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Where the square inch is

Time: 2015-05-09 Source: Reprinted Editor: Zhang Xiaocai Read: Times

The clothes changed from long sleeves to short sleeves to long skirts. Midsummer finally came. The flowers in the family who have not really explored their heads to enjoy the sun have been waiting for one by one. They are looking up and madly growing in the direction of the sun. Due to the excessive growth, and the strong direct sunlight, the soil in the basin is less than two days. It has dried and cracked.

These flowers, which have experienced indoor growth in the winter and spring seasons, have become standard "greenhouse flowers", which may also be like a mood in my home for a long time, dull for a long time. In order for the plants in these pots to truly enjoy the blowing of the summer wind outside the window, I put them out of a pot, placed the window sill, and then watered them one by one and trimmed them. At the same time, I was given good care by taking care of them. A joy, perhaps as a little woman, I play with these flowers and flowers, and can really burst out the woman complex inside me.

Suddenly, there was a loud shout downstairs. I looked down and looked downstairs. I saw that the eldest sister on the first floor stood unbiasedly under the balcony. It turned out that water was flowing along the bottom of the pot because of too much watering. Going downstairs, it just happened to fall on the older sister. After a few apologies and some kind words, the older sister's anger was calmed down. It was just my hope that made me a little discovery, and a wave of joy filled my heart.

In fact, where the older sister was, there was a scattered piece of domestic garbage, overgrown with weeds, and a narrow open space, connecting the distance between a row of bungalows and the building. Of course, this is still a vacant lot of land, but was opened up by a big sister in a small vegetable garden, planted all kinds of vegetables, and it is growing very well. I was overwhelmed by the discovery after this little dispute. I could not see the crops downstairs because of my invisibility. As I had limited sight, I walked downstairs and stepped into the small vegetable garden behind. When I was in it, I really saw the vigorous vitality of these crops. If you look closely, the corn that is standing straight to the waist is raised in the direction of the sun, and your head is taller than my head; the cucumber vine The yellow flowers have formed, but there are some small burrs on them, which make people dare not to approach them. The leaves are also half the size of my palm, and they are stretched out one by one. Rows of bamboo rods are lined up in the soil. The stems of those bean horns were stringed up along the bamboo poles, and the three connected leaves were also stretched out; and the tomato seedlings that were not higher than the knees were also stringed with bamboo poles, competing to compete with the cucumber vines. . Here and there, they are planted in different corners. The green and blue sky and white clouds reflect each other in front of them, which clearly belongs to the most beautiful harmony of nature. What's more, the eldest sister flattened out three rectangular fields and covered with plastic film. I don't know which honorable crops were so carefully served. The wind blows. Those cute little guys all follow the wind. Waving his head in the direction, twisting his posture as hard as possible, graceful and graceful, the wind smelled of the soil, rushing out of the face, I smelled the smell of the field from this smell, my heart was fascinated by them, my thoughts also As the wind blows, wanton fantasies begin, imagining dancing with them, relaxing with the wind, and alleviating the fatigue in reality.

I paced back and forth carefully in the garden, for fear of accidentally stepping on the young and not yet strong crops, take a look at this, take a look at it, take the camera in my hand, and record them one by one After coming down, I was very grateful that I didn't go down to the sixth floor because of my usual laziness, and missed this rare scenery. In this vegetable garden, those green leaves of life glow under the sun's rays, and they are extremely magical. I have temporarily forgotten the long queues of cars in the front building. This kind of space made me breathe a suffocation. Now I have the pleasure of this pastoral behind the building, and feel happy. During this walk back and forth, I actually found another few dishes, mixed with blue veins, leaves like fans, ah! It is pumpkins, their vines are covered with branches, and they continue to the dilapidated bungalow wall, forming A natural barrier covers the ruined wall, and next to it is the loofah. For me who lived in the city for a long time, I have never seen the growth of these two kinds of melons. Not only that, I can also see Several jujube trees have yellow jujube flowers looming between the jujube leaves. If you want to come, in the autumn season, you will hang some dark red dates. In the distance, the narrow end of the open space attracted me. A purple stalk attracted me. It turned out to be a vine. This is one of my favorite fruits. I looked at what it looks like today and I dare not imagine the hanging It is full of trees, making my mouth drool, purple grapes ...

I began to envy my elder sister, the field she built, and the level of her house to serve her. I also admire my elder sister in the heart. In the world of steel structure, she used her best attitude to life to discover beauty and enrich her own beauty. Maybe these are not enough for rural people, but for urban people, this is a rare and rare sight.

Often involuntarily, looking downstairs. The growing maturity of those crops, the eldest sister downstairs, a watering bucket, a small pot carefully planted a figure. Think about it, this is just a small vegetable garden, and it looks like a penny. It does n’t grow much vegetables, but for people in the city, they buy all the fertilizer, pesticides, and ripening agents from the market all day. Compared with beauty and temptation, it is also a small "green health", or the most helpless and strong one! Think of a bite of sweet and sour tomatoes, which is better than the market A few pounds of tomatoes. Under such a mega-trend environment, urban people can only helplessly accept this reality. It is unrealistic to always eat food, and it is unrealistic not to eat it. They rely on their own resistance and forgiveness to prove themselves. Health. Nowadays, urban people regard the vegetables produced in their own vegetable plots as treasures, but rural people are complacent that they can eat real organic vegetables.

In this summer of crazy crops and frequent thunderstorms, these valuable crops have withstood heavy rain and hot sun, but still bear fruit. Their arrival is a healthy and beautiful city landscape. It is also the desire of urban people to return to simplicity and enjoy the pastoral joy.

In the early morning, a summer wind blows. The flowers on my balcony and the crops downstairs have followed the instructions of the wind, dancing with the wind, enjoying the most harmonious wind in nature. This should be the abundance of Xia .

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