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Blame Hall ─ Mulan

Time: 2015-06-30 Source: Original Editor: Borage Girl Reading: Times

What is called "Tangtang" ?! "Tang" here is a disaster! Do n’t need to explain ~

I took the blame hall. This is the strange dad who used to tell stories. (Although I don't want to listen at all!)

Ask me the name, what's the reason for the blame hall? Um ~ you know it after reading it!

"Ah! Stop here!" Dad smiled and knew that there was nothing good.

Just when I was about to flash people ... I was caught again!

"Ga! What are you going to do!" I struggled to shake my dad's hand away, but the ancients said: "The fool is as powerful as a cow ~" (This is one of the reasons I sigh every day).

"Storytelling Luo ~" Dad grinned my face with a short stubble with a smile on his face. I felt that my face was like a radish that was going to be ground into mud, which made me more aware of the radish Bitter ...

"Okay! You say! Don't do this ~ I'm disgusting!" Oh ~ It's not easy to want to block the mud board!

"Well, where do you start?" His hands crossed. (Looks like a disgusting twat!)

"You tell a normal story, OK?"

"Ah ~ your dad, I always tell some ordinary stories ~" (Oh ~ let me die! Dad? You should be a mother! Who's the same dad as you!)

"Okay! Then I'll tell an ordinary story! Then say Mulan!"

"Oh! Really! It's a rare story!"

The definition of the "normal" story, generally refers to the name of the story that is commonly heard, for the ring is a normal story!

Because he has only heard of abnormal ... for example: the wrestling between the parents at the end of the bed ... etc., the story with unknown purpose.

"In the past ... there was a magnolia, a boy named Hua ..."

"What did you say! Recruitment! How could it happen? Father, you are too old to go out to fight anymore!" Mulan cried with embarrassment and only wanted to advise his father.

"Is there any way! Whoever tells your mother to raise you as a girl from an early age! Even if I want you to go to war, I'm afraid the enemy will kill you three or two times!"

"And you do n’t know, your mother will follow me even if she is dead! She, she is just worried about you! In her eyes ... I am like a ~ fart! It will only smell for a while, and then ~ what It's gone! "Hua Arc looked like he was going to eat Mulan, staring at him fiercely.

"Daddy ~ Don't say that, I'll go and ask my mother to see ..." After Mulan said it, she walked to the lobby and started tossing, hoping that his mother would allow him to fight on behalf of his father.

"Mother, I hope you will allow Mulan to go to war instead of Dad." Mulan threw the holy grail sincerely!

"What! Holy Grail! It will be the Holy Grail!" Hua Arc shouted happily as if he had lost heart.

"Mother, that's great! You finally allowed Mulan to go on behalf of his father!" Mulan laughed at seeing Dad so happy.

"So poor Magnolia went on behalf of his father!" Dad took a sip of tea and continued.

"Mulan!" General Fan suddenly shouted, terrified Mulan.

"Ah! What is General Fan?" Mulan was ashamed of being dazed.

"Well, I think Mulan thinks you look like a girl!" General Fan suddenly approached Mulan's pink face, grabbed and looked carefully.

"Oh ~ General Fan ..." Mulan shook her head in shame, afraid to look at General Fan.

"Mulan ~ You sound so jealous ..., say! You are a girl! Everyone says that General Hua Arc has no son! I don't remember it!" General Fan asked Mulan in a surprising sentence .

"Hey ~ General Fan, his subordinates ~ It's time to go forward to guard!" Mulan dropped this sentence and fled.

"Well, this guy is really weird! It seems that in this boring day, some play Luo!" General Fan walked to the side in a happy mood.

"I can't sleep ?!" The time for bed has already passed, but what General Fan said was that he couldn't sleep with his eyes closed.

So General Fan rode on his horse towards the forest.

"I haven't taken a bath in a long time ~ my body has started to smell ~" Mulan said, and walked towards the lake that was reflecting the misty moonlight.

"Hoo ~ Although it's a bit cold ... but better than making the body stink ..." Mulan frowned, and her thin body shivered unconsciously.

On this silent night, there was a sudden sound of horseshoes running towards here, but Mulan always had few roots and did not notice the sound of the horseshoes.

"Huh? Someone in the lake? Could it be the enemy!" General Fan easily saw the waves of the water from a distance, tightened the reins, and proceeded carefully to inspect the lake.

"Hum ~" Mulan washes her old song in her hometown while washing her body, without even noticing General Fan approaching step by step.

"Ah ~ it's Magnolia!" General Fan calmed down, and it was actually that girly Magnolia ?! And the picture at this time was damn beautiful.

"Woo ~ he's actually a man!" General Fan frowned, only feeling a twitch in his heart? Why twitch? Why! Damn it ~ answer me ~ Damn heart!

Just when General Fan was wondering about his twitch ...

"Ah!" Suddenly Mulan was caught by an unknown man. When the man was about to throw Mulan on horseback, he was stopped by General Fan!

"Let him go!" General Fan's whole life pulled out his sword!

"It's ridiculous! Let him go? This is a rare beauty in the mountains! I don't know how many years it will take once!"

The man smiled evilly, rubbing Mulan's delicate face with his disgusting face.

At this moment the two were stunned, and then General Fan said.

"It's ridiculous to you! You look at him carefully without chest!" General Fan looked at the man with shameful eyes.

"You! Who are you lying to! Do you think I would be so stupid? Look at this face and know it is ..." The man began to touch Mulan's chest after he said it.

"Huh! No chest doesn't mean it's a man! Touch it and you'll know ..." The man laughed. God! He has ... He has! The man shouted inside.

"Woo ~" Mulan felt extremely uncomfortable with the man's touch, so she twitched and evaded.

"Oh! Damn thing!" General Fan saw the sight in front of him, and just wanted to kill the guy in front of him, so as to vent his unhappiness!

"That's it ~ that guy is dead!" Speaking of this mile, Dad sipped his tea and said slowly.

I asked for a moment.

"What? That's it?" Isn't it too useless! The bad guys in the story will at least fight with the protagonist for a while!

"Yeah ~ because it's important later ~ so just take it! Space is limited!" Where is space limited ?! I don't understand what this guy is thinking!

"Afterwards ~ General Fan gradually found out that he liked the simple Magnolia, and often looked at the sky in a daze!"

What! Will the story go too fast! While I was still showing petrified petrified daddy, my dad kept talking.

"But ~ this kind of relationship was not allowed before! And he was not sure what Mulan thought of him! So he hesitated for a long time ..."

"After that, he finally confessed to Mulan! But it was unexpected! Mulan actually fell in love with General Fan ~" Oh you stand by! What is it! Bring it so fast! Readers will not understand of!

"Just tell you that there is a limit in length! Not much nonsense!" The old man said so brazenly again.

"Then two people ~ But the water of love is so hot ~ But until one day!"

"General Fan that day they finally broke through the enemy camp! They won, but they were very unhappy!"

"Because if he wins, he will be separated from Mulan, not to mention that he is a general! The emperor may therefore say that he wants to reward him with a marriage, what will he and Mulan do!" Dad showed inexplicable Shouting.

"So ~ he returned to Mulan's hometown one step early and planned to negotiate with Mulan's father, Hua Arc! But he didn't expect it ~ Hua Arc, he was waiting for them at the door!"

"Hua Arc said he was dreamed by Mulan's mother! If he was not allowed to be with General Fan, she would have to haunt him all his life! But there was a condition! That is, he wanted Mulan to return to his" original "identity! Just marry as a daughter! "

"So Luo ~ Mulan will be said to be a girl! In fact, it is only Hua Arc who wants to conceal the relationship between his son and his son! And ah ~ what record is actually the jealous of future generations!"

Just like this dad, a few days after telling this story ...

"Dear students, the theme of this composition is" Mulan "with his father in the army ~"

"Ah ~ That's great! It's a rare subject that makes me confident!" I wrote happily that day ...

"You beast!" Damn it! Dare to make up such a story to lie to me! I was caught by the teacher again!

Quit holding a kitchen knife, so the father and son have a happy day again ...

"Where is it happy! You jerk! You are the victim of everything!" So the author was killed! XDDD

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Because I have been seconded! So I do n’t need to write the text and draw the picture! (Being blamed) In fact, I have written this article for a long time ~ I have a lot of dead texts, and I have no intention to paste it! (Man Wen Smash)

It ’s like the prince on the tower ~ has waited to become a spider web on the tower ~ (Dare to say so loudly)

OK ~ I actually changed a little bit ... "Tangtang" is actually what I want to use to write some messy folk or widely circulated stories ~ Seriously ~ Man, he will hate me ~ haha ~ (Dare to laugh)

I hope you all read it with a happy atmosphere! Thank you! (I also thought that people would read your nonsense)

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