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Be energetic in everything

Time: 2015-05-16 Source: Original Editor: Understand Reading: Times

I stayed up late last night and read the novel.

After a yawning gap, Dian Yi suddenly felt that he was floating. She was hooked before she could scream.

"Ha ... haha ... thanks, Luan." The best way to get rid of the sleeping bug is to be scared.

"Even if there are only a few steps, it is possible to twist your feet ... Dianyi, are you okay?" Luan grabbed Dianyi in one hand and held Dianyi in one hand, and Dianyi's body leaning on the armrest still trembled after she came ... Not light.

Taking a deep breath, "It's okay, I'm not hurt, it's just a shock."

Start down the stairs again. They are preparing to go to the cafeteria.

"Speaking of which, Luan's reflex and motor nerves have always been very good." The two elementary school students were already in the same class, and finally went to different classes in the university. Although still classmates.

"Which exercise time do you draw every day ?? Doesn't physical strength usually decline when sitting at a table for a long time ...?"

"It's true for many people, but I'm sports-physical strength is the capital of creation! Whether it's staying up late for drafts or having inspiration, quality cannot be guaranteed without physical strength!"

...... Is this person really not forcing himself often? I don't think it counts.

"So I take all the time to exercise, sometimes I ’m really uninspired when I go back and forth to climb the stairs or cycle around the street, or clean the room. Cleaning is a good way to lose weight and consume a lot of calories ..."

Seeing this person getting more and more out of bounds, Dianyi had a black line in addition to a black line. "... Speaking of it, you will only exercise when you are not inspired."

"Time permits me to ride a bicycle to the editorial department to submit papers. I also need physical energy to visit the man exhibition, especially the hard-to-find venues and large ones. The former will take a lot of grievances, and the latter will have more stalls."

It's true that physical strength and exercise are entirely for interest. ……Aha.

"And if you play cos, your figure must not be too bad. Exercise is necessary for this. The simplest is to ensure that you can walk at a constant speed for half an hour every day to tighten your thigh muscles ..." Luan took care of her own body teaching.

Don't bother to talk with this person who is interested in subverting the desktop to create an unhealthy image ... If the cartoonists think so, they will not give the impression that "the cartoonists are fat people who can't take pictures."

...... It is said that this person cares about a large part of her body because she will go to play cos, right?

There was a sentence without a chat, and the two arrived at the canteen, so the body teaching was transferred to diet therapy. Dianyi was forced to choose lean meat and fried cucumber. To be honest, she didn't like meat very much ...

"Meat is an important source of protein. Of course, greasy fatty meat and fried meat cannot be eaten, but lean meat, fish, chicken, etc. don't matter, especially fish meat, which can be ranked as the weight loss ingredient ..."

"I said why you know these things so well! It's like carrying a weight loss magazine back!" I didn't see your memory so good in the exam!

"That's right in weight loss magazines. Now you pay attention to being thin and healthy and well-proportioned-and slimming and beauty can dig a lot of ideas!"

No more. This person's life has been thoroughly penetrated. Although art comes from life.

"Anyway, being in good shape will become more confident, especially in front of the person you like.

"... I don't want to listen to your love experience in people who have been in the book for a year." Soaking in the book for a year makes me want to hold your shoulder and shake it for half an hour to see if I can shake it out. Awareness of current affairs.

"At least there are all kinds of things in the book. Without the experience, you must rely on the knowledge left by your predecessors."

Very good. Cucumbers are very fresh. "Then you don't plan to find personal experience?"

"Immediate? It's too much trouble, and it will take up a lot of time ... but it is not bad if like minded? But too like minded is more suitable for a dead party than lovers ..."

Listening to Luan's self-talk, Dianyi buried her head in cucumber. Occasionally take a bite of lean meat. Don't waste food.

After lunch in a chat, as usual, "Dianyi, do you return to the dormitory?"

"Probably ... Luan?"

"I go to the library."

Luan rented a house by herself. Today, she will come to school only when there are classes. I don't know when it will start, as long as Luan comes to school, he must eat with Dianyi. None of the parties seemed to have found this unnecessary.

"I'll go back to the dormitory to sleep ... I suddenly feel more sleepy ..." The sequelae of the scare therapy, after the relaxation, it will double back without much fatigue. This is mostly the case for compulsory compulsory therapy.

"Then I went to the library." Waving.

He was pulled by the clothes just after taking a step. "Is Luan also ... Appearance of the Appearance Association?"

"Uh? Well, there is a problem? I think broadly speaking, all people in the world are appearance associations."

Let go. "Nothing, I just find a basis for my vision."

"I went back to sleep, and worship."

Dian Yi kept yawning and walked to the dormitory area. Luan who stayed in the place tried to think whether Dian Yi wanted to show that she was troublesome and she had high vision, so there were no lovers in the same way. The two of them had "no" in essence.

In fact, Dianyi just made a decision.

──Wake up and buy a beauty slimming magazine. That's it.

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