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Miss your starry night

Time: 2015-05-08 Source: Reprinted Edit: 36 degrees Reading: Times

On the night of the Star Festival, countless light red-winged flower magpies flew over the vast and vast Milky Way. They form a dragon and form a rainbow bridge across the Milky Way, connecting the Milky Way to the east and west banks. The two stars, Cowherd and Weaver, are separated by the endless galaxy. Tonight, in the blue sky, transfigured adults meet in the bridge, and they complain about each other's heart and soul. This is the legend that is not old: Qixi Festival Bridge.

Whenever I think of this beautiful legend, a joy that flows into my heart and soul flows from my heart, and one has to be immersed and fascinated by the beauty of the legend. In the silent night, I looked up at Tianyu. I seemed to hear the murmurs from the deep night sky. I seemed to see the touching and touching scene where the cowherd and the weaver girl gathered. In fact, the most distant distance in the world is the distance of the heart. If the heart is close, the distant distance is no longer distant. Although the endless galaxy runs through the north and the south, separating the cowherd and the weaver girl, but how can it be separated by the constant love and continual love between the cowherd and the weaver girl. They are thousands of miles away, facing each other, day after day, and never stop. What kind of perseverance it takes to perseverely move God, only to get the annual Qixi Festival bridge meeting! I am sure that no matter how charming and brilliant the other stars tonight are, how can they not be entwined by these two Love stars are gorgeous and eye-catching.

On the night of the Star Festival, the stars shone like a crayon, and painted the love of Cowherd and Weaver on Tianyu. Cut through the beauty of the night sky, looking at the deep river, I don't know how many waves hold up the reverie. With all my eyes staring at Cowherd and Weaver, I closed my lips tightly and didn't dare to speak, fearing to disturb them. At this moment, I would rather break through the heavy cocoon of time, let the free wind, along the vast sky, the notes of the heavens, step on the meteor's rhyme, sow the seeds of poetry, let my soul in Follow the stars in the night wind and let your thoughts fly.

Before the screen, I quietly tapped on the text, my heart was flowing on my fingertips, and the wise words of the squares expressed plainness, and the poetic words prolonged my thoughts. Poetry feathers into wings of magpies, dancing on the graceful clearness, extending the light of the moon. Traveling through time and space, looking back on romantic pasts, tonight, I really want to light a red candle for you, watching this clear state of mind.

Although we are too far, too far, like a blurry sail image between the sea and the sky, I don't know where to go to stop the voyage. However, the road still extends under the stars, and the heart is still jumping on the curve. If we can adhere to the two places like Cowherd and Weaver, and fulfill the original agreement, as long as we tap our fingertips, you and I can be on the screen I met before, so I felt that we were very close.

The Tanabata Valentine's Day, which is derived from beautiful legends, does not seem to me to be a festival, but a desire and an emotional torment. Qixi Valentine's Day also seems to be a bridge, a bridge that crosses the soul, and is a link between lovesickness and helplessness. The Cowherd and the Weaver perform an intertwined tenderness and romance in Xinghe, and we only have to wait at midnight and look forward to the mutual resolution of the glacier of the heart. We are eager to one day be like the Cowboy and the Weaver on Qixi Festival The night meets.

The Hongqiao erected by the magpie far in the sky seemed to be in front of me. At this moment, if you let your mind pass the bridge and reach the other side, struggling to fly to the distance, can the unfamiliar cloud road lead to the promise that year? Who is it, salvaging the debris of the meteor in the heart lake? Who is it? The fragrance of who? Who says "Niu Niu Xing, Jiao Jiao Han Han." Who says "Yingying a river, there is no pulse." Who says "Tenderness is like water, and the time is like a dream, endure the bridge back home." "" The fit of heart and soul, the blend of spirit and soul, only with a string of crystal red beans, sowing the years of lovesickness.

On this Tanabata night, I really want to borrow a piece of feathers and send it to the far shore of Xinghe River, drunk the Lanzhou, swaying in Xinghai, watching Qionglou Yuyu, and living with Guixiang. However, I could only drink by myself until the nightingale fell asleep, using the falling starlight as a quilt, to sleep on a star festival star dream.

Missing the night stretched, I had a erratic cloud in my dream, and a bright starlight in my memory. When I miss you, I just want to drink with you. Helpless, I can only like Taibai "toast to invite the moon." Or like Dongpo "ask the wine to the sky." Sigh the galaxy has a lover, and everyone wakes up, but I am drunk alone.

Thinking of your Chinese New Year's Eve, just wanting to kiss your ever-changing face, and let the rushing passion burn your pretty face. When I think of you, I can't help but hope that you will sing along with the undulating surging heart song that I play, like a cowherd and a weaver wading between the galaxy, hovering over the bridge, and lingering in the wind, The smoke was thick in the fog. With the melodious and evolving fairy tunes in the sky, I will sing the moon and the moon with you, sing the tenderness of the water, and reflect on the vicissitudes of life.

"Xian Yun is a coincidence, Fei Xing spreads hate, Yin Han crosses secretly. As soon as Jinfeng Yulu meets, he wins but there are countless people in the world." Three thousand mountains, why do you separate each other and fall in love instead of together? Like beautiful poems, they can be encountered but not sought. On this long tonight, how long I want you to fly in the evening breeze, and then dance for me in the "Closure Feathers" to dance the remarkable style, and dance the full moon.

"Today's cloud bridge crossing the bridge, there should be no pulse and nostalgia." There is a gorgeous dream in the dream, integrated with the ocean, and the comfortable hand is still clenched. Pillow Yihe's poetry enters dream, stretched poetry across the ripples of Xinghe, surging poetic life. Perhaps it was a coincidence that a wave of gentle and infiltrating spirituality indulged the poetic love.

"Hat the glory, a girl from the Jiao Jiao River. You can touch your hands and let Zha get the chance." Following the direction of Xing He, I intend to perform a symphony of affection, let you listen, light at the fingertips, and sprinkle all the fragrance for you, Drunk your atrium. "When no one is whispering in the middle of the night. In the heavens, I would like to be a wing bird, and in the earth, I would like to be a branch. The sky is long and sometimes endless, and this hate is endless." However, on this Qixi Festival night, I can only think of you, I can only bring hope, take To yearn, with the cup of love, with the syrup of thought, shake the cup, or go alone, or invite Yueyue right. I can only think in silence: "If the two loves are long, how are they going up and down?" Chatting to comfort the lonely heart.

Thinking of your Chinese New Year's Eve, I can only roll out the paper and write for you the phrase "a bridge is so thin, and a thousand sounds of jade admire Lingling. Do not leave there are young people, look down not as good as He Guxing." Xun Xun Xun Xun, in dreams and dreams, I would like to stand the earth into a simple landscape, across the night sky, read the love of Xinghe with you.

Thinking of your Tanabata Night, whether you can change it for me, whether you are with me or not, I want you, let me love you again, and let love come back to the original point. Maybe I need a long wait, but I will insist like Cowherd and Weaver Girl, and I will still miss you on the next Qixi Night, looking forward to seeing you back, looking forward to meeting you.

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