially like this kind of light rain apricot flower sky. At this time, I always step on the flower fragrance of a place, stroll on the small stone path in the park, listen to the rhythm of the spring rain, see the withered petals with small raindrops I slumped, listening to a song of flowers.

I admire the various flowers and plants in the rain, watching the clumps of clusters without any care, showering in the rain without obstruction, I know that they are sleeping through the winter, and they are stuffy in the house like people. Over time, how longing for a ray of coolness, so that the soul has a thorough transparency. At this time there were not many people in the park. The trees were as thin as brocade and the petals stood playfully on the branches, like rouge. Ten steps away, looking away, the hazy misty mist rising from the willow branches makes people think that this is Penglai Wonderland. Such a rare rainy day, there is no need to hold an umbrella, I will stretch my arms , Embrace the spring in a hug posture, no, it is the spring that has embraced everything into her arms, including me. I am sighed by nature's special love for spring, seeing the flowers red orange yellow green cyan blue purple has everything, large expanses of flowers, dense and unbridled unbridled, already blooming, and the budding Flowers, Tingting swayed in the breeze, and her mother-in-law was beautiful. I am nostalgic for the scenery in the spring rain in front of me. Any crystal clear water droplets hit my clothes, and a faint wet mark is spread out. The little wet marks are soon connected together. At last, the whole person is wet and on the hair. The drops of water also slid down the face along the bangs. I still stood willfully in the spring rain, feeling that it was like a mother's kiss, leaving itchy, tide marks on my cheeks. Even though my clothes were soaked, I was still like a naughty child who would not hold an umbrella or go home.

People like to watch the moon by the pool in autumn, in fact, the moon in the water in spring also has no scenery. As long as there are no special activities, after I get home from work every day, I first turn on the computer and take a look. This is my habit for several years, and then I will eat something casually, and I will run outside for a while and blow. I like to go to the riverside park to enjoy the scenery, whether I have friends to meet with me or myself. Feeling such weather, not going out to enjoy it, is like a waste of scenic resources. Running along the park's flower-filled road for a while, fatigue and irritability became distant and blurred in the blink of anxiety, and everything was not washed away in no time. Then according to the fence by the river, watch the sunset fade away from the horizon, and the evening glow spread over the water, just like a large and magnificent sea of flowers in this spring, quietly blooming, and quietly withering. It makes people feel that sunset is just like an uncaptured bustling dream, just like spring.

Immediately after the night, it began to diffuse a little bit. The silver moonlight was like a soft gauze sprinkled on the streets and alleys, adding a bit of mystery to the quiet river. At this time, the birds were resting and looking at the park. The fragrant scene of peach blossom and apricot blossom is like a dark screen, but only smelling the flowers, the petals can no longer be seen. At night, it is natural to feel the warm smell of various flowers. Chic pictures are born in front of the eyes. The rows of green willow branches and the colorful lights are printed in the river of brocade. The halo is blurred, and the flower shadow and the light are reflected into each other. In the wave of light, those fine ripples seem to overlap the poetry and the painting. The water flows slowly and silently, and the floating flowers are slightly rippling on the water surface. Although I can't see the color clearly, I know that it is the first spring unique melody, which is dynamic and casual. With the fragrance, I simply closed my eyes and enjoyed my spring alone. Every night in the park, there are three or two two, and there are crowds of people enjoying the night view. At this time, I don't need people to accompany me and don't want others to disturb me. I hope everything freezes at this moment, because this is a season worthy of time and mind to quietly comprehend. At this time, I always want to imagine some fairy tales related to flowers and moons. At that moment, my heart became full and happy. Thoughts also believe that Ma Youyi is free. Throw everything out of the clouds. So that I clapped my cheeks stupidly against the railings, I don't know where this evening is. Isn't this what you are used to?

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