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Make a jerk

Time: 2015-05-08 Source: Reprinted Edit: Understand Reading: Times

For a while, the little fat man was at home every day, slipped to see him every day, and he walked very close.

I thought that I was an Electra complex, and I respected the elders of the uncle level, but not. Motherly, just as deeply in love. At first it was Mrs. Rose, and later she wrote Sister Lu. Now she's uncle.

Lai next to me, talk about my ideals: make enough money, run an elderly apartment, sing and sing along with you every day, write articles and read to them. Yue Le: I am the first to sign up!

I put the fat man on the bed, and skillfully put on a coat for him, then a coat, then socks, then shoes, a seven-month person, and a grass-like cooperation. I glanced at the computer in peace, or tinkered with her flowers.

"Northern Shanghai 1950" was filmed at the Educated Youth Memorial Hall, followed by Mr. Feng to play, with yellow mud on his face, jute mud-colored oblique cotton jacket on his upper body, a pair of black cloth shoes under his feet, and a patched apron. I passed a picture to me, and I was so scared. What's wrong?

Returned to liberation overnight. Let me be a sloppy person again. This dress is a poor woman in the early days of liberation. Soothe me, make a TV show. 婶婶 I am happy: "Okay, in the future, you will shoot TV 婶婶 as an actor, you can still be competent as a nanny." Haha, my uncle, how does it look like a mother? My mother watches TV, one theme a day, finished the exercises Give me a task when I call. Tell me, I ’m just a guest actor. I did n’t write a TV series. This is a half-day experience of life. I ’ll read it often in the next few months. When can I see you on TV?

As early as the birth of my son, I was hooked on early education. My son is my laboratory. It's not fun to have a baby. I haven't fisted on him yet, he is half old. The appearance of the fat man was really a timely rain. He is my other field. Bought a pile of books, all have plans, and give them to you. I was careful and gave her the implementation. 念 Reading nursery rhymes and telling stories every day, I was very happy, and I did n’t like it. I wrote a nursery rhyme and posted it in the space. I ran to praise it every day. It looks so good. In fact, my creation comes from this life. recording. The family was afraid that I would be poisoned too much, and watched her get up in the middle of the night to write a nursery rhyme and hurried to intervene. I don't worry about it. I have written a text. As a mother, I have to play piano, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine, tea, and so on. Together with my grandson, I naturally have a request for her.

I am a delicate woman. Bring a few crabs to the fat man, recognize and play, and haven't eaten yet. After eating, I played with the fat man, and packed up the chopsticks. I looked up at the table, and the three remaining crabs were neatly arranged on the plate. With a single order, I could go. Very sorry.

I'm actually a person with no lines, everything is big and big, and my mother is on my own, and no one teaches me about these life trivia. So he went home and the schoolboy cleaned up the house. These things, physical education is definitely better than eloquence, no longer chopping on the computer every day, every day to make the home clean and refreshing, but have a different feeling. The man in the family couldn't get used to it for a while: how did he feel he changed his wife?

Extravagance and waste have also been corrected. For almost a year, no more blind purchases. Once upon a time, my flowers, blushing, were piled up with heavy gold. Every three to five will buy flowers. My bay window is invincible for four seasons, not because I have a high level of flower cultivation, but I am willing to burn money. Regularly visit the flower market, buy the desired pots, and buy the desired flowers. Once the flowering period is over, throw it away, the growth is not good, and change the pots directly. The various nutrient solutions that are usually watered are not a small expense. I also love flowers, ashes. I don't spend money on raising flowers. The bean dregs that are usually ground are gathered up and covered with fermented manure at the entrance of the stairs. The appearance of half a year is placed under the flower soil. In the later days, no more fertilization is needed, only watering is needed. This hot summer, most of my flowers and plants have died, and the green branches and green leaves of my family ’s house are lush and dripping.

It's a generation away from me. I spent that money just wow. Husband is estimated to dare to be angry. In fact, it ’s not that. I ’m such a high-profile person. I do n’t steal, rob, gamble, eat or drink. It ’s not a hobby? I have emphasized a lot, the person at home nodded frequently. The hobby is really not small. I raise flowers and buy clothes. When my mind is hot, I go home when I see it. I like old and new. But after I met, I knew that I owed a lot. I should have been wearing an orange sweater for several years. It matches her white skin. I walked through it a few times and saw it on the balcony. It was clearly washed. Supported by a clothes net, a cardigan is lying inside, like a full moon like a sunflower, and lying flat is also style.

This is the state. Rarely do I care so much about my clothes. Many of them have n’t even removed the tags. For me, clothes are more of a kind of hunting and chasing all the way forward. There is no better but better. I was more conscious of boutiques, clothes were more to her, and more of a company of years. Each piece had a story, and each piece was worth her folding and listening to the time flowing through the clothes.

He recently returned to his son with a fat man. Deeply lost. From the front feet, she came to her. With the little fat man to accompany her, all kinds of troubles fell down, and she was clean and returned to the road. 婶婶 I was too busy during the day, and it was only night. My grandson fell asleep and left me a few words on the computer. My uncle wrote "Bringing His Hometown Afar", and wrote that he carried a lot of food from his hometown to his son's city, and suddenly carried his hometown on his shoulders. In fact, Chinese mothers are great. 浓缩 Condensed herself into a delicate pot plant, she will grow to any corner of the world, as long as her son needs, grandson needs.

I still like to use my early education theory as a practitioner and direct the screen. Confidantes are now in vogue, talking about a mutual understanding of each other in the spiritual realm between men and women. My wife and I, the two women of the next generation, have become confidants. I always like that I am the little dragon girl in Jin Yong's writing. I know each of my predecessors, sitting in front of them, and docking in the palm of their hands, derived from their wisdom, skill, intellectuality, open-mindedness, righteousness, experience, experience, talent, character implantation In my body, and my uncle will also change at the request of my high strength. Thousands of thousands of pressed branches and low flowers bloom full of trees. Master-level grandma with 18 martial arts.

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