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Wonderful fate

Time: 2015-05-08 Source: Editor: North of Mobei Reading: Times

There are many wonderful opportunities in life.

One day in August 1989, the old principal came to my humble house and told us solemnly that we would move to a two-bedroom house and a humble kitchen. I know it's because our family is Tim Ding, and my daughter was born exactly one week.

So we packed up our furniture and moved to the third floor of a building on the tenth day of our daughter's birth. It was a Soviet-style building, the corridors were connected, and there were six households. Since then, her daughter has become the common treasure of six families, especially Mrs. Li and Mrs. Dong, and later became her daughter's godfather and godmother.

On the first day when I moved in, Teacher Dong hugged my daughter and sighed: "Do you know, I have been worried about your body and bones, so thin, how did this child come out? It seems that I eat salt The carrots are hollow. You see, this chubby little guy can hardly believe that the little body was born in the bones. "It made everyone laugh.

At that time, after work, we all liked to chat and rest in the hallway. So scrambling to hug my daughter and daughter for amusement became the favorite pleasure of several of us at the time. The daughter grew up slowly in the laughter of the neighbor. When her daughter yelled, Teacher Dong joked and made her daughter a wonderful opportunity for life.

"I don't care anymore, I want this little guy to call my mother! I'm sure this little daughter!"

Here we have two situations in which a child recognizes "Godfather". One is called name-signing, which is a wonderful wish of parents. It is hoped that the name of the child will be in a certain family and has a good future. Another case is because of "married mother and father" because of marriage, colloquially called "pro-mother-in-law". The "brother-in-law and grandfather" recognized when they got married was the moment the bride stepped into the new house. The "brother-in-law" went to take the bride's hand. Cave house. The "brother-in-law and grandfather" recognized by marriage are usually highly respected or high-profile figures.

And my daughter is a joke of the other person. When she said "Mom and Dad", she also knew "Mother and Mother". At that time, the daughter shouted "pro" to "dad" and couldn't pronounce it. So, dad, he also called "dad". Daughters over two years old like to show off in front of their companions: "I have two dads." It also became a huge joke at the time.

I always feel very lucky in my life.

Mr. Dong and Mr. Li are university alumni who are several years older than me and my husband. They will be assigned to the first middle school as soon as they graduate, and we will be assigned to the middle school in the countryside. When our couple was transferred to the No.1 Middle School, Mr. Li and Mr. Dong were already masters and backbones of No.1 Middle School. They consider their daughter to be a daughter, which is a beautiful thing we can't wait for.

At that time, I like to sleep late during the holidays. Early in the morning, Mr. Dong will pull his daughter out of my bed, dress her, and hug her daughter to her house for breakfast. Teacher Dong's father is a northerner. She also cooks northern foods very much. Her daughter likes to eat their pasta. The daughter eats two meals a day at her mother's house. In the evening, we have to work in a class. Teacher Dong is a music teacher and does not need to be in a class. Therefore, her daughter often stays in her house at night to take care of her. Siesta in the summer, their family likes to sleep on the big mat on the floor, and the daughter is crawling around her mother, father and her sister. But I can sleep comfortably in my bed. I remember once when my daughter's mother went out to do business, she was carried by her daughter's parents. When I was going to hug my daughter home, my daughter ’s father put on my daughter ’s plump clothes. I was cleaning my daughter ’s clothes and his own clothes. It turned out that when my daughter ’s father held her to play, Peeing soiled the clothes of adults and children.

Such a scene reminded me of being touched, and the chance to be with their family was the warmth of our lives.

Teacher Dong was admitted to the music major directly from the countryside in the first year after the college entrance examination was resumed. She had both a deep literary literacy and a profound artistic accomplishment. She taught herself as a tailor. Many beautiful women rushed to her home and begged her Make cheongsam. It can be said that after the reform and opening up, it was she who drove a "qipao wind" in our small city. And all kinds of children's clothes she made are even more wonderful. Many of my daughter's skirts were designed and sewn by Mr. Dong himself. I remember that in the early 1990s, Mr. Dong was a representative of the People's Congress of our province. At the end of the year, she had a meeting in the provincial capital and found that a piece of children's clothing was very expensive. Write it down in the book, and then go to the department store to buy the same color fabrics and ingredients. After coming back from the meeting, you will have to busy the year and make your daughter's new clothes. Let her daughter put on her proud work during the New Year-a delicate dress with aqua red texture, navy collar, sunflower pockets. This dress made her daughter beautiful for many years.

Her daughter participates in important activities, and her mother is responsible for clothing. Many were designed by her mother-in-law or bought by her daughter to dress. Whether hosting a party or participating in a talent show for middle school students in the city, it was her mother-in-law who counseled her and designed her dress.

Just when my daughter started elementary school, I moved to another three-bedroom and one-living house, separated from my daughter's parents by a few houses. At that time, I was obsessed with playing cards. After class, teachers in the language group liked to come to my house to play "upgraded" poker. After her daughter left school, she wandered around the campus. Once my daughter's mother met me, she seemed to say lightly: "When I'm off work, I often see my young daughter playing alone on campus, and every time I ask her: 'What about mom?' It means, "My mother is playing cards." You, you, play cards, but don't grow old with your daughter! "(" Old daughter "means that I only care about myself and forget to teach myself The daughter's obligation will delay her daughter's future). I felt a little helpless at that time, and never stopped calling friends to play cards in my house. The seemingly homely words of my daughter's mother and mother made me engraved my whole life. Since then, I have never been indulged in a certain entertainment activity anymore, it is only appropriate.

In 1995, her daughter's mother's and father's daughter, her daughter's sister, went to junior high school. Under the guidance of the old principal, our school recruited fifty best students from all primary schools in the city to form an Orsay class. The daughter's sister is also in Osaiban. I just arranged to teach the language of this Orsay class. Unexpectedly, one day after the start of the school, the old principal was both euphemistic and ordered to let me be the head teacher of the Orsay class. So I became the teacher of my daughter and sister. At the time, it was very interesting. The child always called me "Mr. Zheng" in front of the classmates, and called me "Aunt Zheng" in private. Until now. And between the two of us adults, Mr., as always, respectfully called them "Mr. Li" and "Mr. Dong", and between me and Mr. Dong, we called each other "in-house" and our daughter's "daddy" as Mr. Li. (It is our local habit that in addition to the in-law's in-laws, there are also "in-laws" between the god-daughter and the child whom the child recognizes.)

It is the proudest thing in my life to teach and be an Orsay class teacher. I have been teaching for several decades and have only been a class teacher. This class is the class. Later, because of the old qualifications and because of the heavy housework burden, the school generally no longer arranged me to be the class teacher.

In later college entrance examinations, all the top universities in the country have the figure of this Orsay class student. My daughter's sister, my student, was admitted to Peking University that year. After graduating alone, he worked hard in Beijing and became an executive in an American company.

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