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When memories are dusty

Time: 2015-05-08 Source: Reprinted Editor: Xiaozhi Reading: Times

God returned to his hometown. Mother said, what else is in the big mahogany box in your house? I want to make it bright for you, it's not open. Sealed there for years, don't fool. There are twenty years to count. That copy was as old as a son. I'm afraid I also forgot what was stored there. I do n’t even know where to throw the keys. Many things go away with time, and time becomes a glass of forgetfulness. A small lock had already rusted into tile green. Pull it by hand, and accidentally opened it. Forgetting about Hongchen, it seems that I can't wait. Turned over, the memories of sleeping for many years came out with the breath of camphor pills.

Opening the check points one by one, the heart lost his direction for a while. There are also more than a dozen diaries from high school and college, and a pair of used leather shoes, more of which were some of the original engagements. Looking at it, too much thought was over. The pair of big-toe leather shoes was still there. Looking at her, there was a kind of taste in my heart. This taste must be better than first love. When we first love, we don't understand love.

I went to the Normal University the spring of the second year, and it snowed heavily that year. The bus was inaccessible, so I detoured to Luzhou to catch the train. In memory, it seemed that day was a tractor. In the waiting room, my shoes were soaked, and my numb feet had nowhere to rest. There were too many people in the train and I couldn't find a seat. I was alone in the corridor. On the right is a girl who seems to touch her face as soon as she turns around. She stood up and just let me sit in her seat. I refused, she stood still. After half an hour, I got up and let her sit again, and changed it several times along the way. I remember she wasn't too tall, like a junior high school student, with a pony tail and white skin. Too many are not remembered, in the cold, how can there be a mind to remember these things. She was next to me and felt close. There was a scent of fragrant cream, and her gasping. It seems like she has been holding my shoulder. At that time I felt a little grateful, more and more restrained, and the rest was the pain after my toes warmed up. The first time I was hugged by a girl like this, I couldn't help feeling a little bit upset. I didn't understand love then, I just wanted to avoid it. Squeezing all the way like this, there was a kind of ignorance in my heart.

Get off the train and leave the platform with her. I was going to thank you and left, but she asked me to stand at the exit and wait for her. She bought two pieces of baked sweet potatoes, one for me and one for her. The heat wave of sweet potatoes walked past my lips and past her ponytail. Scattered in the sunset after snow. You are from a teacher's college. My school badge tells her. I am Peng Da, very close to you. My surname is Lu, Shuangkou Lu, 88-level food specialty. Walking across the square, I am going to do bus No. 11 to go back to school. She asked me to accompany her to the Baiyun Mansion to buy things. At that time, I didn't dare to refuse. I must have treated you so kindly. Go directly to the second floor and stop by the shoe cabinet. She asked for a pair of forty yards leather shoes for me to try. I also think it was bought for her family. I wore it on my feet, and a warm furry set out from my heart. She paid, it was more than 18 yuan. Put on it and accompany me to see my brother. She said his brother was a doctor in the Second Hospital. I was surprised and didn't look back. I did not agree to her invitation that time. I give her money, she doesn't. She went to the Second Hospital by car, and I took bus 11 to return to school. In this way, it seems to havetily scattered. Before leaving, she seemed to say something, let me remember to find her. I promised, she ran away with a smile. There was no cell phone at that time, and if now, she will definitely leave my number. I wore the leather shoes she bought for me and returned to school.

Spring came day after day, and those leather shoes were tied to me in the high cabinet before long. Soon after the school started, the school organized an internship in the countryside. I kept thinking about it but didn't act. When the internship returns, go to her and she just happens to go to the internship. Later I went to find her, but she did not return. It was later learned that they did not return after graduation. It was such a miss, just a brief encounter. I left nothing for her, but she left me a pair of leather shoes. I always owe her a favor. If I went to the hospital with her brother to meet her at the beginning, I went to see her when I returned to school. I think she must be doing well now, I don't know if she still remembers those big shoes .....

Turned over, the outer surface of the shoe is fine, and the hair color inside has fallen off. Looking at her from a distance, it seems a bit old. For more than two decades, one can imagine.

I sat and watched her basking in the sun. I felt her smile with affection, as if looking back at the farewell. However, she could no longer remember her handsome appearance clearly. I'm really ashamed of her. Anyway, I still feel sweet in my heart, and it feels like my first love. But at that time, I didn't realize it deeply. We didn't even touch our fingers then. Only her breath was there, as well as the scent of sweet potatoes. Until now, I still owe her affection. In my life, I'm afraid I can't pay it back. Afterlife, maybe I won't see you again. Blame it, we didn't understand first love then.

Under the box, there were a few pieces of cloth when he got engaged. East grass cashmere, indeed good, blue click, police blue ... Speaking of these names. For many years, this is no longer called. I have never seen such a fabric for many years. Looking at them now, especially kind. All this, there is a simple beauty like that year. The beautiful things may be sealed up. Reserved, suddenly remembered after forgetting.

When I returned to the city, I said to my mother. The contents of that box are sealed there. There are too many memories there, which remind me often in my hurry. Think of it, there will be a kind of simple warmth in my heart.

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