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Time: 2015-08-27 source: original editor: affectionate reading: times

After school today (early), there is a big brother in black clothes outside the school gate, who is giving a black ribbon to the students who left the school gate.

"Hang on the schoolbag for a few days in support of opposition to national education."

After I heard nothing, I reached out and asked him for one.

Speaking of the recent news, there are also reports that many teachers, students and parents took a hunger strike on the street to protest against the implementation of national education.

The original intention of national education is to improve Hong Kong people's sense of belonging to the country. I think so?

In recent years, whether it is dual pregnant women or property speculation, or even the unpleasant behavior of free travellers, Hong Kong people's views on mainland people have deteriorated. Therefore, the government hopes to instill the goodness of related aspects in children's education from childhood. Information to improve the next generation's perception of the motherland.

Some teachers and parent groups have taken the lead in reading the textbooks, indicating that the content is far from the real situation.

Although I haven't seen it, I'm sure it will be like this.

How China, as a country, has suppressed dissidents over the years, I believe that most people have read a lot in the news.

Liu Xiaobo, a student who was run over by tanks in Tiananmen at the time of the June Fourth Movement, was unable to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in person. Tan Zuoren, who was accused of inciting the country to subvert after writing an article to expose the tofu project after the Sichuan earthquake, was involved in related creations. Artist Ai Weiwei, Li Wangyang who was recently suicide ...

And with the Chinese style, the tendency is to hide the ugly truths behind the things, to achieve the hidden purpose, how much private work is not known, but it is something that everyone will know.

... will definitely ignore the suppression of human rights?

I dare not say that other countries do not have the problem of corruption, and for the time being whether China's situation is more serious.

Since you have such a problem, you can improve it!

It was a straightforward acknowledgement when it was revealed, and even if it would be scolded by the public, it would be better than concealing it with new lies.

I'm not saying that I can accept corruption by officials, but I will appreciate people who take the initiative to admit their mistakes. Basically, they can only curse him briefly at most.

They have the courage to face and admit their mistakes, at least let me know that he has the idea to improve.

Because of the fear of bearing the losses caused by the consequences, he constantly finds various excuses and lies to escape, not only to avoid responsibility, but also to avoid opportunities for improvement.

And to lie in order to avoid responsibility, it is necessary to frame the righteous who exposes his evil deeds.

Lie and frame.

China impresses me as a shameful country full of these two things.

The people there are suck, they only care about making money, and they can even give up morality.

And very rude, asshole who thinks that money can do anything.

So since I recognized the facts, I have never been proud of being Chinese, but rather ashamed.

Why should I be Chinese?

Why is my home country such a terrible country?

Ah no, I take it back.

Because I never recognized China as my country.

Now the SAR government under this terrible country wants to do something to our next generation, my descendants ...

Instill these twisted and wrong messages to them from an early age, and paint them with their own colors, false and false colors while they are still a blank piece of paper.

One person's values and one's roots were established by them as a child, and they used these twisted fertilizers to cultivate young sprouts ... what kind of abnormal plants do you want to grow, dog officials of the SAR government?

Supporting the central government in order to promote themselves to the fortune, it is for this reason that cute children who are naive and simple to us and have no understanding of the truth have input such things ...

Yes, you jerk things ...

Be careful not to go home too late when going in and out, and lock the door when you go back, otherwise someone will find you looking for revenge.

I fastened the black ribbon on my bag firmly.

Although I will be graduating from high school soon, the implementation of national education has almost no impact on me ... but this policy will affect the students and students below us.

"As a senior, you have to stand up and protect your juniors."

I'm going to college this year. It's impossible to occupy the government headquarters and hunger strikes like the college students above. I can't really help much. Make a silent shout in words.

I am writing this article today because I know my identity.

Not only is Frost Moon, a writer on Xianwang, but also a Christian.

Christians are to be salt and light in this world, and to do justice and mercy.

In the face of injustice, speak up.

Otherwise, the voice of this world will replace the voice of the Christian.

To call out, if you do n’t call out now ... there will be no chance or strength in the future.

Just like the words of Binguo >> in the fifth episode of Qian Fantian's remarks to childhood Chi Fantian ...

"Be strong, or one day you won't even be able to scream."

So before he left that year, he named the anthology of the ancient literature department as ice-cream → I-SCEAM, and passed on this idea all the time.

I pulled out my phone from my skirt pocket and wrote the title of this article.

Writer's note: If you have felt this after reading this, I hope you can share it with someone you know. I rarely ask readers to circulate my article, but I really hope this article can be seen by more and more people

ps I know it ’s a bit late to upload this post now (I ’ve been meeting for a long time, but because it ’s politically related, I ca n’t talk irresponsibly and comment

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