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Time: 2015-07-20 Source: Original Edit: Without you Read: Times
It was raining when I was about to leave the company, and my colleagues had already left.
I remembered that I forgot to bring an umbrella, and it was difficult to get a car at the door of the company building. It seemed that a little rain was inevitable.
The locker room was empty, and every slight sound caused a huge echo.
I do n’t know when to hang an umbrella on the handle of my cabinet. Even if I do n’t need to open it, I immediately know that this is my favorite umbrella with a dark blue checkered pattern. If I remember correctly, I forgot it at home before I went out, and it suddenly appeared here, only by that person.
There was a hint of warmth in my heart.
Even though we have been in the cold war these days, even if he sent an umbrella to avoid me, at least in his mind, I was really missed all the time.
Walking along the road with an umbrella, I wondered if I should apologize to him when I went back, and alleviate the situation where we haven't even talked in these days-although I don't know why he had such a big fire on me Is it because my family wants me to go back and get engaged with Lan Ling? But I have told them explicitly that I will not go back, but I have no time to tell him.
What was the delay? I told him about it ... just thinking about it, my head hurt.

Back home, I heard the sound from the TV before stepping into the living room. In addition to this sound, there was a dead silence in the room. The air in the rainy season is humid and depressing, and there is a faint smell of moldy and fishy.
I took off my coat and went into the room. He was sitting on the sofa, playing with the remote control, and staring at the TV in front of him. Based on my understanding of him, his attention was not on the content of the TV.
The complexion was white and transparent, and the eyes were purple and black, and the beard looked like it had not been shaved for a long time.
I have been angry with him these past few days, and I haven't noticed that he turned out to be like this.
This fool! Why do you toss yourself so much?
I came forward and hugged him with heartache, but he stood up the moment I was about to reach him, turned off the TV, and threw the remote on the sofa.
He walked into the bathroom without looking at me, and bare feet walked on the carpet without any sound.
I sighed, sitting in the position where he was just now, turning on the answering machine smoothly, the first one was his mother calling and asked him to move back to live, the second one was his company colleagues, as if about the project at hand Expiring soon ...
I flipped over one by one, and suddenly heard a familiar voice, but the grinning pretty girl with a generally bright smile almost hardly cried in the message.
"Brother ... brother ... don't continue living there anymore, everyone is very sad when he encounters that kind of thing ... but you can't torture yourself like this all the time, I always think he is there ... If you go on like this, you will go crazy ... "
This little girl, Jiang Lingdi, has always called me the elder brother. He is the second elder brother. Although I don't know who she called to, I am curious what does she mean by "what happened to that"?
A familiar headache is coming, isn't it ... am I forgetting something important?

I don't know how long it has passed, it's completely dark.
He didn't turn on the lights, and there was no TV light. The room should have been very dark, but in fact I can still see the surroundings clearly.
Is it the moon outside ... today seems to be the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar? I am vaguely thinking.
Raising his head and looking out the window, a round bright and bright moon hangs in the sky like a disc, and the soft light surrounds everything ... it is also inevitable.
A very familiar scene, the same day, the moonlight is so soft, covering up the evil that happened under it ... When I found it, I began to tremble, naked fear like a cold knife, starting from the heart, a little bit Open my body.
I wrapped my arms around my body, but the cold and pain didn't alleviate that.
That night ... The moon was so round and bright, but in it wasn't so bright, it seemed like the worst omen--red like blood.
At that time, the ground was as red as blood, under the shroud of moonlight ... The broken corpse in that place ...
I crouched down and shivered to lift the carpet, and the stars on the scratchy wooden floor were all dark spots that could not be washed away.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh since I at the ground holding my head, my tears can't stop holding it.
Unfortunately, they can't fall to the ground, because ... at the last full moon, I was already dead under the knife of some crazy person.
From fear to despair, the pain of his dismemberment before he died, closed my memory.
The only thing I remember was that I saw the red bloody moon through the murderer's shoulder, the red moon burning on my retina.
Then slowly died in extreme pain ...

The phone rang again, and the sound of water in the bathroom had stopped, but he was still reluctant to come out to answer it.
After dozens of ringtones, it automatically switched to the answer state: "Mr. Shen? The suspect who killed Mr. Ling was just arrested ..." The other party's voice had not yet fallen, and he opened the door frantically and ran out to pick up the receiver. "What are you talking about ...... I'm going right now? OK!"
I didn't want to listen anymore. I came to the bathroom and looked at the mirror blankly.
There is nothing in there ...
For a long time, I felt that it was a natural feeling, and everyone was ashamed to say those three words.
Then I deliberately told him about Lan Ling in order to stimulate him.
Now that I think of it, our quarrel was simply childish and ridiculous.
If it weren't for me, what would it have been like?
It is no longer testable.
Red cracks began to appear on the body, like the marks left by the knife that cut on me that day.
I was about to disappear.
The only thing left for him, I want to tell him how he feels.
I raised my hand with a smile, and wrote a sentence on the white mist condensed by the water vapor on the mirror.
"Even if I'm dead, I still want to tell you that I love you. And goodbye."
The end is overtime today, when colleagues are leaving when they are about to leave the company.
Yesterday the weather forecast said that it was raining today. I looked at the sky outside the window. Although dark clouds had accumulated, the rain had not yet fallen.
Hurry home and maybe escape the heavy rain.
We have been in the Cold War these days, and I've been driven crazy by his ignorant attitude. If I buy him some cheesecake from his favorite shop on the way back, will he forgive me How about it?

I came home empty-handed, because the cake shop was closed for some reason today.
He was sitting on the sofa, not knowing who was calling, and his voice was a little hoarse, showing deep fatigue.
"... I know, but I can see his farewell in the bathroom glass every day. Even if I understand this is unreasonable, I can still feel that he has been with me without leaving ..."

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